Mr Bones’ Wild Ride [Roller Coaster]

A wild ride lasting for 10 minutes which is packed with madness. Hallucinatory tunnels painted in rainbow colors and vertical tracks leading straight down a hole in the ground with no clear idea of when the ride will stop. What could possibly be more frightning (and enjoyable!) than Mr Bones’ Wild Ride?

The creator have spent about a year’s of work perfecting the roller coaster so make sure you take 10 minutes to enjoy his creation!

Creator: ZeroTheSaviormrbones1 mrbones2 mrbones3 mrbones4 mrbones5 download

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3 Responses

  1. AnimalFriend1 says:

    You could make an update to the map and put command blocks in it.

  2. EnderCoolIndo says:

    so short

  3. Johnson says:

    That’s soooooo easy

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