More Metals! (1.16.100+) [BigUpdate]

Are you bored with Minecraft? 

Relax, I’ve made an addon that will make adventurer exciting and this addon will get rid of your boredom!

Surely you want to have fun right? Try  download and play! 

This addon will add more metals and more sword, axe and pickaxe

~ Metal Stick ~

The function of metal stick is to make tools made of steel and uranium

~ Tin Ingot ~

Tin ingot are metals that are similar to iron

You can get tin ingot from tin ore burned in the furnace

You can find tin ore at y 58-0

~ Tin Sword

– Durability : 135

– Damage : 6

~ Tin Axe ~

 Durability : 135

– Damage : 7

~ Tin Pickaxe ~

– Durability : 135

– Damage : 5

~ Copper Ingot ~

Copper ingot, item that will added in 1.17 and the function of copper ingot in this addon is to make steel ingot

You can find copper ore at y 58-0

~ Steel Ingot ~

Steel ingot are very strong metals and their function is to make powerful tools

~ Steel Sword ~

– Durability : 354

– Damage : 8

~ Steel Axe ~

– Durability : 354

– Damage : 9

~ Steel Pickaxe ~

– Durability : 354

– Damage : 7

~ Fire Sword [Lvl1] ~

– Durability : 454

– Damage : 11

~ Fire Sword [Lvl2] ~

– Durability : 554

– Damage : 15

~ Uranium Scrap ~

To make uranium ingot you need uranium scrap, you can find them at y 16-0

~ Uranium Ingot ~

Uranium ingot is dangerous metals, the function is to make uranium Tool

~ Uranium Sword ~

– Durability : 1054

– Damage : 23

~ Uranium Axe 

– Durability : 1054

– Damage : 9

~ Uranium Pickaxe ~

– Durability : 1054

– Damage : 11

~ Aluminium Ingot ~

The textures is similar to tin, you can craft drill from this metal & you can find aluminium at y 55-0

~ Aluminium Handdrill ~

– Durability : 154

– Damage : 7

– Mining Speed : 10

~ Brass ~

You can also craft handdrill from brass, you can find brass at y 55-0

~ Brass Handdrill ~

– Durability : 354

– Damage : 9

– Mining Speed : 15

~ Brass Sythe ~

– Durability : 354

– Damage : 14

~ Uranium Armor ~

— Protection :

– Helmet : 12

– Chestplate : 27

– Leggings : 21

– Boots : 12

~ Ends ~

Enjoy the addon!! 

Changelog View more

Add new ore and drill

Added uranium scrap

Fix some bugs

And lots

- Added uranium axe & pickaxe

- Fix some bugs

Added more installation description and fix some bugs in the addon

Fix Bugs for : 

- Recipes of steel pickaxe

- Durability of the tools (old version the durability is unlimited) (now the durability is limited) 


Step 1 : Download the addon

Step 2 : Tap the mcpack

Step 3 : Create new world or edit world

Step 4 : Active the resources & behavior packs

Step 5 : Enable all experimental features! 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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30 Responses

4.42 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Jaruq says:

    I can’t make the fire sword (lvl-1), can you fix it please?

  2. Legoman632 says:

    First, very good mod. Love the different metals. Do they have durability? It
    seems to me that the new tools are indestructible. Do they in fact break or not?

  3. Chboitheo says:

    yoooooooo plz update ores are not generating in 1.16.4

  4. Elpepe says:

    I like this addon, it works very well for me but I was wondering what you will add in the future?

  5. Victorious123 says:

    The ores are not textured!

  6. Old AI says:

    i don’t have a behaviour pack, so it won’t work

  7. Alphum5 says:

    Hello! Love the items and the addon and stuff but I cant get ores to spawn in my world? I add everything correctly but it never seems to work. Ive checked in creative and make giant pits but I cant see any ores. I did everything right, i did the experimental feautures and I put both packs on at world creation.

  8. GoodRayTX says:

    In principle, everything suits

  9. MrXStalker says:

    I love this because the behavior doesnt need to be on very top to get it work. But just an opinion.. the brass ore is really easy to find addn the brass sythe damage is kinda op for the easy craft.. example the fire sowrd lvl 2 damage is 15 with lil work of crafting but brass sythe is 14 damage with easy craft… to me with the feature of modding in mc crafting this kin of weapon need to me more exiting and time so players can feel they deserve that weapon especially in multiplayer world. like mine….

  10. XoVFelexVoX says:

    Suggestion of ores and metals and weapons: Ruby, Emerald, Red diamond, Rusted steel, Copper sword/armor, Tungsten, (Best armor) Tungsten 3D Spear, (Maybe retexture trident for spear and make a crafting recipe for it,) Weapons: Red steel sword, Nether steel shield, Retexture for fire swords, (Fire sword lvl2 has too much excess textures, Maybe add metals for all of the nether biomes? Maybe add a steel crossbow or a couple ore bows, And maybe steel bolts to fire out of the crossbow, Blue ice steel armor, And maybe make it so you can dual wield the crossbows if you add them, Maybe make some magical staffs for the weapons i suggested? Leave your ideas under my comment for more suggestions for this addon, Not trying to take credit, just trying to make this addon be like the moreores mod in java edition, Overall great addon love it! Minecraft username: XoVFelexVoX steam username: Avilin85, and cya in the next update! Good job on this addon!

  11. AwesomeGamer82472 says:

    Can I make a video on your add-on, I would provide credit and a link to this post

  12. Seefahrerkatzi says:

    Why would you make a weapon that consists mostly of uranium? It would literally fall apart in your hands.

  13. Xoxoluko says:

    i LOVE this addon so far because it actually works an has crafting but there is a small issue where the tin sword comes up as the coded name weapon:sword:item:tin or something like that just wanted to let you know

  14. Sajad6baster says:

    I can use your addon an my modpack

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