More Swords Add-on

This Add-on adds new swords in your game. There are 10 super cool swords that you can have in your survival. Each sword varies its attack damage and duration. Here are the crafting recipes and the features of all swords for you to craft in your survival! Use /function more_swords to get every sword at once.

Creator: Team Infinite Minds (Twitter Account), Jean Lucas (Twitter Account)

Crafting Recipes & Features

Obsidian Sword

  • Attack Damage: 10;
  • Durability: 4561.

Emerald Sword

  • Attack Damage: 8;
  • Durability: 2300.

Lapis Lazuli Sword

  • Attack Damage: 5;
  • Durability: 56.

Coal Sword

  • Attack Damage: 3;
  • Durability: 101.

Slime Sword

  • Attack Damage: 2;
  • Durability: 19.

Quartz Sword

  • Attack Damage: 9;
  • Durability: 172.

Redstone Sword

  • Attack Damage: 6;
  • Durability: 42.

End Stone Sword

  • Attack Damage: 10;
  • Durability: 200.

Netherrack Sword

  • Attack Damage: 9;
  • Durability: 63.

Phantom Membrane Sword

  • Attack Damage: 12;
  • Durability: 361.

Changelog View more
  • Behavior and resources pack manifest updated to the 1.13 format version.
  • Updated the download link for a new shortener (Linkvertise) so you can safely download the add-on.
  • Added name of swords for the following languages: Español (España), Español (México) and Português (Portugal).
  • Added duration for all swords. Now they are no longer infinite!
  • Max stack size has been changed from all swords to 1.
  • A player now with a sword deals one extra attack damage to add the damage the player has by default.


Click on "Download Add-on", and check the captcha box "I'm not a robot". After that, click on "Continue" (Do not click Direct Link). Wait 15 seconds, and click again to continue. After that, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

To activate in the world just activate the resource within you Resource Packs, which the behavior will be activated together. Or activate the behavior within you Behavior Packs, which the resource will be activated together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this page on MCPEDL!

Enable experimental gameplay in the world options for Add-on to work!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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142 Responses

3.55 / 5 (65 votes)
  1. Guest-6966435350 says:

  2. Guest-7429612727 says:

    its perfect like thats really it the only thingwich is not good is that there is different sword with the same atack damage wich is kinda useless

  3. Guest-6639112145 says:

    Does NOT WORK with Realms, works on regular non realm worlds though perfectly fine.

  4. Guest-8618192870 says:

    GREAT addon! but, how do we REMOVE the durability on the swords or make them higher for realm servers..? they break SO easily and so fast…not good for an adventure/RPG map at all since they will break for players.

  5. Guest-3722166486 says:

    I like the mod, but i would like if some of the swords had like an ability or something so they are not all completely useless. This would make the swords a lot better and make the game more fun.

  6. Guest-3992875467 says:

    awesome pack but some people don’t know where to go but i got past it. Make sure the website is easier

  7. Guest-7609406796 says:

    make the durabilty : 9375 cuz thats how long it takes to mine it its that strong LEL

  8. Anonymus says:

    Can you add that I can enchant the swords with sharpness or knockback?

  9. Unknown Minecrafter says:

    Amazing and fully functional

  10. Szopol_MenYT says:

    Dodaj kiedyś możliwość enchantowania!!!

  11. yguhv says:

    Dude it brings me to an ad website

  12. This Developer Sucks says:

    I Just Keep Entering The Command But It Just Dose Not Do Anything

  13. Milton Grey says:

    Installed well and works perfectly

  14. Li-Am OoTtt says:

    How do i download this????

  15. SteamyBacon says:

    Upset that when i put it on my game nothing loads and i cant find anything new except a bit-emerald, am i doing it wrong?

  16. Cozmo124 says:

    Is it really that hard to give us a media fire download link

  17. Dud says:

    this mod looks cool so pls make this for 1.14

  18. Dud says:

    Make this for 1.14 too pls

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please post the mcaddon version of this link

  20. MafloBLITZ says:

    I will try to never ever download your link again because it leads to extreamly inapropriat images. please remove this or I will ask the moderators to remove your addon. please be very carefull when choosing which website to host your addon, just use media fire

  21. No One says:

    Please fix your download link

  22. j0tky says:

    hm, yes a fake porn website with no link to the addon download, aw yes, and this website somehow knows my location, hm yes.

    no. I just want an addon for god’s sake, not someone kidnapping me and giving me viruses.

  23. USE MEDIA FIRE says:

    Bru really you go through all that work to make an awesome add on that a lot of people want and you decide to link all these ad website so now no one can even get to it. Smart…

  24. youmbiaw says:

    can someone pass me de link not carpet?

  25. Anon says:

    Don’t waste your time going through the ad site to get to the download page.
    Here’s the direct download page:

  26. Aedan says:


  27. Derble says:

    Would it KILL to use adfly?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ive already called the authorities on this creator as he is trying to scar kids by putting pornographic images for money so this sick creator is either going to get fined or issued a warning by the authorites and it may even go as far as court

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ive already called the authorities on this creator as he is trying to scar kids by putting pornographic images for money so this sick creator is either going to get fined or issued a warning by the authorites and it may even go as far as court

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. AvroArrow99 says:

    It’s redirecting to porn don’t click the downloads. It’s a bogus website. He doesn’t use mediafire and what he is using is redirecting to porn game sites.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Great mod but you should add durability to the items

    • Napstaa967 says:

      Btw, thats nearly impossible
      U can only add items with addons, not tools with durability
      Trust me i tried to add swords and armour but it wont work
      The only way is modifying alredy in-game tools

  33. JustSomeGuy says:

    The add-on works on its own but will not work with the creators obsidian tools add-on. You can use one or the other but not both. After looking into the files a bit it seems it will have some compatibility issues with other add-ons as well due to the fact it uses some redundant vanilla json files.

