Move Villagers Mod

Villagers aren’t exactly lazy. They are often seen running around all over the place. If you want an easy way to move them around then install this mod to be able to put a leash on them and have them follow you around like a horse. You can even tie them to a pole if you get tired of them and want them to chill down. You can also attract a bunch of them by using an emerald.

Creator: User removed
Updated: 29 October, 2016 (updated for 0.16.0, attracted by emeralds)

How does it work?

Use a lead on a villager (the same way it’s done on horses) to tie a leash around his neck. As you walk he will follow you around until he’s released or tied to a pole.


Tap on a fence block to tie the villager to the pole. It’s not exactly the most humane way to treat people but it’s good if you don’t want them running around uncontrollably.


Do you want to move a larger group of villagers? No problems. Just hold an emerald in your hand and they will start following you.


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other?
Download (.MCPack) (MediaFire) (Don’t forget to apply it for a world in-game!)

Do you want the zip file?
Download (.ZIP) (MediaFire)

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Installation Guides

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19 Responses

2.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    BRUH! LINK WAS REMOVED! Aw I rly wanted to have a villager slave…😢

  2. RastaNificent says:

    Mine isn’t working for Windows 10 Edition. It only appears under Behavior Packs, I activated it but it doesn’t do anything in game. Tried restarting the game, making new leads after I activated the mod, but still nothing.

  3. Police says:

    That is the most useful thing ever. I now could move villagers to jail if they do something that I don’t want them to do

  4. Joshua says:

    so does this mod remove trading?

  5. Mika says:

    What?! I cant download it it takes me to drive i use adfly

  6. Anonymous says:

    This break trading

    • JC says:

      This works for That is the version of PE I am using and I have this addon and it works just fine. You won’t be able to trade with villagers while using this addon. Does anyone know of a mod like this for the pc java version? I can’ t find any only bukkit plugins for a server.

  7. Herobrine says:

    so when i use this addon theres have no behaviour pack… only texture packs.. and i will paste it on the games➡mojang➡resource_packs? PLS REPLY NOW!

  8. Rishi says:

    Can u add link please?

  9. peter says:

    why do you say (Android,IOS,Windows 10) there are no install guides to windows 10 its fake! help me I want mods on windows 10

    • Editor says:

      It’s NOT fake. As I mentioned in this post this will only work for 0.16.0 Beta or above. Once it’s available for Windows 10 then it will work there as well. You must install it as a texture / resource pack.

      • Endergon says:

        Umm.. Editor can you ask Someone To make In-Game Music Add-on? I can’t get it To work when i install it as resource pack. I really want To try Minecraft PE with Music In Gameplay… And Music Option (To adjust Volume) is Added In 0.16.0 but there is no Music.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is.

  10. Jemi says:

    Does This Work For 0.15.2 !!!
    Reply This Fast

  11. Night says:

    Can you please sort out the mods and maps in their respective versions to find them quicker for other players that plays other version of mcpe

    • Editor says:

      We sort them by dates, not versions. Why? Because some mods which work for 0.14.0 work for 0.15.0 too and we can’t go on and update every single post when a new update comes.

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