Fishy’s Wonderful Shader!

Ever just look at Minecraft and think “this is pretty nice but I want it to look better”? Well you’ve come to the right MCPEDL page! this shader features multiple new graphics techniques including mild global illumination which makes inside areas with light access more of a realistic feel instead of a shadow just being placed over it!

Screenshots of some scenery (pictures are taken in fws legacy)

This pack features:

-Vibrant Colormaps

-Clouds with variations in thickness(and blue spots)

-Cool rain

-and so much more



And another note: Global Illumination isn’t proper GI it’s replicated GI not real global illumination but it still does a good job(only in FWS Legacy)

Screenshot of Marvellous Graphics setting

I have permission to use the super duped clouds that are included in this pack

Here is the link to that, thanks Xanion

Also here is the trailer for this update:

Also thanks to Ahmad Ramzan for letting me use the waving leaves and water(sorry I forgot to add the credit last time)😭

Their pack is right here 

For FWS RT You’ll need to have the activater pack enabled with FWS 3.15+ in the resource packs selection menu as shown in the screenshot below

Check out my new sound pack as well: 

Check out my new pack the Shaderless Shader 


Two above photos are from the Shaderless Shader including the unreleased Ray Tracing version which should be coming sometime soon 

4.0 pre alpha demo is available for users with an RTX capable GPU(required and not final release of 4.0 the final release will not require an RTX graphic card)

Changelog View more

-FWS 4.0 pre alpha demo-

-Added .json files that allow for custom ray tracing

-Other visual enhancements included when DirectX Ray Tracing is enabled

-Removed custom colormaps

-Added visual demonstration world


-Fixed zip file link(mediafire issue)

-Re added FWS 3.9.1 mcpack

-Added FWS 3.9.1 zip 

Reason being 3.9.1 was a fan favourite and people wanted it reintroduced 

-Removed FWS Legacy links

-Added Shaderless Shader + FWS pack(works on all devices)

-Removed RTX activation pack until new pbr is finished

-Removed 3.17 zip

-Added 3.18 mcpack & zip

3.18 Changelog:

-Performance Increase

-Pack promotes Shaderless Shader across various places in the menu

-Removed files to decrease size

-Removed music option(had no use anymore)

-RTX textures are now useless until they're reworked for the new pbr pipeline(same issue occured across many Ray Tracing packs including this one and SuprecuraCraft)

NOTE: Development of the FWS shader will begin to slow until the render dragon fully releases in the non beta release of 1.16.200(predicted release of the render dragon according the Minecraft gamepedia)

-Removed Wacky Colors edition of FWS

-Removed Vaporwave edition of FWS

-Added link for FWS Legacy zip

-Added link for FWS 3.17 zip

-Added Vaporwave Edition

Vaporwave Edition includes:

-Purple environment

-Purple Grass and Vegetation

-Purple skies

-Vaporwave/Outrun sun

and more to discover!

-Fixed particles texture

-Fixed manifest issue preventing import on certain devices

-Changed colormaps slightly for a more autumn feel

-Added sounds files to the space option placeholder

-Fixed performance issues around light sources in FWS rt

-Removed FWS Ultra setting for now

-added some textures including mobs to 256x option

-Introduced SuprecuraOptimize

-SuprecuraOptimize provides a performance increase without ruining the games visuals

-Tweaked MiniFX option

-Fixed particles textures

-Readded settings

-Added 256x texures

-Added Ultra settings

-Added RT setting

-Added MiniFX setting

-Added space setting

-Added Default Setting

-Fixed some textures

NOTE: 256x and ultra are MAJOR work in progress and are in very early stages

Added 'wacky colors' edition

-adds new odd colormaps

-weird and washed skybox

-note: 3.15 has been delayed due to awaiting permission from a creator for a setting(yes settings are coming back to fws!)

3.14 changes

-Added new ui title

-Added new ui panorama(tell me what you think)

-Added more vibrancy to colormaps

-Tweaked Particles

-Fixed performance issues(mainly mobile related or weaker pcs)

-Fixed cubemap(accidentally deleted one of the sides)

-Fixed issue with lilypads not displaying colour(may not be fixed on mobile or certain windows devices)

-Made preparation files for render dragon(not included yet but will be in the coming updates and will include instructions on how to convert files to work with the new engine)

-Changed colormaps

-Changed UI

-Tweaked cubemap

-Changed logo

-Fixed a lighting bug causing render distance to automatically appear less than actually set

-Added link to og edition of FWS(fws legacy/already on another page)

=Added backup files for render dragon release

-Fixed sky colours

-Fixed mediafire issues

-Added secret easter egg/hint for future updates(can you find it?)

-New colormaps again

-New colormap displaying technique(capable of displaying more colours) able of making more vibrant environments

-Removed subpacks

-Made manifest normal(removed sub pack lines)

-Fixed credits in files

-Added credits for waving stuff(so sorry I forgot last time but I have permission you can check on their page)

3.10 changelog

-Rewritten Shader

-New water colour(thanks notdarealzach for letting me use it)

-New clouds(thank xanion yes I have permission link to the clouds in description)

-New cloud rendering

-New performance technique

-New colour changing cubemap

-New colormaps

-Fixed bright sand

-Fixed issues with waving objects

-Added waving water

-Fixed overall brightness

-Fixed monochrome night

-Fixed issue with slabs, stairs and other not full blocks

-Fixed issue with performance(optimised render chunk files)

-Completely changed the look of the shader

-Made pbr option smaller in size by removing unnecessary files

-Some transparent blocks or entities now render other entities that are behind them(just like the 'fabulous graphics' on Java)

-New skybox(the blue in the daytime was inspired by Eldeston's ESTN shader's cubemap)

3.9.1 changelog

-Made skies bluer

-Changed Name of shader to fws

-New water 

-Added version for render dragon(looks different to vanilla but no shaders yet)

-New end sky

-Added 256x texture option

-Added Dual Shading option(experimental/minimal effect)

-Added edge highlighted particles option

-Added HDR Colormaps option

-Added Hyper Graphics option(not finished but works)

-Added Marvellous GFX + PvP enhancements option

-Added PBR option(only works with ray tracing turned on/rtx card required)

-Added weird colors option

-Added placeholders for future options that currently have no use or aren't finished

note: all these options require you to restart Minecraft for them to start working

-Added Marvellous Graphics setting

-Fixed Textures On setting

-Moved unwanted textures to sub pack folder in Textures On

-The Marvellous Graphics setting has features from the upcoming resource pack Mr Fishy's Marvellous Vanilla

-Fixed minor texture issues

-Fixed issue where shader files weren't working

-Added Subpacks for Shader and Textures, Shaders Only and Textures Only(more options will be added)

-Removed more unnecessary files

-moved new code from files for later/4.0

-removed links for 3.0-3.6 just to clean up the list a bit

-new colormaps

-new rain

-removed water due to high demand of removal

-added new enchantment animation

-added new pumpkin blur

-tweaked some textures

-environment illuminates more realistically on all devices(not shader code just biome manifest)

-Some vegetation now has swaying animations

-removed unnecessary textures

-added new moon textures

-changed particle textures

-clouds can now have bluish spots(experimental not permanent)

3.5 Changelog-

-Added new grass and dirt textures

-Added mobile support(only in 3.5 for now)

-New end sky and end portal colours

-Tweaked Global Illumination

-Added new water textures

-Added new moon textures

-Added new background for the menus

-Tweaked rain textures

-Added mobile version

-Added lite version

-Features from both mobile and lite will be added in 3.5 or 3.6

-Added most 64x suprecuracraft textures to make it make a difference on more devices

-Removed Onion Texture(the joke is over sorry)

-Removed link for 2.5

-Tweaked colormaps

-Added a tilted sun texture so people on devices who can't display the shader at least have something

-Removed Onion Sun

-Onion Rotten Flesh is upside down?????

