More Ores Addon 1.3

You ever think the subsoil is too monotonous? Have you ever dreamed of seeing the new Thermal Foundation ores and ingots in the Bedrock Edition? So, this add-on is for you!

How does it work?

This add-on adds 8 of Thermal Foundation minerals in BE vanilla. These are:
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Silver
  • Lead
  • Nickel

Each of these minerals has a
block, ingot, ore or nugget form except bronze and steel which, being metal alloys, don’t have a ore but can be obtained by using crafting table.


There are 8 sword(one for each mineral) with different attack damage and durability:

       Sword type (attack damage, durability)

      • Copper (5, 175)
      • Tin (5, 150)
      • Bronze (6, 325)
      • Steel (6.5, 400)
      • Aluminum (5, 225)
      • Silver (5, 75)
      • Lead (5, 100)
      • Nickel (6.5, 300)


      There are also 8 different apples, these like golden apples gives to player different potion effects:

      • Copper apple (gives Haste for 2:30)
      • Tin apple (gives Absorption for 2:30)
      • Bronze apple (gives Haste 2 and Absorption 2 for 2:30)
      • Steel apple (gives Resistance 2 for 2 minutes but leave you two hearts)
      • Aluminum apple (gives Levitation for 30 seconds, Slow Falling for 45 and Speed 2 for 2 minutes)
      • Silver apple (gives Night Vision for 5 minutes, Haste 2 and Speed for 2:30)
      • Lead apple (gives Slowness 2 and Resistance 2 for 3 minutes)
      • Nickel apple (gives Speed and Jump Boost for 3 minutes)

      There are also enchanted apples but now you can only get them with commands.


      Here are some examples of crafting you can do with these( Crafting template is the same as that used by vanilla minerals)

      • Copper Block from ingots and reverse

      • Tin nugget from ingot and reverse

      • Cooking lead ore in furnace


      • You can get four ingots of bronze by putting on the crafting grid three copper ingots and a tin ingot

      • You can get two steel ingot by putting on the crafting grid two coals and an iron ingot


      You can craft these swords in the same way as you craft vanilla swords

      Flint and steel:

      You can’t craft anymore flint and steel using iron but you have to use steel instead:


      Now you can craft buckets with aluminum instead of iron but you can still use old recipe too.

      Obtaining ores:

      You can obtain these minerals by mining underground or by exploring dungeons.

      If you are in creative mode and want to obtain these you can use:

      • /function apples (for getting metal apples)
      • /function enchanted_apples (for getting metal enchanted apples)
      • /function swords (for getting all metal swords)
      • /function ingots (for getting all ingots)


      A lot of textures used in this Add-on are owned by CoFH (Their site)

      Changelog View more
      • New ores textures based on new Jappa's Iron ore texture
      • New Add-on icons
      • New fully working swords of every minerals
      • Changing sword bug fixed
      • Now every swords has correct displayed name
      • New apples crafted with every ingots
      • Incomplete enchanted apples 
      • New recipe for flint and steel
      • Tweaked bronze recipe (thanks ItsZeus for feedback)
      • New functions for obtaining items in creative
      • New way for crafting buckets
      • Now silverfishes can spawn underground and can drop silver ingots and nuggets 
      • Now you can find new apples, ingots and swords in dungeons loot chests
      • Now lead apple has a chance to give fatal poison effect to player if eaten
      • New Italian translation! 
      • Fixed enchanted apples displayed name


      • Be sure you are in 1.13 beta
      • Enable experimental gameplay
      • Have fun!


      Supported Minecraft versions

      1.13 (beta)

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      150 Responses

      3.92 / 5 (78 votes)
      1. Why_Not? says:

        Could You Please Add Armour And More Tools?
        I Mean It’s Almost 1.14 For The Bedrock Community.
        I’ll Rate It Then With 5 Stars Add Durability Too I Hate Addons With Infinite Durability And Such Op Effects.

      2. Dud says:

        Make this for 1.14 pls

      3. Andrewyin2009 says:

        Well, it is sad that we can’t make 1.12 make underground generation

      4. Alex says:

        im on xbox and can u supply mediafire link because it will bring me to or adfly and i cant download plz fix

      5. Krabby7 says:

        Great mod but I can’t find the ores in caves. But yet they are still in my creative menu. I think this is because I’m in 1.12 and that’s probably why. If possible plz make it for 1.12 as well, I have seen other people done it. And don’t give up on your addon, there isn’t many good ones out there but I really like this one, but it hasn’t been updated in a while.

      6. Bruh says:

        Great mod but could you add tools for the metals as well

      7. Bithi Sarkar says:

        Can you also make tools for each ore? Like Axe,Pickaxe,shovel and hoe? That would be great!

      8. Kevin says:

        Can you make the ores naturally generate in Mcpe version 1.12?

      9. Smasha87 says:

        How do I install?

      10. tyler says:

        hello i downloaded the mod it works but i cant fine the ore by mining i can only find it in the creative menu how to i find this when im mining?

