More Ores Add-on (1.13+ Only)

Have you ever wanted more metals which you can use in your world? With this addon, it is now possible. This addon adds new ores which can be used for crafting new blocks and tools.

List of ores:

  • Aquarium
  • Adamantine
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Cold-Iron
  • Silver
  • ruby
  • sapphire
  • crystal
  • topaz
  • amethyst
  • Starsteel

Metal Blocks

All metal block have the same recipe as the iron block


All ores will now spawn in your world but some of them are rare

Available Tools


Has the same recipes for other hoes but are a work in progress


Has the same recipes for other pickaxes


Has to be crafted in the middle of the crafting table. otherwise it has the same recipe as other swords

Here is the list of sword damages

crystal sword 5 damage

topaz sword 17 damage

ruby sword 10 damage

sapphire sword 9 damage

amethyst sword 5 damage

silver sword 7 damage

coldiron sword 12 damage

bronze sword 6 damage

brass sword 4 damage

aquarium sword 5 damage

adamantine sword 12 damage

Starsteel sword 20 damage

If want to give feedback or note me some bugs got to my twitter @wiiadelphia

Changelog View more

MoreOres 3.2.3 changelog

updated for 1.14.3

updated tool textures

fixed importing bug

More Ores 3.2.2 Changlog:

fixed ore spawning issues on Xbox one and Win10

starsteel ore now dropp starsteel

V3.2 Changelog:

Added shovels

added axes

added ore block hardness

MoreOres V3.1 changelog:

Fixes textures( if they are not fixed contact me via twitter)

updated all ore textures

Changelog V3:

Fixed crashes on 1.14 beta

Fixed import errors for mcaddon files

V3 changelog:

Fixed ore spawning for bronze

Added starsteel ore, block and sword

Nether ores now spawn in the nether dimension

End ores now spawns in the end dimension

Updated ore textures

V2.1 Changelog:

added sword damages


silver ore  now drops  silver

V2 changelog:

  • Ores are now fairly spawns in the world
  • names of items are now corected
  • Secret items are hidden in resource pack(not adde yet)


Fixed  Links to addon

Fixed crashing on items on 1.13 beta

fixed blocks not apearing on 1.13 beta

2.0.0 Changelog:

  • Now will be alled More Ores
  • added amethyst, crystal, ruby, sapphire and topaz
  • now has ore Generation


  •  set tools to equipt


MCADDON instructions

1. download the .mcaddon file

2. open the file in minecraft 


ZIP instructions

1. download the .zip file

2. extract zip file

3. put MoreOres BP(into behavior pack) and MoreOres( into resource packs) in their proper folders in minecraft bedrock location


WARNING:I will be updating this often. Make sure to delete previous version before installing the new version.

This addon might not work with 1.15 beta

Dont post on other website without my permission.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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245 Responses

3.8 / 5 (104 votes)
  1. Guest-9907643023 says:

    Can you make bedrock tools?
    If you do it, I’ll download your addon!
    Do it if it’s a great idea.
    Oh, and can you make that the bedrock tools you will add can break bedrock block?

  2. Guest-6948943504 says:

    Swords look and work great, tools are useless. I couldn’t even mine cobblestone with a ruby pickaxe. Good work on the ores and swords. Most of the ore/weapon mods I have tried are so broken that the swords don’t even work!

  3. Guest-1069928977 says:

    How do you get starsteel doe

  4. Guest-1637565345 says:

    Good mod but the durabillity is infinite so in survival it’s to overpowerd it would be cool if you also add armor with the ores

  5. Guest-6429362985 says:

    Thats because the pickaxe istnt a “tool” That means Minecraft dosent detect the pick as a tool, just as a item.

  6. Guest-4934100798 says:

    Can u update the addon because I cannot use it in minecraft 1.16 beta

    • Guest-9399442651 says:

      Well it doesn’t even work at all. Like no ores spawn. I was in survival so I was like maybe they’re rare. So I went into creative mode. NO ORES. I am in 1.14. It’s actived like right there on the screen, it says it’s activated but nothing is happening. Fix it please.

