Morph Addon (Beta 0.5)

Have you ever dreamed of being able to play as a zombie or a skeleton and not the usual steve? Have you ever dreamed of being able to swim with the freedom of a drowned? If the answer is yes this add-on is for you!

This add-on adds the ability to transform into other mobs.  You can turn into:

  • Zombie
  • Husk
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Drowned
  • Enderman
  • Skeleton
  • Stray
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Creeper 
  • Blaze
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Chicken
  • Iron Golem
  • Villager
  • Zombie Villager
  • Witch
  • Vindicator 
  • Evoker
  • Pillager

How to morph?

To turn into other mobs you have to craft a new item called Identity Absorber. This is the recipe:

After you have to right click the mob you want to morph into with Identity Absorber equipped in main hand. If you want to return normal you have to do the same with  with a mob like  to that in which you are morphed.(Example: if you are a zombie you have to find another zombie to return normal player) or die.

Player Totem

Sometimes it’s difficult finding a mob like which you are turned to and you are forced to die. But now you can craft the Player Totem. When you hold this item in hand you instantly return to player form. This is the recipe:

Every of these mobs give you new abilities but also new weakness. For example, turning into a monster  is very advantageous because no monster will attack you but the iron golems will.


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Burns in daylight
  • Killing a villager cause his zombification
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Killing a villager cause his zombification
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts
  • Attacking other players give to them hunger effect


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Burns in daylight
  • Killing a villager cause his zombification
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts
  • Breath in water
  • Fast swim

Zombified Piglin

  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Immune to fire and lava
  • Killing a villager cause his zombification
  • Attack damage = 2.5 hearts
  • (Model used is zombie piglin but characteristics are from old zombie pigman)


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Life = 20 hearts
  • Attack damage = 3.5 hearts
  • Height 3 blocks, you can’t pass trough door


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Burns in daylight
  • Arrows had the same damage and trajectory of the arrows shot by normal skeletons
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Burns in daylight
  • Arrows had the same damage and trajectory of the arrows shot by normal skeletons
  • All arrows shot give slowness effect to the target
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts

Wither skeleton

  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Immune to fire and lava
  • Attack give wither effect to the target
  • Attack damage = 2 hearts
  • taller than 2 blocks


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Only these features right now but you can scare your friends!


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Immune to fire and lava
  • If you sneak you will start to fly
  • Attack damage = 3 hearts


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 5 hearts


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 5 hearts
  • Shorter than 1 block


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 2 hearts
  • Shorter than 1 block
  • Drops eggs


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 4 hearts

Iron golem

  • Life = 50 hearts
  • Attack damage varies between 7 and 21
  • Knockback resistance
  • 3 blocks tall
  • 1.5 blocks large


  • Only zombies will attack you
  • New features will be added in next releases

Zombie villager

  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Burns in daylight
  • Killing a villager cause his zombification
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Life = 13 hearts


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 12 hearts
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Attack damage = 2.5 hearts
  • Entering in a village triggers a raid


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 12 hearts
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Attack damage = 1 hearts
  • Entering in a village triggers a raid
  • Interacting with a blue sheep cause it to became red


  • Usually ignored by monsters
  • Life = 12 hearts
  • Attacked by iron golems
  • Attack damage = 1.5 hearts
  • Entering in a village triggers a raid

Some informations:

This add-on is in beta. Now there are a lot of buggy animations and there aren’t all mobs that I would add. Please send me bug reports and suggest me new features!

Known issues

  • If used when player skin is persona or Steve/Alex there is a bug of rendering of  head(This is a problem of 1.16 and we have to wait mojang to fix)
  • Some mobs have sleeping/sneaking animation glitched
  • Iron golem morph animations aren’t the same of the normal golem

Changelog View more
  • Added Chicken
  • Added Pillager
  • Added Vindicator Illager
  • Added Evoker
  • Fixed animals walk animation
  • Now you can change skin in game again from pause Screen
  • In 1.16 if you are using Persona your skin will be converted into a steve
  • Added new mobs: Pig, Sheep, Iron Golem, Villager, Zombie Villager, Witch
  • Added Player Totem to return normal player
  • Rewrote most of the addon 
  • Compatible only with 1.16+ (You can use older version too but can be many bugs)
  • Now you will see both hands in first person mode when you are a zombie, an husk etc.
  • Blaze emit flames when fly
  • Fixed stray and drowned 3d model rendering
  • Model used for zombie pigman is zombified piglin model but his characteristics are still the same
  • Now when a morphed player die will return to player state
  • Added stray, wither skeleton and blaze morph
  • Fixed a lot of animations 
  • Fixed enderman head position
  • Addon has been rewritten for version
  • Now Zombie, Husk, Drowned, Pigman have correct animations
  • Added possibility of morph into creepers, cows and endermen (WIP)
  • Tweaked identity absorber durability from 25 to 30 uses
  • Fixed item in off hand render wrongly (except for new mobs)
  • Fixed players can't morph in some situations
  • I plan to update this house more often during this month and hope that my work has been appreciated


  • Check you are in 1.16 Beta
  • Active experimental gameplay
  • Backup your worlds!
  • Use a custom skin (from a skin pack or downloaded) but not persona 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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436 Responses

3.92 / 5 (167 votes)
  1. grinx says:

    Still works up to this day, an update would be good though!

