More Zombies Add-on

Do you think there should be more zombies in the game? Because this add-on does this, it adds twelve zombies in the game, but they are zombies with behaviors other than normal zombies.

Of the twelve zombies two are neutral, they will only attack to defend themselves, they are:

  • Zomboy
  • Zombie Lady

(Zombie lady and Zomboy can be tamed with an apple)

The other will attack the player as follows:

  • Zombie Archer:
  • Uses a bow and attacks the player at a distance
  • Zombie Teleport:
  • Attacks with poison and can teleport
  • Zombie Evocator:
  • Attacks with blindness, can tame wolves and make them red and angry and invokes small zombies and zombies teleport.
  • Baby only uses melee attack with effects
  • Invisible Zombie:
  • It becomes invisible at the moment of battle, returns to normal after winning the battle or after a while if it is not killed
  • Explosive zombie:
  • Transform nearby Creepers in the charged state
  • Two types of attack, can explode or use melee attack, when approaching the player he will decide
  • Crescent Zombie
  • When he gets close enough to the target he gets twice as big, back to normal after eliminating the target in some cases
  • Colorful Zombie
  • Afterseeing a target begin to change color, each color will give the target a different attack effect.
  • Returns to normal if target is killed or able to escape
  • Zombie Boss
  • 300 HP
  • HP Bar
  • Attack from a distance by throwing head of zombie boss, and summon baby zombie with bow and baby zombie with blind attack
  • Appears when a hostile zombie from the add-on is struck with lightning
  • Fire zombie
  • When he finds a victim he leaves a trail of fire
  • Body attack using poison
  • Zombie Warlock
  • Attacks with portions like a witch

In addition to adding new zombies, this addon makes the Zombie Horse naturally spawn around the world at night.

  • Images:

Boss vídeo:


  • Hostile zombies:
  • Spawn in the night
  • Neutral zombies (lady & zomboy): 
  • Spawn on the day
  • Boss: When lightning strikes a hostile zombie from the add-on, Boss appears instead.

You can also spawn them using eggspawns in creative mode…

See my others others add-on here!

Changelog View more

What's New:

  • Added new zombie: zombie crossbow
  • Updated compatibility with new game version

What's New:

  • Some asked me to add a possibility to tame the zomboy and zombie lady, now you can tame them using an apple
  • Fixed zombie crescent baby burn in daylight
  • New video showing how to pass the ad
  • Zombie boss can now be invisible
  • Zombie teleport can dodge arrows
  • New textures for warlock and fire zombie
  • New textures for warlock and fire zombie eggspanws
  • Added warlock baby
  • Fixed attack animations for zomboy, lady and explosive zombie

Added new zombie:

  • Zombie Warlock
  • Attacks with portions like a witch
  • Fixed explosive zombie does not make creepers in changed state
  • Fixed zombie fire don't become boss
  • New texture for zombie fire

Added fire zombie

  • When he finds a victim he leaves a trail of fire
  • Body attack using poison

Added rare boss zombie, it appears when a hostile zombie (from add-on) is struck by lightning

  • Changed icon
  • Fixed helmets on babys crescent zombies
  • Improved compatibility

Adult crescent and crescent baby can now be spawned from the same eggspawn

  • Added zombie crescent baby (for now in a separate eggspawn)

Added new zombie:

  • Colorful Zombie
  • Afterseeing a target begin to change color, each color will give the target a different attack effect.
  • Returns to normal if target is killed or able to escape
  • Added babies to most zombies, (Still at work the baby version of the crescent zombie)
  • Changed the appearance of the explosive zombie
  • Added Crescent Zombie
  • New texture for zombie archer
  • New texture for zombie archer spawnegg
  • Added explosive zombie
  • Lady zombie can now hold a flower
  • Evocator zombie can tame wolves (The ones you tamed will not be affected)
  • Added sounds

Added a zombie with power to become invisible during a battle



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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  1. Guest-6301146332 says:

    Please change the links. Linkvertise constantly makes me activate notifications, read articles AND watch a video, just to download an addon? not worth it. Adfly and linkvertise are just spamware and other forms of malware all the time – find a way of making money without risking the safety of everyone downloading these mods. Or, don’t be greedy, put it on mediafire or give the direct download.