-Added Redstone Lamp texture from SuprecuraCraft

-Added Onion Sun

-Added Onion Flesh

-Removed water texture for reworking

-Fixed an issue with Global Illumination not fully illuminating small rooms

Note: Thanks to Ihategravel for giving me the marvellous idea to add onions for 1 update

-Made major Global Illumination improvements

-Made lens flare improvements

-Changed Colormaps

-Added more clarity to water texture

-Changed Glowstone to SuprecuraCraft version at 64x(exclusive)

-Blocks now make a shadow opposite light sources when it's in the way of a light source such as glowstone when inside(Performance is too heavily cut when outside and even in complex situations can cause lag)

-Added Cloud texture from the Outstanding Shader V2 beta(coming soon)

Note: No bug fixes this update due to the Render Dragon coming very soon and the next update will probably be the best update by far but don't expect it anytime soon, Love ya peace.

-Added lens flare

-Added new water texture

-Added glowstone texture that changes depending on light level

-Added colormap for birch leaves to look more like real birch leaves

-Adjusted light levels

-Added cloud texture(subject to change)

-Added lens flare

-Added new glowstone texture that changes depending on light level

-Added new water texture

-Added colormap for birch leaves to look more like real birch leaves

-Small lighting adjustments

-Removed Version 1.0 and 2.0 links due to lack of practicality

-Reduced file size

-Adjusted indoor lighting

-Smoothed edges of shadows

-Removed code based sun

-Removed Voidsshadow's version of the shader from the links(you can still find it in the comments)

-No new version but had to put out an extra note to cover questions

-Added installation description for people who might have difficulty installing

-Added Voidsshadow's edit to the download list

Another note: The render dragon is taking longer than I thought however, once it is on windows 10 I will release a brand new makeover of the shader pack and I have a high end gpu now(RTX 2080 super) so I could make a high end version for people with more powerful devices. Thanks for the support everyone I'm excited to show what I have planned

-Made Sun & Moon code based

-Removed default block and entity textures so now you can add your own resource pack

-Particles are now emissive by minlight 0.001

-not developing another update until the Render Dragon releases on Windows 10

There have been no changes this field just has to be filled out so I can upload it.

*No changes have been made this segment just has to be filled out


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta


16x 64x Shaders

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  1. Hey, so as of my date the latest (not 4.0.0) is a broken link I would love to download this shader but it is broken. Please update it! Thanks!

  2. Son Goku says:

    Bruh when the heck does 4.0 full version come out

  3. FerGem3000 says:

    Broken link

  4. Xenpaiii says:

    MrFishy please fix the link :'(

  5. WaxDiamondGuy says:

    oh my god this comment section is full of 8 year olds who didnt read the description and left 1 star reviews i feel bad for fishy tbh its such a nice shader but it has a bad review because of idiots who can’t read

  6. DanZJZ says:

    i just feel sorry for fishy about this low rating on what is clearly an excellent pack

  7. Can’t wait for render dragon to release on all platforms, keep up the good work!

  8. Ms Fishy says:

    Here is the links back 😐

  9. itzRcL says:

    broken link go brrrrrr

  10. Itz_J4ke Lecias Ph シ says:

    Om hi why is the download link is broken it’s say Deleted or The was change

  11. I Like Programmer Art says:

    N I C E shader! but does this shader work in mobile?

  12. Minecraftery_INC says:

    I hate the ass RTX card and what the fuck is that shader if a want RTX i can got to the store and play!!

  13. MR. Nekokittycat101 says:

    Hay are they here mam

  14. MR. Nekokittycat101 says:

    Hay are thay here

  15. Spleed7887 says:

    For all of those wondering if this will work on windows 10, it won’t work anymore. Shaders won’t work anymore because of the new rendering engine. What Fishy means that it will work on windows 10 is that it will be not shaders anymore just some adjustment to make it look different…



  17. Jeckdeth17 says:

    Mr fishy can you give me th3 link to 3.1 version pls

    Reply as fast as possible to me

  18. VINCE LAWRENCE says:

    Ms fishy
    please fix the
    space music
    because its not working
    even if i play the ogg musics its still not working …..
    hope you fix it
    and nice shader any way
    it look beautiful with barebones

  19. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    I love that this works on Xbox but it’s a little too vibrant and saturated

  20. Il M1SFIT lI says:

    Does this work with xbox?

  21. _rickname_ says:

    I’m sorry to say but it definitely does not work with the render dragon engine, at least not on pc

  22. MR. Nekokittycat101 says:

    Hay mam where are the water reflections

  23. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    Bad, doesn’t work on Xbox still even if it supports render dragon.

  24. Free_WorldYT says:

    Wow this is amazing! Also I must ask, What program do you use to make your music?

  25. you should really update the images of the pack

  26. Steeeeve says:

    If I have Version 3.9 of these Shaders, we’re gonna get more settings and features for sure.

  27. A EPICGAMER says:

    why does the shader in the images look different to the real game

  28. S_barky says:

    @Ms Fishy
    You should make another shader like a pretty good shader called BSL Shader! Please make it for 1.13 , 1.14 , 1.15, and 1.16 .

  29. smithbx says:

    I cant wait for the 4.0 in november I saw the easter egg in the loading screen

  30. silel Vox says:

    wow i couldnt even import it!

  31. Theblueman500 says:

    Ms fishy:*make a good shader*

    Me :

  32. Ms Fishy says:

    Go check out the trailer to my new pack coming October 30th

  33. SansOnGaming says:

    Can I get a download link for 3.9.1? I don’t like these newer versions yet.

  34. RobeeSeth says:

    Good.. But why does redstone wave :I

  35. megabekfast says:

    so I downloaded the latest version, and there’s no quality setting thing.
    if it matters, I’m on mobile android

  36. how can I change the what color the sky changes to when the player looks at the sun?
    ik that its supposed to be realistic because your eyes are adjusting to the light but it just seems off

  37. good pack.
    2 problems:
    1. you forgot cubemap_5 (the bottom one)
    2. the sky is kinda painful to look at because its so bright

  38. nekokittycat101 says:

    hay wary are the water reflections ?

