Morph Mod

The Morph mod adds a new GUI to the game which can be used to turn into any kind of mob you like (except for slimes and wolves).

To open the GUI of the Morph mod simply press the in the bottom right corner of the screen. From the new menu which opens you can choose among a large list of mobs to turn into.

mo1 mo2

There are all different kinds of mobs you can turn into. Some examples are chicken, cow, mooshroom and a pig.

Then you can also turn into humanoids like the villagers.

Download (Dropbox)
Download (MediaFire)

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156 Responses

2.77 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. KevonGames says:

    How do you install it?

  2. Noob says:

    Guys, I have bedrock edition and I only get the .js file, but Bedrock Edition only works with .mcaddon can someone please help?

  3. gg says:

    how do you download this add on

  4. FreshMint says:

    Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I’ve Just Got Click Baited And So Did You!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you do it in the form of mcaddon

  6. Mung says:

    How do we install the mod

  7. jacky says:

    I don’t know how to install this mod

  8. Dig10718 says:

    Bro nice mod

  9. Anonymous says:

    How can i import this mod to my minecraft

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can you get abilities of animals eg teleport for enderman?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do you get the animals abilities eg teleport for enderman?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can you get the abilities of the animal?

  13. MagicNoobfromYoutube says:

    seriously i got virus i want real one!

  14. Someone says:

    Does it work? NO

  15. Girl power says:

    This didn’t work to download it it went to the google play app and downloaded what you said but it didn’t work how do you do it

  16. Lucas says:

    How Do You Even Download The Mod With Links? Is Doesn’t Work!

  17. Anonymous says:

    It do not work

  18. jaggedTheDark says:

    how do I add this to minecraft?

  19. Vache Meuh says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    How do I install it on a huawei

  21. raymond says:

    mods for minecraft

  22. Anonymous says:


    Thanks so much for the update

  23. Titanic says:

    Can u pls make download link for IOS for this morph mod

  24. Minecraftmodder says:

    How do I get this I doesn’t say install

  25. CuteNarwhal says:

    does it let you morph into the ender dragon?

  26. Anonymous says:

    It does not work!!!

  27. Coolboy Toomuch says:

    But… you have to pay money 💴 for Dropbox right? I hate that…

  28. Jakhary says:

    I need it

  29. yolo0987 says:

    Hey editor,will other players see us as a mob

  30. exe. says:

    does this work on windows 10?

  31. PopularMMOs says:

    It brings me to a long list:( (IOS)

  32. StopAppleHate says:

    People with anderoid don’t care about anything else they think apple is terrible it’s not go drown yourself and stop bragging idiots rating it 5 stars because at least you don’t complain about apple and make us want to kill ourself

  33. Jaagup says:

    Do i get this animal powers too?

  34. Aidan says:

    Does it work on ios?

  35. Isaiah says:

    Same thing is a fail

  36. ima geraffe says:

    is there a website wolf in here?

  37. Sugar kitty says:

    I can’t download it pleas tell me how and what to type in on iPad mc PE

  38. Pepper says:

    I don’t get how to open this in mc I also don’t get the js file

  39. Mc guy says:

    Fix the bug the animal is opposite 😕

  40. Venus says:

    Wait! I have to use Block launcher!? Why world!!!!!!!!!????????? Why!!???😰

  41. The zombie gamer HQ says:

    Guys the editor said it is for android only 🙂 if your iOS it won’t work 😌🙄🤑

  42. Boi this will not work says:

    I like the Rwby profile pic

  43. flavio says:

    I love this

  44. Peyton says:

    Um can they make this for ios

  45. ssundee fan says:

    I got Android For x-mas 🙂

  46. Coolbolt34 says:

    Does this mod work for iOS? I get this mediafire link I press download then I get this long list of crazy I don’t know what code this is list. It seems to go on forever, and that’s where I got stuck.

  47. SuperSniper_Boy2 says:

    Is it available for iOS yet?