  2. Gemini Man says:

    You should add a Illusion Zombie. It splits into 5

  3. adoxgirl says:

    I can’t download through this website. I am Chinese!

  4. Richard0182 says:

    It is very addon ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  5. Guest-4335519798 says:

    its bad

  6. KingLeo000 says:


  7. Guest-4867829570 says:

    Link verse is gay and wont let me get to dowload

  8. Guest-1842512453 says:


  9. Guest-5170363058 says:

    Hello, i sent a tweet on twitter, but i wanna send one more time. Can i use your addon in my youtube video? I will write down addon’s link in video description. Hope to receive your response

  10. Yolos says:

    I hope the zomboy and zombie girl can be tame … It would be awesome lol

  11. Mission says:

    Nice addon! Too bad I couldn’t download it without doing all kinds of stuff I didn’t want to

  12. 102582947 says:

    You should add in another Boss zombie

  13. Bronco Dalton says:

    You should add the baby the warlock zombie

  14. 102582947 says:

    You should add a water zombie

  15. Could I use in a Modpack I’m making

  16. 102582947 says:

    Add a Magma zombie. (He will shoot small/big fireballs)
    Add a Boss zombie (He will summon all different zombies, & change attacks)
    Add sound to the baby Crescent Zombie

  17. Aysira says:

    The Zombies don’t spawn in my world other than zomboy/-girl. From testing with spawn eggs they seem to be oterwise working fine

  18. Mikail Afridi says:

    Mark the friendly zombie.

  19. EndLord says:

    What we need is more arthropod mobs to make the bane of arthropods enchantment less useless.

  20. Blue Ninja says:

    I love this addon! It brings a lot of magic to the zombies!

  21. Anonymous says:

    how can you update the skin format to the new style

  22. Chase says:

    Ive seen a lot of comments of people who are scared of adfly. Yea its pretty sketch but the addon itself is actually really cool. I mean some of these zombies are like… really interesting. They do intricate things. I love it!

  23. cyrusbuenaventura says:

    help me on my youtube channel subscribe pls

  24. NoobGamingHQ says:


  25. CharlesOriginal says:

    Can you make old villagers (custom eggs)

  26. Brent Timothy says:

    no adfly it is making me download adflly and not the addon pleas fix this because I want this addon!!!

  27. mike says:

    It looks so good but after i skip ad-fly it send me to a website named mother gathered info. somone please help or give me the mediafire links.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Zombie mark

  29. Loyd5X says:

    Hey, can you please make a version that has modified zombies only? Meaning no girl zombies, no hat wearing zombies. Bow/sword wielding ones, blood zombies (faster speed low dmg) . basically classic zombies but with a bigger BIGGER arsenal

  30. MissionApollo7 says:

    Are the links supposed to work? I feel like that’s an important thing to have.

  31. upset says:

    google said that it may be dangerous. please make a direct link to the download page. what is the pont in using adfly anyway?

  32. The reason why they say it has virus its because google have denied your file and it makes you to delete it

  33. KirbyFan64Bro says:

    I don’t get why everyone thinks adfly gives you viruses.
    I use that site a lot and I didn’t have any issues so far.
    It is totally safe when you don’t click the bad stuff.

    • Obsolete says:

      There’s this “Critical Alert From Microsoft” ad that automatically downloads a virus labeled “This computer has been BLOCKED!” and chrome won’t physically let me download this.

  34. Arshil says:

    Is there really a virus or not?

  35. ImperialMoon443 says:

    The pack gives you a virus, don’t get it!

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