  2. Morudoru says:

    This is the best morph addon forever, and i have fact, that is you can ride spider if you become a zombie but idk how to control the spider. And i found some bug that is mobs movement is not same than the real minecraft mobs movement, please fix the camera if player become a chicken, the chicken is 1 block but when i see in first person why i am usual than steve. Okay that all, i very like this addon, so…. Y i give 5 star (if i can rate much more than 5 star🙂)

    T T

    / //

  3. Morphlover says:

    Please update it. It been to long

  4. YuT666 says:

    Well, i installed the behavior & the resource pack so i can choose them from the menu… so far so good,

    After that i crafted the absorber and choosed a villager… i became a brown villager. After that i tried all the other ones, but i only can transform into a villager (with the transforming noise) and nothing else… no zombie, no husk, nothing…

    What could be wrong. I tried the mod with 1.16 & 1.16 Beta.


  5. NerdAimz295 says:

    Hello can i use this to my modpack which is called Spy mod please can you give me permissios please if you mind!
    btw i like your addon and very cool that’s why i give 5 stars and i hope you can give me permissions thanks!

  6. AlfieABSEA says:

    Really good addon but I think it would be much better if your name tag disappears when you turn into a mob

  7. Sharky20104 says:

    Morph doesn’t work. Only removes arms and makes sounds

  8. Minecraftery_INC says:

    The mod is cool. But the ink is a sh*t my Antivirus doesn’t like the downloader!! Just link a mediafire download link please.

  9. AlluYT says:

    I like this add-on so much. You can add more features like morphing into wolfs, foxes,wither,ender dragon etc.

  10. Antonio.T says:

    The mod is Incredible but plsssss add when u sneak as a creeper,pls make to explore.
    And PLS make compatible with 1.16.201 bc it’s buggy in this version

  11. Pizzawarrior says:

    I literally was not even signed up on mcpedl until now because I really wanted to comment and ask that you continue working on this mod as there are not many good morph add-ons out there

  12. Morphlover says:

    Pls update it pls becuase it been a while

  13. Reeper231320 says:

    Pls add mobs from 1.16+

    • Reeper231320 says:

      also, pls add other abilities for the mobs like for evoker, give us something in the inventory to make the spikes appear, and for creeper, maybe add something in the inventory to make us explode but not die.

  14. ItsEdwardMC says:

    SOOO GOOD! I USED IT WITH MY FRIENDS AND IT WAS SO FUN but can you make it so that when you morph, your name tag disappear? Because I had to crouch and had to get speed, so plz add that 🙂


    this addon is great and ive tried one of the previous versions but as of now your download was hijacked by linkaverse and now it just downloads a virus :/

  16. Chinchilla Overlord says:

    I love this mod. It works perfectly, but we would love to see more mobs coming. Plus new features would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  17. Last breath says:

    Pls make it so that you can morph into add-on mobs as well PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE PLEASE

  18. GnarlyFalcon252 says:

    This mod looks awesome and all, but I don’t trust the site called “LinkVertise” to download the file. Regularly, creators put their download links directly on the MCPEDL website. This website wants you to follow dumb instructions to get to the install. Remove AdBlock to get to the file? That’s sketchy. Read an Article of theirs? Tedious. Add a random extension to your chrome? That’s annoying. Activate notifications? That’s even more annoying. The other way is a subscription? I will not give this site my information. Fact is, even if this site was trustworthy, the annoying tasks caused me to lose interest. I’ll instead forget this mod ever existed. The creator wants to make money, and we want to download the mod; isn’t there a better way?

  19. MariofanYT says:

    Can u make the addon downloadable for mobile. It tells me to download an app but whenever any website does that it’s a scam. Please make the addon downloadable

  20. Don16ell says:

    Hello! I would really appreciate it if I can morph into any entity in the game like the mutants and SCPs. If u cannot, I understand.

  21. Morphlover says:

    Pls add bee and silverfish and update it More

  22. Guilford says:

    Can be add morph phantom and silver fish
    And cat and wolf

  23. Shadowfury6 says:

    Also as a enderman you crouch and wherever your looking you will teleport

  24. Shadowfury6 says:

    Please please add a wolf and if you crouch u sit and instead of pooping an egg randomly can u make it if we crouch plop a egg also canu do a bee being a bee would be cool and if you become a bee you go near a hive you go in it and your brought mabye into another dimension which us small and is the bees nest then you can exit when you want

  25. Thebadgamer28 says:

    This is sooooo cool

  26. Omg_x1000 says:

    Guys if you want to download it from a different website then use this link its the same add-on by the same guy but on a different website and it works so here ya go

  27. nwnwpncab says:

    You lied when i was in third person i still looked like Steve

  28. nwnwpncab says:

    Fix it. When i open it in Minecraft it says import failed. Fix it

  29. Guest-2658307013 says:


  30. Gianboy2011 says:


  31. Guest-4936505462 says:

    When is the next update cuz I really do like this add-on and want see more jobs to morph into

  32. Guest-3265455483 says:

    I wish you made like we can morph into addon mobs either please make it so I wanna be scp 096 from the addon

  33. Guest-2894543456 says:


  34. Guest-2637125235 says:

    add abiliteis

  35. Guest-5864886830 says:

    Can you make it so that when transformed into an endermen or blaze you take damage from water and rain?

