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Published on April 09, 2021 (Updated on April 28, 2021)

Mr. Green's World

Welcome guys! This is my very own survival world that I have been working on and playing in virtually every day for over a year! This world is packed full of farms and supplies all over the place. Almost every build I have ever done in a survival setting is in this world! Achievements are of course enabled!

THIS WORLD IS HUGE! This is my very own survival world guys! I started this world over a year ago when my previous long term survival world was destroyed due to a power outage during the save process. There is pretty much every kind of farm you could ever imagine included inside. My main house (picture below) is a spruce and dark oak modern style cabin build.

Downstairs inside my main house is where I have my main storage room. I recently emptied a lot of this out as we have begun a move to a new area on a Mooshroom Island(accessible through the nether HUB).

The main spawn house is a colorful quartz cube house. You will spawn on the top floor(Green cube)

The Nether Hub (accessible through the portal in picture below) can take you to several different farms as well as the "peaceful zone" which is a Mooshroom island with all the mycelium converted to grass. 

There is and underwater house!

So many builds al over the place!

The Nether Hub and all the hallways are completely spawn proof and has many linking hallways to take you to various farms all over the world, the furthest hallway will take you over 6000 blocks in the overworld!

-Farms In This World-

  • Iron
  • Gold W/ Sorting System
  • Creeper (partially broken)
  • Witch W/ Sorting System
  • Raid W/ Sorting System
  • Guardian W/ Sorting System
  • Blaze (automatic and manual)
  • Wither Skeleton W/ Sorting System
  • Piglin Trading Room W/ Sorting System
  • Wither (End Dimension)
  • Pumpkin (209)
  • Melon (99)
  • Villager Trading Halls (Emeralds)
  • Villager Breeders
  • Wheat
  • Wool
  • Nether Wart
  • Giant Smelting Machine
  • Probably more

-Other Features-

  • Nether Brick mansion in overworld with a 211 item automatic sorting system.
  • Multiple move in ready homes
  • Achievements enabled
  • Floating house in the End Dimension
  • Crying obsidian End Pillars (80% complete)
  • Treasure Island
  • Massive wooden ship (2)
  • Huge spawn proof Nether Hub and linking hallway system (this took forever)
  • Panda House
  • Luxury Yacht
  • Concrete storage and crafting house
  • Cliffside Castle build (70% complete)
  • Bank with Gold, Diamonds, Iron, Totems, and Emeralds stored inside
  • Enchanting house
  • Underwater house
  • Fox statue/storage room in spruce mountain
  • Just so much more I can't even tell you, go explore everywhere. You might find some stuff even I forgot about.


Achievements are enabled!


You may share this map with anyone for any non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this map that I am given credit as the creator. If you would like to tour this world for a video I have no problem with that just please let me know!


If you would like to help fund map creation you can donate to me at - 

all donations are deeply appreciated!


Follow on Twitter @ Mr_Green_Games for updates about maps and future content ideas.

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Added video of the world tour to description of the world.

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4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
1 i dont know if its just me but the wither skeleton sorting system is broken can you please let me know how to fix it
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were is spruce mountain and were is thrasher island
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Can you write down where all things is like " Iron farm : 83 58 -421 "
then it will be less confusing
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This is an awesome world thanks for letting me download and play around on it.
and could you maybe make like a horror map or something?
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In the future I for sure want to make something spooky. Been swamped with work lately with the new addon release. Hopefully soon. Thanks for the comment!
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the map looks very cool but but but how is it installed
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Click the download and it should import to Minecraft automatically.
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I love your worlds dude.
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Where is iron farm and xp farm
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The iron farm is actually on the giant floor map near the main nether portal, but visually if you see the giant jack o lantern it's just across the water from there on a small island.
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If you still can't find it let me know and ill get the coordinates for you.
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The "XP Farm" is a furnace XP system neat the ocean. The furnaces have a comparator lock on the back to keep the XP inside the furnace. All you need to do is cook a few things in the furnace or smoker by the ocean and then remove the cooked items. Every time you remove items it will give you XP.
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Just started checking it out. It looks really nice.
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Sry bad grammar
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Why People Ignore Your world It's Super Good Master Piece I Think It's Road To FAME OF YOUR WORLDS :))))))))🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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Epic Nice Editing and I appreciate it :) ★★★★★ This is master piece
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If you have an xbox, can we play together someday, my user is KJambabyging
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