More Useful Chests Addon [1.12+]

Ever wondered if chests can have better functionalities? Or even more chests? This addon does all that and even better. More Useful Chests addon adds 7 new chests to your game! With more and better functionalities. Want a chest that other players can’t open it? We gotcha! Chests that follows you? We gotcha covered! Every possibility with chests this addon can make it true!

Developed by @Enely_ and @RealArexon

Credit to @MrMinechest for the Treasure Chest design

For more info go to the addon guide: Settings > Addon Guide

– Chests –

Jewelry : The Jewelry is really useful to safe your important items from other players. It needs to be tamed for it to be useable, only the owner can lock/unlock it without a key. But be careful, other players can break it using a Crowbar!

Safe : Has the same functionality as the Jewelry. Unlike the Jewelry, it cannot be broken by other players, so it has the best safety upon other chests.

Locked Chest : Can store items and be locked. Only players that have a Key can open it.

Treasure Chest : Can be found naturally on beaches, desert, and mesa. Has different loot

Composter Chest : Works the same as the default Minecraft Composter, but with a faster and much efficient way. 1 plant/seed/crop equals 1 – 3 Bone Meal.

Trash Chest : allows you to get rid of any items/blocks you want.

Chest Driver : is a moving chest that follows its owner wherever the owner goes. Can safe stuff.

– Tools –

These multi-purpose tools always come in handy. You can use them to open/close chests or remove chests or even resize a chest if you want!

– How to Use? –


To tame it : Hold a Key in your hand then long press or right click on the chest

To unlock or lock the Jewelry : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest

To “break” the Jewelry : Hold the Crowbar then long press or right click on the chest. (You only can break it if it’s locked)


To tame it : Hold a Key in your hand then long press or right click on the chest

To unlock/lock it : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest

Locked Chest

To open/close the chest : Hold a Key in your hand and sneak then long press or right click on the chest

Treasure Chest

To unlock it : Hold a Key and sneak then long press on the chest

Composter Chest

To compost : Hold a plant/seed/crop then long press or right click on the chest. There’s also 2 seconds cooldown

Trash Chest

To open/close it : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest

You can a also throw items on the chest when it’s opened and they fall inside it

To clear items inside : Sneak then hit the chest. (Only works if the chest is opened)

Chest Driver

To tame it : Hold a Redstone Dust and sneak then long press or right click on the chest

To open/close the chest : Hold a Key and sneak then long press or right click on the chest

To heal it : Use Redstone Dust

To turn it on/off : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest.

To leash/unleash it : Hold a Lead then long press or right click on the chest.

– Crafting Recipes –




Resize Tool



Locked Chest

Composter Chest

Trash Chest

Chest Driver

For more info go to the addon guide: Settings > Addon Guide

The addon is compatible in survival, and should be used in 1.12.x versions, NOT RECOMMENDED IN 1.13 BETA

– Addon Trailer Video –

Changelog View more

Updated the addon page with

Credit to @MrMinechest for the Treasure Chest design

Addon trailer video


  1. Go the the link, and complete the reCAPTCHA.
  2. Wait 5 seconds to get the link
  3. By clicking on "GET LINK" you should be redirected to a MediaFire link


Supported Minecraft versions


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90 Responses

3.26 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. Mario Craft says:

    Update to 1.16 Please

  2. Dany7w7 says:

    Por favor señor creador del mod actualizarlo a la versión 1.16 es fácil es un gran mod

  3. Guest-2899405953 says:

    It Works in 1.16!!!

  4. Guest-9495727622 says:

    Pls update itto beta1.16

  5. Neil1050 says:

    Can’t download

  6. Guest-3844986664 says:

    Update this pack please

  7. Guest-1318648027 says:


  8. Guest-7195545248 says:


  9. Guest-2958067105 says:

    Please update to 1.16(beta)

  10. Glyth84 says:

    This looks like a really awesome addon, exactly what I was looking for to play with my 5 year old. I can craft everything, however it is not allowing me to place any of the chests. I crouched and no hologram showed up. This is unfortunate. I really hope the creator fixes this.

  11. Guest-7812009252 says:

    This looks like such a good mod but dosent support 1.14 rip

  12. Guest-6340760678 says:

    The addon is on my world but not the items i cant craft them or get them from the creative inventory or from the chat how can i get the items on my world
    Oh yeah it doesn t go in global ressources pack either
    Please HELP me

  13. Guest-8440565577 says:

    Hey! Overall its a great Addon just what I needed. But I have a problem, that is the blue hologram stays for some reason after I placed the chest types. Any ideas on how to remove it?

  14. Guest-3046638600 says:

    all chests are super cute and useful, used to paly with this addon before new version were released, but they are not supported yet :c

  15. Guest-6177755066 says:

    But it doesn’t place

  16. Guest-6410239669 says:

    That’s really going to help me in Minecraft

  17. Guest-6410239669 says:

    I think it’s really cool

  18. Please update to 1.14 official

  19. coolgaming33350 says:

    it wont work. whenever i craft it my game crashes and the world becomes unplayable. please make support for 1.14.1 and make it so u can use a command to get it.(all of them)

  20. SoloGamingGun says:

    I can’t even download this addon because of its link
    I’m gonna change my review once this is fixed.

  21. Pablo says:

    Porque cuando juego con mi amigo el estava golpeando ami cofre del mods lo mato perdi todo mis cosas pueden sulucionar el provemo porfa

  22. Sotaka says:

    Can you update to 1.14?