  36. Guest-5116674596 says:

    Hey? Change the Link to adfly so I can get it because I want to try it but the link ur using right now is trash

  37. Guest-4748787770 says:

    Make It easier to get the addon because I can’t access it I’m on IOS plz help it makes no sense do direct MediaFire Please

    • ItsEdwardMC says:

      You download the addon with Linkverse
      1.Wait 5 Seconds
      2.Click the button that says “Free Access with Ads
      3.Press “Discover Interesting Articles
      4.Press X
      5.Wait 11 Seconds
      6.Press X Again
      7.Press “Continue”
      9.You’re on the mediafire Page!

  38. Guest-7303185740 says:

    Please make the download link easier

  39. Guest-6047798263 says:

    how do i download

  40. Guest-5550058351 says:


  41. CAN YOU PLEASE make it adfly or something OTHER than linkvertise? I’m not having it download some random exe file just for an addon. I’m not risking it.

  42. Guest-7222238433 says:

    Will this crash minecraft when i turn on the resource pack and behavior pack?

  43. Guest-4980884848 says:

    Could you please add more passive mobs as morphs. It’s difficult to do any type of mob hunt mini game with just cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

  44. Guest-8101198855 says:

    fix the walk in the iron golem, add more mobs and animals: cat, spider, phantom / ghost, snow golem, wolf, dolphin, turtle, fish, parrot, ender dragon. And also put an option to hide the game tag from players in order to perform pranks

  45. Spec says:

    Update Again, Please

  46. Guest-5346999333 says:

    can you add spider if you haven’t already

  47. Guest-7976238094 says:

    I like this add-on, But please add wolf

  48. Guest-6177435665 says:

    Plz add wolf

  49. Guest-4524136705 says:

    Can you make it to where it doesn’t show gamer tags just so I can troll my friends with this?

  50. _ says:

    It works perfectly fine 5/5!

  51. Guest-2058262448 says:

    why would you make us go through the worlds scummiest ad link website nobody wants to install web companion three times for a mod

  52. Guest-6395073164 says:

    Can’t even download because the link brings me to a URL shortener that tries to install a random program on my PC. Smh

  53. Guest-9725267394 says:

    Can you make it so that u can morph into any even when we like add a mob add-on or creepy pasta add-on then we wanna become something like slender Man and we can buy the mod can u do that , but this mod is great and best

  54. Guest-4831967270 says:

    Add Wolves And Vex pls

  55. Guest-3794732682 says:

    Great addon nether update just came out for me

  56. Guest-2963491143 says:

    Can you please make it for 1.14 also because on windows 10 you cannot get the 1.16 update yet even though it is out

  57. BonnieEXE says:

    Just stop. Please. This Addon is getting more and more broken the more it updates. The player is invisible, the mobs instantly vanish in thin air, and the Villager is the mob that won’t dissapear, but even then, it wouldn’t work! Please, if this Addon gets anymore broken I don’t think this Addon isn’t great anymore.. And don’t get me started on the question of “Did you enable Experimental Gameplay?” blah blah blah!! YES I DID AND THE VERSION I AM USING IS 1.14.60 FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

  58. Guest-9316843576 says:


  59. Guest-4443489830 says:


  60. Guest-5567757679 says:

    When i try to spawn in anything accept for a donkey or chicken it just disappears

  61. Guest-1445858479 says:

    Breh i get in the game and i cant do nothing fix it

    • Guest-8443182051 says:

      Vc trás um conceito bem legal,eu me diverti muito,mas vc poderia colocar uma mecânica de habilidade dos mobs,tipo quando ficamos se rastejando,poderia usar a habilidade do mob(se ele ter)
      EX:se fossemos um enderman e ficarmos rastejando o player poderia se teletrasporta,espero que na próxima atualização coloquem isso

  62. Sajjad Shah says:

    I hate linkvertise ??????????????????????????????????

  63. Guest-1294156890 says:

    Can this be a link for free

  64. Guest-2853449420 says:

    And much better, it could change the vision of each mob, like the pig, or the iron golem, and the chicken, it would be much cooler !!!!!

  65. iiPlasma7 says:


  66. iiPlasma7 says:

    Are name tags visible when youre morphed?

  67. MyRanking says:

    I Dont wanna be Disrespectful In Your Decision in putting Your Addon in linkvertise but we personally advise that you should change the link than having bad feedbacks. hope you change the link.

  68. VladyCraftHRyt says:

    Para tner el addon necesito tener mucho espacio porque sus links complicados lo unico que piden es que descarge una app osea que clase de persona hace eso, por muy bueno que sea nadie querrá descargar tu complemento

  69. Guest-6167052922 says:

    Is that for us or the owner?

