More TNT Mod

The More TNT Mod adds 10 new TNT blocks to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Most of the blocks will cause some kind of destructive outcome (such as huge explosions) but some of them will cause less harmful effects such as water and ice blocks being spawned or a small house generated on the explosion site. The really big explosions can cause some devices to lag so be careful if you are using a less powerful device!

Creator: umerkk164, Twitter Account

How to get the TNT blocks?

Currently there are no crafting recipes but all of the TNT blocks can be obtained by using the creative inventory or the Toolbox mod for survival.

TNT+ (ID: 33) has the same effect as about 10-15 normal TNT blocks.


Miner TNT (ID: 34) is the perfect TNT to use if you quickly want to reach the bedrock layer.


Star TNT (ID: 36) will cause one normal TNT explosion and then several more TNT blocks will appear which will explode as well, causing an even greater explosion.


ICE SPLASH! TNT (ID: 84) turns everything in its surroundings to ice.


Water TNT (ID: 119) spawns a square swimming pool.


Laggy TNT (ID: 166) really lives up to its name. It will cause an epic explosion which will most likely cause your device to lag. But just wait for it to load a 30-60 seconds and you should be fine.


House TNT (ID: 250) doesn’t actually cause an explosion. Instead it spawns a little house.


Tower TNT (ID: 251) spawns one ignited TNT block. Once it explodes it will spawn a tower of TNT blocks which will simultaneously explode.


Canon TNT (ID: 251) causes a big explosion. It will drop its own block.


Fire TNT (ID: 253) causes a small explosion and then some lava will appear.


Remote TNT (ID: 254), Remote for TNT (ID: 550): Place down a Remote TNT block and then ignite it with some flint & steel. When you do this you should get the remote control. Tap on the ground with the remote control to detonate the Remote TNT block.


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49 Responses

3.42 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-2498336060 says:

    DUDE I can’t COPY the script
    😂😂😂😂 it’s funny because this is trash!!!

  2. Guest-7698322779 says:

    How do you set it up all I get is text

  3. Anonymous says:

    i am so happy its so stupit

  4. Maurice says:

    It really sucks because I can’t download it to my ipad

  5. CatMaster says:

    It is a .js file which is very hard to import into PE and impossible to put in other versions, pls fix

  6. Mr. Canadian Pug says:

    So how do I import it to my game?

  7. Scfvybubunimomo says:

    Lol I can’t download

  8. TheDubstepDoge says:

    I can’t get it? I try to download it but does not work!

  9. Jacob says:

    change it to a media fire file ?

  10. Dont ask says:

    1 star its not working

  11. Mr. Flamingo says:

    Three stars. I don’t know how to download it.

  12. Mr. Flamingo says:

    How do I download it?

  13. Harry says:

    Dam I cannot get it on iPad

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel you same …. I can’t download the mod when I press download just a bunch of junk comes up and it’s like SOOOO long!!

  14. Arthelad says:

    Hi, Its seems that the mod doesn’t work anymore in mcpe android. It gave some error code when load the .js file in blocklauncher. I wonder if I might missing some steps to activate this mod. This kind of mod nawdays is rare, hope to see working version of it. Thanks!

  15. Hashtag says:

    Really annoying takes me to code

  16. Wieger says:

    I can not downloaded on my i pad

  17. ... says:

    This is ridiculous

  18. Jishan says:

    This mod doesn’t work anymore! Block launcher gives error help

  19. Mega Charizard X says:

    When I was getting it after mediafire I saw a billion codes for this mod and that null code again….

  20. FooxyMan says:

    Wow. My computer crashed, fun anyway.

  21. Rico Crawford says:

    It won’t work 🙁

  22. Kingsley says:

    How do you download mods

  23. Francis Arenas says:

    How do you down load a .zip if you don’t have a mac?

  24. A person says:

    I wish I could download this i wuv bomb

  25. B88B says:

    Guys help me idk how to download

  26. Thomas says:

    Very cool side

  27. Frenky007 says:

    I likér minecraft 😀

  28. Guy says:

    Does it work for ios in version 1.0.0/0.17.0

  29. Darbinator says:

    Hi editor! Just thought I’d let you know that when you light the remote TNT it drops a name tag. When you tap the name tag on the ground, the TNT will explode.
    Thank you!

  30. Spyrodragom says:

    I figured out how to use remote TNT: First,place a remote TNT block. Use flint and steel on it. The obsidian texture on the top will change to glowing obsidian and a remote for TNT will be dropped near or on the block. Then,use the remote for TNT on the block and it will explode!
    That’s how it works for me,at least. 😛

  31. Kuy says:

    Screw it. Too much tnt mod are 100 times better.

  32. Umerkk164 says:

    Provided that the remote tnt is acticated with flint and steel, and then the remote is used ANYWHERE

  33. Fuzion154 says:

    This is a very great mod and is really awesome keep up the good work guys 🙂

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