Mr Hopp’s Playhouse [Addon]

Ever wanted to have your favourite plush rabbit Mr Hopp? Well now you can have it in Minecraft with this addon Mr Hopp will hunt down any player with his scary music box! 

Mr Hopp’s Play house is a pixel like game available on steam which you have to be stealthy in order to survive from your creepy plush rabbit, now Mr Hopp appears in the world of Minecraft with this addon!

Dev Note:Mr Hopp’s Playhouse is only a early access addon it won’t be a map, keep an eye for future updates!


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9 Responses

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  1. Hi ChrisMp My Name Is Lander and I am an addon creator like yourself who likes horror and I am the one who made the unknown figure addon and I was wondering if you had discord by any chance if you do here is my discord “ThèGrîmRèàpèrŁàñdèrbôśś”#2127 and I was also wondering if we could collaborate and make very scary and cool addons together by any chance.

  2. Guest-3145801049 says:

    please add all characters and items from it

  3. Guest-8095573827 says:

    Cool but it’d be great if he spawned naturally

  4. Guest-6325780197 says:

    Is it ok if I make a suggestion if so add a nana mob that when provoked turns into the end game extends arm mr hopp boi

  5. Guest-5876330650 says:

    Does he have a playsound command

  6. Guest-8127952578 says:

    is there a command to summon mr hopp

  7. Guest-5010854862 says:

    YES! My dream came true Mr.Hoop in Minecraft.?

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