More Nether Mobs

Want more nether mobs? Are you bored of the Nether Update’s mobs already? Well, this is the perfect addon for you! This addon adds 4 new mobs and I will add more mobs for you in the next updates!

So let’s see what these mobs are:

Nether Turtle: 30 Health, if a player or golem gets too close to it, it will attack with 3 attack damage, drops 30 XP!!!

Nether Fox: Has 50 health, drops 50 XP, and will kill players and golems if you’re 50 or less blocks away!

Nether Phantom: 25 health, 25 XP, and will kill you from the sky of the nether!

Nether Kei: Looks kind of like a slime! 20 health, 20 XP, attack damage is 5!

More mobs coming soon!

All of them are fire immune and hurt on water!

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Added more details because it was denied!

The mobs are fire immune and hurt on water!


Open “Experimental Gameplay”


Supported Minecraft versions


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14 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    What did you use to make this. I want to try and make my own but am struggling to find something to make one with.

  2. Sunbun1232 says:

    I will give you credit, can i use this in my addon

  3. Guest-1783258366 says:

    Good add-on, but it’s kinda like me going “So basically, the silverfish are in the end now and they’re called end silverfish. And that’s it. You’ve basically just retextured some mobs and made them aggressive. You need some new items like Crimson Membrane, breeding nether turtles with nether sprouts, and new attacks. Overall, good pack but could just be a texture pack so needs more detail.

  4. Guest-4092800267 says:


  5. Poopero says:

    Wait, aren’t they not all retextured mobs

  6. Guest-7279641683 says:

    maybe instead of re sprites you could make a nether kracken or something to make the nether have a boss

  7. Guest-4601312982 says:

    Can you pls lower the xp drops of the mobs, 10 nether foxes is already the equivalent of an ender dragon

  8. Guest-7233517666 says:

    I like the initial concept, just not the execution.
    Nether slimes are pointless, we have magma cubes.
    When you add a mob, think about what it adds to the game.
    Why would it be in the game?
    And don’t just recolour existing mobs and say “Welp, they’re in the nether now”.

  9. Guest-4263264842 says:

    I think itd be cool if you added in a tameable netherwolf or hellhound, that keeps the same theme but has an item that is harder to obtain for taming it, ive always wanted a tameable hellhound in minecraft and with the nether update and this mod i think itd be amazing to add in, but either way keep up the good work i love it

  10. Guest-1619931400 says:

    Good mod, I kinda feel like the nether slime is pointless because there is already a nether slime called a magma cube but also it can be useful to get slime balls if you are far away from a swamp.

  11. Guest-6538650538 says:

    Puedes mejorarlos porque solo son rojos le pueden poner mas textura porfa. El complemento es muy bueno pero como que le falta algo podrías mejorarlo Porfa

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