  39. KingMomo says:

    I would definitely use this, but there is one thing missing which for me is very important, if you could make the water move and look more realistic, I would definitely use this

  40. Steeeeve says:

    Overall, this is a great shader pack for less lag but there’s one problem, the subpacks from Version 3.10 are gone! Other than that, the shaders are great so here’s your 5 Stars.

  41. Steeeeve says:

    Well excuse me sir, wait until you see the Enchanted HSPE V2.5 Shaders with Windows 10, Android and iOS Support. ESBE 2G and ESBE 3G wouldn’t compare to it, It’s an upgrade from every other shader pack out there! Plus, the Enchanted HSPE V3 Beta Shaders are now available to download on Wanze’s Twitter (Wanze is the creator of the HSPE Shaders). So go on ahead and try them out, I’ll prove you wrong for sure.

  42. SacredHeroYT says:

    Yo Fishy sup anyway i am going to be creating my first map and i was wondering if i could use ur shader thx

  43. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    You wanna know what is not wonderful in this shader? no win 10 support, absolutely not wonderful

  44. nekokittycat101 says:

    hay M.s fishy can you tray to make Path tracing for low and mid pc please

  45. YamaRinG says:

    You stole codes from Pio Shader.
    Everyone look at hlsl shaders folder from this shader.
    You will find some stolen files from Pio Shader!!

  46. DuhVirus says:

    hey, i absoutly love this shader but sometimes i dont feel like using it and i still want those double layered clouds. would it be possible to upload a seprate texture pack for just the clouds?

  47. PokadPhone says:

    i found hint 4 the next update UwU, its at november XD u can find it at the panorama

  48. nekokittycat101 says:

    Hay Ms. Fishys are you still water reflections

  49. wuzehan says:

    Hello! Can I reprint your shader to a website in China?The website,Thank you

  50. amxicar says:

    I love how the distant land is a dark blue, but I think the sky itself is a bit too blue, everything feels a bit too saturated, the grass looks more of a dried color. Looks great tho, great job, and welcome back.

  51. iKi27 says:

    Why i can’t download the Shader Mediafire says “Something appears to be Missing…” I wanted the Shader ?

  52. HAPPYWARSKING12 says:

    yo fishy your Mediafire link is broken it keeps saying [Something appears to be missing…] but there IS a download button but when i click it it keeps going to something else other then the download link…

  53. amxicar says:

    What’s up with the links?

  54. Broken download link today unfortunately ?. But I love it <3

  55. Bryan565xd says:

    oye puedes hacer uno para gama alta pls


  56. nekokittycat101 says:

    HAY Mr Fishy can you make path tracing for low and mid pc

  57. Dystrom says:

    What is render dragon ._.XD and how can i use it

  58. Zombirk says:

    Was hoping for Windows10 compatibility with the update, guess Ive gotta wait more.

    Any Updates on that?

  59. a chicken that some how found its way on mcpedl says:

    what gpu is required
    i’m starting to feel this shader dosn’t work on intel intagrated graphics

  60. nekokittycat101 says:

    Hay man are you still makeing water reflections

  61. a random pigeon says:

    I used it before the 3.11 update it was amazing but now the sky is pure dark blue and the light and shadow rendering is the same… may you please link an old version

  62. That’s a really beautiful shader, makes me smile 🙂

  63. CubeMaster says:

    Sky is fully dark blue, There is no difference between options (I have tried all), Lightning is the same, nothing changed all I noticed was Duped clouds added & rendering is weird a ten sided world (or 8) there is a problem with it don’t download this version idk why is this happening, waving leaves are destroyed everything is messed up! (Voting on 3.10 maybe he fixes and my review will be invalid)

  64. Ok I’ve spent actually months trying to find the perfect shader for Minecraft bedrock edition. So many has disappointed me mainly because of what their creator calls “realistic water” which uh isn’t really realistic and other things they claim realistic. But this shader is actually one of the few that I actually like and feel like the shades are realistic.

  65. nekokittycat101 says:

    can you add reflections in the water please

  66. Juan0920 says:

    Hello, because when I import it into my world it has no shadows, the lighting, the clouds and the sun do not work, there is nothing like that … I play on android

    • mincedplayer says:

      The Shaders were mostly made for Windows 10, so it’s pretty much expected if it doesn’t work on android. I recommend using an earlier version if you still have it

  67. JohnLeBanana says:

    I have recently been having problems with this shader since the new update, leaves, plants and grass don’t wave anymore, they did before the update but now they don’t work. I’m in iOS

  68. Forgot to add that thanks to Ahmad for letting me use the waving leaves and water

  69. Loving the rewrite! Good job!

  70. a chicken that some how found its way on mcpedl says:

    this is the only shader that works for me apart for esbe 2g
    but there is to much whiteness
    how do you make it less white

  71. KhalMika says:

    Sorry for my ignorance but I need to know about this. I’m new to bedrock modding and shaders.
    Is there a way to install this on MY end?
    Let me explain. I run a server on my pc in which I play with my gf. I play on win10 and she on android.
    Thing is, if I enable this pack on my general settings will I be able to see this? Or will I need to install it on the server’s map in order to make it work?
    Since the shader is made for windows 10, she won’t be able to see it, so I don’t want to overload the server with more resource packs than it already has.

    Anyways, this looks amazing, and I can’t wait for the shaders to work 😀 <3

    • It should work fine unless you have a resource pack on the server with shader files that overlap the one in the fishy wonderful shader which is unlikely but if you want to make sure just put the shader at the top of the other resource packs(if you have others on that is)

  72. Guest-5483350174 says:

    Everything is invisible, pls fix it

  73. Guest-2654401968 says:

    How would I disable the waving grass? The way the feature is done is bizaar. The grass’ movement speed correlates to my characters and Its annoying.

  74. Guest-6644280896 says:

    add wavy water

  75. Guest-5986654563 says:


  76. Guest-8986942630 says:

    Were almost close to the 4.0 boys!!

  77. Guest-8130512948 says:

    when it is night armor stands and what is equipped to them don’t loose colour

  78. Guest-5629066736 says:

    This shader is great!
    when i walk the leave animation speeds up, could you please fix this

  79. Mr Caterson says:

    For everyone asking for the light to be fixed it’s currently being fixed along with other improvements

  80. Guest-1863362714 says:

    Do these shaders work on Windows 10?

  81. Guest-2951426420 says:

    I have this installed on Xbox and it shows up under my resource packs, but when I click on it, the world doesn’t change (there’s no shaders).. R.I.P.

