Mountable Spiders Addon

Do you think it’s cool to ride on spiders? This add-on adds three spiders to the game and they can be tamed and mounted using a saddle like a horse!

The add-on adds three spiders so you can have fun in your world:
  • Ender Spider
  • Ice Spider
  • Swamp Spider
  • Nether Spider

  1. Ender spider can teleport and spawn in the end, nether and in his world just like an enderman
  2. Icespider spawns in snow biomes and leaves a trail of snow when walking like a snowgolem
  3. The swamp spider spawns in swamp.
  4. The nether spider spawns in nether and is immune to fire


How to ride a spider?

First you must tame it using a fermented spider eye.

Then click “mount” and put a saddle, you’re done!

Once tamed she will follow you and protect you!

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Changelog View more
  • The add-on has been completely redone, in the past you could only ride the normal spider, now you have spiders for it!
  • Added nether spider
  • Added Spanish and English support (I had forgotten)


Supported Minecraft versions


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14 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Glen says:

    You take it with… fermented spider eyes? That’s more than a little bit disturbing. I like it anyway, but… you offer it the eyes of its kin and it likes you.

  2. Mcpedl says:

    Omg it works perfectly

  3. monni says:

    hey can someone tell me how to get passed linkredirect

  4. azur gab says:

    become a spider jockey

  5. HarrisonWx says:

    iOS please!

  6. TheMachoTurtle says:

    Never mind . The pack is missing (for me ) the “type:behavior”. I fixed it now with some simple editing

  7. Tristan says:

    Can you add a IOS download?

  8. Hi says:

    Can you do a MCPE json tutorial?

  9. GMiningHero says:

    Hey this sounds pretty cool! One question though: Can you climb walls when riding the spider?

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