More Tools Premium Edition Add-on

This addon adds a range of ores and tools. Ores can be found scattered underground, and these may be your only chance to defeat and pillagers and other new mobs! 

You might want to get a lot of chests ready for your brand new ores! Their are around 16 Ores inside the game now!

Do you want more tools and armors?

Offcourse you do well this addon will add more tools and armors,blocks and ores to your minecraft worlds!

These tools will be verry important if you want to defend your life on minecraft when the new mobs in other addons come and get you! 

Below is a preview of the current blocks!


Smelt The Ores To Get The Ingots!

Check Out My Mod Review V1.1.0



Lead Block, Nickel Block 

Mercury Block, Plastic Block


Smooth Lead Block, Smooth Nickel Block

Smooth Mercury Block, Smooth Plastic Block

Smooth Zinc Block, Smooth Copper Block

Smooth Sapphire Block, Smooth Onyx Block

Smooth Titanium Block, Smooth Mythril Block

Smooth Vibranium Block, Smooth Invar Block

Smooth Adamantium Block, Smooth Aquamarine Block

Smooth Gallium Block, Smooth Ruby Block


Carved Creeper Lead Block, Carved Creeper Nickel Block

Carved Creeper Mercury Block, Carved Creeper Plastic Block

Carved Creeper Zinc Block, Carved Creeper Copper Block

Carved Creeper Sapphire Block, Carved Creeper Onyx Block

Carved Creeper Titanium Block, Carved Creeper Mythril Block

Carved Creeper Vibranium Block, Carved Creeper Invar Block

Carved Creeper Adamantium Block, Carved Creeper Aquamarine Block

Carved Creeper Gallium Block, Carved Creeper Ruby Block


Carved Lead Block, Carved Nickel Block

Carved Mercury Block, Carved Plastic Block

Carved Zinc Block, Carved Copper Block

Carved Sapphire Block, Carved Onyx Block

Carved Titanium Block, Carved Mythril Block

Carved Vibranium Block, Carved Invar Block

Carved Adamantium Block, Carved Aqusmarine Block

Carved Gallium Block, Carved Ruby Block


Lead Bricks, Nickel Bricks

Mercury Bricks, Plastic Bricks

Zinc Bricks, Copper Bricks

Sapphire Bricks, Onyx Bricks

Titanium Bricks, Mythril Bricks

Vibranium Bricks, Invar Bricks

Adamantium Bricks, Aquamarine Bricks

Gallium Bricks, Ruby Bricks


Lead Sword, Nickel Sword

Mercury Sword, Plastic Sword

Zinc Sword, Copper Sword

Sapphire Sword, Onyx Sword 

Titanium Sword, Mythril Sword

Vibranium Sword, Invar Sword

Adamantium Sword, Aquamarine Sword

Gallium Sword, Ruby Sword

Redstone Sword, Coal Sword

Known Bugs!

  • Need to fix ores in 1.12
  • Need to fix small bugs which u report

                    NOTICES AND NEWS


  • V1.1.1 Will Have A Chisel
  • V1.1.1 Will Have Ores In Chests
  • V1.1.1 Will Have The Recipies
  • V1.1 Adds Fun


  • V1.1.1 Will Have Chisel
  • V1.1.1 Should Have Swords Working!
  • V1.1.1 Will Have Bugs Maybe 


More Staffs

Rexxomend me more stuff below 

Changelog View more


//Ingots Added

Adamantine Ingot

Aquamarine Ingot

Copper Ingot

Gallium Ingot

Invar Ingot

Vibranium Ingot

Titanium Ingot

Sapphire Ingot

Ruby Ingot

Onyx Ingot

Mythril Ingot

Gallium Ingot

Buried Ingot

Buried Ingot

Buried Ingot

Buried Ingot

//Ores Added

Adamantium Ore

Aquamarine Ore

Copper Ore

Gallium Ore

Invar Ore

Vibranium Ore

Titanium Ore

Sapphire Ore

Ruby Ore

Onyx Ore

Mythril Ore

Gallium Ore

Buried Zinc

Buried Plastic

Buried Mercury

Buried Lead 


Ore Generation 


Fixed McAddon 

All Blocks Can Be Crafted Using Corresponding Ingots For E.g #=Onyx Ingot




= Onyx Block

Updated added more information to the description to decribe better

Fixed the description and bief description to be more specific and added a new mcaddon fix

  • Adds 52 Blocks
  • Adds Stonecutter Recipies For 1.13
  • Introduces 16 New Swords
  • All Swords Work In 1.12
  • All Recipies Are In Next Update 
  • Any Bugs You Need To Tell Me 
  • This Update Brings Fun 