    That said when you have it functioning they are pretty cool and work just as stated.

  34. Anonymous says:

    anyone notice how ALL of the swords do as much damage as punching things?, because it’s supposed to have alot of damage but here we are with “MORE SWORDS” that don’t even work properly. I’m very annoyed with this. ):<

  35. Anonymous says:

    For crying out loud, use MEDIAFIRE AT *LEAST* for your download links.

  36. ItsIceSteveYT says:

    you should make an ice sword if you plan to update it soon it would be awesome to use in my videos on my YT channel

  37. ender-fan says:

    I can’t download it w/ this stupid link system

  38. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it

  39. Andrew Franke says:

    im calling Bull shit on any addons where the link doesnt work. stop lying and claiming to have made a cool addon so you can get people to click on your fake links for add money

  40. Joe says:

    Can’t download anything ☹️

  41. James Philmore says:

    The download link doesn’t work

  42. HHH says:

    Will this clash with ur other addons like the obsidian tools one becuase like will there be two obsidian swords

  43. Noodledog says:

    I love the mod but the swords dont seem to do the damage they say they do for example i have a mod that adds a mob that has 105 health or 15 hits from a diamond sword when i use the obsidian sword for example it should kill it faster but for some reason it takes even longer to kill any reason for this?

  44. Anonymous says:

    brilliant mod my dude, the link is easy to get to thanks to the instructions. next mod you should try and make is more armours if possible

  45. ben dover says:

    please just use media fire bruv

  46. Thanks says:

    Finally a more swords addon what i was looking for love it very much keep up the good work

  47. Connor says:

    Didn’t work

  48. Morgan B007 says:

    I’m only leaving a one star to mess up the rating. I haven’t even tried it yet

  49. Darth says:

    Good concept but link doesn’t work use media fire it always works and that how I get most of the addons I have

  50. kdodjfk says:

    Very cool mod, you should add abilities for each sword.

  51. Anonymous says:

    This add on should probably be more balanced like, the end stone sword has less attack damage than the obsidian sword!?

    • JellyPaladin says:

      It actually makes sense though because Obsidian is harder than Endstone. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Guest-4984528821 says:

      well endstone is actually harder to explode than normal stone, but isnt obsidian so it makes sense to make it stronger than stone but weaker than obsidian or diamond

      • Guest-4906392640 says:

        same guy here: obsidian has more blast resistance then endstone so endstone is the same, but the obsidian sword has more durability than the endstone sword, but i really agree the strength of the endstone sword should be lowered a bit

  52. GoldenDemon says:

    Please update your link, its broken ;-; i promise i will give you full 5 stars… thats all i can do to re-pay you XD

  53. NoobGamingHQ says:

    Pls i dont want the shortcuts. I cant download it. Without the shortcuts i wont be annoyed

  54. Cow says:

    The reason its not working for most people is because they probably don’t have minecraft 1.12+
    (it says that specifically at the top)

  55. Shuvi says:

    This mod works fine it’s cool and to everyone that says the link doesn’t work it does just click the arrow of you check the recapcha box it will take you to the link

  56. ExoticButters421 says:

    Obsidian sword looks lit.

  57. MangoEggs says:

    There’s not much creativity in this addon, I know there’s limitations to what addon creators can do but many of the swords are unbalanced considering what material they are made of I don’t think Minecraft needs more plan swords, these should be unique, for example, the slime sword should have knock back, and the lapis should have decreased xp to enchant. I am aware that there are limitations to what you can do to custom items currently, but if it is possible I recommend making these changes.

  58. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool! it works great! next you should make tools/armor!

  59. Paul says:

    Thats the easiest question ever

  60. markoloko1223 says:

    why its isn’t working with experimental mode

  61. Aidan says:

    it doesnt work at all

  62. Wait. That's illegal. says:

    Make your link mediafire, Also 1st!!

  63. chuchin says:

    se pueden encantar

  64. Anonymous says:


  65. StopUsingDodgyRedirects says:

    Doesn’t give me the link

  66. LambDPro says:

    On the topic, this sounds cool and would really be awesome for the Modded Dungeons worlds I’m playing, but when I actually use this add-on it does not work. Resource and Behavior packs show up, but when I try to craft the swords they do not work. And the /function command does not do anything, it doesn’t even give me an error message. I tested this on a test world which has Experimental Gameplay enabled. Please fix this

  67. YO bACon eGg boi says:

    Man fix the link i really want this add-on u_u

  68. Reece Leneveu says:

    it doesnt work evan with ex mode

  69. Creeeeeeeepppppoooooo says:

    I still can’t download. I check the box and it doesn’t do anything.

  70. Jeremy says:

    Can u pls make a new downloadlink. 2shirt links doesnt work, pls use mediafire 🙂

  71. Pillager says:

    Make a more pickaxe addon

  72. Shaiel says:

    First and also cool addon

  73. Trey says:

    this is a good mod

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