Mountains++ Add-on

Have you ever thought the mountains were a bit bare, There are no special mobs, except the occasional lama. With this addon, the mountains will no longer be boring. You will see much more for example, fire dragons!

This addon adds, new creatures for the mountains, All creatures spawn in the mountains. Also, all the models were made by me and I used blockbench. (So people in the comments stop asking how I made the models… PLEASE)

Fire Dragons:

A fire dragons is a powerful beast capable of destroying anything. It has to versions, angry, and peaceful. The peaceful fire dragon can be tamed with raw salmon. The angry fire dragon has a 50% chance of blowing you up… just kidding it has a 100% chance in blowing you up. Upon taming the fire dragon can be ridden. Once riding, open its inventory and give in the first slot place a saddle, in the second slot, you can place a chest, in the third slot you can put in any horse armor. There are now two variants. There is a Azure Fire Dragon and a Red Fire Dragon. They both have the same behavior.

 Health: 200

Status: Apex Predator

Prey: Monsters

Textures (version two… by anonymous, not by me)




The yak is, well its a yak, and you can tame it the same way you would tame a donkey, and you can give it a chest the same way you chest a donkey.

Health 30

Status: Prey (Poor Poor yak… just kidding)

Prey: Grass


Big Horned Sheep:

Well its a sheep with big horns… what do you think it would be? It just walks around and looks at stuff. It is just pretty much a decoration for mountains.

Health 40






Changelog View more

Added how I made the models and credits to blockbench. (MY model maker)

Added sounds for fire dragons!!! Improved flying. Doesn't fall any more!

Bug fixes and new models... this addon will not be updated anymore, due to minecon


Enable Experimental Gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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174 Responses

4.27 / 5 (68 votes)
  1. MouthGod says:

    Is anyone not gonna talk about the Rathalos and Azure Rathalos inspired wyvern s Here?!
    I actually want more monster hunter inspired animals or dragons or whatever. Keep it up!

  2. owlsock says:

    the link doesnt work on my iphone. it says the file has a “invalid zip archive”. is there another link i can try? it kinda sucks bc before this updated i had it and i actually thought it was pretty cool.

  3. Shawn says:

    More Please More Updates

  4. Anonymous Dragon Fan says:

    Could you please make the dragon’s flying speed faster? Great addon, by the way.

  5. Douglas IMPÉRIO says:


  6. Thanks for finally fixing this addon, but you really should keep updating this addon to fix bugs and such.

  7. e-boy69420 says:

    Doesn’t work great. The “flying” if you can even call it that is glitchy and laggy. The animals aren’t appearing either? Some of the models look similar to other mods I’ve seen online.

  8. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    A 1 update more pliz

  9. Anonimo says:

    ICE AND FIRE, el modelo del dragon es muy silimar

  10. Clebinho says:

    the wild dragon is not visible

  11. Natha says:

    Cant you update again you update have i sound

  12. Mod mcbe says:

    Hey where do I find the blue dragon can they be spawn on creative mode?

  13. Yeye says:

    You should keep updating this and if you dont want to I could help create newer versions because I think this addon deserves to keep going

  14. Tomzill says:

    It works… but the dragon is to slow he fly high enough but you must fly 5 times up to fly distance of 50 blocks thats sucks

    • The Anonymous whom created the new textures. says:

      You must not understand the limits of un-scripted add-ons.
      Unscripted add-ons cannot feature actually flying rideable mobs.
      BuT ThE WiLD OnES dO FLy I hear you screaming.
      They do, but for some reason, unscripted bedrock coding has a limit to the functions of rideable mobs.
      Sorry to have to say this, but not everyone does scripts.
      And even if this was with scripts, only people in the windows 10 beta could use the add-on.
      Be happy it’s free.

  15. Mod mcbe says:

    Could you please update the animation of the tameable fire dragon make it’s animation just like the wild witch can fly but anyways you still made a really good job on this add-on just need a little improvement with the animation’s 🙂

  16. SeranaXx says:

    LegitDragonb0y, please update this so the mobs will spawn in the world! Don’t give up on this!