  7. Guest-3613333240 says:

    The addon is good, nice looking tools..

    But it’s effectiveness is like doing things bare-handed.

    Maybe fix the bug please? Oh, and i’m using 1.16 beta.

  8. Guest-1771868118 says:

    Its a good mod I just Wished the ores weren’t so common like sapphire

  9. Guest-7244899897 says:

    Everything do as the hand do

  10. Guest-2848592006 says:

    It’s pretty good, but if you gave the tools durability it would be perfect

  11. Guest-8825670500 says:

    Love it! You should add more end & nether ores, and maybe add new structures based around that ore in the nether/end!

    • Guest-5809647079 says:

      That would be interesting….maybe in biomes coming up in the nether update you could add mines for the types of ores in the nether, like huge spots of ores can be found in some areas and mines with some kind of mobs or mining villagers can live.


  12. Guest-8147371432 says:

    Well the swords have just 1 damage……….

  13. Guest-1635493590 says:

    Add armor plz

  14. Guest-5168248304 says:

    OK guys just found out
    for those who wonder how the heck can you smelt the ores (i bet you are testing it in creative) when you dig out any ore from this mod, it drops already as ingot, so no smelting needed

  15. Guest-4670769597 says:

    I cant use axes,shovels,hoes and neither do pickaxes ,I cant chop the tree more faster ,or use pickaxes for mining…

  16. Guest-9889745065 says:

    I cant find the ores in creative

  17. Guest-8543627451 says:

    download links don’t work

  18. Guest-9980070952 says:

    Nice add-on. I wanna know if you’re going to make the pickaxe functional or not. If you can, please do.

  19. Guest-3543192074 says:

    Add armor

  20. User-2062075736 says:

    The pickaxes are working like hands, take to long to break stone and it doesn’t drip anything
    nest thing you should work is this and to do the armors

  21. User-5745645699 says:

    This Doesn’t Even Work

    • Guest-6710241972 says:

      did you turn on experimental gameplay?
      and activate the behavior pack along with the resource pack?

      • Guest-4555257437 says:

        I test each sword by killing zombies and I think they all have the same damage. I also try comparing a wooden sword with all sword and the result is very weird, wooden sword is stronger.But it still cool because the ores are naturally generated. Please fix this and I will rate this addon for five stars.

  22. Zora says:

    Is ver good this addon

  23. XDXD_GaMeS says:

    Você precisa melhorar as picaretas elas não conseguem nem pegar pedra e numa velocidade ruim, a de diamante continua melhor

  24. Raul says:

    Yo no puedo sacar los lingotes de los minerales y ya probé con todos los hornos, ¿que procede?

  25. Vkjvsm says:

    Can you added the armor or need help for armor?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Are you gay or something?

  27. José says:

    Hola el mod está bien y chido lo que quiero es que arreglen el problema del acero estelar .Estaba probando que picos de Minecraft podía picar los minerales y el acero estelar no se pica ni con el de diamante arreglalo plis

  28. Kage Knights says:

    The mod is awesome but the pickaxes don’t seem to work and the star steel seems to be broken

  29. Enrique says:

    hola buenas sigo las instrucciones de instalacion pero no se generan los minerales
    en el mundo

  30. wiliam says:

    helo is em wiliamm

  31. Karla says:

    These new ores are fantastic.oh I just wonder what all the cowardinets that would be helpful👍🏻😎

  32. william says:

    helo is me wiliam im bakc

  33. williaam says:

    ist my bedtiem bye bye

  34. william says:

    I like monster truksc

  35. ladona_ says:

    this addon is great only thing is would there be a way you could add durability to the tools that you make from the new ores?