THE COMMAND IS */give @a tutorial:ruby_sword


Follow the steps to install

  1. Download the zip first
  2. The zip contains 2 folders
  3. The Resource and Behaviour Packs
  4. Extract Zip 
  5. Move the folders to corresponding folders
  6. internal/games/com.mojang/resource packs
  7. internal/games/com.mojang/behaviour packs


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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201 Responses

3.69 / 5 (60 votes)
  1. vegito2397 says:

    You dude You are a god

  2. RageZombieKLRDC says:

    Just leting you know mithril does not smelt in a blast or the original furnace in 1.12

  3. QuickPlayer says:

    Hi I want to know is the mod fixed yet because I wanna use the pack

  4. ThatGuy says:

    The ores don’t spawn i also can’t make the armour and tools (xbox) probably isn’t even implemented yet so…

  5. HackerKiller0YT says:

    Love the mod took a long time to run the commands (to get the swords). Great Addon!!!

  6. Kevin says:

    The /give doesnt work 1.12

  7. RageZombieKLRDC says:

    can you add pickaxes for the ores and when is armor

  8. Yami says:

    Could you please make a card game Addon w custom crafting recipes plz

  9. EasilySkeptical says:

    Yo homie i want to be able to craft the swords for survival mode.

  10. EasilySkeptical says:

    I want to be able to craft the swords because i need to do survival mode 🙁

  11. Thiago says:

    Man, the swords aren’t damaging nothing, whats can i do? it’s a problem? i use the version

  12. lostdoge08 says:

    Ores not spawning on IOS 1.12, will soon try 1.13 Xbox. Any help why it is not working?

  13. lostdoge08 says:

    New update still won’t spawn blocks, I am on IOS 1.12, and am soon going to try 1.13 Xbox soon. But So far the ores will not spawn

  14. Epsilon says:

    Good! Maybe update so you can enchant the stuff? That would be epic

  15. Bob says:

    I downloaded the ores are im creative but there is no armour weapons and the ore is not underground can anyone help?

  16. Help says:

    I downloaded the pack but it dosent work

  17. L3G3ND says:

    U can’t craft the new swords😐✌🏿

  18. Chad says:

    I love this add on but it will only let me get the behavior pack and not the resource pack plz fix

  19. Jayden Rucker says:

    I can only get the behavior pack but not the resource pack. Can someone help me.

  20. Zakkun says:

    I have the items/ ores although I am unable to craft anything with them

  21. Zach says:

    I cant open the files on xbox and it just says “error”. Is there a way you can fix it?

  22. Iago says:

    do you have a release date for the swords?just curious

  23. AzaBaza says:

    Ive dowloaded the MTPEBP folder but whenever i open it it doesnt work. Please help this mod looks really good and it would be a shame if i couldnt use it. Im on xbox btw

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey when is the new update for the mod coming out?

  25. Demir Sarihan says:

    I can’t find any ores this is not bug pls fix it!!

  26. DiscoKoala13 says:

    it seems cool and I want to use it but it wont let me extract the file :/

  27. Matt Tygore says:

    Your mod doesn’t work, I installed the things in the areas I was told too, I made sure to turn Experimental gameplay on AND I tried this in both the 1.12 whatever version AND the 1.13 beta. no ores or tools show up.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Which ingot is the best or are they the same attack damage/protection when made into swords/armor?

  29. Lava says:

    Can u fix it for xbox plays its a cool mod but i cant use it 😪

  30. Anonymoose says:

    Do they do damage?

  31. Metub says:

    Hey how to craft those swords on 1.13

  32. Anonymous says:

    None of the ores are spawning for me?

  33. Remy says:

    This mod does not work on XB1… I installed the .ZIP file and it would not open, so I installed the McAddon file and that would not open either. Please note somewhere that this mod will not work on Xbox.

  34. Thomas4396 says:

    I’m on Xbox and I try to open up the folder but it keeps saying file error so I can’t even use it…

  35. Mod Corners says:


  36. Yeetmemes756 says:

    Download link doesn’t work for iPad or iPhone Should it work on Xbox too. When I also click on the mcaddon link it doesn’t work it says access denied. So does it only work for android and Xbox I’m fine with Xbox.

  37. EasilySkeptical says:

    Bro whwn will you add the tools you said sunday and still not out 🙁

  38. Not working says:

    Please make this for 1.12 I’m on iOS and the ores don’t spawn and I used experimental gameplay

  39. Mod Corners says:

    Im extremely sorry about the wait, i still have anpther 13 swords to add in the game

  40. Liam says:

    What time will the swords be added

  41. Ichico says:

    Will the tools and armor be able to have enchantments

  42. Mod Corners says:

    Update Tommorow!