  17. SeranaXx says:

    LegitDragonb0y, please update this mod! The new mobs aren’t spawning in the world yet! Don’t give up on this mod D:

  18. Clebinho says:

    increases the speed of the tame dragon both walking and flying

  19. Elizabeth889 says:

    This mod is very cool! but how to fly on a dragon edition on a dragon? I turned on the function, but still I can’t

  20. Arya8926 says:

    How to fly a dragon with PE?

  21. Spordra says:

    The link does not work. Please help.

  22. Landerboss says:

    could make an addon using a quiet place which is a horror movie and maybe make an addon for the monster please.

  23. Wizard of Game says:

    So, is it intentional that the agressive dragon dies with 2 crossbow bolts? Feels off to me.

  24. I spawned in an egg in my dragon incubator I made for hatching modded egg in, and when I placed the egg in, I used a diamond on it. The button said “Cure” and now it’s shaking like a zombie villager and it’s been like 15-30m and I need to know- does the egg even hatch? Or should I kill it?

    Also, what did you use to make the behavior?

  25. SeranaXx says:

    @LegitDragonb0y You are doing a good job with this add-on! All you need to do is make these mobs spawn in the world.

  26. Comphurtzone says:

    Can you please use some other sounds for the dragon instead of the ones from the megavore from dinosaur simulator on Roblox. The dragon design itself does not match the ferocity of the sounds you borrowed.

  27. Doggo says:

    Better but still make him fly faster in the air also the texture on the dragon is kinda broken i see white stuff dosent look that good…. also they dont spawn by them selfs pls fix that but make the dragon rare easily 5 stars if you do all this thanks for reading have a great day!

  28. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    hello good add-on but you could add that the hostile and friendly fire dragon at death releases the meat already cooked and not raw (it is a fire dragon its flesh should already be cooked) also that the hostile dragon has more life (it is illogical that a wild dragon only has 10 hearts of life, it looks like a ghast only has 10 of life and throws a single ball and fire, they could give more life to the dragon (more than 100) and also add that the dragon adds its attack attack a fireball throws 3 large fireballs with a small intermediate of 1 second per throwing ball, also when approaching its opponents bites, to make it stronger and harder to kill the dragon
    I also have an add-on of dragons (I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s almost the same, but my dragon throws 5 small fireballs, attacks the players, villagers, cows and undead and for now it can’t be tamed by that I have not uploaded to the add-on yet)

  29. Yeet says:

    I looked EVERYWHERE for the dragon and can’t find it I looked at all the eggs and there was no spawn egg for the dragon or any of the animals in the pictures I turned on experimental game play and I don’t know what else to do I’ve been trying to find a dragon addon like forever so I’m really upset that this isn’t working I don’t know if I have to look more? Because I WILL TRUST ME xd so yeah if someone could tell me uh where the dragon usually spawns that would be great I will legit explore the whole freaking map for a dragon I NEED A DRAGON ;-;

  30. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the fire dragon fall like a chicken because dragons wouldn’t usually plummet to the ground. Other than that good job

  31. CookerBand57582 says:

    Hello I really like this addon BUT everybody is talking about an ice dragon but I think you should add a forest dragon that shoots vines at things and captures them for a few seconds and a skeleton dragon and a water dragon I know it would be hard but it would make it sooooooo much better not saying it’s bad because I use t hjis on my xbox and it’s great also the flying animation could that look like a phantom? Or do you have to make it by yourself because I’m not sure anyway GREAT ADDON I LOVE IT AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  32. Yolgrim says:

    The Horned sheep looks like a goat

  33. Unknown says:

    This mod from Minecraft java might give you some ideas

  34. SeranaXx says:

    I hope you fix the spawning for mobs cause they arent spawning. I can use the eggs in creative mode to spawn them. I hope you fix this soon!

  35. NoFear says:

    The dragon cant even kill me its aim is so terrible all i do is stand there and the tameable dragon has more health than the wild ones its just two shots of arrow to kill that thing pls fix this and can you add sounds on the two as well and add something like demons and stuffs

  36. X_Boy55 says:

    Can you make an media fire link so xbox player can play. Am giving it 5 stars because i think this will be a great but plz add a media fire link so i can play (and other Xbox players)

  37. XxCatLoverxX says:

    You ripped off Ice and Fire. The model looks exactly the same!

