Move Shaders (Android/iOS)

Surely you are bored with leaves, grass, and everything in Minecraft (Android/iOS), you definitely want leaves, grass, and everything in Minecraft (Android/iOS) to move / wave and you want to use shaders in Minecraft (Android/iOS) but you have a weak device with these shaders there can install these shaders in Minecraft (Android/iOS) And where can this make leaves, grass, and flowers in moving Minecraft (Android/iOS).

Creator:DelixPlayDEV.,Twitter Account

This Shader only supports Android / iOS.

Changelog View more

nothing has changed on the site not in the file so it only fixes the problem on the site.

This Shader only supports Android / iOS


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  1. Click “i’am not a robot”
  2. Click "Click here to continue"
  3. Wait ten seconds
  4. Click "Get Link"
  5. Click "Download"

How to install

  1. Download the shader and open it using MCPE.
  2. Go to the game setting and activate it.


  1. This Shader only supports Android / iOS.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9



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94 Responses

3.28 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. Frazinx says:

    Can u PLEASEEEEE make it compatible with esbe if I put the move shaders on top of esbe, esbe shaders don’t work but if I do esbe on top of move shaders,move shaders don’t work please make this work

  2. Guest-2172362995 says:

    why does it cut down my render distance to half?Is it supposed to do that?

  3. Guest-2860322815 says:


  4. Guest-7430635969 says:

    It says the pack is dangerous in Safari…

  5. Guest-4587947534 says:

    this work on 1.16.53 snapshot?

  6. Guest-3025511724 says:

    Here is the direct link:
    to make it work they have to put an h at the beginning of the and a / after the : in almost the beginning of the link

  7. Tameron937 says:

    Anvil and tripware moveing ??

  8. Long bodied giraffe with short neck says:

    jeez how does this people not know how to download this

  9. Farishasarah says:

    Same bro

  10. RedFox's says:

    The shader don work properly if it’s rain the world won’t rendering

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a download ?

  12. Stalkeye says:

    I Cant even download it!i can’t find the get link!

  13. Johnny says:

    Needs to be improved. Torches, doors, fences, campfires, basically anything that isn’t a full Block, slab or stairs is moved by this resource pack. Not nice at all

  14. CravenTuber says:

    When you go underwater nothing shows. Please fix it fast

  15. AskingRacer160 says:

    When start raining, the world doesn’t show me the block

  16. Nobody says:

    Bug happen when diving in water

  17. noname says:

    Doesnt work it only shows me mobs and its bassicly xray its defiently not a shader at all its just a mob xray

  18. Allen Reichert says:

    Yeah I know right
    next time whoever made this post a mead fire link otherwise I will beat up up to death infront from what you did to the link and people who downloaded your shit.

  19. Anonymous says:

    after i did the reCAPTCHA thing, it sent me to Gadget Arena and i couldnt find the click link button. how else can i download this?

  20. TuberculosisBag says:

    The doors, Torch, Even some blocks are affected by this shader pack. Doors don’t wiggle.

  21. Alisse says:

    W10 support please 🙁

  22. Normal Minecrafter says:

    Can you make a MediaFire link? It sends me in some kind of shopping website. (sorry for my bad english)

  23. j. says:

    Doesn’t work on Windows 10 MC. Everything turns white.

  24. DIVGamingMCPE says:

    Can you atleast put shadows, im good with the moving plants and all that but shadows will be deadly realistic! Love the hard work man!

  25. Chelz4L says:

    Just make changes only in render_chuck.vertex.

  26. SGAir says:

    Yes didn’t u read it carefully? It says only works on Android/iOS

  27. Confused says:

    Does this only work on the Android/iOS version? You didn’t make that very clear. Please tell me that I can use it on my Xbox One

  28. 『HexR』・アニメツ・ says:

    Mediafire link would be much appreciated!

  29. feng says:

    Fix that link.

  30. The Blaze Miner n' Dabber says:

    Nice Shader, tho why are doors, ladders, lanterns, torches & etc are waving as well?

  31. GAIRLADING says:

    I can’t see anything when it’s raining! Please fix it!

  32. CatusFatus says:

    Can I have a DIRECT download link please? It just redirects me to random sites.

  33. Fenwick Faggotbottom says:

    Ok, so I just opened a world without it raining and everything worked fine (except moving doors, trapdoors, torches, ladders, etc.) If you open a world whilst raining, the textures don’t load. I don’t know how to fix this and this definitely needs changing.

