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Ever found survival mode boring? Want something more? Do you want more of a challenge? … How about collecting a Dragon sword! – Or a Wither sword! – Or even a God sword!!


This addon adds in 442 new unique swords!

(If you like what you see, make sure to check me out on YouTube: )

Swords can be crafted with a mix of any of the following materials:


For example, you can make a sword with a gold handle, and a diamond blade!

Or, you could switch those materials around to make a sword with a diamond handle & gold blade!


When crafting a sword, you can view its stats in the item name. For example, here’s the coal sword when you’re crafting it:

However, once you craft it and put it into your main hand, it will turn into a new item, and look like this :


Some swords have special abilities, and some combinations of materials create special swords!
The sword type abilities :
 – Magma (crafted with magma cream) : ‘Inflamable’ – Provides fire resistance
 – Slime (crafted with slimeballs) : ‘Bouncy’ – Provides jump boost
 – Obsidian (crafted with obsidian) : ‘Strong Stance’ – Prevents knockback
 – Glowstone (crafted with glowstone) : ‘Nightvision’ – Allows you to see in the dark
 – Iron (crafted with iron ingots) – ‘Magnetic’ – Sneak near items on the ground to pull                them towards you
 – Dragon (crafted with dragon eggs – yes, the dragon now drops +1 egg on death) – ‘Fast        Hearts’ – Provides regeneration

The special swords :
 – Sword of the Gods :

 Provides haste, speed & regeneration

 – TNT Sword :

While holding this sword, right-click (if on mobile, long-tap / tap and hold) to explode the sword. This will give you quick resistance to make sure you don’t take damage, but it’s a one time use, as the sword will be blown up. Make sure you use this ability wisely, as you might take fall damage after coming back down to the ground…
 – Note : If you craft this sword with a dragon blade (2 dragon eggs, 1 tnt), the ability will be         much more powerful. Spawning multiple tnt and the instant explosion, creating a scatter       bomb effect. – Again, a one-time-use.

– Iron+Dragon Sword :

Sneak near any items when using this sword to draw them in very fast. Really useful if you just killed a load of mobs and want to gather the drops!

DEMO video of this addon here: 
(note: there is a furnace sword, crafted with 3 furnaces, but I haven’t made a texture for it yet, and it may need some balancing. If you sneak while standing on cobblestone, iron ore, or gold ore, it will ‘autosmelt’ it for you)

Changelog View more

Fixed the download, as for some reason it was broken and returned a file of 0kb in size.

Changed the featured image of the pack to something more suitable, and a screenshot of actual in-game content,


Just download the .mcaddon and open it. It should open straight into MCBE and install the pack :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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84 Responses

3.69 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. Guest-2104581750 says:

    Yo this thing is frickin trash it spams in the chat, “henlo, this sword is bone_bone

  2. Guest-5681914120 says:

    If I do a video with this mod is there anything I should put in the description?

  3. GreatHeroPeter says:

    Nice addon! maybye add a list of names and crafting respies? that would be thankfull but nice mod!

  4. PotatoEz1 says:

    pls 1.14
    2. looks nice but i can’t use it bcz it doesn’t support 1.14 =(

  5. Guest-1369171286 says:


  6. Guest-9104715980 says:


  7. Guest-2940501150 says:

    omfg when i put a block in my inventory and put it in my hand it dissapires

  8. Guest-4579002774 says:

    swords are craftable but are useless and don’t do damage or have any abilities

  9. Guest-1179014954 says:

    Great addon, but the crafting recipes give like a template or something, not the actual sword (so I have to use commands to get the actual sword, which I don’t mind), but the special abilities don’t work for me. I have enabled both experimental gameplay and education edition. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with the addon?

  10. Guest-5654464532 says:

    trash addon, doesnt make damage and disappears in 5 hits.

    • Guest-2234509535 says:

      no the bone sword dies in 5 hits and the only reason ur not dealing any damage is because u have another mod thats preventing this mod to deal damage…

      • Guest-7472875296 says:

        it works if you turn it off and then turn it back on (well for me it does) or there is another mod that’s preventing this mod to deal damage so remove that one and try again

  11. Guest-5793845460 says:

    All it says is henlo this sword is b\bone bone

  12. Guest-2201548635 says:

    The durability doesn’t work properly, the sword runs out in 5 hits

  13. Guest-3163218866 says:

    Pomocy gram na telefonie rozgrywka exprymrntalna ale miecze nie zadają DMG :c

  14. Guest-3684459891 says:

    What’s the decryption key?

