More Useful Emerald v1.2 (Fix Bug?)

More Useful Emeralds are addons that make emeralds have an items, one of which is armor or weapons. This addon also adds uses in several tools , one of which is an axe that can make a stripped logs or woods , a shovel can be used to make grass paths , and a hoe can be used to make a farm land. All of the items can be enchanted by using an enchantment table or using an anvil

Only Support 1.16.100-1.16.101 Or 1.16.200 Beta

How to using the addon : 

• Make Sure To Turn On All Experimental Gameplay In Your World Before You Using The Addon Or The Addon Cant Work

Features In This Addon : 


    > Helmet 

       – Armor       : 3

       – Durability : 407

       – Crafting    : 

      > Chestplate

         – Armor       : 8

         – Durability : 592

         – Crafting    : 

    > Leggings

       – Armor       : 6

       – Durability : 555

       – Crafting    : 

   > Boots 

      – Armor       : 3

      – Durability : 481

      – Crafting    :

   • Weapon

        > Sword
           – Attack Damage : 8

           – Durability           : 2031

           – Crafting              :

   • Tools

        > Axe
           – Attack Damage : 7

           – Durability           : 2031

           – Crafting              :

    > Pickaxe

       – Attack Damage : 6

       – Durability            : 2031

       – Crafting               :

    > Hoe 

       – Attack Damage : 6

       – Durability            : 2031

       – Crafting               : 

   > Shovel

       – Attack Damage : 5

       – Durability            : 2031

        – Crafting              :

    • Mechanic

>Enchanting And Naming      
 – Use Enchantment Table
           – Enchant Level Up To Level 15

   – Use Anvil
           – You Can Enchant The Items Use                    Enchanted Book
           – You Can Change The Name Of                       The Items

>Stripping The Log

>Make A Grass Path

>Make A Farmland

– New Battleaxe!

  – Attack Damage = 15
  – Durability = 3041
  – Crafting = 

Dont Take Any Code Or Texture In This Addon !!!

If you wanna showcase my addon and upload it to youtube , Use the link for download link and take my Channel link (GreenHCreeper)

 •You Allowed
  >Edit The File As You Own
  >Showcase It On Youtube (But Leave My Channel In Your Video Description)
  >Use It On Your Modpack (Leave My Name In Credit)
  >Use It To Learn From

 •You Not Allowed
  >Edit The File And Publish It In Public
  >Modify The Pack And Publish It As Your Own
  >Steal Texture

Changelog View more

 • Added A New Item = Battle Axe

 • Fix Bug That Durability Of An Item Wont Work [ But Still Bugged Like If You Break Block The Durability Wont Work ]

 • Added New Langguage

 • Yeah Just That And Maybe In The Next Update The Durability Is 100% Work

-Add More Languages 

  >[ Bahasa Indonesia ( Indonesia ) ]

  >[ Español ( España ) ]

  >[ Español ( México ) ]

-Change Texture Of Some Items That Have A Little Diamond Color Pixel

-Now Emerald Items Are 

[Same Like Netherite ( Attack Damage / Armor Protection / Durability )]

[Same Like Gold But More Bit Fast]

More Languages Coming!


1.Delete Old Pack First
2.Download The Addon
3.Click The .mcaddon File (If you in win10 edit the .mcaddon file into .zip file)
4.Create A World Turn On All Experiment Gameplay
5.Apply The Resource Pack And The Behaviour Pack
6.Enjoy The Addon :D


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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25 Responses

4.13 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Username haha im so creative says:

    I really like this addon but I feel like you should change the emerald armor texture to something a little more green because it kinda looks like slime armor but other than that this is a amazing addon 🙂

  2. Name513 says:

    ok the weapons only take durability if you use them attack mobs

  3. Gamemine098 says:

    Your Add-on is good but in 1.16.200 durability is infinity,You can fix that?

  4. Vishal Gupta says:

    Can you add horse armor

  5. For The Latest Update Exhibition And When This Addon Will Update, I Will Announce It On Twitter Or On Instagram , So , Stay Tune 😀 Hehe
    (My Insta And Tweet Link Are In My Mcpedl Account Or In My Youtube Channel Description)

  6. 3SXOPE says:

    I was going to instal a other emerald mod similar to this but the armor stats was low so i got this 1

  7. I am not UN Owen says:

    Great addon but you should nerf the tools and armor to be between diamond and iron mainly because of villagers(a quick way to get emeralds)

  8. Ok For Update V.1.1 Are Coming Tomorrow
    Stay Tunes?

  9. Aluminumplayz says:

    Make it not experimental gameplay so i can put it on my server and idk if you copy th other addon

    • Sorry Its Cant Because Its Must Turn On Experiment , But If You Wanna Want It , Wait For The Minecraft Update ( Or Maybe Not ) Or Wait Me For The Next Update If I Find The Way To Make The Addon Will Work If Experiment Are Off And I Will Fix It The Items Durability To , Thanks For You Report And Stay Tunes! ( Btw Im Not Copy The Addon File I Just Take The Texture From The Java Edition Texture Pack , If You Download It Read The Text Whit Named READ ME!! )

  10. ok i will make the emerald items more less powerful than netherite , thanks for you report

  11. Hagustín Wd says:

    Hola xd perdón pero no se ingles y n me gustaría dar una mala traducción con Google, ahora, me gustaría que corriga las texturas de los ítems, se nota que las hizo a partir de las de diamante, pero ese no es el problema, el problema es que en los píxeles más obscuros se nota aún el color azul/cían del diamante, debería cambiar ese color oscuro por el verde de la esmeralda para que ahora si los ítems queden perfectos, de igual manera note que la armadura esta algo opaca, llega a parecer una armadura de Slime, si pudiera agregarle más saturación para que quede igual a la esmeralda creo que sería lo ideal, de igual forma no creo que haya necesidad de hacer las herramientas menos poderosas que las de Netherite como el comentario de abajo comenta xd digo, es esmeralda, tampoco es muy común encontrarla, creo que si pudiera ponerlas igual al nivel de la Netherite o un punto superior también sería lo ideal, recuerde que esto solamente son recomendaciones o consejos

  12. Gestober says:

    Please make it LOWER THAN NETHERITE. (I all caps so I can emphasize the word)

  13. McHaunty says:

    Hey, can you make these slightly less powerful than netherite?

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