More Mutant Creatures Mod

The More Mutant Creatures Mod adds 21 mutant creatures. All of the mobs use customized mob models to provide a new and hopefully more scary experience. All mobs spawn randomly in-game but they are quite rare to find. It’s a really fun mod to play around with and it even comes with a modded map.

Creator: Jujustyle7, (Twitter), Matheus Silva (Twitter)
Updated: 18 September, 2016 (adds more mutant creatures, bug fixes)

Where do they spawn?

The mutant creatures spawn randomly in-game, but their spawn rate is very low. You can use spawn eggs found in the creative inventory to more easily find them. If you want to obtain the spawn eggs in survival mode then we recommend downloading the X-Commands mod.

Another way to spawn them is by using a Chemical X on a pig, zombie, skeleton and so on. This will mutate the mob and turn them into a mutant! (Crafting recipes further down!)

(Remember to set difficult to max otherwise they might not spawn.)

The mutant pigs look quite abnormal. Their feet are much larger. And the cows have antlers.


Here you can see a mutant villager, a mutant zombie villager and a mutant husk and his baby boy. They look are more beefy than their non-mutant relatives.


There are a couple of different zombie mutants. Both big and small ones.


The mutant spider sure look gruesome! The snowman will turn the ground to snow and ice wherever it walks.


There are a few different mutant skeletons. All of them are almost twice the size of the original skeleton and they also much stronger.


The mutant skeletons know how to ride a mount. Here you can see them riding a mutant spider.


In one of the latest update four-legged creeper, a beefed up pigman and a few other mutants were added.


Besides the mobs mentioned there are also a few others. You can find them in the spawn egg list further down or discover them for yourself in-game.

Mob Battles

One thing which is really fun is to watch the mutants fight each other. Currently it seems that it’s only the mutant snow golem which will start the fights. But it definitely adds an extra layer of fun.

(The speech bubble isn’t there in-game but I couldn’t help but add it myself, it looked so funny!)


Spawn Egg IDs

  • Mutant Zombie (2000)
  • Mutant Husk (2001)
  • Mutant Villager (2002)
  • Mutant Spider (2003)
  • Zombie Giant (2004)
  • Mutant Skeleton (2005)
  • Mutant Wither Skeleton (2006)
  • Mutant Stray (2007)
  • Mutant Creeper (2008)
  • Mutant Cow (2009)
  • Mutant Pig (2010)
  • Mutant Iron Golem (2011)
  • Mutant Snow Golem (2012)
  • Mutant Zombie Pigman (2013)
  • Mutant Enderman (2014)
  • Mutant Wolf (2015)
  • Zombie Villager Original (2016)
  • Green Zombie Villager (2017)
  • Skeleton Jockey (2018)
  • Wither Skeleton Jockey (2019)
  • Stray Jockey (2020)

Item IDs & Info

  • Mutant Sword (2110) – 1 chemical liquid + 1 diamond sword + 3 obsidian chunk
  • Mutant Wither Skeleton’s Sword (2111) – 2 chemical liquid + 1 stone sword + 1 cobblestone + 1 skeleton mob head OR dropped by mutant wither skeletons
  • Mutant Zombie Pigman’s Sword (2112) – 2 chemical liquid + 1 golden sword + 1 obsidian chunk + 4 iron ingots + 1 raw porkchop OR dropped by mutant zombie pigman’s
  • Obsidian Chunk (2103) – dropped by mutant skeletons
  • Chemical Liquid (2104) – dropped by mutant monsters
  • Bottle of Chemical (2105) – 4 chemical x + 1 glass bottle (info: used for crafting Chemical X)
  • Chemical X (2100) – 4 obsidian + 1 potion OR 4 obsidian chunk + 1 bottle of chemical (info: can be used on zombies, spiders etc to mutate them!)
  • Iron Chemical X (2101) – 1 pumpkin head + 1 chemical x + 3 iron ingots
  • Snow Chemical X (2102) – 1 pumpkin head + 1 chemical x + 3 snowballs

Install Guide

The download includes the mod files and a modded map. We’ve reviewed the map very recently here: (will add link to it once it’s live on the site)

  1. Use BlockLauncher to install the modpkg file (click for guide).
  2. Restart BlockLauncher.


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  1. Swagboi7 says:

    We need most, if not all, of these Mutants in the newer version of this mod

  2. Guest-7318924888 says:

    they r not adds 🙁

  3. Guest-9951197600 says:

    plz make it mediafire plz plz

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do you download it I think this is ripoff

  5. user says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Can’t get past the adds 🙁

  7. Lol says:

    I think this is good for its time… But it is not that good for 2019, I mean this is the thing I hate most, I can’t download it! There’s not a very good design, like snowmans? Who would make them that huge and that scary, zombies, they’re only L shaped arms forever…

    • Guest-3035880947 says:

      We have the Same problem dude I really hate the L Arm from the mutant zombie,Husk,Villager,and other! I won’t download it because can villagers can be mutant…? Wow your great this is really stupid I hate it why Those mutant creatures are tiny I don’t like it and the mutant endermen lol I hate it because of the body look at it???? I’m done!!!!!

