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Hello, I’m amosmoses2 and I’m bringing you the More Structures Addon. This addon gives you access to 8 new structures that you can load in a structure block. There are things like houses, a tower, spawners and even a dungeon full of pillagers.

How to get structures-

1. open a world that has experimental gameplay on

2. give yourself a structure block with /give @p structure_block

3. place the structure block and go to the load tab (you must be in creative mode)

4. type the structure you want to load and press load

Here is a list of the added structures so far-

HOUSES- oak_house, birch_house, spruce_house, small_house

SPAWNERS- spawner, creeper_spawner

OTHER- tower, desert_dungeon

These functions may be of use– just type /function and add list, help or credits to the end of it

If you would like to see more structures, please let me know and I can make more. I may add random loot tables to the chests if enough people like this addon. If you have a video showcasing this addon, please comment the link down below. People who want to see this addon might appreciate a video to watch about it. Anyways, thanks for checking it out!



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41 Responses

4.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-2176781214 says:

    It’s fake you will not find one

  2. Guest-7198480804 says:

    How do you make something like this? Is it like procedural generation or something?

  3. Guest-7805926006 says:

    #Best add-on ever make more!!!!

  4. Guest-7805926006 says:

    #Best add-on ever make more

  5. LemonLord983 says:

    Am I allowed to use these structures in a video. I will of course give you credit in the description

  6. Guest-4796899370 says:

    Can you make this randomly generated at some point because of 1.15 beta lets you make randomly generated structures you could wait until it’s released because of iOS

  7. Anonymous says:

    this add-on work for 1.14.0??

  8. Willermo says:

    hey there is there a way to add structures to your mod?

  9. Dan says:

    I’d like to see prefabbed mob grinders and water farms 😛
    Excellent Work.

  10. Batpolygon says:

    Hi, I would like to know how you managed to export your .mcstructure files from your Minecraft Bedrock edition world?
    Otherwise well done!

  11. MineacYT says:

    En un bloque de estructuras

  12. Fantastic player says:

    Круто но мало надо больше добавлять
    добавьте заброшенный дом в лесу

  13. Pandu says:

    Who you Update This Add-on

  14. Anonymous says:

    Who you Update This Add-on

  15. anikyletor63 says:

    when you added new structures

  16. max says:

    wow! really nice addon! can you make more structures?

  17. Adrian jesus says:

    si las estructuras no se generan natural mente , como o en donde las encuentro?

  18. amosmoses2 says:

    For everyone asking if they’re naturally spawning, they aren’t, sorry. Bedrock’s modding API is not too advanced so stuff like that is extremely hard to pull off.

  19. A weeb and half otaku says:

    Hello,just wanna ask,did this structures can naturally spawn in the survival world?,Thx😄👍

  20. Anonymous says:

    Do I hit allow in the download?

  21. o seu velho amigo TNT . says:


  22. Random dude 3334 says:

    Can you make more instruction on how to get it in my world. Like file instructions

  23. Anonymous says:

    Do I hit allow on the download?

  24. Squidlidi says:

    Are these naturally spawning or just commands?

  25. Bqlck says:

    This strutture spawn naturally in the world?

  26. Add prison structure guarded by piilager

  27. Dreadementous says:

    How did you make this addon?
    I thought structure blocks in Bedrock Edition didn’t make an Mcstructure file when saving…

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