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The Totem of Undying is already a great addition to Minecraft but it feels like this idea doesn’t use its full potential. This addon implements 9 new and functional totems as well as 7 other totems which are used for trading. In addition, there’s also the new Taron villager which can be found spawning in villages and he sells everything around totems.

Creator: solvedDevTwitter Account

How to get the new totems?

There are two possible ways to access the totems:

  1. Kill an Evoker Illager – He has now the chance to drop one of the ten totems (including the Totem of Undying)
  2. Find a Taron Villager – He is an expert on the topic of totems. He needs resources to craft the new totems though. Dresses like a cleric.

You can also use the following command to receive the items: /give @p yellow_flower 1 [number from 0 to 15]

The New Resources

Using these new totems, the Taron can craft a Combined Totem. Hand over two Combined Totems and some Totem Flowers to Taron and he’ll craft you a Mixed Totem, the base ingredient for all other totems.

  • Ordinary Green Totem – Dropped by Zombies
  • Ordinary Red Totem – Dropped by Magma Slimes
  • Ordinary Purple Totem – Dropped by Endermen
  • Ordinary Blue Totem – Dropped by Squids and Elder Guardians
  • Totem Flower – Can be used to craft yellow dye, replaces dandelions and spawns naturally in your world

The New Totems

All new totems are active when you hold them in your main hand. Due to technical limitations it is not possible to hold them in your offhand. [MT = Mixed Totem]

  • Totem of Fire – Crafting: MT & Magmablocks | Immunity to fire damage
  • Totem of Air – Crafting: MT & Feathers | Immunity to fall damage
  • Totem of Water – Crafting: MT & Prismarine Shards | Immunity to drowning damage
  • Totem of Magic – Crafting: MT & Spider Eyes | Immunity to damage through potions
  • Totem of Withering – Crafting: MT & Wither Skull | Immunity to wither damage
  • Totem of TNT – Crafting: MT & TNT | Immunity to explosion damage
  • Totem of Projectiles – Crafting: MT & Bow | Immunity to projectile damage
  • Totem of Food – Crafting: MT & Steak | Immunity to starving
  • Totem of Flight – Crafting: MT & Dragon Egg | No gravity while holding it
  • Totem of Undying – Crafting: MT & Emeralds | Saves you from dying


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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63 Responses

4.31 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. Guest-7238162682 says:

    what is a mixed totem and how do you craft it/give it to yourself??

  2. Guest-5578387390 says:

    what does MT stand for?

  3. Jimmy says:

    I just want to say in my Minecraft world I cannot get the combined totem I do not know why so solvedDev can you please fix this?

  4. TheRulerOfPika2 says:

    It lets me get a free estimate on my home or something but no download 🙁

  5. Ghi says:

    It doesn’t let me download it. ;-;

  6. Anonymous says:

    U can not make da totems pls fix pls

  7. railroad says:

    Sick I love it but can their be a totem of invisibility

  8. Contik says:

    Hey, i’ve got a little problem, why totems name “Item” , “lightsaber” and other? I have lightsabers addon but i didnt activate it.

  9. Megan says:

    What is a mixed totem

  10. Will continue testing says:

    Can only seem to find a Taron villager using a spawn egg, can’t find one in a village or by curing zombie villagers

  11. A random dude says:

    Witch is witch???

  12. Anonymous says:

    Since it uses a resource pack aswell as a behaviour pack, can the Taron villager please be a different colour from the Cleric.

  13. ZachMC says:

    How to make custom items for addons, i mean how di you do that?

  14. Blobby says:

    The totems work ok but the Taron thing isn’t working plus the crafts are too complicated for me so if the Taron thing worked I would give this 5 stars

    • solvedDev says:

      Very strange because it works for every other user… ;P
      What exactly doesn’t work? This is not a helpful review at all: I cannot help you to fix your problem and if this would be a major bug within the addon I wouldn’t know what’s the issue.

      • Guest-3527756561 says:

        I cannot find any Taron villagers, and the basic totems arent dropped by the mobs. I have tried experimental gameplay on and off and it still doesnt work

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to get it via commands?

  16. Jacob says:

    How do you craft the functional totoms. What is the recipe pattern?

  17. Purplethunda says:

    The fly one Lets you go up if u jump while holding it but then if u dont hold it anymore you fall and take massieve damage. Can u make the fly totem a little better please? Also i really like the idea i only testes the fly one out yet but ima try all of them now in survival. Thanks for the GREAT addon

  18. Ethan says:

    This does not work the tools are in game but you can’t craft them…

  19. Ladydevil says:

    Well I can’t figure out how to download them

  20. Zara Qureshi says:


  21. Anonymous says:


  22. MadMax says:

    It only crashes my game 🙁 is it for 1.2?

  23. skulla12may says:

    this is an amazing add on

  24. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Can you able to hold it in your left hand?

  25. Davion says:

    Nice ADDON

  26. Zachriel says:

    Make more the more you make the more people will like it pls make more. Can you make powerfull items addon or you can rename it The Gods Weapon

  27. Pixelpit_5254 says:

    Amazing but I would recommend trying totem of undying data:0-15 instead as it has plenty more uses,can be put in offhand, have a proper name,and cannot be accidentally placed.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Your addon is awesome! But how do you craft them?

  29. Anonymous says:

    What is the MT..?

    • solvedDev says:

      Quote from the article: “All new totems are active when you hold them in your main hand. Due to technical limitations it is not possible to hold them in your offhand. [MT = Mixed Totem]”

  30. captainfour4 says:

    Hello, Dev. I absolutely adore your Addons! They’re absolutely amazing and top quality. However, I’m a bit curious. Do you mind explaining (And, if you don’t mind, in a simplified manner) how you managed to “add” the ability to craft these totems? Anyways, keep up the stupendous work. I can’t wait for your next spectacular addon! 😃👏

  31. Rev says:

    I like it

  32. noneyabuisness says:

    It just sends me to a fake virus warning that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Can you please notify the creator of this mod?

  33. Spirit1 says:

    I love this, but can you make it compatible with the astronomic expansion addon that you made?

  34. SlenderVidicHD says:


  35. Xbow003 says:

    Very cool it’s just like a mod

  36. LAZZA says:

    Fun to muck around with , I made a video on it 🙂

  37. Fire Masoud says:

    Not bad is nice!

  38. Night Fury 1307 says:

    The dev solves everything….

  39. SwiftNinja99 says:

    Just for fun, why don’t you create an invincibility totem? Change both red flowers, so you don’t have to get it from anywhere, just make it an Easter egg.

  40. Amazing says:

    Cool cool cool I love when I did this and battled my friends they crumbled

  41. PopcornHead says:

    Is this compatible with the astronomic expansion addon?

  42. Skylord says:

    Please add totem of flight that gives the player levitation when holding. Thanks! 🙂

  43. EnderGardian28 says:

    Nice addon but when the totems ore being used that’s only work half the time and the other half the game crashes cool concept and textures though.

  44. Novabro says:

    First comment and this is awesome

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