Morph Command System v1.0.2

Hey, you! Have you wanted to be an animal at any point you were playing Minecraft? Is so, This map is perfect for you! If not, well, uhhhh… Download this map anyways! (That was akward) Click on this map to learn all about it!

Pig, cow, sheep, If it’s an animal, or mob, it’s there! (except All aquatic animals).

This map allows you to morph into any animal (except all aquatic animals). There is also 2 unique features in this map.

1. You can play whatever music disc you like.

2. There is a button that runs the /kill @e command. Use this When your ready to morph into another animal.

How do I use the Morph System?

First, There will be a button to effect you with invisibility.

Once you got invisibility effect on, use a lever to morph into an animal (Don’t use more than one lever).

When your done, Flip the lever again to stop morphing.

After that, go to a sign saying “Press this button to run the /kill @e command”. Press the button to kill all entity’s.


Here are the commands I used:


/Summon pig ~ ~ ~ 

/execute @a ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=(pig)] ~ ~ ~ facing ^ ^ ^1


———————————————- Event/Challenge                   

At August 9th-11th, We will be picking 6-13 Comments on this MCPEDL Map to get a Shout-out! (Put your Social after you comment to get a chance for a Shout-out)

Example: This map is pretty detailed and really cool. I even trolled my friend with in in another world! YT: Flux Sharkie MC


These are some morphs you can do:






Creator: Flux Sharkie

YT: Flux Sharkie MC


Changelog View more

•Added- Event, players would get a chance for a shout-out if they comment on this MCPEDL Map.

•Added- Command:./execute @a ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=(pig)] ~ ~ ~ facing ^ ^ ^1

•Removed- Command:/tp @e[type=(mob)] @p

•Changed- Description

Fixed when players would Spawn below the beacon.

Added a way to Report bugs through Email

Added- Morph:Sheep


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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  1. Purpleking says:

    Can you morph in to other thing like addon/mod

  2. Thanks! We will use this on the next update on April 6th!

  3. Slain576 says:

    execute @a ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=(any mob)] ~ ~ ~ facing ^ ^ ^1 this is the command so mobs could face the way you’re facing

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