      11. Arthur says:

        Grate over all works with 1.12 to but loveing it overall

      12. Oiikjmn says:

        I cant get past the adflys, help

      13. Ben says:

        You can break the ores with hand make it a bit harder pls and add armor too even though I know you can’t do that yet also add tools and more ores and alloys like cave++ but anyways cool addon! Thanks

      14. Joshua Quagliato says:

        Um for example, the ore block doesn’t actually give you the item itself, fix that please

      15. this is not my name LOL 😂 says:

        u should add a fat sword that is expensive and better then the previous sword. And a additional bows or some thing like that cuz I know addone that dose this and I use it in battle royal maps to fight ageanst all my fam. KEEP UP THE GUD WORK!

      16. Barish says:

        Great addon! But it has 2 problems
        make the swords enchanteble!
        and durability could be more.

        So, the addon is just great! and can you make more features?
        example: shovel, pickaxe, armors and more? that would be great.

      17. Seb12319 says:

        Is it compatible with PureBDcraft Sphax?

      18. Anonymous says:

        Can u make a function that gives u all the things

      19. Anonymous says:

        Y can I not find the ores in caves I’ve tried 5 worlds And I still can’t find them

      20. Minecraft dude says:

        When ever I try to Mack a sword, or axe it gives me a copper apple.
        PLEASE fix

      21. MinecraftGameandtheboyz says:

        4 things this is great but there are a few problems
        1. Delete salt ore
        2.Make it so you can DOWNLOAD it on Xbox
        3.Make armor and tools for the ores
        4. Set how rare the are gonna be instead of just making them more rare than emeralds
        But besides that this is pretty cool.

        • Hi says:

          Really…. There are limitations for addons and you can download it on xbox with UFO transfer and a file manager like 8 zip or file downloader and the limitation dont allow funvtioning armor or pickaxes and other tools and its for beta because i think in the beta you can set the height of the natural generation for blocks if im right

      22. Benjamin says:

        There is a bug in the Addon the items do not appear nor can I elaborate them as they appear in the instructions and if I have the minecraft beta purchased please fix that bug I want to use the Addon but it does not work please fix it

      23. Yoshi984 says:

        Why would you ever eat a lead apple? Wouldn’t you get lead poisoning lmao.

      24. Anonymous says:

        You should make so there are pickaxes and axes and shovels

      25. CameronTheNinja says:

        I hope you’re aware that your links dont wor, just change the link to midiafire, then there would be a lot more people able to use it… Like everyone on Xbox or PlayStation

      26. Juan says:

        It’s a nice add on but I couldn’t find any ores and I was looking for about half an hour, do you think you could make them a bit more common

      27. NoahGamer says:

        There should be weapons that are stronger than diamond weapons

      28. DannyBoi1986 says:

        not sure if this is even an addon or just a bait for ad revenue. tried all the links multiple times and cannot get the download.

      29. Chrixx01 says:

        Nota a ore a comment

      30. Chrixx01 says:

        Nota a ore

      31. GamingWithYassin says:

        Dear Maker,

        Please fix the link soon, I wanna do a series on this I will give you credits, but PLEASE fix the link it says it may give me a virus, so why don’t you make it directly to MediaFire?

        Dear Minecraft User,


        • Blank says:

          Making the link directly to mediafire isn’t that easy, and besides if you take the right link you won’t get a virus.

      32. Zediax890 says:

        Hey dude can you make it for 1.12 or it’s difficult because the 1.13 beta doesn’t intrest me so may i have a response ? Please ? Btw continue to make these there are just perfect to make Minecraft better than it’s 😀

      33. Grimlock47 says:

        I have my whole game set up (experimental, 1.13, resource and behavior) but the ores only show up on the creative page with all the ores, I’ve looked through dozens of caves and never found a single one of the new ores. I’m beyond confused as to what I could be doing wrong to have them not being able to spawn in survival.

        • Thumper says:

          I was having the exact same problem untill I removed both the Tree Capacitor and backpacks add-on then started a new world. Works perfectly now so maybe it’s just conflicting with another add-on you have.

        • Hi says:

          If youre on a loaded map it wont work beside you have to go to a new unloaded chunk to let them spawn cause they wont spawn in loaded chunk and you must have the behaviour at the top

      34. Anonymous says:

        Its showing a missing dependency error, and i cant use it, any help?

      35. execution4u says:

        can I download for ???

      36. Anonymous says:

        for some reason i can find them in creative but not survival??

      37. Not telling you says:

        Can you craft Armor with these new recoureces

      38. manuel says:

        do you know if someone is going to do “industrial craft” happen in add ons ?,this seems like the right path,i want so badly that mod being in bedrock so i can put in the server with friends

      39. Name says:

        I still cant find the ores after 2 hours

      40. doasiscos says:

        Doesn’t work at all in 1.12, don’t download its waste of megabytes

      41. ItsZeus says:

        Looks awesome, but you have the bronzey the other way around as bronze is about 12.5% tin and mostly copper

      42. Anonymous says:

        Its not working for me does it work on the windows 10 edition?

      43. Aetheral Knight says:

        Could you make this compatible with basic nether ores by PILLAGER, or possibly work with on one mod to add even more together, that would be so cool.