  48. Kaine?? says:

    Why is there a app why can’t we just download it without a app?

  49. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice!

  50. Anonymous says:

    How do I use this?
    I tried block launcher, but when I morph, I just look completely black
    (Not being racist)

  51. Madge says:

    Let me have it!!!

  52. Stephane says:

    I Don’t now how to download it

  53. Tny mvrck says:

    Can it work fer mcpe 0.14.0?

  54. LlamaMinecraft says:

    It wont work for me. I’ve tried both
    downloading sites.. I’ve tried downloading a funiture mod, and this.
    Can you help me?

  55. Saiyan004 says:

    Does this work for 0.14.0?? Reply ASAP

  56. RedstoneLover10256 says:

    How do I get this mod because I also want it in MCPE for IOS!

  57. Alisha says:

    I love it so much it’s so awsome

  58. Sienna says:

    How u download

  59. Wesleycraft says:

    This is cool you guys should try it its really cool

  60. Wesleycraft says:

    Ok so when you get it if you want to kill the animals and you turn into them

  61. Jacob G. Repors says:

    I downloaded the mod, pressed the M button then press morph to enderman and bcpro crashed.. Editor how do I prevent this?

  62. Wolf lover says:

    when can wolfs and slides be added plz tell us

  63. ethan says:

    Every time I try to morph. It exits me from block launcher?!?!

    • Editor says:

      I don’t think it works fully for 0.11. But I do know that there are other morph mods in the works that will be released soon. So check by MCPEDL.com later and we’ll probably have one here soon.

  64. gabe says:

    It does not work for mine

  65. Emmett Hall says:

    Want it

  66. FluffyPE2003 says:

    Thanks. Can’t wait till it’s out for iOS.

  67. FluffyPE2003 says:

    Hi. I was wandering how to get the mod on iPad mini. Everyone has a android but I dont. How do I get it????????? Plzzzz answer.

  68. Hello says:

    I can’t get it hi w do u get it?!?!?

  69. Kaydynce says:

    does it go on iOS??

  70. Nick says:

    It takes me to a lot of coding what do I do

  71. Nick says:

    When I go media fire, I do not see the download button, and how many lines are there???

  72. Nick says:

    When is it coming out not why please tell me when not why

  73. Nick says:

    When is it coming out for iOS when ???

  74. Nick says:

    Do you have to jailbreak to get morph mod on iOS

  75. Thinknoodles507 says:

    How do I download the mod on my ipod?

  76. Nick says:

    When is it coming out for iOS soon???

  77. Nick says:

    How do I get it for iOS if I did it and it did not work

  78. nathan says:

    After I download wat do I do

  79. Bonu says:

    Is this only for andorids

  80. scott pad says:

    hey I followed you directions and entered the web address in blocklauncher. It downloads then I get a “failed to import patch” error with a long string of text…..I dont know how to get the error text to this msg board as Im typing this from my PC….but theres a bunch PARSER errors and others. Any clue what the deal is? Thanks for your time!

  81. Jimmy says:

    How do you download mod for mine craft pe

  82. amie says:

    Can this be loaded onto a kindle? We are not successful in our attempts to gain access to the morph mod.

  83. Zhaoui Meng says:

    I don’t know how to download it. My minecraft is 10.4

  84. isaiah57 says:

    It doesn’t work

  85. Minecraft says:

    what i i have ios? how do i download it?

  86. Tayla Walpole says:

    Can’t even download 🙁

  87. Will says:

    Don’t have an android!!!!!!

  88. Will says:

    How do you open the mod on minecaft??

  89. Stofdisc says:

    Yeah I press download and another page opens and says download I press it and another page opens and it was a long list : (

  90. Syahirul says:

    How i download this?

  91. Harvey says:

    Hi and I’ve seen everyone of the morth mod and I think it’s cool

  92. austonfrancis says:

    The mod is fine but the creeper has a bug

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