  82. Guest-4098875081 says:

    i think the shaders are perfect on dark places and night time. but during daytime i find the light a little bit too harsh :<

    itd be great if you can try and improve on those things and i knw you can 🙂

    i just find day time really harsh. Like, dawn feels like noon and i find it kinda bluish as well.

    improvements on shadows will be great tooooo

    other than those things i think it's perfect <3

  83. Guest-3211695021 says:

    Just a stupid copy of our shader, “faithful” first day it was closer, anyway you changed it a lot, nights are still black and white LMAO, thats where I found out

    • Mr Caterson says:

      Idk what you mean and what that shader is but it’s still an amazing shader If I were able to see it I could compare it and another thing the monochromatic effect is there idk why but it’s best not to say it’s a CoPy Of OuR sHaDeR when they have a low chance of knowing about it and all the coding in here is very much made by him

    • Faithful is a texture pack not a shader

  84. Guest-9265320143 says:

    i dont understand the gear settings, can you make it like an on/off switches instead?

  85. Guest-9018705835 says:

    Hey Mr Fishy,

    Been using your shader in 2020 and its the best one for windows 10! thank you and great work.

    Could I please ask that the default version doesn’t have those new customised torches? The ones with the weird pixel fire? It’s distracting and I think that maybe you should have a version of the shader with that stuff, and a default one that’s true to original MC. Thanks!

  86. DaFragileTomato says:

    What math did you use to make this?

  87. Guest-1536963597 says:

    Does anyone have the 2.5 link or download?

  88. Mates293 says:

    Very beautiful shader! Only thing i hate about it is that it is VERY VERY bright outside, it kills my eyes, even when i turn down my brightness.

  89. Guest-4479963400 says:

    which brings back or changes the 3.9

  90. Guest-7119895831 says:

    is the nether supposed to be almost pitch black?

  91. Guest-3479012303 says:

    Why are all my blocks transparent?

  92. Guest-1635675846 says:

    I love it its amazing and everything amazing, but i think you should do something with the water like ESBE shaders. If its already added i dont know i didn’t download latest but i think it is amazing!!

  93. Hermit says:

    hello MrFishyGotFacts,
    I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your shader in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  94. Guest-1891970887 says:

    What math’s did you use to make this shader, also for the block shadow angles try using trigonometry.

  95. Guest-8785696802 says:

    bro I love this shaders it is the best one seen in terms of lighting, color, shadows and performance… but could you fix the bug in the nether in which it is seen that all the blocks move like the leaves … please fix it. .. very good shader.

  96. rubendiegoeluri says:

    This don’t work on Minecraft Xbox 1.16 I did exactly what you said and it didn’t even work!

  97. Guest-6904980158 says:

    will version 4 have xbox support

  98. Zach Marc says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said 3.9 was a big update… oml

  99. Guest-4562347748 says:

    It says pack import failed i have latest version doing the best way to put the pack in my mcpe

  100. Guest-1294323346 says:

    Does it have block shadows depending on angle of the sun/light source?

  101. Guest-6617589525 says:

    This gonna be supported for Xbox or wut

  102. Guest-9701923635 says:

    Not sure if i’m the only one but there still seems to be the big lighting bugs when going from biome to biome in the nether

  103. Guest-9202273358 says:

    Minecraft 1.16 came out just a couple of days ago, which means that renderdragon is out for all devices. So does that mean you’ll be updating this pack soon or something? Thanks.

  104. Guest-2487022888 says:

    Does this 1,16 shader work for Xbox 1.16. I just want to know

  105. Guest-3834942399 says:

    does it work for xbox if not well will it not to be rude

  106. Guest-5965515295 says:

    There is a really big lighting bug when traveling through different biomes in the nether. (This is 1.16)

  107. joe847802 says:

    wait, does that mean it can finally work on switch too?

  108. Guest-2783580800 says:

    You should probably tone down the color of the leaves it is way too bright it doesnt match the shader very well

  109. Dream lestre says:

    Wow,2080super,it’s so cool

  110. mnwilliamn says:

    Some of the animations look really cool. But I give it 3 stars because of how bright it is.

  111. Guest-4985467695 says:

    Looks amazing and runs great other shaders lag for me. If its to bright try adjusting the in game brightness and your phone brightness till its good. The only thing ive see that off is torches wave but it does seem nice still since the fire moves too.

  112. MADNESSman2411 says:

    Wait so will it finally work on Xbox?

  113. Guest-9746624907 says:

    Hey where is v3.0? That was the best looking one new ver textures is so nuked

  114. Guest-4024956912 says:

    Hey Mr. Fishy, I noticed in the screen shots you’re playing in the beta version of Minecraft, I was just wondering if it works better in the new version than older versions of Minecraft. As some people in the comments say it isn’t working for them. If you could let me know that would be awesome so I could update my Minecraft and enjoy your shader.

  115. Guest-5383615920 says:

    So what I’ve noticed when using this shader is that when a slab is placed it becomes dark, I honestly don’t know if this is a bug or if it is meant to be like this but its what I’ve noticed also it is quite bright lol but that’s not really an issue. other than that the shader is great and fun to have on when playing survival. It’s a great piece of work and can’t wait to see the progress on it.

  116. Guest-4588551593 says:

    hi will version 4 work for xbox one

  117. luckydev says:

    The Shaders Only setting doesn’t work (iOS mcpe)

  118. BucketMC says:

    Help!!!! What are these textures????????

  119. luckydev says:

    Any chance you’ll add 16×16 textures support? the lighting is awesome its just that 64x textures don’t look good on iOS mobile devices

  120. Guest-5256159179 says:

    Lol just waiting here for the version 4 for android lmao

  121. Guest-2544100497 says:

    What happened to this shaders? The last (and the best) version was the 3.1. Now, the 3.7 version looks ugly and overwrite my main textures and make looks like the RTX version, on mobile. I’m going to stay on the 3.1, because looks much better and I feel they are the best shaders across Minecraft. This is to sad :/

  122. Guest-9296581147 says:

    this is one of the two shaders (this and energy shader) that actually looks good.

  123. Guest-4724439925 says:

    I tried out the shader on windows 10 but the textures look like it was made for rtx and makes it look weird and Rashed

  124. Finn MrX says:

    Hey the shaders is good. But why the shadow color is blue?

  125. Guest-3043732632 says:

    I don’t have the shadows and the light is not like on the photo is it normal I am on xbox one s ?

  126. If possible, soon, make this Shader that has every feature from your Windows 10 Edition Wonderful Shader. What I’m saying is, if possible, have all the features shown in the pictures that were from your original Windows 10 Edition Wonderful Shaders added to the mobile and console device version of this Shaders. Make sense? Well, get on with it.

  127. Guest-5476718589 says:

    The shader won’t load but the textures will. I’m on iPad 6th gen. Why is this happening?

  128. Guest-3896164984 says:

    the textures and saturation make it look so gross.

  129. Guest-7442760794 says:

    Did you make this yourself? Because in the sun_moon.fragment.hlsl file, it has Pio Shaders inside the extracted file in notepad…

    • Mr Caterson says:

      He did make everything himself but the pio thing was because he borrowed the sun flare from piodiamond and he decided to remove it because he didn’t want to use something that wasn’t his

  130. Guest-5626881960 says:

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but it looks strange. Is it not working for me or is the shader like that? I’m using iPhone 8 btw.

