More Wandering Traders Addon

Sick of the horrible trades from the wandering trader that seems to show up at your house every five minutes? Well have a little more fun with new modded variants of the wandering traders, including new professions such as an explorer and an importer.

Hello, I’m amosmoses2, and today I bring you the More Wandering Traders Addon. What does it do? It adds two variants (and more to come) of the wandering trader.

Note- In order for this addon to work, you MUST have experimental gameplay toggled on your world.     

The addon has got a brand new update!

There has been a new trader around, bringing the total Wandering Trader professions to 4.

Do you spot the new trader, dressed in green? He is the gardener, bringing you resources from several different biomes. He carries a pig with him, cause why not?

His trades seem very similar to the regular old wandering trader, so in the future I plan on changing the default one to be a little more versatile.

Anyways, the gardener will always have a random seed, a type of wood, a type of sapling, a type of dye, either a vine or lilypad, and a random biome-specific item (mushroom, flower, packed ice, etc.)

Also new to the table, the vintage trader has been updated. He brings a herd of sheeps with him.

Not only does he carry five vintage wools with him, but also one out of six of the new vintage blocks. Remember, these blocks can only be obtained from him, don’t miss out!

The six new blocks are the vintage brick block, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, gravel, iron block and sponge, each sporting its old texture like the wools. And the vintage sponge block, completely useless like the original. Sweet!

Below shows the vintage wool on top and the regular wool of today’s update (1.14) on the bottom. The vintage wools sport the OG textures from back in the old days of Minecraft

This is the Explorer Trader, dressed in yellow. He brings with him an ocelot.

He carries special maps for you to take, as well as some useful supplies. But the special part is that the maps can lead to a variety of different structures, with chances for the following locations: Woodland Mansion, Ocean Monument, Buried Treasure, Mineshaft, Pillager Outpost, Ocean Ruins, Shipwreck and Stronghold.

With this variety, this could make him more useful than the average cartographer.

And here’s a little bit of proof that these maps are fully functional. As you can see on my left hand, I am holding a Village Map. The green arrow indicates where the village is, and the white one indicates where I am. I am looking towards the village, so yes, this is definitely functional. (sorry it might be hard to see but you get the idea)

I do plan on expanding this in the future, such as more vintage blocks as well as some new professions. I’m thinking about adding a black market trader that can only be accessed by giving any wandering trader a special key you can only find in chests, or something like that.


Thanks for downloading.

Changelog View more

ver 0.0.2 (12/20/19)

-added new trader, gardener

-each trader now has different mobs leashed

-added vintage brick block, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, gravel, iron block and sponge, all obtainable by the vintage trader

ver 0.0.1 (12/18/19)

-added two new traders, vintage trader and explorer

-added all 16 colors of vintage wool


1. Download both the Behavior pack and Resource pack

2. Import them into Minecraft (varies by platform)

3. Add the packs to your world

4. Toggle Experimental Gameplay

5. Load the world


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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15 Responses

5 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-7162336022 says:

    Why I can’t spawn this entity?
    I use spawn egg of wandering trader,and new traders not spawning (((

  2. Guest-9363411469 says:

    Update It!?

  3. Guest-5234168158 says:

    Very good addon, but it would be cool if you added trades where you sale to the wanderer. Also, vintage trader is the best part of the addon.

  4. Guest-4841315708 says:

    i cant download the addon, i click “skip ad” on adfly and i get redirected to another adfly page, and then it asks me if i want to allow notifications or not. i clicked “no” and nothing happenend 🙁

  5. Sharkissss says:

    Other bioms*

  6. Sharkissss says:

    Can you added biom maps, that lead the player to rare biomes (icy peaks, mesa, mushroom island) and maybe to all the osatal biomes, as luck would have it

  7. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Hello! Me and my team are making a modpack and we would love to add some diversity to our Trading system using your mod! The modpack will not be monetized, however, you will be credited! If you have any questions, I’m free to answer 24/7, and let us know what you think about allowing for your mod to be added to the modpack 😁

  8. soulkeeper says:

    add a magic trader, he trades different enchanted books, and xp bottles

  9. Nate says:

    Make bamboo as one of the trades,

  10. Anonymous says:

    nether trader, add like the ability to trade them items for emeralds

  11. Spirit1 says:

    Could you make it so you can buy unobtainable items like glowing obsidian and neather reactor?

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