  34. RatsAreCool says:

    I’m using this shader on top of Enhanced vanilla, so i’m not sure if it’s because of that, but various blocks like doors, torches, lanterns and ladders are also waving. I hope this wasn’t intentional because it just looks really weird :/ I can’t use this if i have a wiggly door bro. Two stars because the plants move like they’re supposed to, but the blocks mentioned above move even though they’re NOT supposed to.

  35. Dean says:

    Non of the blocks in my world will loud everytime I start the game with this added on.

  36. A Minecraft Player says:

    Why can’t you just use like every other creator
    The I’m not a robot captcha takes way too long

  37. Endermenking09 says:

    Sorry if u get a hate comment but this is awsome with a few bugs now iron bars are weaving in the wind and jungle leaves won’t wave and cows heads are like on the ground and body’s of the cows are like messed up and if u go under water u can’t see anything if u fix these bugs I would be sure to keep this mod but I’ll look out for an update those are the only bugs I found thank u.UwU

  38. Yamu says:

    The pack is good but because the doors, the ladders and the torches make the movement of the plants

  39. Aardwoof says:

    I love the pictures of the moving plants! It’s not like they should be GIFS or anything…

  40. LOCK says:

    Hey great job man on creating this shader but bro can you fix the bug that if you go underwater you can’t see any blocks around you because it would be great if you fix it,but anyway as i said this shader is great,keep it up man☺

  41. Herobrine9988 says:

    Good! Make Minecraft More Realistic. 🙂

  42. Monicube says:

    Wow, it works! I’m so glad it works, the other ones don’t work for me, thank you!

  43. Guest says:

    Why instead of leaves my DOORS move?

  44. RawryTheDino says:

    I can’t see underwater

  45. C.Latte says:

    Only mobiles… T_T
    would be great if it can be used on Win10

  46. quangmap33 says:

    Why u no make win 10 version?

  47. IamMQ says:

    Why this pack make the water block disapeared?

  48. Tyrael572 says:

    2 bugs
    Moving door
    Underwater xray

  49. FrostingBit says:

    A good job, but can you make the movement more smoother? Because the movement of the leaves and grass are kind of lagged.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Does this work with any texture pack?

  51. LAMV says:

    Theres Nothing I use the Shaders then open a World then it will make you world nothing yoi cant see anything just WHITE PLS FIX THIS!!!

    • Endermenking09 says:

      Do u have android cuz that happens on android a lot but if U have iOS then go in files click on on iPad/iPhone and click on Minecraft go in games click on com.mojang go in resource packs and click select then click on the moving mod and click delete then reopen Minecraft and if it’s still there delete it then u go

  52. SolarLolbit says:

    Also please stop the trapdoors and brewing stand from moving

  53. Rowan says:

    Can’t even download it cause it jsut links me to a list of games it’s really annoying

  54. BallisticNinja says:

    I’m actually excited that you made something like this! As nice is shaders are, I feel like the moving plants are personally one of the best things. Thank you so much for making this! The cool ambience of wind without the shader lighting!

  55. Sam says:

    Can this be paired with lighting shaders?

  56. JK says:

    and make it just the plants that would wave cause it would be weird if some items like anvil will wave

  57. waving plants shader mod minecraft says:

    Dear developer, please make a breeze in the game such as Java edition and remove the animation in the root of the plant and leave the surface and add a readable wind animation, not a one-time reusable as in the Java edition, as in such waving plants Shader mod minecraft 1.12 please exactly in exactly

  58. JK says:

    I like this shader but its so slow and it makes it looks like its so laggy can you speed it up a little that would help

  59. 50WTDIM says:

    It’s about time

  60. Mr.Unfunnyic says:

    Hi! Thanks for this amazing shaders :). I have download some shaders with this features but I dont realy like the shaders. Just the moving leaves and grass,flowers etc.

  61. Jakedude1022 says:

    I love this shader pack! However, I have two complaints: 1) it makes moving around while trying to load chunks really jerky. When I try to move around when the chunks are loading, it’s glitchy. 2) why are so many things besides plants and flowers moving? All my doors, trapdoors, lanterns, and even brewing stands we’re moving. If these things could be improved, I would appreciate it very much!

  62. SolarLolbit says:

    This resource pack is amazing!! Also i have a suggestion for making a moving animation for items like shears, eye of ender, ect. Just like the texture pack that The Minebox uses for his animations.

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