  38. Skeleton vanguard says:

    Could you add a ice dragon plz.

  39. I have a weird issue: I went into the storage and deleted both res and beh packs of the old version of this addon so I could get the new version with dragon sounds and better flying and when I tried to download it it said I had a duplicate pack

  40. Durex says:

    you could increase the speed of the dragon when flying because for now it is more advantageous to go by land than by air

  41. Did you have permission to use ice and fire dragons though?

  42. Jakob says:

    Can you put a media fire link for the rs pk and the bh pk im on xbox one

  43. Frostbyte7 says:

    oohh this was uploaded on my birthday
    Just saying

  44. Yeye says:

    The big horned sheep texture is more like a mountain goat, big horned sheep are usually a brownish color with curved horns.

  45. namvn says:

    You can upgrade animation for dragon, it very well

  46. MCbluezz says:

    Why can’t I download it?

  47. For some reason the mobs don’t spawn at all
    Also fire dragons should shoot fire at stuff you want them to attack
    Sorry for all the suggestions

  48. SeranaXx says:

    I’m unable to find the mobs in my world. But I can use a spawn egg to spawn them. Is this a bug?

  49. SeranaXx says:

    CREATOR, Please add the dragons in the plains biome as well. I am unable to find them in the mountains. I can spawn the dragon using the spawn egg but finding them in the world is impossible, please expand the location for them. The plains will simply do.

  50. Monkee1963 says:

    This addon is AMAZING! But how do you hatch the fire dragon egg?

  51. Kai says:

    Hi I played this and I need to say this is by far the best one I’ve gotten it doesn’t cause lag good animations great spawning but the dragon is a two shot with the bow

  52. Anonymous says:

    hey, I’m having trouble downloading this on to my Xbox One, can you help me out?
    I think i might need a zip file or something

  53. Arsen says:

    Hi, i love this, but please make the tameable dragon fly if possible,thanks

  54. Monster hunter world says:

    I see you like Nergigante

  55. XboxPlayer says:

    Hey Can you add a zip plz

  56. Francis says:

    You should add à feather falling effect once you jump while riding the dragon of it is possible

  57. Francis says:

    Amazing, you did an awesome job! Hope to see more of this addon

  58. Anonymous says:

    Why are the wild dragons health so low but its great otherwise keep it up.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Can you download this on xbox, if so how?

  60. Bingbong says:

    @LegitDragonb0y why not put the ice dragon in this addon instead making a different addon and rename this addon biomes++ with new creatures for every biome

  61. Gimbo899 says:

    Este add-on es increíble!! Este mod debería ser uno de los mejores, por cierto puedes Aser que el dragón vuele para surcar los suelos, eso sería increíble

  62. Art says:

    Can you update your aquatic addon to have realistic behaviors as well?

  63. Other ideas/fixes for this addon:
    -more color variations of the dragon, here are my ideas, green, white, black, blue, sky blue, lime green, yellow, sand, red (default), gray, dark gray, dark red, brown, purple, pale pink
    -Making the dragon glide slowly down instead of falling
    -making it possible to set a dragon to wander, and then back to following with a certain item
    -making dragons follow you instead of just teleporting to you
    -rocs and roc nests (mentioned in another comment of mine)
    -hawks/eagles that will swoop down on you like phantoms, 15 heath, 5 damage
    -dragon breeding (will give you egg)
    -new egg textures/a way to hatch it
    -dragon growth (starting from Baby the size of a cow, ending at adult)
    -upgraded textures for the yak and dragon that look less plastic
    -custom sounds for idle, hurt, and death of all mobs in this
    -dragon den structure (small cave opening in the side of a cave the opens to a large cavern inside the mountain with 2-3 dragons and piles of gold, and occasionally emerald and diamond blocks, and sometimes 1-3 dragon eggs in the center
    -griffins, have 80 health, are neutral, have 3 skins (1. Default, bald eagle head and lion body 2. Black, all black coloring 3. White, all white coloring), tameable with beef, rideable, fly through the air when not tamed, can breed and lay eggs
    -dragons with two seats, a rider (the first person to mount that controls it), and passenger (can shoot off it, but not control it)
    -giant beetles, size of spiders, hostile, come in four skins, blue, red, black, and green, can glide with their wings, have 40 health, do 10 damage

    Hope you consider these and are not overwhelmed!