  131. Guest-9679294588 says:

    Mr. Fishy whats the code that makes the trees wavy there annoying and I need them gone.

  132. Guest-8081773903 says:

    It doesn’t work for me on iPad 6th gen. Is there a problem with the code and, if so, can I delete it from the file?

  133. Guest-9409858096 says:

    Hey Mr. Fishy.
    I loved all of you shader version accept the new ones since onion.
    Sure its you shader and if you like the textures keep it. but i used the older versions of your shader because it makes cool light and not because there is … this… textures… idk i dont like it anymore but thx for the good 2.0 version! <3

  134. Guest-9388406451 says:

    can you please fix the sands,white concrete,and the quartz brightness? because thats the only problem in your shaders so far an the water also

  135. Hey man! This looks great! Could you make a shader that makes Minecraft much darker? I’m talking constant clouds smothering the sky, daytime is much darker, and night time is nearly pitch black. I really want to have a dark and gritty playthrough using the Unofficial Hard Mode Overhaul and Parallax Sounds.

  136. Guest-3830501423 says:

    On this update even at 50% brightness in sand regions with lots of torches its brightness is way way too high. Its like staring at the sun.

    • Guest-4577596073 says:

      I was told on twitter that the best brightness for this shader is 15 but even the sand is still bright but I can’t help

      • Guest-7724161811 says:

        Well if we are having to turn the brightness down so low just for it to be semi acceptable but still wrong, this indicates a problem and something not normal.

  137. Guest-9643860125 says:

    Thank you for this good shader 🙂

  138. Guest-4115229972 says:

    I loved the sunlight ray of the previous version put it again please, ande delete the textures

    Could yo do it?

  139. REDUCE THE RED COLOR OF TORCHES, It is too red. Please add more green and blue. Make it a bit closer to white/yellow

  140. Guest-9779065140 says:

    These shaders are so cool, but I have a question, Can I modify the texture of the blocks only for own use? Thank you in advance.

  141. Guest-2068414127 says:

    In 3.5 It’s a still isn’t compatible for mobile devices, but in windows 10 it’s looks good.

  142. Guest-2278724628 says:

    🙁 I need help so this doesn’t work for me it says can’t find file or no ID

  143. Guest-1646809863 says:

    Your shader is not working in my Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. It looks like the shader is not working and it shows the default texture pack of Minecraft 1.16.

  144. Kristizzz says:

    Very good but desert looks wayyy too bright

  145. Guest-6620235281 says:

    I don’t know if only my device is happening like this … the firmware can’t render, even though I have to wait it for anything, nothing appears.

  146. Guest-2452624082 says:

    Not really a fan of how long it takes for this to download. Other than that; this pack is pretty kewl!

  147. Guest-3341564949 says:

    This shader doesn’t work on IPhone 6 Plus

  148. Guest-3254247282 says:

    Good but holy wavy leaves they are fast

  149. Guest-2641035074 says:

    When will Xbox be supported?

  150. Quick Announcement: Version 2.5 is leaving the links so save the link or download 2.5 while you can if you want 2.5!

  151. Guest-3818358686 says:

    Hey, slabs and stairs are broken on windows 10. They don’t give a shaddow. And the water is invisible.

  152. Guest-2650157129 says:

    very good shader thats all I can say

  153. Guest-2000889415 says:

    Why is the blocks invisible… Is it because my phone isn’t compatible or something

  154. Guest-1075017920 says:

    This looks absolutely incredible! Do you have a planned release date for 4.0?

  155. Ironcraft says:

    For some reason ver 3.1 didn’t work for me. Will try another version

  156. Guest-5080923197 says:

    clouds are buggy on win10 edition

    • Guest-1638812903 says:

      yeah, the clouds are just normal vanilla clouds with black squares on them. How do I fix them? Other than that I absolutely love the shader

  157. Guest-9654570421 says:

    Hey Mr.fishy the shader doesn’t work

  158. Guest-1743482380 says:

    da erro toda vez que instalo
    falha ao importar

  159. Guest-2801288434 says:

    honestly the onions are stupid but Amazing shader

  160. Guest-7781088927 says:

    How do you make it not burn my eyes when i look at sand

  161. Guest-2913311799 says:

    it dont work on me at all everythings just normal

    the things that only changed is shadow water.

    sky changed but its not what the pics show.

    i dunno ive downloaded some other versions but still the same outcome

    can ya help me out? that’d be great.?

  162. Guest-2225912883 says:

    Haha onion goes onyo

    (Just search for “Onion” in Youtube if you don’t know what I mean)

  163. Anonymous says:

    Shader is pretty good. But why EVERYTHING is black and white in night? please remove it. also:
    lower the RED from torches. they are too red. RED. these 2 need to be fixed then it would be alright

  164. Guest-9973295859 says:

    Gimme that onion

  165. MrFishy? Do you mind removing the onion Sun and onion Moon in the future update after RenderDragon is added to mobile and console?

  166. Guest-1071467367 says:

    Wath is the versión for android

  167. Guest-5188205234 says:

    How make a shader on Mobile?

  168. Guest-8997103990 says:

    (ihategravel, the sign in system isnt working for comments)


  169. Guest-7052687263 says:

    Im using it on mobile and its working fine.

  170. UphillBucket687 says:

    can yo ulet the shadows move with the sun like in java?

  171. Guest-6548680906 says:

    Hey do you have discord (SERVER) ?

  172. lXxChrisxxl0 says:

    I have tried your shaders, looks too nice :000
    I like how it looks the brightness but I feel that in some cases it is too yellow for some objects that emanate light, for example the sealantern, Endrod, things that by the type of light that it emanates that are not like by fire, they are too yellow and in my opinion would be awesome if some light objects like I have said before could me neutral/white light (if its possible).
    If I see something weird related with the shader, I will notify it xD

    Nice work!!

  173. Guest-5782400864 says:

    When are fixing the bugs and lighting issues, and also, why is the glowstone so pixely.

    • Mr Caterson says:

      The glowstone is pixely because he took it from his suprecuracraft texture pack made too look like an in depth version of blocks the bugs and issues will be on 4.0

  174. Guest-4652800846 says:

    just so you know this isnt tagged as a shader

  175. Guest-5017381456 says:

    I dont like how grey anything not lit up is.

  176. There’s a Parallax Shader that has the same (maybe) coding! Why isn’t this possible?! Two stars for Shaders exclusive to Windows 10 Edition! 🙁

  177. Guest-7604851735 says:

    can you make the shadows move with the sun?

  178. UphillBucket687 says:

    Can you make it a bit darker?

  179. Guest-2499896582 says:

    The shader is great but the only problem is the Nether is too dark!

  180. Guest-2583500970 says:

    Pretty good!

