Morphing Addon

Morph into any entity by pointing at it with a blaze rod and dropping the blaze rod. Choose between three modes. Morph into any entity. Mode for hide and seek where all real animals cannot be killed.

1.2.0 Morph into any taggable entity (so not chests and command blocks, things like pigs and spiders, or even armor stands, minecarts, and tons more) by pointing at it with a blaze rod and dropping it. Drop sugar to unmorph. You can morph into other animals while morphed, so you can go straight from a chicken to a pig without unmorphing. Follow directions in the video. Note: mystructure:morpher_normal = normal morpher, mystructure:morpher_structure = hide and seek, mystructure:morpher_infinite = when you drop a blaze rod you get it back. (That will make sense if you watch the video). Whoever is assigned to morpher 1 becomes the morpher. If another player joins everything will work perfectly fine, but only morpher 1 will be able to turn into entities. If your morphed entity is killed, you will appear as a normal player. Run /function help for extra help


Morph Holding A Sword


Morph Holding Nothing

Bat Morph

What it looks like:

Help video:

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Hopefully fixed some formatting and removed a link that was not supposed to be there (text had auto turned into link)

Tried to fix some of the formatting but I don’t know how I’m supposed to do that because it looks DIFFERENT depending on how big the screen is.

Added more detail to the description about multiplayer and what happens when the morph dies.

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Updated description formatting with images to hopefully get it approved.


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  1. oxygen says:

    Can I morph into scps?

  2. Foxy_1000010 says:

    Uh Hi can pls make for MCPE cuz I want it not saying forced to 🙂

  3. Enderlord2002 says:

    Can we morph into danyfoxs amazing fnaf robot?

  4. sethcreeper09 says:

    i wish it would not look so weird in 1st person but its great addon

  5. Shark373 says:

    Reminds me old mod for Minecraft pe 0.12.0, nostalgia, nice addon btw 🙂

  6. The great Q says:

    Can you morph into mobs from addons

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