More Particles Add-on

This Add-On allow to create more particles in your world using /particle . Add-On have some particles if you need help use /particle help ~ ~1 ~ this will spawn a info with all particles . Have Fun 😀


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What’s New:

Fixed Blockcrack dirt, glass

Fixed soul torch particles not worked

Added soul-flame particle


Particles List:


Make cool effects using a commands and this addon this addon are only texture if you need help

Particle List /particle help ~ ~1 ~

How to use /particle usage ~ ~1 ~

If you have any idea write in a comment then i will add to addon c:

What you can

adding to server, adding to own texture packs, to your maps if you will give credits

Unpload to other websites or apps with orginal links and link to mcpedl

Use it without credits if on singleplayer world

What you can not

Use it without credits

Modifing addon

Use own links

Changelog View more

Fixed Blockcrack dirt, glass

Fixed soul torch particles not worked

Added soul-flame particle

Added particles from 1.9, added more pages in particle list

More Colors, Upgraded particles, now addon is smaller, blockcrack, infinity, circle, Colorcurve ( recreate ) new help menu, and more.

added: more spiral colors, happy , angry villager , witchmagic , accept , decline , lava particle , ender[idea by oxilac]  note colors , enchant drip normal , new help gui

Add-On 0.1v Added Particles: hearth, water, fire, smoke, spiral, sword, etc.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta

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Installation Guides

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59 Responses

4.65 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Do you are have stupid says:

    btw thx for the hard work on working on this but how do i change it to a diffrent type i useually use spiral ;-;

  2. _vibes_ says:

    idk why is it so hard to do this ;-; cn u show a video of it? would be musch appreciated

  3. BlueFalconHD says:

    Forgot to rate 🙂

  4. BlueFalconHD says:

    Will you add Some sort of arrow thing, like a down, left,right,up Arrow that you can choose which color it is.
    I love this addon, thanks!

  5. CubeMaster says:

    I wish those “Minecraft Test” particles come back officially, they were really helpful(spiral,sphere, bouncing bubbles)

  6. Guest-6694527668 says:

    Hey can you bring back the smoke particle

  7. Guest-6309451302 says:

    could you make that old particle that was bubbles that bounced off the ground

  8. Guest-7868030553 says:

    How can I use these recource

  9. Dragekk says:

    More ideas for particles and more updates

  10. Guest-4604497770 says:

    Is there supposed to be a behavior pack??????

  11. Guest-1572978514 says:

    add arrows (good for saying directions) and ender eye or pearl
    (I am ftere not logged in)

  12. Guest-8623341760 says:

    Wow, still works in 1.14.30 and it works well!
    This looks actually great, amazing work.

  13. Guest-2144188351 says:

    How do you use the spiral command plss help me

  14. Ali Doğan says:

    Hey this addon is so best i have an idea
    In 1.9 mcpe is have rainbow or colored bubble command but this is not work after 1.10 pls u can do this bubbles in 1.9 this particles name (if I member right) /particle minecraft:colorcurve ~ ~ ~ u try this and do that in this addon thank for ur help for particles

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey i have an idea. Can you make all colors bubble as in 1.9 /particle minecraft:colorcurve(i think i write right) ~ ~ ~. In 1.10~1.13 they are not working pls do this

  16. Anthony says:

    Can you tell me if this works for 1.14? They changed the whole interface of the /particle command.

  17. GALACTIC STEVE says:

    Can you add footprints

  18. Massimo Catelli says:

    fix the fire particle

  19. D says:

    Can you pleade type an example COMMAND

  20. w says:

    can someone reply a blue spiral command i dont know how to do the spiral one

  21. haojie06 says:

    It’s so cool!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Command block says failed to execute particle as FrostyyElite helppp!!!!!!!!

  23. David says:

    Works but needs to be [UPDATED] for 1.12 because [SOME] do not work and you [CANNOT] combine colors and spirals in 1.12 FIX ASAP!!!!!!!

  24. TheEA says:

    Good addon! But can someone plz tell me how to make trails with those particles?

  25. Here’s your first five stars from me! This is a great add-on!

  26. SteveMaple228 says:

    Oh try to do lightning effects on it, Its like you can use a lightning move

  27. Anonymous says:

    What version of Minecraft does it work on?
    Cuz I’m on 1.12

  28. DrageQ says:

    !!! Worning !!!
    Not Work On Realms

  29. Eric Fridley says:

    you should make the particle for when u kill a mob in Crazy craft it turns into black blocks and disapears

  30. Are the particles permanent or do they only appear for a certain amount of time?

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