  36. Frozen wisp says:

    Hello Wiiocraft, I dont know if you will read this but I just want to say that this mod is very beautiful, but the only use I can find is using the blocks when building, dont know if it is a bug or something but neither the tools nor the swords do what they should, thanks in advance for any kind of reply (or not, you dont have to :D) (^-^)/

  37. LILTCUP says:

    It doesnt work the ores wont generate in the world it shows up before loading the world it shows the bp and rp

  38. MICHAEL says:

    The mod don’t run instead i do what You say

  39. Your Choomah says:

    So the swords work, everything spawns so frequently as well. The only thing that doesnt work is any tools beyond the sword. It acts as if I have my hand out and is punching whatever I’m trying to mine/axe/shovel. Idk if this is because of something missing in my pack or if it need to be updated again.

  40. Yo Mama so fAt! says:

    dees add0n ees s0 n3rdy!

  41. JustAaddonLover says:

    Hey dude can u fix the pickaxes, shovels and axes? All of them are slow like when ur hitting the blocks with ur hands.

  42. Mihir says:

    I downloaded it and put the unzipped folders in the right place but when I made the world and check inventory in creative, I couldn’t see the ores or ingots.

  43. Juan says:

    I can’t even download the mod, the link keeps redirecting me because its so infested with ads

  44. JimBimBum says:

    Needs a working download link, it wants me to all the website to send me notifications thanks to that awful redirect nightmare and I can’t download it.

  45. raOne says:

    Can you make armor version

  46. Anoymus says:

    The property ‘/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2. This error keeps coming up, you need to fix this

  47. Aniel says:

    Swords don’t do the actual damage said, topaz is supposed to do 17 yet my diamond sword is better

  48. CJ says:

    Why do the picks mine so slow? Or the swords dont do the stated damage. Can you tell me whats wrong?

    • Ljplays says:

      Im may not make many mods but i do know that there isnt a way to determine how fast a pickaxe mines a block (when its a modded one) block hardness will be the same even if you mine it with your fist. Hope this helps with the confusion 🙂

  49. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me where most stuff is supposed to be found for example diamonds are on y12
    Quartz is found in the nether
    Stuff like these I think the Adamantine and cold iron is found in the nether but I cannot find also
    The only ore I cannot find in overworld is bronze so please help

  50. Ianistheflash says:

    star ore wont drop and it wont smelt in furnace help pls

  51. Anonymous says:

    awesome stuff! cool ores!

  52. Anonymous says:

    mediafire direct link pls!!!

  53. Matthew Ochoa says:

    How do I harvest the starsteel?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hello can you add recipe to the recipe book because it’s more easy to craft with the recipe book on pocket edition of Minecraft. And very good add-on

  55. LoneStar says:

    Can you please do some info about the pick axes? Which ones are better durability etc. Thanks!

  56. aaaaaaaaa says:

    I think there’s a lot of potential with this mod and it makes mining more interesting, but for me the tools do not work very well (at least the ones I’ve made so far I mean). Great so far and I’d suggest maybe armor and apples made from some of the ores.

    • Stardust says:

      Due to limitations of addons, it is currently impossible to make pickaxes work like pickaxes. Instead they will act as if you are holding and item instead of a pickaxe and can’t break blocks. This is not the creator’s fault in any way so don’t lower a rating because this has literally nothing to do with the creator. Plus armor isn’t fully possible with addon either.

  57. Game says:

    Can you add armors ? (and the possibility to transform block in ingot pls).

  58. ZyldjanAustria says:

    Why there is no ruby ingots i only have the new ore blocks and the full blocks?

  59. Anonymous says:

    The addon link is not working
    Adfly is not counting down from 5 seconds

  60. Hankaji says:

    I cant find adamantine & cold iron ore in the nether

  61. Kaleb says:

    The file no longer exists on Mediafire for the zip.

  62. LolkoPlays says:

    Please make on mediafire not AdFly Please

  63. Shaun says:

    None of it is working for me, I’ve tried looking for them in cave and in the creative menu but nothing if you could help with this issue it’d be greatly appreciated thanks

  64. Myster says:

    How do you smelt them?