    Adds Some Swords But They Dont Work Untill I Fix The Damage!

    33 New Blocks

  43. Hippo :) says:

    So when will the next update with the tools and armors come out? My friend and I are excited!

  44. Isaac says:

    How do u make the stuff because idk

  45. Metub says:

    Where’s the new update 🙁

  46. Dhruv says:

    Are the swords and tools coming today?? As it is Sunday

  47. Jimmy says:

    Can u download it on Xbox one beta

  48. Agustin says:

    Remplaza algún material actual de minecraft tipo diamantes o eso . O no son 100 nuevos

  49. 9x9c says:

    When can you add the armors and tools to the mod

  50. Lovesosa says:

    When will 2.0 be released

  51. Gigan gamer says:

    Ok and also add uranium cuz titanium and uranium armor is awesome😁😀😁😁😁😀😀😀

  52. Gigan gamer says:

    How soon?

  53. Leo says:

    I can’t find the ores underground but I can access the blocks in creative and I’m also using experimental gameplay. P.s: I am in version 1.12

  54. Leo says:

    Hey can you add swords with durability for each new ore? Also continue on with the tools and armour. Great addon 🙂

  55. Elemental says:

    I got the ores in the addon but I dont have the ingots in game, please help with this problem

  56. Anonymous says:

    I have experimental gameplay on, but I can’t seem to find the ores underground.

  57. Noah says:

    Bruh it says unable to access file from this storage and then it crashes help

  58. EasilySkeptical says:

    Can you make to where they generate into the world just like ores? or make a map with the addon. until that happens and u add the tools and armor,cant give 5 stars, but i like where u are going.

  59. Fail says:

    Can you Create tools/Armor with this Pack?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hey, when do you think the armor and tools will come out? This is a great Addon, possibly the best for new ores in my opinion so I would love to know when the armor and tools update comes. Thank you

  61. Gigan gamer says:

    Pls update it to 2.0

  62. Anonymous says:

    When will tools/swords/armor be added????

  63. Toast says:

    Why can’t I make any tools?

  64. MCPEredstoner768 says:

    Hey, i tried to download but it says that the ZIP (.mcaddon that i changed as zip) is corrupt. Can you help?

  65. Ucop says:

    How to make the armor and tools?

  66. Potato says:

    Hey, could you make it so that the ingots are in the creative inventory? I know you can get them by smelting their ores and by using commands but it would be a lot more convenient if they were in the creative inventory. Thanks!

  67. Thetigerking says:

    Make it so you can change the shape in a stonecutter 😻😻😻😻😻

  68. Anonymous says:

    Yeah i can’t seem to get the MEPERS download

  69. Da T boi says:

    yo Im trying to play it but the ores will not generate, please help.
    btw I DO have experimental gameplay on.

  70. Gavin Schote says:

    The new ingots update is still not here on the 29th. Why?

  71. Anonymous says:

    It’s the 29th and the new update is still not out. Please respond why

  72. EJ says:

    Could you make a mediafire for the resource pack and behavior pack please

  73. yeet says:

    Where are the textures, there is no download for them?

  74. blitzz says:

    It only gives me the blocks of the material when and none of the ingots and armour are showing up

  75. A jealous person says:

    Can U Make It For Mcpe Not Mcbe

  76. Anonymous says:

    Awesome mod bro also can you tell me the dates when tools and armor will be added? (I haven’t tested this mod yet I soon will)

  77. Anonymous says:

    When will there be tools and swords

  78. Escanor says:

    When are we getting the gems

  79. King says:

    not all the ingots have been added? is vibranium, onyx, gallium, invar, aquamarine and adamantium useless?

  80. Bob says:

    So can i find these ores underground in my world?

  81. Bob says:

    So can i find the ores in my world right now?

  82. DannyDorito says:

    Will this replace any blocks? And if so, what does it replace?

  83. Gigan gamer says:

    Please make it work for kindle fire 1.12.0 please

  84. Anonymous says:

    It will not work on kindle fire 1.12.0

  85. Crazetoffer says:

    This is awesome idea but i will download this after the next update but i have a request can you make a ENGENDER MOD for mobile android. I want the biggest ultimate wither storm..

  86. Escanor says:

    When will there be gems

  87. Leo says:

    It said failed to import when I imported it to minecraft

  88. Thetigerking says:

    Add tools, swords, Apples, ores, gems, nuggets, plz plz 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

  89. Random says:

    Can’t wait for the things 😀

  90. Rip says:

    The pack isnt working, it says failed to import.

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