Fishy’s Marvellous Vanilla Pack

Oh I get it, You’ve played Ms Fishy’s Wonderful Shaders, you’ve dabbled in SuprecuraCraft but you want something new but simple and sticking to Minecraft’s default style… Well boy(or girl) do I have the resource pack for you! Introducing Fishy’s Marvellous Vanilla Pack, this pack is one of many more vanilla remake packs coming from the Odd Fishy Studios!

This pack includes:

-Animated textures(such as waving grass, torches and leaves)

-Colormaps that go beyond the regular monitor colour range so people with hdr displays can experience Minecraft vegetation like nothing before(you can still see the new colours if just not the full colour range if you have a regular display)

-Smoother and clearer water

-Full spectrum enchantment glint

-Glowing MC logo

-Full grass and grass path sides

-Better end portal colours and dimensional depth

-Better end sky

-Edge highlighting on most particles

-Different brightness in clouds

-Sun that glows

-Better rain

-Foggy moon with a more realistic colour(unlike the regular blueish moon)

-Smoother paintings

-Better biome colouring and sunset and sunrise

-and many more to come

These are just a couple screenshots of what is in this marvellous pack

Note: There is many more features to come and feel free to request something

Changelog View more

-New water(thanks notdarealzach and yes I have permission to use it)

-Made highlights less apparent on sand and stone

-Removed gui textures on normal version to make it easier to see hearts

-Changed name of pack

-Fixed Particles

-Added ADVANCED version of MFMVP 1.1 so it is now up to date

-Added features from 1.1 normal MFMVP to the ADVANCED version of MFMVP

-Added edge highlighted borders to certain blocks(for advanced)

-Added new end portal particles(for advanced)

-Added new clouds(for advanced)

-Added new ore texture(for advanced)

-Added new break animation(for advanced)

-Added edge highlighted borders to certain blocks

-Added new end portal particles

-Added new clouds

-Added new ore texture

-Added new break animation

Note: The Advanced version is currently outdated but it will be updated soon though

-Added ADVANCED version which is a more PvP but still more naturally appealing 

-New enchantment glint(advanced only)

-Connected glass(advanced only)

-Added short swords some with cool details(advanced only)

-Removed health and hunger borders(advanced only)

-added other features for you to discover



Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.16



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62 Responses

4.29 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. darkie123 says:

    Currently using multipixel so this might not work

  2. Guest-4919964367 says:

    can u pls add so that the stairs and slabs are not darker than the regular blocks it will help a lot on building and stuff.

  3. Guest-9096746617 says:

    very cool so thankful that is works perfectly on Xbox😁. U should add waving flowers and tall grass etc then this would be perfect 👌

  4. Guest-2874050415 says:

    Can it run on mobile 2gb ram?

  5. medaboss06 says:

    Awesome! love the pack but might just be me but the enchantments “shininess” looks a bit brooken

  6. Guest-1879794844 says:

    This shader looks amazing so far, do you have any idea if these shaders will work with the xbox one?Ever since they switched the engine i’ve been looking for some working shaders.

  7. Guest-1099144281 says:

    The newest version (not advanced) is no longer working on xb1

  8. Guest-6149805848 says:

    Hi can we get the latest version of the textures because the texture are the old one I like the new textures

    The leaves the crops are the old texture change them to the new one please

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pretty cool!

  10. Guest-2155582551 says:

    Can i recommend that you also implement water caustics or like you can feel the waves underwater. Great pack btw

  11. Guest-4280891142 says:

    I dont know if theres a bug for me but the update just looks like normal minecraft what do i do
    And btw im on xbox

  12. Guest-1241491045 says:

    This pack is honestly amazing. The ONLY gripe I have with it are the UI changes. I really don’t like the black and white background, the glowing Minecraft logo, noir the slightly changed health and hunger bars. If be SO happy if you could offer a version that would exclude those changes. The UI unchanged. Thanks!

  13. Instinct.s says:

    1.16 ?

  14. Guest-6208921056 says:

    Theres a bug where the lily pads are grey

  15. AracelyPinkRose says:

    is it for Bedrock Edition? I need a shader for Android :/!

  16. Guest-6771311115 says:

    I have a possible bug that I noticed, with the pack active it removed the cool particles effects in the nether biome. I dont know if this is intentional but I ld love to have them back if its possible

  17. Guest-1258204476 says:

    Looks amazing even on xb1 just was wondering if there’s a way to change a certain colormap or texture to make the spruce not bright green?

  18. Guest-3597870212 says:


  19. Guest-5118336141 says:

    It is a good texture, but I feel that something is missing to be better. And if we add your shaders to that, the result should be better. But to start they are fine. Perhaps you should make your new textures blend harmoniously with your shaders. Take advantage of its benefits to improve your textures. I will be attentive to your updates 👍

  20. Zach Marc says:

    Yes! Finally! I’ve waiting for this since last night!

  21. From shaders to resource packs!I have a question unrelated to this pack.Is it possible to make the lighting from torches e.t.c be like the pre beta 1.8 java (grayscale / white) using hlsl shaders in bedrock?

  22. Guest-5477978921 says:

    Estaria genial que solo agregaras los efecto de iluminacion de las antochas y asi jsjsjs

  23. Suggestion: to really enhance the Minecraft Vanilla experience, maybe adding some shadows? Like the Vanilla shadows but a bit darker. Or perhaps more contrast/ saturation to the blocks using shaders.

  24. Guest-6563899123 says:

    Are you finally allowed to do shader packs on xb1 with the new update or no?

  25. Guest-1545053659 says:

    Is it a resource pak or behavior

  26. ilyalisPVP says:

    can u make motion blur resurse pack pls?

  27. Hey whats up! Nice pack, but where is the shader? I asked you for none RTX shader like sildurs in java edition lol,

  28. Al rules says:

    Looks awesome my fishy!

  29. Guest-2826671946 says:

    Does it work on xbx 1 ?

  30. Guest-5321471882 says:


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