  15. Guest-6606408884 says:

    for some reason, I can’t craft the swords myself, any help?

  16. Guest-6386437612 says:

    Plus make for 1.14 too thx

  17. Guest-5401670950 says:

    Dude this is the best addon ever and those who only takes low damage on swords try doing a command
    /give @s mbswords:(name of sword u want)

  18. Guest-7917578019 says:

    I Have A Question, Is This Suppose To Take Damage? Because When I Tried It Only Gave My Friend One Heart Damage?
    Can U Tell Me On How To Fix It If It’s Suppose To Damage? Please? Tho Love The Add-on

  19. Guest-9828522149 says:

    Great addon! Love the options for cool swords! I’m in 1.16 beta and the special abilities and attack damage don’t seem to be working – 50 hits for iron golem with godsword. people having trouble with install should check out dakonblackrose’s “new method” for install on you tube

  20. Guest-7359965817 says:

    Shut up

  21. Guest-3851010528 says:

    Shut up

  22. Guest-4359656431 says:

    Can you make a version for 1.16 for the insider version?

  23. Guest-2434299670 says:

    Me when playing this mod sombody asks me 2 + 2 : My gender is yes now shut up

  24. Guest-7554380205 says:

    ¿Why it doesn’t work for mobile?

  25. Guest-6774139806 says:

    Just putting this out there…. you forgot(or it became corrupted) the player entity file. This means crafting and the “special” moves (i.e. exploding) don’t work. Just something to look into but otherwise a great addon!

  26. Guest-3857534423 says:

    the best mod ever they look cool do good damage amazing!

  27. Guest-5051383485 says:

    This looks great but could you please turn the file into a mc.pack.

  28. Guest-5260125768 says:

    Why no work

  29. Guest-7130374052 says:

    Good add-on

    If it works

  30. 8787 says:

    Sadly,if you import this add-on in 1.14,the swords’ damage is incorrect.😥

  31. Guest-1799827042 says:

    why only 1.15

  32. Guest-7252088536 says:


  33. Guest-5736380632 says:

    its not working

  34. Pls can u also put a zip file download link as well?

  35. Guest-1795658683 says:

    only one eggdragon how to craft swordgod

  36. Guest-9622515341 says:

    I’ve tried reinstalling it but it still won’t work when I have the beta on, with the experimental gameplay, again, please help if you can.

  37. Guest-7557692042 says:

    Can the swords be obtainable in the creative inventory?

  38. Guest-7653127524 says:

    When you resummon the dragon, the egg doesn’t respawn. However, if the dragon drops those, it means there will be an infinite supply of them

  39. Guest-5065021059 says:

    Tôi đang chơi phiên bản 1.14 và cũng muốn trải nghiệm nó tôi cảm thấy nó thật thú vị

  40. Guest-2644576600 says:

    Uhh im having some issues with it…
    My inventory is always being cleared, i have haste, jump_boost, fire protection and night vision forever and my chat is being filled with ‘henlo this sword is bone_bone’ please help ;-;

  41. Guest-9202113586 says:

    You do realize the dragon sword is impossible to make in survival as there can only be 1 dragon egg?

  42. Hey, can you put in the resource and behavior pack as two separate downloads? Im using IOS 13 and i cant use it otherwise

  43. Guest-4361421350 says:

    Its not working, I have the Beta downloaded and the Addon on with experimental gameplay on, but it won’t work, if anyone knows how to fix this please say something.

  44. Guest-6614478025 says:

    The damage doesn’t work and the tnt sword doesn’t blow up

  45. Guest-7892298019 says:

    Si aparecen las espadas pero solo quitan 1 hp de vida

  46. Anonymous says:

    instant download too!

  47. BoxCatMC says:

    This is amazing!!!!! You did such a great job, I’m going to use this addon all the time!

  48. Guest-8408228144 says:

    how do you activate the addon? i have it downloaded, but it’s not working

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