  70. justZitt_ says:


  71. justZitt_ says:

    wth i don’t wanna wait 40+ mins to download castle clash. that means i dont wanna download this addon.
    did u even tried it on yourself author?



  73. Guest-5217502181 says:

    WHY Linkvertise and not then Mediafire PLZ FIX IT cause no one like linkvertise

  74. Guest-1475161176 says:

    Why i cant download?

  75. PC1364 says:

    Why Linkvertise??? Not Mediafire???
    I can’t even use them since they’re all .exe files!

  76. S4NT1 says:

    WHAT?! DOWNLOAD AN APP?! Seriously do you want me (and all of us) to install an innecesary game to download an add-on? Nice joke, bro, but i prefer the mediafire link that somebody put down in the comments.

    Good night.

  77. Guest-7849075859 says:

    Tbh, in, my persona does not change to Steve anymore.

  78. Guest-8986895423 says:

    Are you kidding me, pls just use a regular
    And simple link

  79. Guest-3453154123 says:


  80. Guest-2244319346 says:

    Can you please take out link verse because it wants me sign up for premium?? And im asking you this because i want to morph into another mob.

  81. Guest-3279361299 says:

    mediafire DOT com/file/8rzy8yby9ytzpx8/Morph_0.5.mcaddon/file

  82. Guest-2847311771 says:

    I am hardly restraining myself from using bad words for commenting,because after completing the steps on linkvertise,it says that the webpage has been blocked.
    Sh*t as hell.

  83. Guest-9389948750 says:

    i was really hoping to get this because i’m on but i can’t because of linkverse (use of medafire pls)


    i think linkaverse took the download and replaced it with a malware download :/ ,can you just use adfly right now its impossible to download

  85. Javo_145 says:

    Please put another download link(for example medafire) but no linkvertise( I hate it) or put the direct download link of medafire plis

  86. Guest-6685561534 says:

    Can you update morph Addon to have more mob from the nether update

  87. Kirby420 says:

    Can you just change the morphs to custom armor for 1.14.60 players?

  88. Guest-9878830608 says:

    I bate Linkvertise ?????

  89. Black_dragon9 says:

    Download a 500 Mb app for an addon? And linkverse ?

  90. Guest-7797626107 says:

    What do you do on the linkvertise page?? I can’t work out what to do! Please help! 🙁

  91. Guest-1340687131 says:

    Cam you make it so you… ???’? have to pay for it?

  92. My anti-malware and virus is going CRAZY with this download. And my chrome blocked it. WHAT A BUMMER. pls halp mi-

  93. Guest-1624130780 says:

    i just realized that you actually need to get 1.16 beta for it to work and you not to be invisible so because its kinda hard to explain I will just say search up how to update Minecraft windows 10 edition.

  94. Guest-6730797383 says:

    Can you make creeper explode and the animation of the animals pls???

  95. Guest-2930425910 says:

    I saw so many good reviews for this Mod, and it seems amazing. I have downloaded it, and I crafted the two items. It seems to work perfectly but there was one huge problem. I was (and am) invisible! It was disappointing because I cannot see myself when I morph or just in general. Please, please, please fix this! This Mod could be so awesome.

    • Guest-1395120857 says:

      ik I hope he fixes this to because I was so happy and exited when I saw that he added villagers and iron golems so yea.. I hope he fixes it because it’s kind of annoying I’ve been waiting for ages.!

    • Guest-3193768187 says:

      yea, same here. its because the addon is mostly meant for 1.16, so in the other versions, it wouldn’t work. I hope that is fixed soon.

    • PHLM says:

      THIS IS THE BEST ADDON MORPH I HAVE EVER SEEN! But, I would like you to add the powers of the mobs, such as the explosive power of the creeper. And it would also be good if you add the ravager.

  96. Guest-7665317569 says:

    I want to morph all mobs

  97. Guest-7604443381 says:

    Update plsss

  98. Guest-8709049159 says:

    add a media fire download

  99. Guest-8630361968 says:

    if only it wasn’t linkverse

  100. Guest-3220353032 says:

    please fix the invisibility glitch because this is one of my favourite mods and I always wanted to morph into different mobs so please fix the glitch.

  101. Guest-7520368274 says:

    I can download it but it doesn’t work because when I add the mod and recourses it makes you invisible!

  102. Guest-3093124036 says:

    yeah don’t download the file off linkvertiserits a virus

    • Guest-3224146706 says:

      its not a virus I downloaded it all you have to do is follow what it says to do and if it says to let them show you notifications just click on that and then cick the x and it will think you did it.

      • Guest-5977898236 says:

        I did but the download is a virus and the download was deleted as soon as it was installed and was detected as a virus on bitdefenders logl

  103. Guest-2034115472 says:

    I cant get it can you try a direct link to the download page

  104. Guest-1745569461 says:

    could you make it so that if you are something that burns in the daylight and has a helmet on you won’t burn?