  65. KjvMode says:

    UBlock origin if it takes you to an inapropriate ad i really love the looks of the starsteel ore and weapons

  66. thedarkshed says:

    None of the pickaxes works

  67. Name says:

    I just down loaded the addon and I don’t see the items at all on creative. I’m gonna check some caves out but… I don’t think this works

  68. ded says:

    I need the download link

  69. SlickWarrior52 says:

    I can’t find the download link through adfly. Can you post a link to mediafire instead?

  70. Not an e boy says:

    The ores are in the creative inventory but nothing else is. The ores won’t spawn in naturally and the tools don’t do anything. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong idk

  71. Alex says:

    do the ores spawn naturally in survival worlds or do you need to use creative and if they do spawn naturally at what layers?

  72. Watcher says:

    Why do sapphire named: items.william: And why can’t i get the star steel?

  73. Ryan May says:

    Why are the ores not spawning in my world I have the Addon and I put in the things I needed and they did not spawn I had to get it out of creative instead

  74. Digitarius says:

    Hi, It disn’t work for me, it changed a bunch of blocks into command blocks. I’m in 1.14 Beta. I don’t know how to get out. These errors were detected by Minecraft.

    Missing dependency with ID ‘805737e8-62ce-11e9-a923-1681be663d3e’ and version ‘1.0.0’.

  75. Bithi Sarkar says:

    Where is the axe and shovel?

  76. Kajakura says:

    I cant open the mcaddon file with minecraft

  77. Helper says:

    You need to put the add-on on the first list then it will work if you put it below other add-on It will not work lol it is very annoying actualy

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hey, there’s no more conflict between the two games, and you just start saying crap like that?

  79. pigeonskins says:

    Do these replace things in the game?

  80. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded it on Xbox but I don’t have the behavior pack but I have the resource

  81. Pokey says:

    Hey this is work for enchantment ?

  82. Zach says:

    So I downloaded the mod on Xbox and I have the items in creative but they don’t naturally spawn for me at all. Am I missing something?

  83. Ian . W says:

    Do you need experimental gameplay?

  84. ScuffedProphet says:

    Are the ores still only generating in 1.13

  85. Unknown says:

    Got an AMBER alert, don’t bother wasting time

  86. Hey, this look’s like a really nice addon😁 (I’m a addon creator by myself, don’t worry, I don’t want to do self promotion)

    Did you know that you can make naturally spawning ores in the 1.13+ Beta version? (Just want to give some tipps😉)

  87. P says:

    Reupload please

  88. Zack Whitaker says:

    hey can you upload it again.

  89. Happyman says:

    There’s a problem with the media fire for the mc addons, and the I cant get a behavior pack for the zip file. Please fix.

  90. hoppingduck says:

    Please fix the Download link

  91. Captainjerry33 says:

    So first to click the mcaddon file then skip through then click allow the click the link then in media fire click the download button

    • Anoymus says:

      You don’t actually have to press allow, it will eventually(15-25 seconds) redirect you to the mediafire link. If you have pressed allow already, then you can disable notifications in settings of your browser.

  92. Captainjerry33 says:

    The file isn’t working I skipped through clicked the link it said in media fire ”the person who uploaded this file has been not downloadable tell the upload the mod again”

  93. Davod says:

    Where can i download the file?

  94. Dont mine me says:

    Can you add new weapons by the way like spears,daggers,battle axe etc in every ingot

  95. Anonymous says:

    For some reason, no ingots can be found. Can you please fix that bug?( my device is huawei honor 7)

  96. Jake says:

    How to download

  97. Max says:

    The mods is cool but I a problem, my minerals do not melt what is problematic

  98. Anonymous says:

    Get the link from your phone and then use that link on your Xbox and it will work I’ve tried it with several mods and it worked

  99. Pl says:

    Ok, every 1,000 clicks the creator gets 30 euros, so if a link doesn’t work STOP TRYING.