  181. Guest-5476144831 says:

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Decrease the brightness?????

  182. Guest-4201848253 says:

    I keep downloading the shader but it just downloads as a zip and not an mpack. I look the the zip and can’t find the mpack too

  183. Guest-7032802786 says:

    Is this mcpe usable?

  184. Guest-3619037644 says:

    Is this mcpe usable?

  185. Guest-1987693818 says:

    How do i put it on Mcpe when its on a .zip file???

  186. Guest-5692026434 says:

    Hello! I love the old Version of your shader ist wonderfull and i cant get enough from it. but, i have a Problem with the 3.0 Version 🙁 I am playin on windows10 Edition and if i launch a world with the shader 3.0 Version, it seems like i am stuck in the void…
    Minecraft Version: 1.14.60
    Thanks for help <3

  187. Go check out SuprecuraCraft, my new texture pack

  188. Guest-4548529196 says:

    bugs (possibly): blue tint in day, wrong shading for mobs, sky spins too fast, sun/moon textures don’t show, water is grey far away at night but blue up close, leave shake faster as you move faster.
    these may be because I’m in the wrong version (1.14)
    suggestions: get a better glowstone texture, add waves

  189. Guest-7893349579 says:

    for a personal use only pack. I was wondering if I could use the code for the lens flare. thanks

  190. Guest-9917726452 says:

    Does it work for consoles???

  191. Guest-6078745016 says:

    I love it, but version 3.0 doesn’t work well on my PC, the default 3D clouds have black parts and some mob textures get corrupted

  192. Guest-7194611101 says:

    Awesome job dude. Really like it!

  193. Guest-5058136608 says:

    This shader doesn’t work at all.

  194. Amaru_chan says:

    Where is the old version? I need it.

  195. awsome229 says:

    I just downloadee the 3.0 version, it is one of the best shaders I have seen! But I can’t see the sun or the lens flare, can you help?

  196. MrFazCraft says:

    Hello, I love your shader, the shading is very original and the daytime cycle is very pleasant. I would like the day not to be so saturated and a little darker since that would give a more realistic appearance, and I have found a failure in the transfer of biome in the nether since it makes a sudden change in its lighting and that spoils the experience of this great shader.
    I love it, keep it up !!! <3

  197. Guest-4713086813 says:

    Hello, I love your shader, the shading is very original and the daytime cycle is very pleasant. I would like the day not to be so saturated and a little darker since that would give a more realistic appearance, and I have found a failure in the transfer of biome in the nether since it makes a sudden change in its lighting and that spoils the experience of this great shader.
    I love it, keep it up !!! <3

  198. Guest-8175703358 says:

    you should try to release it asap if you know anyone with render dragon on win 10 so xbox players can download it before the latest download method gets patched

  199. Guest-4593437639 says:

    Incredible shaderpack. Will you add shadows for the mobs?

  200. Guest-6472475073 says:

    Can this work on xbox? If not whats a good shader for xbox

  201. Guest-4762670070 says:

    i like it so much but can you add shadows for mobs

  202. Please fix:
    Very red lightning from torches and other light sources. – when moving fast. leaves move faster! – lightning looks bad in some places [I have a shader showcase map] – MOST IMPORTANT: Everything is black and white in night!! fix it

    • I’m restarting the shader from scratch in 4.0

      • Guest-4040693269 says:

        This shader has so much potential. I love how the player has a shadow I don’t mind that it’s only in one direction though, I understand how hard it is to do that. I do have some recommendations though, first is how the surrounding area lights up even when I don’t have a torch on me. Second, the water is way too clear (in my opinion). And it could use some shadows, nothing over the top but I do want to see some shadowing under trees and walls.

  203. Guest-5189890340 says:

    is the water even got a new texture it just looks like vanilla water

  204. Oh yeah I forgot to thank PioShader for letting me use the Lens Flare 😛

  205. Guest-9289904131 says:

    Are we cameras? Why do we need lens flare? Why is the moon giving lens flare? Water is too transparent. Days are too bright. Night is so grey. Only positive is the colors of the sky.

  206. Guest-5162864129 says:

    Dont stop making this better

  207. Guest-2369138042 says:

    Yo when is version 4 gonna come this month or nah

  208. kadvaru says:

    what i said in 2019 still stands, the shader is extremely bright and im not a fan of the blue tint, if it wasnt for this then it honestly would be an alright shader. i do quite like the lens flare tho, not sure if i’ve ever seen this done on a bedrock shader before

  209. Guest-6336707466 says:

    When is the 4.0 version coming (this month?)

  210. Guest-5998053910 says:

    Thx my guy because upload this addon it was very relistic on window 10 i already tried it!!!its amazing and btw you say want to make Ray tracing on Mcpe i cantwait!!!please make Ray tracing as fast as you can i cant wait:D!!!!!

  211. Guest-1943225483 says:

    When will it work on xbox

  212. Guest-2151219850 says:

    i have some ideas for this shader. when it rains the leaves move fast. changing the sun and moon texture. i havent tested this shader so im not sure about what it is. i just thought. make the clouds move. 🙂

  213. Jetman7102 says:

    Does this work on ios?

    Whenever i use it my world refuses to show any textures thus all i see is the void PLEASE HELP!


  214. The 3.0 update should be coming in the next couple of hours

  215. Guest-4441798152 says:

    How do you get the raytracing pack?

  216. Guest-5860346893 says:

    Please do not install this shader pack if you love your game. I installed it and it destroyed my whole game. And even when I deleted it, i couldn’t fix it. My game just keeps on crashing even when I use the default Minecraft texture pack. It just basically destroyed the whole game and I did everything I could to fix it but I couldn’t. Please do not Install it, or else, your game will be destroyed.

  217. Guest-3180891254 says:

    Is the brightness of day also change

  218. Guest-3719790493 says:

    Hi will the version 4 work with xbox

  219. Guest-9799225997 says:

    I’m trying to run the shaders and my game keeps crashing? I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, in case you were wondering, so no, it is not, “weak,” like you told someone.

  220. Guest-7334431108 says:

    I love this shader though can you change the night because it is very bland in grey, can you put like a more bluish, brightish sky and the moon to glow more immersive so the night looks much better. Just a suggestion to make the night better.

  221. Guest-4558871437 says:

    You should make a version that is much more vibrant like Sildurs Vibrant on Java 😛

  222. Guest-3662638251 says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR YOUR DEVICE WILL CRASHED. cause it happend to my friends and me.

  223. David666 says:

    Why doesn’t it work if I install it?

