Morphing Machine [Redstone]

This is a really clever command block machine which you can use to morph into 15 different life forms. All you’ve got to do is to pull a lever and you will in an instant shapeshift into something else. All of it is just a trick though and you aren’t actually another animal, even though it very much looks like it.

Creator: HemaMetwaaly
Updated: 19 August, 2017 (added new mobs to morph into, support for 1.2 beta)

How does it work?

Pull any of the levers to morph into that animal. It’s all done by command blocks so for it to work it’s necessary that you stay within a certain proximity of the machine.

You’ll get an invisibility effect and the mob which you chose will dragged along wherever you walk. This gives the illusion that you have morphed into another life form.


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89 Responses

4.76 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Brinx says:

    How do I download on iPad


    Muy buena el comando me gusto

  3. ashton says:

    estuvo muy bueno el mapa esta enrralidad muy bueno crak digo pro

  4. Michelle says:

    Add a phantom in the machine

  5. Jaylen says:

    If you put “True” on the end of the invisibility command block’s you won’t see the bubble effect. Just to let you know so you can change it in the future. ( :

  6. Dread says:

    I did the aquatic mobs and sea animals

  7. MaverickandNoah says:

    Can you add in the 1.3 beta mobs??? That will bee cool!!

  8. Name says:

    How does it work?
    I’m still a noob on minecraft poked
    So yeah.. Can anyone help me out?

  9. richard harriz taytayon says:

    i like this map do more

  10. Grim says:


  11. Hina_XOX says:

    Parrots don’t work fully. But good job!

  12. Parni says:

    It must of took really long

  13. Parni says:

    I like it it’s realy cool

  14. Alexandra says:

    How do I install this

  15. Lien says:

    Find a skin pack for dis
    It is called entity skin pack
    lol craft out

  16. Lien says:

    Find a skin pack for dis
    It is called entity skin pack

  17. Chelsea says:

    I like it, though, please try & make it a addon – I’m trying to morph without getting the world. If you can do it’d be great! Thanks!!

  18. The map and add on tester says:

    After the map downloads on media fire it installs on minecraft BUT GUESS WHAT minecraft would go out on me so the app takes you out of the app!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    i really dont like this because your just invisble and the mob is just following you and you cant even use the attack

  20. KhanhAnVN says:

    Morphing Machine?I think mcpedl got Morph Mod

  21. KhanhAnVN says:


  22. TK-6606 says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Dude I noticed for your invisibility we can see particles around us. U can use this use this for your command instead. /effect (what u put) ( same thing) (same time) 255 true. So for example /effect @a invisibility 10000(for ever) 255( strongest power) true( to hide particles. So like this, /effect @a invisibility 100000 255 true. Thanks for listening and hopefully u understand what I mean

  24. SolarGamers says:

    Its Realy cool…
    But everyone asks for Morph to blocks
    And I Wanted that too..
    Since Fallinv Gravel and Falling Sand is an Entity… Could you make it? If so That’be Great!

  25. SuperTGaming says:

    Copy cat

  26. MigsPlayz says:

    Can someone please make a morph mod?? PLEASE!!!

  27. QueenFoxie764 says:

    Love it!! The ocelot doesnt really work though.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can You Make Us Able To Turn Ourselves Into The Wither And The Ender Dragon?

  29. Ender says:

    Editor!I did some testing on other mobs I did wither and the Ender dragon the Ender dragon doesn’t really work..wither you could!im doing more mob testing soon…

  30. Stephen says:

    You spelt guardian wrong, you put gurdian, and for polar bear you put on the sign polar pear…..

  31. SuperTGaming says:

    It doesn’t work well because if I morph to a villager and spawn in other villagers to play hide and seek they will all be stuck to you

  32. Kaelyn says:

    I love it

  33. MarkIsAwesome says:

    I love your videos so so so much and I hope you do more of them

  34. TheBlackFrost44 says:

    Lol I already did this with command blocks! I was way to desperate.

  35. Bob says:

    OMG THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. XxTeenDarthxX says:

    I can’t play it’s I cant even creAte the world!