  8. Ender gaming says:

    Idk how to download this mod

  9. Prince Vegeta says:

    This mod is soooo cool thx

  10. Anonymous says:

    I cant open the link for some reason..

  11. Liton Chakma says:

    Umm…is the reosorce pack ready yet

  12. Narendra says:

    They said error please fix it

  13. Liton Chakma says:

    Missing teksar pack

  14. Lala says:

    Plz make mutant enderdragon

  15. Need help says:

    When I click the download button it says that it can’t open the page can you help

  16. Anonymous says:

    This sounds awesome! Problem is it says it can’t reach the download page. Is it possible to fix this?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it but the mod Is awesome!!!!! P.S. Add a wither mutant and call it witherzilla

  18. Im bored :V says:

    The mod looks GREAT but you can make a mutantes whiter boss? Also he can drop a soul sand chemical X thanks!

  19. Pavel says:

    Can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make a .mcpack for this??? ;-; I want it sooo bad

  20. XDJFoxy1X says:

    wish this was for windows 10 :=(

  21. Brandon Ochoa says:

    Hey um, can you give me a texture pack for this mod, because I like to play on the go when I don’t have wifi and the mutant creatures are white, please make a texture pack for this mod, thx.

  22. Antimatter says:

    I love this mod

  23. AshGreninja24 says:

    Can you do a .mcpack for IOS devices please?

  24. zombie tankailyqua says:

    for this version?

  25. Gyun45 says:

    When I try to import it says failed to import patch

  26. Othman says:


  27. Jhelcee says:

    That its sow wow

  28. Gamer 22 says:

    Hey guys it gamer22 here do you want me to make a mod if yes what kind do you guys want and I will try my best

  29. Ethan says:

    Please make an add-on for this so I can get this, because I do not have a android. I would like for it to have a mcpack file so I can easily load it to my world.

  30. Anonymous says:

    It sounds really fun but every time I’ve gone on to BlockLauncher and use chemical X on an animal it just crashes. Over and over and over and over and over. I am not on Easy difficulty. Please HELP MEEEEEE!

  31. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    I very like mutant creeper thanks for update this mod

  32. JujuStyle7 says:

    Editor. There is a new update on MMC official 4.0 not beta. On my Twitter editor

  33. BillTheZombie says:

    My favorite mod

  34. JujuStyle7 says:

    Editor. Try to answer me on Twitter messages

  35. JujuStyle7 says:

    Hello. I’m the creator of more Mutant Creatures Mod. I realised a new update 3.1v. Custom items is here and all mobs will still be there when you exit and re-enter the game. If you want to get the update go to twitter @jujustep_julien

    P.S. please update the webpage

  36. AVRGN says:

    I can’t spawn those mutants and I’m using mcpe master, help!

  37. Raihan says:

    Awesome Mod 😀

  38. YoGramma says:

    It is so cool but when i got out of my world and got in again the mutant zombies turned into normal zombies…and the zombie baby mutants turned into baby zombies and mutant villagers turned into iron golems…….fix pleaseplease

  39. don says:

    why all mutants is black?? pls help me

  40. BillyTheCrazy says:

    Hey Edito can you ask the creator relase an update for the mod?

  41. kaye says:

    Why my mutant skin is black?

  42. victor0524 says:

    now the villagers can kill zombies

  43. Herobrine says:

    Why its said bad zip files?

  44. BillyTheCrazy says:

    This is my favorite mod Great Job creator I Love the mod the clasic mutant creatures mod is the worst but this mod is awesome pls put a mutant Iron golem

  45. kamran says:

    I think you should add more mutants and add some armour and swords you can get from the mutants.Also please add mutant creaper and more animations for the mutants.But its a great mod.

  46. Frenethic says:

    It is just missing the enderman and creeper

  47. BillyTheCrazy says:

    Realy cool the best mod Can you put a mutant chicken or a mutant animal?

  48. MaulanaAliGamer says:

    What App Do You Use To Make That Speech Bubble?
    That Sounds Quiet Good.

  49. Cx47A21 says:

    Wow..awesome mod dude..thanks for releasing this mod

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