Mountain Divide

Was wanting to make my one world for a realm I want to put up that’s like an MMORPG and I decided that I wanted to upload the map generation to here.

This map has a huge mountain in the center that is connected to hills that separates two landscapes.

Has two massive lakes that could fit a cruise ship in

Has open areas to build in.

The forests are thick, spooky and you may get lost.

and overall has some good views in my opinion

If the world has chunk errors. delete the world and reinstall it.

If you have any map suggestions let me know and I can see what I can do.


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  1. GoombaSaurus24 says:

    Hey so I would like to ask if it’s usable freely for whatever projects. If not, where could I get the permission, I have had this idea for some time and a good map should be able to let me finish it.

  2. Guest-3423559211 says:

    have the map version for .mcworld?

  3. ZStarMCZ5487 says:

    wow i love this map
    i hope i can build a map like this 🙂
    (luckly blocklauncher have worldedit)

  4. Bossy Greenie says:

    Very nice map!

  5. -TGHQ- says:

    I wish Minecraft generates like this.

  6. Guest-9299179160 says:


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