  105. Guest-2699366013 says:

    is it possible to install it on xbox

  106. Can you please add support for 1.14.60? IOS (Apple) Devices can’t access your addon because they can’t gain access to the 1.16 Beta unlike Android. I don’t want to wait for the 1.16 release! We all know how Minecraft loves to take its sweet time in updates. Considering the fact that they announced 1.16 6 Months ago!

  107. Guest-2890715487 says:

    This Mod is fantastic. Usually when it comes to addons I’m very picky about which one to load first due to the nature of the player.json file but this mod is so good that it has taken the top of my load order. If i remember correctly you wanted us to point out bugs or broken features so I just wanted to mention that there is indeed one problem I noticed right off the bat. The Wither Skeleton morph does not apply the wither effect in its attacks at all. I watch minecraft SFM’s so natural Wither Skeleton is my favorite morph but yeah there is a problem with that. For the time being I changed the strays arrow to inflict wither instead of slowness and changed the arrow itself to be usable by all skeletons (I think) so I’m chilling but the way I did it is pretty buggy, hopefully you will be able to figure out a solution. Cheers!

  108. Guest-8324634250 says:

    The addon makes everything invisible such as the player and the mobs you can turn into. Please fix this in the next update

  109. Guest-5523617927 says:

    i cannot install this 🙁

  110. Guest-9149339732 says:

    turns the player invisible even if I morph. the staph and stuff works in crafting and behaviors work, but the character disappears when its equiped

    • It Would be a cool addon, But it is not Compatible on IOS Devices. This addon requires an Android Device using the 1.16 Beta. That feature is currently unavailable for IOS Devices.

    • Dragonstalk1560 says:

      I would love to morph as a ravager!!
      It would also be cool if the Enderman could teleport by hitting the sneak button, the blaze could shoot fireballs by hitting the sneak button and if the iron golem could do one more heart of damage and knock there enemies up in the air like the other ones do! Keep it up!!

  111. Guest-3680074647 says:

    Please make different models of when you morph into a Villager. Like a Cleric Villager, Butcher Villager, etc.

  112. Guest-5866316258 says:

    I can get it but when in game my identity thingy doesnt work

  113. Guest-5249716807 says:

    Is it compatible with IOS? I tried and the mobs keep disappearing and I’m not sure if there is a way to be in version 1.16

  114. Guest-1056097194 says:

    Make a Adfly link or a link straight to mediafire instead of using linkverse

  115. Guest-5107296076 says:

    How do you download the addon through linkverse? the addon looks really amazing!

  116. Guest-6491897133 says:

    Does not work the only appearing mobs that don’t disappear instantly are chickens either Ender dragon etc so the only mobs u can see are the ones u can’t morph into

  117. Guest-9015849450 says:


  118. Guest-1142148901 says:

    It works but my original characters face still shows

  119. Guest-3643451362 says:

    Linkvers broke my laptop as it’s installer is a virus

  120. adoxgirl says:

    I can’t download from this site!!

  121. Guest-9902483052 says:

    Can You Put Pls The Chicken I would like that thx or if you cant i would understand ?

  122. Guest-3012902969 says:

    Put it as a direct link, without Ads


  123. Guest-4432217645 says:

    update this in 1.14 plsss

  124. Guest-7257572220 says:

    please make it possible in version 1.14

  125. Guest-4275422768 says:

    I want to tranform into a wolf and make a wolf den in survival plz add wolf or fox and nice addon btw

  126. Guest-4275422768 says:

    I want to tranform into a wolf and make a wolf den in survival plz add wolf or fox

  127. Guest-6860867882 says:

    Hi, can you use adfly instead of linkvertise?

  128. Gumgetter says:

    PLZ make not linktervise.

  129. Guest-8449745563 says:

    Does this work with texture packs?

  130. Guest-3854775524 says:

    your link downloads a virus

  131. says:

    Does this work for IOS? If it doesn’t, please make a version that does

  132. TheDiamondBlue1 says:

    Hey great Mod. When I can, since I am not on the beta, can I do a Mod Showcases on this? I will give credit to you to this page and to anything social media that you are on that you want me to use.

  133. The enderman actually has 30 hp, you missed that

    • Guest-1692982176 says:

      The Enderman has 20 Hearts,
      20 Hearts = 40 half Hearts
      40 HP
      You are Wrong in 2 different ways

      • Kirby420 says:

        Woah, that review affects the page. You are giving the creator a bad star review for something not even about the add-on. Good thing guests like you can’t leave reviews anymore.

  134. lilywhitewolf says:

    I like to but can the next update have wolf plz

  135. Guest-8168986164 says:

    I rated 1 star only because of linkvertise.

  136. Ktarabay27 says:

    How to morph on Android??