  64. I have an idea, although it would work best if you can make custom structures spawn.
    You should add Rocs as a mob. Rocs are essentially gigantic mythical birds that look like hawks or eagles, and they should have ton of heath and try to dive down and kill you. They should be about the size of an Ender Dragon, but they would only spawn in a special place, the Roc nest.
    Roc nests would be a structure in the mountains. It would be in the shape of a large bird’s nest, and be made of oak logs. One Roc would spawn per nest, and once the Roc is killed, no other one will spawn there. However Roc nests should spawn about twice as much as villages. The Rocs would be a good challenger for dragons.

  65. Random Guy says:

    Hey I’m a person who actually likes the add-on and not just the dragons so here are some mob suggestions,snow leopard, deer, and make the dragon like a horse but jumps higher as well as a ice dragon same as fire except uses a custom ice attack make all mobs hav a sleeping animation and that’s it

  66. Anonymous says:

    Ice and fire

  67. Bob says:

    Omg dragon is awesome only make it so it can fly pls and fix the see threw parts of it

  68. NightStorm says:

    Ice Dragon PLS

  69. Good FAN says:

    Is there a way I can marry you.

    And are you single
    (This was a JOKE, but your addon is great. I agree to make a dragon addon. I love you)

  70. Dragonerc_TC says:

    Make a dragon addon since you have the models pls pls and pls make the armor for dragon visible and make the dragon stay in the sky longer pls make dragon addon since u have the models oh and solid addon by the way

  71. You says:

    An animal that feeds on food producers are not predators

  72. That model seems too familiar to the ice and fire dragon model. Plagiarism is a real crime, so don’t think of this lightly.

  73. Mcpe gaming says:

    Dragon addob please 🙏🙏🙏

  74. CedarStar says:

    There are no spawn eggs is there something I’m missing?

  75. UwU Master says:

    Its not a sheep its a goat

  76. No one says:

    Please fix the tamable dragon it can not fly it just falls form the sky and don’t add scripps just make it so it stays in the air longer Please Fix this thank you But overall a solid addon

  77. No one says:

    Make the tamale dragon actually able to fly it just falls from the sky please fix this and make it so that the dragon actually be able to fly but overall it is a solid addon

  78. Bingbong says:

    Great addon but focus on the dragons animation and texture this is just a suggestion

  79. Durex says:

    dude you could just arrange the dragon flight and put the gliding chicken feature

  80. Namcn says:

    Very good ,uprage it

  81. Popetastic001 says:

    Make a more dragons Addon that also adds a dragon sword

  82. Anonymous says:

    That sheep is a goat

  83. GRIMLOX says:

    Maybe can you make the Dragon tameable plz

  84. Riley says:

    Make it a media fire link plz

  85. Adriancraft06 says:

    Can you tame the dragon?

  86. Carlos says:

    Excuse me how you make the dragon fly, just jump and return to the floor, it is not suspended in the air.

  87. Carlos says:

    Disculpa cómo haces que vuele el dragón, solo salta y regresa al piso, no se queda suspendido en el aire.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Improve flying.

  89. WaxierQuasar784 says:

    A dragon takes two hits to die and a ghost takes a lot of hits to die

  90. Noah says:

    Please make it a zip file

  91. Anonymous says:

    How do I fly?

  92. Swallow says:

    What item do you need to tame the dragon? The models are amazing!!!!

  93. Anonymous says:

    This add on is amazing.. just can you improve the dragon flying in the future?

  94. Rohjeer Wade says:

    is it possibly be more for dragons

  95. Mikail Afridi says:

    Scale down the goat’s health from 40 to 10 because the yak has 30 health, and yaks are bigger than goats.

  96. Redstoneminer68 says:

    I love the models, they are great!

  97. Firecharger says:

    But how do I control it while flying? It just falls

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