More Loots Addon

More Loots is an addon that adds drops to a great variety of mobs, besides changing the drops of some others.

This addon gives the player the possibility to obtain more resources in a survival world or custom world.

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The Mobs to which loot was added are:

  • Zombie – Gravel
  • Husk – Sand
  • Skeleton – Cobweb
  • Stray – Ice
  • Puffer Fish – Coral Fan
  • Tropical Fish – Coral
  • Creeper – Leaves
  • Blaze – Quartz
  • Iron Golem – Vines
  • Enderman – Endstone
  • Endermite – Ender Pearl
  • Bat – Rabbit Hide
  • Ravager – Emerald Block
  • Pillager – Gold Nugget
  • Villagers – Emeralds and Items by Profession, an Babys Slime Ball or Magma Creams

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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9 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Anoakash says:

    Zombie and Husk don’t drop gravel and sand in pocket Edison please fix this.

  2. Unknownunknowingly says:

    Every mob should drop bones more importantly.

  3. ToshiMarborisu says:

    I know I’ve Complained about your addons before but I’m legitimately surprised but I would Love an addon where everything drops something random like A diamond ore drops say a Piece of dirt hope you like my idea

  4. FathurNetwork says:

    Nice AddOn, please in next version Ender Dragon can drop Dragon Head, Zombie drop zombie head, creeper drop creeper head, etc.

  5. BeefaloBoii says:

    I don’t seem to get any custom loot. Should I turn on Experimantal gameplay?

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