  137. Guest-9917303003 says:

    Update 1.14 please

  138. Guest-3653720170 says:

    Ey bro just downloaded the mod and was exited but turns out it doesn’t work for me I can build the staff that let’s you turn to mov but when I click morph it just gives a sound but I’m not turning and no abilities either I already turned on experimental gameplay and I’m on 1.16 beta I don’t see what’s wrong can you please tell me what’s wrong here? Cool mod btw

  139. Goose686095 says:

    Whats ur problem with linkvertise? its easy to get through it. Dont click Direct Link just watch ads to get through

  140. Guest-3650837043 says:

    Dude just finish the task

  141. Amorox says:

    Please Change It Make An A Addfly Link I Can’t Download In Linkvertise

  142. Guest-9782759597 says:

    I thought this would be a really cool add-on but it doesn’t work at all my player is completely invisible as soon as I join and all the mobs your supposed to morph into won’t spawn in

  143. BlackNinja459 says:


  144. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for updating this thank you

  145. BlackNinja459 says:

    UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  146. BlackNinja459 says:


  147. BlackNinja459 says:

    i love this addon can yo please update it please

  148. Guest-6848503720 says:

    Very good, I really liked it, I hope they update it and that the skills of the mobs can be used

  149. Guest-4176441669 says:

    Does this support 1.16 beta?

  150. Guest-3711514340 says:

    go search up diguise mobs and it is the same thing execpt better

  151. Guest-6977084843 says:

    Plz add Sprint to teleport forward for endermen and sneak for 4 seconds for teleporting down and sneak and jump for teleporting up

  152. Guest-2604871944 says:

    We really need to be able to morph into a bat

  153. RGtheGshep says:

    wolf should be one of the mobs you cant morph into

  154. Guest-7258376996 says:

    Really love this mod and animations but would love it even more if you added more mobs and mostly the iron golem and villagers I would love that and all other mobs you add ty for this mod 😀

  155. Guest-2833388462 says:

    BEST ADDON EVER Add dogs and wolfs plz

  156. Guest-7936776701 says:

    Hey, this is awesome, but can you add a villager?

  157. Guest-4869712456 says:

    update pls i want the the second layer rendered

  158. Guest-7944570073 says:

    This is so far the best Morphing addon, pls update

  159. Anonymous says:

    Will there be another update?

  160. ben wells says:

    can you add new mobs please and add bee

  161. Marlon8612 says:

    Me gusta mucho es increíble hay bug pero no les doy mucha importancia me encanta este addon pese que un mod o algo script

  162. Windy says:

    Add horse too please, I always want to be a horse.

  163. Bronco Dalton says:

    You should add
    The Wither
    Zombie Villager
    Spider/Cave Spider
    Ender Dragon
    Charged Creeper

  164. Bryan36 says:

    I love it but add explosion creeper when the player sneaks and add more morph like silverfish and dolphine and other mod morph ideas if you have scp mod you can morph in scp or with the creeper mod you can morph into a modded creeper ETC

  165. Can you upload the zip file please or make it an option to use command block functions to turn into the mobs.

  166. Alex says:

    Agregen a los zorros

  167. Anonymous says:

    when will the next update be for this add-on because it is outdated player models for the full version of minecraft 1.13 because minecraft 1.13 is out of beta and now out in the public.

  168. Asa says:

    It doesn’t work

  169. Anonymous says:

    1.13 is out now and this still isn’t updated how.

  170. Emojer_YT says:

    Muy bueno pero solo deceo que saques mas animales como un aldeano pollo cerdo y cordero

  171. Aprilbayoo6366 says:

    Me either

  172. Aprilbayoo6366 says:

    Not me either

  173. Aprilbayoo6366 says:

    I clicked on a creeper o my tablet and nothing hapenes

  174. Oofer says:

    Works on mcpe the enderman is kinda short and the pigman cant hold a sword right i just want to be a wolf and make it tameable and leashable plz but its a very good morph addon keep up the good work

  175. Obed56 says:

    Please upgrade it to 1.13,1.14
    And make us enable to morph to a iron golem,villager,ravager and pillager

  176. Obed56 says:

    Please upgrade it to
    And make us enable to morph to a iron golem

  177. Anonymous says:

    this cannot be used in the latest beta please fix and add more mobs to play as

  178. YassirGH20 says:

    Please upgrade it to
    And make us enable to morph to a villager

  179. Anonymous says:

    Please update

  180. Noah says:

    You should add a chicken and always have feather falling

  181. DemonRider10 says:

    I cant morph in windows 10 please fix

  182. The Dab King YT says:

    Doesn’t let me morph on phone

  183. Anonymous says:

    update for 1.13.15 please because this is the best addon!

  184. Katherine says:

    I’ve got an idea for an cat morph. When you sneak you will sit.
    And. if a player feeds you raw fish you will get a collar. also the cat is faster than players..
    I hope it’s a good idea.

  185. Anonymous says:

    Addon does not work on the beta please fix when i morph into a mob it just shows my regular character with almost no animations

  186. Tim says:

    It doesn’t work when you hold the staff in mcpe please fix it If you can

  187. UT2 says:

    There is a bug where if the player turned into something that’s fire resistance for example a blaze when turning back into a player or morph into somthing that would burn in day light the fire resistance will stay until you close and reopen the world and the same for blazes having falling damage resistance.

  188. Luuhzin says:

    hello, the addon is awesome, I would like you to fix a bug! addon doesn’t work if player has cape

  189. Panda says:

    I really hope wolves get added to the mix someday, it’d be fun to live among your dogs and/or the wild wolves as one of them.