  37. NetherExplorer78 says:

    Cool map

  38. Taha says:

    Hey man. I’m sure that the new year, the more you will find the right place for the next day delivery based in new window ready to be the best way of organising a few weeks. We are looking to get a quote. The list is a good time. The list is a good time. The list is a good time. The list is a good time. The list is a good time. The list is a good time. The list is a good time. The list is a 2nd hand. I am not a good time

  39. Sackboy_92 says:

    Probably to make a BlockHunt you could use this command block creation and make your own blocks by retexturing and remodeling the mobs, such as a cow remodeled and retextured as a dirt block or something, however I don’t know much but I think that should work.

  40. Joy says:

    Come on seriously 😒 why do you have to have so updated what I mean is it is not fair that android can download the map and PC but of course mojang had to say NO let’s let the iOS users suffer please make a 1.0.5 version of this map 🗺!!!!!

  41. Nevin says:

    I love you AA12

  42. DanClark says:

    Come on plssss

  43. Fabiansigala says:

    Hello creator “HemaMetwaaly” of this map I was wondering if I could have permission to use all of this for a map I was making called “Different!” I cannot say what the map is about I want to avoid copyright but please reply and we could talk about this.

    “Everyone else the map is protect with Copyright so no one else besides me unless I give you permission you cannot make this map!”

  44. Black Shark says:

    What about the dragon /witherboss/ guardian/ slime

  45. TrueAC says:

    Please do one for Ios

  46. Cooper says:

    Win 10 be bad to dis

  47. NetherExplorer78 says:

    I hope mojang update mcpe 1.1 to public. I’m in android but i don’t want to join beta tester.

  48. SoulStealer952 says:

    WHY you make it for android huh????? This is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!

  49. G Gamer says:

    Working on any version

  50. Hazirajking05 says:


  51. Short_but_whateva says:

    I know how to do that! Well…my version so you do invisibility potion then u lead a animal and it looks like u morphed!!!!

  52. Pls read this says:

    Pls make a normal version for iOS pls

  53. Fahmi says:

    I Can Morph To Wither. By copy the command idea

  54. Radoric9 says:

    This can be done in 1.0.5. I did it.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Please can someone comment the commands used so I can put it in my own world?

  56. Gamer of Minecraft says:

    Please…….Make this available on Minecraft 1.0.5 and this will be my favorite and awesome map ever!!!

  57. MinecraftPros says:

    But other than that this is THE MOST Awesome looking map EVER

  58. Creepguy980 says:

    Is amazing very amazing

  59. Creepguy980 says:

    Is amazing

  60. Creepguy980 says:

    Wow is good

  61. Blazer055 says:

    Omg! This looks so awesome! I can’t wait until my minecraft updates to!!!!!!! 😀

    • Jeff says:

      It doesn’t work I’m a beta user and I tried it and the map isn’t supported so don’t even bother wasting space on your phone trying to download it!!!😯😯😯

  62. The red dragon says:

    These onlys are driving me NUTS!!!!😡😡😾😾

  63. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Why is this only for 1.1? Command blocks were already added in the 1.0.5 update!

  64. Dodo bird says:

    Aw, come on! Let IOS have a turn of using this!

  65. Khris says:

    Why do you make this a higher version

  66. LJ says:

    Yes, finally! Now I wish that you could make it so you can do it in your own world with either commands or addons. Also I wish there was a way to make it more legitimate.

    • Jaylen says:

      To make it more legitimate put “True” on the end of the invisibility command block. And you can put it on your own world buy getting a command block by doing “/give @p command_block” in chat and type everything in that he has in his world. Hope this helped.

  67. I_Am_Dog says:

    I made one of these once but I don’t know how to post it. I even made a flying pig and it was awesome. Pls help me editor how do I post maps?

    • JustAFunnyGuy says:

      Hello, i am not editor but you need to connect your device to computer, go to folder games, find minecraft pe, find your world, save it on your computer, email to mcpedl ‘help’ gmail adress and ask to repost. I hope you know how to send files. Also write description. When ‘help’ system see it, they will post it. Good luck!

  68. Jetmaster231 says:

    SWEET first comment?

  69. Nice guy says:

    Can you please make the same with blocks? If yes, please make a map for it.

  70. dragon says:

    amazing 😀

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