  100. Anonymous says:

    I got a porn ad wtf

  101. xilvabonner says:

    is this fully compatible with more ores

  102. Xbox says:

    Put media fire for xbox

  103. EXpeRT says:

    Adfly does work, you just need to keep trying

  104. hghghghg says:

    please just stop using the ad fly, its broken

  105. hannibal says:

    you should make A trash plate and a helmet and leggings and boots

  106. Cravealmonds says:

    How do I get the metals, I can’t find them in the creative inventory, nor do commands get them…

  107. MrBatPerson says:

    You cant use the pickaxe or hoe as an actual hoe/pickaxe. Only the swords work and even then they only do like 3 attack damage. It would be a cool mod if the tools actually worked

    • Stardust says:

      The addon has to be in the top addon slot for weapons to work. Plus due to limitations of addons, it is currently impossible to make pickaxes work like pickaxes. Instead they will act as if you are holding and item instead of a pickaxe and can’t break blocks. This is not the creator’s fault in any way so don’t lower a rating because this has literally nothing to do with the creator.

  108. MrBatPerson says:

    Fix the link please, if you could make the link a mediafire and not an adfly link I would appreciate it. The adfly link is broken and this seems to be one of the only good mods out there.
    And again Please fix the link, thank you.

  109. Taylor says:

    can you use these on ios by using the expiermental gameplay

  110. Chan4444 says:

    How do I download?
    I press the download thing but it leads me to a thing tell me to press allow button
    That it shows a movie website and a free iPhone X website.

  111. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Please add more ores like Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Gold, and Platinum Ores, Hellstone, Obsidian, Meteorite, Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, Titanium, and Chlorophyte Ores.

  112. Faisal says:

    If these ores spawn in world it would be amazing. But it’s not worth downloading

  113. Souppii says:

    Does this work on Xbox?

  114. IcePower139 says:

    Cool. Nice Mod (or Addon?)

  115. SoulSilver says:

    Não queria me intrometer, mais em vez de Spawnar os minérios, eles poderiam ser receitas, como por exemplo, poderia pegar 1 ingot de ferro e 1 cubo de gelo e virava 1 ingot de ferro frio

  116. Heronotch says:

    @AJ to download it click the redirect then it should take you to mediafire. Click download open a new tab and go back in mediafire next there should be a copy somewhere button and a more button click more and click copy to Minecraft then go options > world resources > you should see it click the little plus on it create a Minecraft world with the resource pack enabled in the resource pack setting and u good

  117. Just a question, do they actually function correctly?

  118. Zeze says:

    Can you put more strong swords, swords kill a zombie in 5 cuts

  119. End Crafter 16 says:

    Please add armours

  120. Thom.LOL says:

    No me funciona estoy en pc, alguna razón? los ultimo mods del momento no me han funcionado

  121. Glascon says:

    It will be cool of ore generate naturally in custom biomes

  122. Tydalwavee says:

    Can you add different variants of weapons like for example: Iron Broadsword, Iron Dagger, something like that?
    If it’s not possible to craft can you just make it where you put in a command to get it?

  123. dfortman says:

    Is there a reason this won’t work for Minecraft 1.11.1 for iOS?

  124. #1 Idiot says:

    Next Time You Make a Pack Make Sure Not To Put a Link File In the Recipes And Just Add a Link To The Recipes Other Than That It Is a Great Addon.

  125. JohnSkillet9524YT says:

    Love the idea but cant download 🙁 is blocked on some severs and some of us cant unblock it or don’t know how to so I cant download it.

  126. DragonFang444 says:

    How do you get them? Through commands?

  127. Aj says:

    I don’t think it works

  128. Martin says:

    Doesn’t work

  129. ChocolateMallows says:

    What’s the durability?

  130. Aj says:

    Is it supposed to be Aquamarine?and not Aquarium?

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