  23. Mimo says:

    I know that the work to make a mod (I say so to the ad-dons) takes but you can update it for and please please as more incredible mods like this … can you make a mod with more doors? is that the doors lack animation and more designs

  24. Yuna says:

    I have a question
    I wasn’t able to place the safe & jewelry so I summoned them in, however I am not able to use a crowbar to break them and now they are just stuck on my world
    Do you have a solution to this?
    I tried breaking it by breaking the block under it but it just teleports into a new area.

  25. Arexon says:

    Currently this addon doesn’t fully work for low-end devices since 1.13 due to a bug that breaks BP Animation Controllers which this addon heavily relies on. There’s no way to fix this bug, so you’d have to wait until devs release another update.

  26. plz fix it says:

    i downloaded the add-on but it says I’m missing the dependent variable so you have to fix this add-on so it can work😔😔😔😞😞😞😭😭😭😭

  27. saber says:

    I accidentally updated to 1.13. I added this add-on and while I can craft all the stuff obviously I couldn’t place them and use them. Will be waiting for 1.13 support, thank you for your work!

  28. ReactiveTiara says:

    Want this add-on

  29. Ilyashero says:

    Cool addon bro, Iicke it

  30. Omar says:

    /give @p command_block

  31. ZeoCharge says:

    I need some help. Whenever I get the items, I can’t place them. I tried sneaking and placing, just placing, but it just doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  32. CaptainPresh says:

    I can’t download it because of a law in my country. Pls make a Media Fire link

  33. Anonymous says:

    It Won’t Let Me Place Down The Chests.

  34. JuanP45 says:

    Nice textures! I like this addon

  35. SCPlayzMCYT says:

    Site/Link/Ad is blocked from my country

  36. christopher Pennington says:

    please update for 1.13

  37. Nate says:

    Yo fix the ad for the mode to adfly due to the fact that it’s faster and easier to get to the mediafire link.

  38. Mason says:

    What is the wrench for

  39. Ava453 says:

    Somebody tried to hack me

  40. Pathenon says:

    I can see this addon’s UI
    But I didn’t see any of this addon’s items in the game.

    • Pathenon says:

      Missing dependency with ID ‘c7c8c864-932e-47b6-9105-b3f5474ed58e’ and version ‘1.0.0’.
      Missing dependency with ID ‘c7c8c864-932e-47b6-9105-b3f5474ed58e’ and version ‘1.0.0’.

      Missing dependency with ID ’01addeca-2289-4c29-9acd-51cce4728ee1′ and version ‘1.0.0’.
      Missing dependency with ID ’01addeca-2289-4c29-9acd-51cce4728ee1′ and version ‘1.0.0’.

    • Pathenon says:

      I got it.
      It needs enabled experimental gameplay.

  41. namvn says:

    although me added addon my world , it not work, me cannot craft it

  42. Helper says:

    Sry for my language. I meant that to get the MediaFire link follow these steps!
    1 click download the Addon
    2 do the human verification and it will send you to a place where it seys wait 10 seconds and your link will be ready, click wen it’s ready click get link
    3 now if it comes an add remove the add andcome back to the download website and then click get link again if it come another add remove it and go back and click get link again and just keep doing it until.
    4 you get the mediafire link and download it.

  43. Helper says:

    Sant IT to work well wen IT seks your link is Ready and IT send you to an add og black to the webside where IT seys your link is ready click there again and agin until the mediafire pops up, that how you can download it

  44. Damn says:

    This gave me a virus

  45. Please help!! says:

    Download link won’t work I can’t seem to get it

  46. A bored person says:

    Took years but I finally got it to install

  47. Mr.Unfunnyic says:

    Wow, this addon is really well done and I see the hard work on the models of the chests and also the site. Well done keep up like this :)d

  48. A bored person says:

    Impossible to download

  49. Anonymous says:

    Impossible to download

  50. Anonymous says:

    Cant download

  51. Some innoying nerd says:


  52. Timingplanet says:

    Crowbar doesn’t work i eat it when i right click

  53. Crap says:

    this crap is hard to download

  54. Lucky Gamer says:

    This addon is so awesome.

  55. Chris hames says:

    Trash ass t the app was not ok when wueuuwiwwwwwi was gonna I wanna play the game it is a good game but I don’t have to the one ☝️ was my bad 🤗 I gotta was so fun to get it to me go home 🏡 is the day that we all get a shout and I wanna is the day we can get together and do some work tomorrow and I wanna is my morning what time I wanna go to play Store ever e the bus 🚌 I was gonna I was like a kid 🧒 was the day you get to go to get your car and get back in to jail and then get to the gas station and then go take the trash 🗑 is that one ☝️ I gotta do is my way home 🏡 I gotta was your last time we had dinner and I wanna was your time to come back to sleep 😴 I gotta do is the best game ever I love ya bro wyd is my first time playing in this game it’s so fun I wanna is the dragon dragon game I wanna play is a good game for what’s new ya know what ya got ya so yeah bye bye

  56. Max says:

    Could u make a zip file?

  57. Max says:

    Could u make a zip file??

  58. Xynnful says:

    Forgot to rate, also, nice picture quality!

  59. Xynnful says:

    Downloading this add-on rn, just one question though, are these entities? Because I thought you can’t create custom models for blocks, only for entities.

  60. Nxmbu says:

    i really would love to have this mod it looks great, but i cant get to the mediafire link because of the site you use. if somebody knows the direct mediafire link please send send it me because this mod looks so cool

  61. Joseflow says:

    The Link doesnt work plz fix it cuz it looks cool so fix the link plz

  62. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    Are these entities or actual blocks?

  63. Dont use url shorters says:

    Dont use the url shortener it comes up with nsfw ads

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