More Nether Creatures Addon

If you have always thought that nether has few mobs and could have more, then the time to change is now. With this addon nether gets 4 new very dangerous and behavior-rich creatures.

See all creatures now:

Nether Creeper

If the surface creeper is already dangerous, imagine the nether. His explosion is 4 times bigger than the normal creeper, watch out !!!

  • Health: 30

Nether Golem

This amazing golem is in the nether, he is giant, fast and aggressive against players.

  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 8

Skeleton Spider

With only bones, this type of spider is easily found in the nether, it is aggressive against players causing a lot of damage.

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 6


Small but powerful, the worm attacks players and zombies.

  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 5

Changelog View more
  • Explosion area of ​​the nether creeper increased 
  • Worm Re-texturized
  • Skeleton Spider Damage increased (6)
  • increased nether creeper explosion size.
  • increased skeleton spider speed
  • netehr golem life increased



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.9

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61 Responses

4.43 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Guest-5635559145 says:

    Intento descargar el addon,pero sigue apareciendo malditos anuncios inservibles.😠

  2. Drags says:

    It *IS* a well-done add-on, after all, but honestly all of the mobs except worm are just variants of normal overworld mobs, with nothing special to their behaviour to justify the lack of creativity with some of these mobs. Sure, the texturing and modelling is really good, but it’s more like these ‘new’ mobs are anything more than just the same mob with health tweaks and more aggressiveness. I am not in any way criticising it, as making mobs and texturing are both extremely hard things to do, but the mobs could have had some special behaviours to help them stand out more. For example, the skeleton spider could leave trails of a special cobweb that makes players burn for some time. It could be used in traps, and looks almost identical to cobwebs, bar a few black specks. For the worm, it could live in lava pockets, and jump at the player if they are near the player. They ‘drown’ if out of lava too long. Or, you could create a unique nether mob, something like a strider or HOGLINS.For example, a flying squid-like blaze-hybrid creature could charge at players from up above, and blind them temporarily.At least change their spawning rates to fit the new nether biomes. Do not report this comment for hate, as it is just some constructive criticism.

  3. Wernes14 says:

    next useless addon to collection

  4. Guest-6862948300 says:

    Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
    Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of emeralds.
    In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
    (emeralds are freely available, and people can get emeralds for free every day)

  5. Guest-3396912135 says:

    Does the mobs drop exp when killed?

  6. Guest-3906148510 says:

    Overdestructive nether creeper

    Unescapable nether golem

    Boney spider


    What else could fit the nether?

  7. Guest-8811913962 says:

    Brak pewnych treści zależnych tak pisze gdy chce tego moda dodać do gry,nie wiem o co chodzi,proszę pomoc.

  8. Guest-2877565295 says:

    Nerf the dang nether creepers!

  9. ToxicBry says:

    Hey! I hope you dont mind but i made a video on your Add-on, i made sure to give you credit 🙂 my youtube is TheToxicBry!

  10. Guest-7397343234 says:

    It would be better if there were sounds and movements

  11. Guest-5763600142 says:

    Spiders are arachnids, they’re skeleton is on the outside… (Exoskeletons)

  12. Guest-1774184629 says:

    I did what was said in the video, but that takes me to the other site not to the download.

  13. pedro says:

    las arañas no tienen esqueleto que yo sepa

    • Guest-8696765195 says:

      Y los dragones no existen que yo sepa. Minecraft es un juego de fantasía, lo que importa es la estética y estéticamente las arañas esqueleto quedan bien así que no entiendo a que vienen tantas quejas sobre que los arácnidos no tienen esqueleto

  14. Arex says:

    I need a download link le media fire for it to work

  15. Could I use in a Modpack I’m making

  16. SimpleCraft says:

    Good addon however i got a porn site directed to me when pressing the link……, Children download these so please use a different link shortner at the least maybe use Cutwin as they give good payouts and not too many ads

  17. TheMcExplorer says:

    Children use these addons. Pls use a MUCH simpler link site in the future. This is not ok! The amount of redirects I just went through was not necessary. I shouldn’t have to go through more than 2 redirects, 3 maybe! I don’t care how much money you get. If people stop pressing that link you don’t get anything. Change to a safer site.

    I encourage you to listen to the complaints of the other people here, we are trying to help you. Otherwise, regardless of how good your content is, people will see your name and disregard your content entirely knowing the link is unsafe and unreasonably inconvenient.

  18. Wow that cool this addons,i like thia addons because Now mobs so very hard to kill and so very Fun 😄😄

  19. MyNamesR4lph says:

    Wait… spiders have bones?
    Nevermind, it’s just an addon… btw cool addon… I’ll give ya 5 stars for that!

  20. Unknown says:

    Is This addon replace Vanilla mobs???

  21. SolarLolbit says:

    Actually, Spiders doesen’t have skeleton

  22. JasoniatorGamer says:

    Please add a creature its right arm is larger than the left arm and his right arm is made of magma,BTW its a nice addon

  23. Anonymous says:

    Your link doesn’t work

  24. Qkie says:

    The ads is much annoying i cant download it

  25. NoFear says:

    Finally!!! I always hope that someone will make this thank you so much!!!
    Can you pls add more like devils demons and stuff that flies to make it more scary in the nether😊

  26. That worm is actually called a Death Worm and it’s from Java’s Ice and Fire mod, and spawns in the desert

  27. ESTEBAN1303 says:

    Oye emm no tiene sentido lo de la araña esqueleto ya que es un insecto

    • Guest-4279372178 says:

      Es un arácnido Einstein, y que más da que las arañas no tengas esqueleto si Minecraft es un juego de fantasía. Los dragones no existen y ahí tienes uno en el end, así que dejad de llorar porque hay una araña esqueleto

  28. Blaze Power says:

    Add lava kraken for the future update

  29. Zack Taylor says:

    good addon but why are all the mobs so week the golem should have 200 hp and the creeper should have 40 and the spider should have 40 as well and the wrom should have 50

  30. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get in because it keeps redirecting me to other pages!

  31. Mediafire bros says:

    Do Mediafire

  32. Harrythemagician13 says:

    my mob ideas for this! The Nether Guard- it looks like an Vidicator that go in the nether he has nether style apprance with half of its face is a skeleton just like a zombie pigman it has 20 and 3 attack damage it attacks the players and giving them Slowness Effect To them The Nether Caster- it looks like Evoker But its Wearing A nether Style Outfit on it Attacks players By throwing Wither Skeletons Skulls at You Giving you Weakness And Wither Effect it can Summon imps To Attack You it has 10 and 2 attack damage The Hell Beast- it looks like a Ravager that Born in the Nether but its Eyes Are Glowing Red it Attacks Players just like a Normal Ravager But Sometimes it Can Ridden by the Nether Caster imp- A little Demon with Horns it on it is hostile to players it can Shoot Fireballs at the player they have same as Vex and 3 attack damage Also Please Add the Hovering infeno to this addon too as amini boss

  33. Extrañó says:


  34. MCPE_Rater says:

    Wow … ok

  35. Telecripers1 says:

    Cool 😀

  36. Artur says:

    spiders are invertebrates

  37. SeranaXx says:

    Please add a better option to download this or I’m reporting this addon!

  38. SeranaXx says:

    Add a mediafire link please

  39. Alex says:

    Cool i give 5 stars but also could you do same to the end pls

  40. Salutations! says:

    Nether before have this many mobs been seen in the nether!

  41. Mike Hoch says:

    Not funny, didn’t laugh stop using scam sites as link shorteners

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