More Swords, Scythes and More

Have you ever got bored of the vanilla weapons? Well I’ve got a solution for you. This pack contains new swords, scythes and ability items. Using ores and mob drops such as slime, redstone and lapis to make new items,  

Redstone sword

Slime Sword

Lapis Sword

Redstone Scythe

Slime Scythe

Lapis Scythe

Jump Boost

Speed Boost

The scythe will do significantly more damage than the swords. The slime sword gives you 2 hearts of health extra but does less damage than most other swords. The slime scythe will give you 3 extra hearts and will do less damage than the other scythes.


To install this addon use the mcaddon download or download the packs individually. 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. LAgamer says:

    will not work

  2. MinecraftChicken says:

    What if i dont?

  3. Make sure experimental gameplay is on

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