      44. Meh says:

        Maybe you can add armour next? This is a great Addon.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Blank says:

          Right now it isn’t fully possible to add armor with the current state of addons. Maybe in the future armor can be added using addons? As of now though, you can only replace existing armor using addons, if im correct.

      45. OofCrafter says:

        Also is version 1.12 supported because if it isn’t then everything makes sense.

      46. OofCrafter says:

        The behavior pack is “missing dependency with ID ‘ef0c0095 – bff4 – 4942 – 8a06 – 4f7073a7f2e3’ and ‘1.10,’ whatever that means. Maybe thats because version 1.10 (village and pillage) isnt supported? Dunno. Anyway, I can’t leave a rating because I couldn’t even try the add on. But I am NOT happy with this. If you have a way to fix this please tell me how.

        • Blank says:

          As in my experience, you can still add the addon to your world even with dependencies. Most addons still work fine even with dependencies. Heck, most of my addons have them.

      47. x_wk says:

        All of the links took me to a hentai game.

      48. Anonymous says:

        NO JAPPA !

      49. Aarong12 says:

        Does it work on iOS 1.12?

      50. Yantivenom says:

        Great add-on I was about to post a video on the older version of this add-on but when I saw this version I deleted the last video and recorded this one. 9/10

      51. Lol says:

        I’m having a little trouble installing can someone please tell me how?

      52. Satan The Devil says:

        Cool addon, can you add platinum?

      53. Ya mum says:

        i didnt come onto this minecraft mod website to play minecraft with ads.
        the mods im trying to get keep taking me to this one scam and im getting sick of it

      54. Aaron says:

        if you combine an addon with another both addons add combat objects only one addon of weapons will work and the other will be unusable

      55. Wolfy says:

        So I got the ingots and tried to craft the swords and I can’t craft them.
        When I got them from the commands the swords do only one heart of damage.

      56. AquaticJacob says:

        Can you makers one on Shields and bows

      57. Red says:

        How about you make silver items enchanted by Smite for the start?

      58. owenTron44 says:

        hey there, could you try and add some different weapons?

      59. Buddy says:

        Ok the weaponsndontbdo as much damage as they say, the #teel Wich uses iron to make does less damage then a stone sword in reality

      60. Anonymous says:

        This sounds amazing, but I’m on Xbox so the adfly “Click allow to continue” isn’t there. Please help

      61. Jae says:

        Does it work on Xbox?

      62. Derpydino747 says:

        It’s not working, I got both of the packs in and tried on experimental and normal😢 Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Can you only get the ores in survival? Am really sad because this looks just like what I’ve been searching for in a mod.

      63. artin says:

        this is a great addon!

      64. Anonymous(294) says:

        Could you add swords armor pickaxe axe hoe shovel love this addon 100/10 ❤️❤️❤️✌🏼👍🏻🤘🏻:)

      65. Concerned user says:

        It keeps failing to load for me, is there something I’m missing?

      66. RomanFox2 says:

        Let’s hope that COFH doesn’t sue you when they see their textures being used like this.

      67. James says:

        Can you add armor next

      68. Concerned user says:

        I downloaded the pack, I applied the behaviour and resource pack but none of the ores spawned naturally. I found it in the creative menu but they didn’t spawn in caves or anything. Is there something I’m missing??

      69. Segalboy says:

        Should add other uses for it that would be a,axing

      70. LZGM says:

        Is this eventually going to update and have tools?

      71. Cube_Car says:

        Are there any uses for the ingots? Like special blocks or tools?

      72. C.S says:

        Finally a mod that add more ores… thank you.

      73. Francis says:

        How do i obtain the ores?

      74. carter.n says:

        Can you make weapons/armor out of them as of now?

      75. TheHybred says:

        Is this a 1.12 addon?

      76. LambDPro says:

        This is amazing! I have been looking for an add-on like this one. This is perfect! I hope someone will update this to craft weapons and armor too.

      77. Ztraw says:

        In the futur, can you add new items, a little bit like the masson add-on.
        Or add sword. That’s cood too.

      78. BMOOX says:

        Can you craft items with these yet?

      79. Luna Oswald says:

        Will this work with 1.12?

      80. TrayBlock says:

        Please make them obtainable in creative

        • Blank says:

          Not possible with addons yet. You can only obtain items by crafting, /give commands, or the /function command.

      81. Anonymous says:

        I would like to see a cobalt metal.

      82. super reindeer says:

        Great add-on… One of the best New-Ore add-ons out there and the real life accuracy with recipes is good too. Next step is to try and make tools!

      83. sean says:

        do the ores appear in your inventory because the dont on mine.
        if not could you please update it because it would be nice to have more ores in minecraft

      84. Bob says:

        Adfly Is Broken Use A Different “Link Minimizer” So U Can Still Make Money But U Can Download It. But It Does Look Like Fun And Looks Well Made! 😀

      85. ProGamer91gg says:

        its a great addon but i wanna know of this IronS tipe can craft things like sword etc.

      86. Anonymous says:

        Hey can you craft anything with these new ores and ingots like swords or picks and if no are you planning on adding the ability to

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