More Wood (Early Release)

I always think Minecraft has not enough types of wood. I will try to fix it. I will update this addon often if you suggest what you always wanted, and most of the suggestions will be considered.

This addon adds more wood to Minecraft.

The blocks can be obtained only with commands for now. Use /function More_Wood to obtain all blocks.

For now there are only some blocks and some craftings, but this will be updated soon. There aren’t also leaves.

I need some help for chosing the names!

1st version adds green and pink wood, the first called Chloroeen (chlorophyll+green; soon changed becouse I don’t like It, suggest name in the comment) and the second called Sakura. They have the log, the wood, the stripped log and wood and the planks versions. There will not be slabs or stairs. I will soon add colored wood tools! I don’t really like the chloroeen planks, i will change their texture.

In the 2nd version I added the leaves, the swords, and the bookshelves. (bookshelves don’t work with enchanting table)

In the 3rd version we can find 2 new types of wood: yellowish and purple heart (suggested on discord by Dragon0087, textures made by him) 

Added libraries for every vanilla wood.

Overworld trees now spawn

The texture and the code were made by me, so leave credits. The Chloroeen and the Yellowish are retextures of the Crimson wood and the Sakura is a retexture of the oak wood

In the 5th version, the yin and yang update, you will find yin(black) and yang(white) trees. I hope you will like It.

Added working armor stands (only summonable) for the new wood types.

Inspired by the More Armor Stand Addon check It out!

You can post It on other websites sending the link to this page, but you need to leave credits. Don’t steal my addon.

Changelog View more

Added Yin (black) and Yang (white) wood and armor stands

Added Yellowish and Purple Heart Wood.

Added Bookshelves for all wood types (decorative).


Bookshelf (only for decoration)

Swords (damage like wooden Sword)

Leaves: Sakura Leaves and Chloroeen Wart

Updated the description for the admins.

Added informations about credits.

Added the More_Wood function to obtain the all the blocks.


Supported Minecraft versions


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30 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Ehy I’m an italian youtuber amd i want to make an addon. Can i Use you’re bookshelf texture for my addon? Thx
    (I don’t know how to change name here on mcpedl because my ytchannel don’t have this name)

    • Ftere says:

      Thx for asking, I am italian too.
      I give you the permission, but don’t u think that It would be a little ripetitive?
      Scherzi a parte, usa le immagini come vuoi, lascia solo un appunto con il mio nome.

  2. xiaobo says:

    I especially like this addon. Can I reprint it to Minecraft China? What I need is a commercial license

  3. RoboAJ10 says:

    I would love to see a yellowish biome I got a image of my idea

  4. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this for my compatibility pack? It allows people to have two normally incompatible addons work in the same world.

  5. Mainthedevil says:

    yin wood looks diffrent then the one on the picture

  6. Laycraftingch says:

    You should add boats for every type of wood

  7. Piglin says:

    It’s really great the addon I hope you added new biomes but it’s really good

  8. Washnirra says:

    PERFECT. Finally an addon that adds more woods.

  9. Red Fan says:

    Boats for cholorean and warped and crimson fungus which can be ridden in lava and are immune to fire. Basically a alternative to striders.

  10. bestGaming132 says:

    You could add a yellow variant of the nether wood

  11. TheGoodShot says:

    Hello, Creator
    I Have Sugggest
    Add Blacc wood Nether portal

  12. Angelv says:

    Hello friend, I could help you in terms of ideas, I was thinking of basing your mod on the trees of the SevTech Ages mod, type sakura trees, variants of the normal trees of minecraft, like dry trees with orange leaves, with a more real structure , shrub-like trees, with varied colors in the leaves, such as yellow, red and others, fruit trees, large trees such as redwoods and swamp trees. Another good thing would be biomes where specific trees appear, in addition to others with a touch of fantasy, such as a dark biome with black trees made of dark wood, or something like that. I have many more ideas but it would be a lot xd. Also in the mod that names you previously there is a great variety to inspire you. I recommend you take the ybiomes mod as a reference for creation, which uses .structures files and feature rules for the appearance of trees. I don’t know if it can be done but it would be nice to implement more trees to the nether biomes, like the green wood you created, taking the name of corrupt wood or something like that.

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