More Polished Diorite Colors (+115 New Blocks)

Hello everyone. Do you want more colored blocks to decorate your buildings and make a more colorful world? This addon adds 115 new colors to the polished diorite block. Enjoy it.


This addon adds 115 new color blocks to the polished diorite block.

You are allowed to use this addon on maps but if you share it on any page or social network, leave credits and the MCPEDL link.
You are not allowed to reuse these textures for other addons.
You cannot leave a direct link. You can only use the MCPEDL link.

You can use the stonecutter to get the blocks or you can also use the command /give @(a, p, s) diorite: (identifier).

You can also use the /fill command with these blocks
The identifiers of the blocks are the following:



Changelog View more

The speed at which the block is destroyed has been modified.

Added the colors of the blocks on the minimap.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100

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6 Responses

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  1. xXBlueVenom111 says:

    Can you make a addon of multiple wool colors pls, and thanks if you do, have a grate day.

  2. INH says:

    can you fix some of your addons instead of max producing them

  3. Nichtwolf 126 says:

    Could you maybe make a more oak leaves one

  4. Jose Garcia says:

    I will like it for you to create +115 colors of Crimson or Warped Stem Stripped Crimson or Warped Stem ,Nether Wart ,Nether Nylium ,and Crimson or Warped Planks because I will like it to make my own new Nether Forest. Also I wonder if you could do +115 colors but mobs not blocks or maybe to that’s impossible.

  5. null_eqn says:

    so,goood addon

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