  190. Official_Tulip says:

    Is this available on mobile?

  191. Anonymous says:

    Please fix the morphing tool so in pe you can hold on the mob to morph into it, because as of right now this does not work in Minecraft pe.

  192. Tasnim says:

    Enderman’s hand position is incorrect.Please fix it.

  193. UT2 says:

    Amazing work keep it up, this add-on is really impressive!

  194. sage says:

    hei dude, im on 1.13.9, but the addon doesn’t work, coud elp me!?

  195. Anonymous says:

    Why cant i down load

  196. Anonymous says:

    Why can you not use this in pe because you can not do anything with the object except using it as a decoration so please can you make it so you can use it on pocket other wise I will be very mad at the creators.

  197. NMafiaCreator says:

    Please add function to turn in villager

  198. ThisJobYT says:

    The Addon won’t work, but the crafting recipe works. When I morphed into a zombie pigman, the morph won’t turn me into a zombie pigman! Even in third person won’t show! Fix this now.

  199. burger with moldycheese says:

    If this addon was able to be used in 1.12, I’d rate it 5 stars. But I think it’s a cool addon, it just doesn’t really look cool when you make it only useable on 1.13. Hope you update it!

  200. Saalim Dickson says:


  201. Razgriz says:

    Plz fix head enderman

  202. Fraxx01 says:


  203. Why Adfly. . .Why? says:

    Why. . . Adfly. . .Just. . .Why?. . .

  204. GamingWithYassin says:

    Make it so you can morph into every single mob in the world, like I love Expansion + Add-on, and I wanna be a gorilla, so this will be a great update, hope you focus on it.

    Dear User,


  205. MaysemBB says:

    Added ability from mob and add villager morph

  206. MaysemBB says:

    Added ability from mob and add villager morph pls

  207. Adam Rosner / Noah Maxwell says:

    You should add Wolves! And maybe (just wondering) if ur a chicken fit in a 1-1 block and endermen can’t fit in 2 up places

  208. Anonymous says:

    Please remove adfly. I cant get past it

  209. Mohamed says:

    Add more mobs please

  210. Leongwj says:

    Can you make this addon 1.12 compatible

  211. Leongwj says:

    Can you make this 1.12 compatible?

  212. Mikail Afridi says:

    Can you update this addon pls so we can turn into other mobs like pigs and dolphins?

  213. Anonymous says:

    I can’t go trought door with this addon.

  214. XXLegendfoxXX says:

    Dies it work for iOS?

  215. SimpleMan says:

    I Like this addon!!! but Please Add More Mobs That Can Be Morph I Really Really Like this addon thx creator ☺☺

  216. Realms says:

    Aye fam i just discovered something the elytra are a broken like model got flipped well a part of the model.

  217. SomeGuy says:

    Plz make a link on MedaFire I keep getting stoped by pop-ups

  218. Reflexindo says:

    It won’t craft plz help

  219. Two two says:

    Doesn’t work I can’t morph with it

  220. Anonymous says:

    The. Staff will not craft

  221. MasterGaeX says:

    This Addon don’t work correctly. I don’t use the staff, but the zombies don’t attack me and I can’t use the morph staff to morph in other mobs. Can you finish the Addon? I want to use it for a survival

  222. burger with moldycheese says:

    Can you allow this version to 1.10? I downloaded this and I can’t find the Identity Absorber but whenever I kill a zombie I burn in the daylight, even though I don’t have the skin of a zombie.

  223. Warlock says:

    Could you make it so that you can morph into a witch or evoker?

  224. Salutations! says:

    Awsome addon! Perhaps if possible you could add more mob features? For example, when husks drown they turn into normal zombies, when zombies drown they turn into drowned, maybe this could be the same for if a player morphs into a zombie/husk? Also maybe while your a zombie pigmen if anything attacks/hurts you all other zombie pigmen in the area attack whatever’s harming you? Just suggestions though, great job ??

  225. Official Notch says:

    How dare you impersonate me? Its not very fun being someone your not.

  226. Mr. AAAAAAA says:

    Great concept! Doesn’t work at the moment but great concept I would also like to see some gameplay

  227. FDGod says:

    This is the best morph addon it even has the mob powers. I would suggest add spiders and being able to climb walls. Really excited for more update of this addon!

  228. Bitcoin Avocado says:

    Add spiders great concept.

  229. Shaiel says:

    Please put on minecraft version 1.12

  230. Shaiel says:

    Please put this on minecraft version 1.12

  231. Monkee1963 says:

    I hope this gets deleted. It doesn’t work

  232. Thepigmaster says:

    How do I use it it works you can see it and everything but I don’t know how to become one so could you please tell me how

  233. DanyaSmith says:

    Why 1.13? Is the addon works with 1.12 full?

  234. 3D Craft says:

    Does this work on the official version because i want it so badly ?

  235. Gameplays says:

    We can download in 2 months

  236. Reed_Razor says:

    Incredible job m8! !! !

  237. Changeitplease says:

    can you change the download website to medifire please

  238. Beef man says:

    Is it possible for you to add passive mobs? They wouldn’t do much of anything but maybe for a chicken you get snowfall? I dunno.