  224. your friendly neighborhood minecrafter says:

    This shader is the best by far and I’m so excited to see the future of this shader! Love your work man! Please continue this for renderdragon because my 1050 ti cant run the official shaders…I don’t have the money for a 2060 ti.
    Your friendly neighborhood minecrafter

    • Thanks for the support 🙂 and don’t worry I’m still continuing development for as long as possible

      • your friendly neighborhood minecrafter says:

        Hey Mr.fishy, Do you plan to make your shader only for high-end GPUs? ‘Cause I really need a shader that works on a gtx 1050. I really don’t have the money to get an RTX GPU although they are so amazing I just can’t because I’m not even old enough to get a job yet…

  225. Guest-4782830953 says:

    Yo I don’t want to be rude but do you think the shaders that will work on Xbox will be out next month

  226. Guest-4906154121 says:

    How can i get this to work on xbox if it is possible?

    • After they added the renderdragon 99% of shaders that supported xbox stopped working I heard that some still work but this sadly isn’t one of them however I am developing a shader that works with all devices and will have look much more realistic

  227. Guest-5740387601 says:

    anyone else waiting for moving water

  228. Insanity Musically says:

    Does this works on Kindle Fire 7?

  229. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Al parecer no es compatible con texturas…lo pongo a mero arriba pero nada, puedes ayudarme???

    apparently it does not support textures, I put it up to the top but nothing, can you help me ??

  230. Guest-2430037845 says:

    Can you still use this without going to the rtx maps? or without an Rtx card at all?

    • You can use this on a low end device with an ok gpu my old GT1030 could get a locked 60FPS easy idk bout the new version I will be releasing supporting the renderdragon because it will have much more intense effects but I’ll add the little gear that’ll let you turn them off or make them less heavy on your gpu

  231. CaptainStoopid says:

    When enabling the pack on to my world, it corrupted the save and I lost everything on the world. Please help

  232. Guest-3400652254 says:

    I’m on Xbox and I have it in my download file but I cant export the Shader to my Minecraft. How do I do this?

  233. Why is this Shader not supportive for Android devices?? When I enable the Shader (“Huge size decrease” version), the Shader barely even did any changes! I’m so mad right now!!! One star for this Shader!

  234. BonnieEXE says:

    Yo, Mr Fishy, where’s your ray traced Shaders you posted to mcpedl? Why did you remove it?

    • They weren’t actually ray traced they were a sham to hop on the rtx train but most other people who made shaders didn’t appreciate misleading content so I had it removed and wiped from the internet as fast as possible and from when I checked before it was removed from mediafire it had 5 downloads so only 5 people have the actual shader but if you find it floating around the internet know it isn’t me who put it back up

  235. Guest-5850777316 says:

    When will a version be made to support xbox fully? When do you predict a release for that fix?

  236. My Twitter is @are_onions for more updates on this and my other shader coming very very soon that makes the blocks that emit light get put through a ray tracer coded and built in c++.
    Every 2 hours I upload an image showing an alpha build but after this next image I’m going to bed I’m tired

  237. Guest-1765389724 says:

    With Render Dragon would you be able to make reflections of water?

  238. Guest-6750706674 says:

    Nice Shader. Is there a link for 3.0 Preview Versions? This page seems to be updated, but no new files to download.

  239. americamx says:

    Can you make a version where there isn’t a realistic sky, please? Love the shader!

  240. MrCamper1999 says:

    i wish u could make a lite version of this shader for window10 in witch the leaves dont move that will reduce a lot of lag i just want a shader with shadows and some light thats all but all the shaders have this leave thong and some have water effect

  241. JKACrazy says:

    Just don’t get this the guy obviously didn’t care about us so just don’t get it waste of my storage

  242. Guest-7031556740 says:

    Can’t see any blocks…beautiful sky though!

  243. Guest-4227997012 says:

    If this isn’t for mobile, why is it under MINECRAFT PE TEXTURE PACKS?

  244. Guest-4973147106 says:

    When you run, the swing of leaves and water is accelerated by 2.0 and 2.1. Fix this bug.

  245. Guest-9049362809 says:

    Hello there. I just started playing Minecraft today so I’m not completely sure how things work. I put your shader in the resources_pack folder and activated it inside the game, as the tutorial says. But when I enter my world everything is transparent and all I can see are some floating monsters in the distance. I’m currently on version 1.14.30, is that an issue? Can you help me figure out whats going wrong please?

  246. Guest-4372176643 says:

    How to fix when i use it nothing happend nothing changed…..i tried i redownload it and still the same it dosent work for me…

    • Guest-8188400269 says:

      You have to modify the manifest’s uuid of the mcpack to another value if that happens. It’s been there for a long time. Nothing anybody can do about fixing it, because in the end it might happen again elsewhere.

  247. Guest-3976816507 says:

    Been using this shaders for my own builds and I have to say it is one of the best shaders around if your looking for a cozy warm shaders for rustic builds. The only thing I’d say is the brightness of bright colored blocks (sand, quartz) under sunlight is a tad too bright. Overall great shaders

  248. Guest-5922652450 says:

    the renderdragon thing is on mobile though in their changelog and in the mcpe file just saying, hoping you could make it possible hihihi

  249. MasterofMCPEYT says:

    Very Nice Shader! But does it work on MCPE (Android) 1.14.30?

  250. Guest-4396792596 says:

    Which one should I download? And is this for mobile?

  251. americamx says:

    Please please pleaseeee add an option to take away the realistic sky!

  252. Guest-2849779793 says:

    Could you make the shadows go in different directions when the sun is moving

  253. Guest-5795529489 says:

    is it free

  254. Guest-7842854497 says:

    When the render dragon comes to the console will the shaders work?

  255. Guest-4882604896 says:

    also slabs are too dark

  256. Guest-9747506750 says:

    very good but please make stairs cast shadows

  257. Guest-6750977385 says:

    Does it lag? 4gb ram octa core 2.0 gHz?

  258. Guest-9185777739 says:

    this looks so good me and my friend really enjoy it. but one thing, can you please make the water move this would be a even better shader with moving water its so good as is but would just be better with that little detail. nlsvnkdzjng

  259. Guest-9185777739 says:

    this looks so good me and my friend really enjoy it. but one thing, can you please make the water move this would be a even better shader with moving water its so good as is but would just be better with that little detail.

  260. Voidsshadow says:

    Looks great, but has some strange issues. Why does this overwrite sounds if it’s only supposed to affect the skybox cubemap, the celestial objects, particles, and the shader pipeline?

  261. MrCamper1999 says:

    can u plz tell me whats the different between updated version 2 and 1 and why its 50 mb pack can u not remove the textuerpack form the shader ? and thankyou

  262. Rainbones says:

    Thanks I h8t the Fortnite Sounds.
    Can you make one without those?

  263. Anonymous says:

    Looks good but it does not do the shading parts the only thing that changes is sky

  264. man with a huge lava lamp says:

    I love the shader, it makes the game truly beautiful. The only thing I would ask for is for the brightness in the daytime to be lower. If I turn down the general brightness, it makes it super dark at night, which is less than ideal. Thats really the only problem I have. Thank you dude!

