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Published on December 17, 2015 (Updated on December 17, 2015)

More Pistons Mod

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Hi, I can't download the mod because adfly doesn't work for me, If you could get a MEGA or a Mediafire Link that would be great.
wwwwwwwwwwwwwdwdwdwdf June 12, 2021 at 3:16 am
can you mkae it also for pocket edition or bedrock edition
just for a map
This site has exclusively bedrock edition content. No java edition stuff. If you know how to download mods, and if this still works, then your ready to go.
Why it can't download??
My pistons dont look like the pics above. Its just gray and no texture. Do i have to import s specific texture pack for the pistons?

Please help and see error below
This mod doesn't work for 0.14.3 it seems like. 0.15 is coming out soon so then there will be pistons anyway.
I see.
It's working perfectly fine though. Just the gray plain looks a little odd.
I shall wait fr the .15 then.
Why The piston cannot lift the player up??
Can i use it on mcpe 0.14.0?
0.14.2 or 0.14.3
Unsure, you will have to check for yourself.
Works. The only thing that does not work is the ultra pistons and ultra sticky pistons. But other than that, a really good mod.
Just tried the link but it doesn't work for me
Okay, but the pistons don't look legit
Im not using block launcher coz its not working in my tab so i need to use other until my friend tell me about mcpemaster so i try it and its work but i try to import some mod like this but its not working please helo me what i need to do
Please upload the download link again.The link above's not working.
It works. I just tested it. Try again.