  239. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Maybe add some of these?

    1.Creeper- Come closer to a player and you will explode, or a player comes to you.
    2. Non Hostile mobs- like maybe a pig, chicken, sheep etc.
    3. Phantom- Fly up into the sky and attack players during nightime.
    4. Enderman- Can teleport what ever you wanted, and can pick up blocks
    5. Witches- Can throw some evil options on a player and heals itself with some good potions.
    6. Pillager- Can held a crossbow and has a 4.1% chance of getting a banner on head, when the player kills you, you will get a bad omen effect.
    7. Vindicator- Holds an axe for combat
    8. Evoker- Can summon vexes by tapping on a screen, can summon fangs by sneaking on the direction you want to spawn them.
    9. Silverfish and Endermite- Can fit through 1.5 block hole.
    10. E. Guardian- Shoots out laser eye that will give the player a mining fatigue (also can breath on water)
    11. Guardian- Has the same mechanics like E. Guardian but instead has no effects but damage will emit on the player (breath underwater)
    12. Fishes and Dolphins- Fishes will swim by, dolphins can play blocks and can jump around the water for like 3ft high.
    13. Squids- Nothing but ink sacs. Still…
    14.Wandering & Villagers- These 2 both big noses will have no purpose but trades.
    15. Foxes- Can jump for about 2ft!
    16. Ghast- Can fly and shoot fire charges and has a big body as well
    17. Magma Cube- When killed there will be more magma Cube-
    18. Slime- Same mechanics like the magna Cube- but only spwans on the swampy biomes.
    19. Wither Skeleton- Has a Wither effect when hits an entity.

    You already know the bosses right,? Add them if you wanted. I hope that you will keep up! Here’s the feedback!

  240. Hell Yeah! says:

    Epic mod, man! This is the frickin’ best one I have seen in 2 years! Hell yeah man!

  241. Lai kok wui says:

    oh sorry i was in the wrong version

  242. Lai Kok Wui says:

    it doesnt turn me into zombie…. i crafted the item in creative mod and i use it in survival and it doesnt work?

  243. mojang says:

    this is the best well people keep making update suggestion

  244. Notch says:

    this is the best i like it!
    maby ill make an morphing update! probroably in minecraft1.16.0 if i can get the code right

  245. ViceRabbit says:

    Nice Addon!, can you please make that we can morph on any entities, and this Addon is so cool! im rating 5 star

  246. A person. says:

    Hey, i’m trying to suggest a mod, so i’ll post it here. The ‘spider queen’ mod which was popular for awhile
    , you are half spider, half human. You generate 3 webs every 1 minute. You craft webs with 3 string to capture all vanilla mobs, you either eat them, or feed them to you’re babys, everytime you eat a mob you have a chance to get a egg, every spider has different abilitys, your endgoal is to kill opposing spider queens,

  247. Anonymous says:

    Actually a good concept, just waiting for more to come out

  248. Anonymous says:

    Keeps Bringing Me To Adfly. Fix It

  249. Ken YT says:

    Does it work on android i cannot morph

  250. Realms says:

    I cant get it to work is this like for windows 10, cuz i got the 1.13 beta and everything i even tried using it with out all the other addons i have. But this is great idea.

  251. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Sorry for my grammar, I’m a quicke typer!

  252. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Here let me give you more mins to add!
    1. Creeper- when any nearby players come closer to you, you will explode, or atleast come to them.
    2. Spider- Can climb walls.
    3. C. Spider- Cna create cobwebs and can poison an entity! Like Player,Iron Golem, Villager, etc.
    4. Phantom- Can fly up to the sky and can attack.
    5. Iron Golem- Has 100 HP and can lift hostile players/mobs into the sky.
    6. Ravager- Can stretch a long neck and can be stunned when hitting a shield, can also destroy leaves,dead bushes, and any types of what ravagers destroys.
    7.Pillager- Helds crossbow for combat and a 2.8% chance of getting a banner on the head, and if the players kills you when you have the banner on the top, they will get the bad omen.
    8. Vindicator- Helds an axe the will chop you off.
    9. Evoker- Summons vexs by tapping on any block, summons fangs by sneaking on the direction where the fangs should spawn.
    10. Wandering Trader- Has llamas and does trade like a normal villager
    11. Villager- acts like nothing but trades.
    12. Guardian- has a laser eye that strokes to the player.
    13. E. Guardian- has also has the same mechanism but instead with mining fatigue.
    14. Fishes- Transform also like them.
    15. Armor stand- Troll your friends.
    16. Wither S.- An gives a player Wither
    17. Wither – has 3 heads and has a 200 health and when on half, can summon withwr skeletons
    18. Non- Hostile mobs- Like pigs,cow’s,sheep, etc.
    19. E. Dragon – Can only be morphed when tapping on the ender dragon egg.

    That’s it i hope you all add them or half of them, take your time, we are waiting!

  253. Dismade says:

    Wow! This is so cool. Haven’t played with it yet but this addon seems amazing! Can’t wait to see more mobs coming!

  254. Anonymous says:

    Not working for me

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