  265. Mr Caterson says:

    Am I the only one with the glitch that i download it and minecraft says it’s a duplicated pack and i dont have it

  266. Anonymous says:

    Hey! The shader is really nice, I love the shadows, but the brightness it really too much imo. When it’s night, everything becomes monochromatic. I’d suggest to add a little more color during night. I give you 3 stars because of these 2 problems. Otherwise, good job!

  267. MrFishyFAN9000 says:

    Thanks For this The Shader Part May not work(android) But I’m loving those cloud textures gonna use em withe moving cubemap shader

  268. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get this shader to work in my minecraft pocket edition.. I am using Android. Is there any other way I can get this to work?

  269. Morgan says:

    Hay by any chances is there a way where you can upgrade a couple things like the brightness I mean it’s suppose to realistic but the brightness is too much even with gamma down if you can make it like I say somewhat low but not to low cause that will throw the intire shader away and another thing is there any other devices you will make this compatible on. also last thing most likely this wont happen even with other shader’s mainly the console ……..Ps4 …Ok you may not play ps4 or you didn’t read the update news bedrock has been bonded with ps4 edition, NOW it’s possible to uses mods. I know this cause cause I did try it today or whenever you read this, If one day you can and or any other mod/shader creators can make ps4 or at time when Ps5 comes around you and or other creators can make compatible reason I said this and you wont make it cause it’s HLSL one day if you can make it compatible if it is possible With this shader or a sepprate shader. what I am trying to say this is a good shader mod or addon how ever peole like to call it. it’s amazing I like that my computer is old and all and has barly any space left it runs like this is a new computer it’s amazing that’s all I can say but mainly I want you to reply about the ps4 thing and the brightness if you can do any of this thank you pieace.

  270. Gr8Begins says:

    7/10 shader! cons: a little too bright and i cant see underwater

  271. Arguably the most cohesive and impressive shader currently available on Bedrock Edition. I’ve encountered a couple minor issues, but nothing gamebreaking, or that couldn’t be easily overlooked.

    10/10. Quality shader and I look forward to more stuff from you in the future!

  272. Anonymous says:

    Very bad. If I want to use it with another texture pack (e.g. Bare Bones) It will just bring back the default texture. If I put it lower than the texture, it just won’t work.

    • PIXEL says:

      That’s Minecrafts problem not theirs, they cant fix that

      • Mr Krumbs says:

        Uh no that is wrong. The pack apparently has all the default textures and unnecessary stuff within itself. I have to edit it myself to get it working with other packs. Anonymous is completely right about it.

        • Mr Krumbs says:

          Except that you can put the texture pack higher than the shader if you want it to “work”. You might have unappetizing changes that the top one does not change. For me the slow loading is annoying just enough for me to edit it.

  273. Love this awesome shader says:

    OMG! great shader! only the leaves are a bit glitching, so are some of the plants and some of the crops. Make the nether brighter and this shader will be the best! Other than that, Great shader! I love the shadows! Would be even better if ya modify the water!

  274. Mingan says:

    Hey there is a lighting glitch with the slabs and some transparent blocks. I was wondering to see if you could fix these lighting glitch that causes them to look dark in the daylight. It works fine at night or in dark environments though.

  275. iOS user says:

    I’m on iOS and on the latest update: 1.14, I’m currently using the iPhone 8 plus and I only see the clouds without any shadows

  276. XoilioX says:

    Can you release a ZIP version?

  277. ThatRedDragonBoi says:

    Is this available for Low end Devices???

  278. ExplodingFear says:

    Eh The clouds and sun are different but theres no shader please fix this im playing with my IOS

  279. I will eventually fix all the issues that are present with this pack but not until the Render dragon releases on windows 10

  280. This is my name says:

    Hi I wanted to report a issue when I activate the shader to my world it doesn’t change anything it’s vanilla minecraft the sun and the clouds are the same, Altho once I activate the shader to my global recourses and my packs it does change only one thing the sun and clouds nothing else pls help with this issue am running an Android device too

  281. Sasha golodnuk says:

    Please make a cloud that shimmers and not stick out and is not realistic; just cloud texture; make cloud codes !!! ?

  282. The Budds says:

    First off I like to say thank you for an awesome shader to use while I play minecraft in VR, second it was a good laugh to figure out after you already talked about stairs and slabs lol.

    Can’t wait to see your updates.

  283. big says:

    yo this is a great shader, the only thing i dont like is the leaves when u run, because they move really fast you could just turn this into the best shader ever.

  284. big says:

    yo this is a great shader, the only thing i dont like is the leaves when u run, because they move really fast

  285. Supernova says:

    This is a great shader mod, the only thing that I would be critical of is how bright the shader becomes at daytime. The sand is completely washed out white. I know render dragon will soon be coming to windows 10, but for time being it would be good to lower the brightness if possible. But overall, great shader pack! Thanks!

  286. Epic gamer says:

    When will it be added to Android devices btw am running a 3GB ram device will it have lag or issues?

  287. Epic gamer says:

    It doesn’t work when I active it to my world pls help? Am on the latest version of minecraft

  288. FlashyGuitar603 says:

    Let me guess, with the new Render Dragon system in minecraft bedrock no shader works anymore, do they? ‘Cuz no shader I tryed after 1.12 works anymore.

  289. MrCamer1999 says:

    everthing looks clean just one problem in neather its very fark even if u place a torch u can only see like 8 blocks then its dark is it ment to be like this or its a buy? personaly i hope its a bug

  290. MrCamer1999 says:

    the shader is really nice but it comes with a texturepack man i wanna use my own texturepack 🙁

  291. Firelightning88 says:

    I REALLY hope it’s compatble on xbox. Render dragon must’ve ruined all other shaders

  292. Swishu says:

    I downloaded it but it just won’t work for iOS for me I don’t know how to put it on Minecraft.

  293. Johel says:

    No funciona en mi dispositivo tengo un pocophone f1

  294. If you have any major bugs don’t be afraid to reply them to this comment to improve this pack

  295. William Williams says:

    I find this shader very impressive on a technical level, in my opinion the GI effect would be amazing in a more subtle shader without the other effects. But other wise great work 😀

  296. Leo says:

    hey, how do i install this shader on ps4 minecraft?

  297. kadvaru says:

    its ok, but personally i wouldn’t use it. it’s far too overexposed and the blue tint is too powerful in my opinion

  298. MrCamer1999 says:

    i wanted ss10 to be updted cuz other shaders like parlax ald all thats lags whne i trust on skys but lets see how this shader is for windows 10 hope this be my fav

  299. Henjha says:

    Really awesome man! Love the details, still a few bugs tho…

  300. Anonymous says:

    Also why is a shader 50 mb?

  301. Anonymous says:

    When will it be available on android?

  302. GHDaddy007 says:

    Looks dope as hell!! However there’s still some glitches, lights don’t shine so well in dark rooms and light still phases through blocks such as stairs and slabs, as well as random shadows being cast on slabs and stairs. Other than that, looks fantastic and I will be following this project!

  303. JayFilmsYT says:

    This looks very cool. I might try it out.

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