Much Food Mod

If you ever felt that there are way to little food recipes and items then the Much Food Mod will definitely be something for you. It adds more than 30 new food items which can be used to cook food like pizza, hamburgers and so much more!

Creator: Eaglerex


Food Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

Random Items

  • 409 – Glass Bottle (3 glass panes)
  • 410 – Knife (1 stick, 1 iron)
  • 411 – Juicer (1 iron, 5 stone)
  • 412 – Empty Glass (5 glass panes)
  • 413 – Cake Slice (1 knife, 1 cake)
  • 414 – Ultimate Drink (1 empty glass, 1 golden nugget, 1 bone, 1 rotten flesh, 1 gun powder, 1 sugar, 1 juicer, 1 seed, 1 redstone dust)


  • 415 – Raw Mutton
  • 416 – Cooked Mutton


  • 417 – Cherry
  • 418 – Orange
  • 419 – Banana
  • 420 – Mango
  • 421 – Strawberry


  • 408 – Orange Juice (1 juicer, 1 glass bottle, 1 water, 1 orange)
  • 422 – Cherry Juice (1 juicer, 1 glass bottle, 1 water, 1 cherry)
  • 423 – Mango Juice (1 juicer, 1 glass bottle, 1 water, 1 mango)
  • 424 – Strawberry Juice (1 juicer, 1 glass bottle, 1 water, 1 strawberry)

Milk Shakes

  • 425 – Chocolate Milkshake (1 juicer, 1 empty glass, 1 milk, 1 cocoa bean)
  • 426 – Orange Milkshake (1 juicer, 1 empty glass, 1 milk, 1 orange)
  • 427 – Strawberry Milkshake (1 juicer, 1 empty glass, 1 milk, 1 strawberry)
  • 428 – Banana Milkshake (1 juicer, 1 empty glass, 1 milk 1 banana)

Craft Ultimate Drink

  • 429 – Rotten Flesh
  • 430 – Golden Nugget (1 gold ingot)

Commom Food & Goodies

  • 431 – Ham Burger (2 bread, 1 steak)
  • 432 – Apple Pie (1 apple, 1 egg, 1 sugar)
  • 433 – French Fries (3 baked potatoes)
  • 434 – Fried Egg
  • 435 – Milk (7 oak planks, 1 milk bucket)
  • 436 – Water (7 oak planks, 1 water bucket)
  • 437 – Chocolate Cookie (3 cocoa beans, 2 wheat)
  • 438 – Cheese Burger (2 cheese, 1 steak, 2 bread)


  • 439 – Tomato
  • 440 – Cheese (1 milk)
  • 441 – Raw Pizza (2 cheese, 1 steak, 3 tomato, 3 wheat)
  • 442 – Pizza


  • 443 – Doughnut (4 sugar, 1 egg, 4 wheat)
  • 444 – Strawberry Doughnut (3 strawberries, 2 sugar, 1 egg, 3 wheat)


  • 445 – Muffin (3 milk, 2 sugar, 1 egg, 2 wheat, 1 paper)
  • 446 – Chocolate Muffin (2 milk, 2 sugar, 1 egg, 2 wheat, 1 paper, 1 cocoa bean)
  • 447 – Strawberry Muffin (2 milk, 2 sugar, 1 egg, 2 wheat, 1 paper, 1 strawberry)


How do I get the non-craftable items such as Bananas and Fried Eggs?

  • Banana, Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Mango: When breaking leaf blocks there is a chance of finding these fruits.
  • Raw Mutton: Kill sheeps.
  • Cooked Mutton: Cook raw mutton in a furnace.
  • Fried Egg: Cook an egg in a furnace.
  • Rotten Flesh: Kill zombies.
  • Tomato: Break tall grass.
  • Baked Pizza: Cook a raw pizza in a furnace.


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111 Responses

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  1. edd says:

    Nope, when you downlod it you go to your downloads. very annoying 😠😠

  2. Goldie says:

    Can someone reply to this but does it work for pocket additon?

  3. Emd315 says:

    I would really appreciate if this was available for Minecraft Windows 10 edition. My brother and I play on a server that im currently trying to finish up modding. The only problem with this is there aren’t many mods made for Windows 10 so im kinda having a struggle. If you could make more of your mods compatible with Windows 10 I would be satisfied.
    -Please Write back.

  4. Alissa says:

    What do you do once you get to the page which shows the code, how do you download it from there?

    • Impossible Plays says:

      Yeah… How Do You Download It When You Get To The Code Page? Please Say So Or I Will Die Cause I Want Pizza In Minecraft SOOOOO Bad! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US!

  5. Ruby says:

    Can you make this for windows?,please I beg you!(p.s can you also make it for IOS?,and thank you)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please make it ios

  7. Joshua says:

    Why is this app fake you just harmed my device

  8. Mike says:

    Help I need Help, I can’t download this the mod comes out as a script and the textures can’t even open. Can you please help I really need Help with this problem. Plz reply with instructions. I really want this mod thanks,.

  9. Jacob says:

    It won’t download!

  10. Anonymous says:

    u need to see if i can get on i pad it’s soooooooo unfair!!!!!!

  11. Full0FStarrrsss says:

    Please can you make this for iOS as well as android! This looks like a really awesome texture but I can’t access it 🙁

  12. Mimmi :3 says:


    I wanna download a lot of mods on your website, but I have an LG Android phone and for some reason none of them wanna work. It always sends me to stupid ad.fly and I always get a damn virus . pls help meee!

  13. Lizzi says:

    Every time I click to download the mod, it goes through the ad.fly site and stuff, but once I click download, it takes me to a bunch of coding. What do I do???

  14. Makayla says:

    I love

    From awesome minecraft

  15. Chelsea says:

    It is so hard to get, Can you fix any of that??

  16. Hhleann says:

    This is pretty cool… but can someone make a food mod that’s a resource pack? It’s easier to download. :/

  17. bee_11 says:

    I have watched the video many times and I still am not comprehending what to do I press the mod link and then I get threw adfly then I takes me to a page full of code and stuff then I copy it all then I have no clue what else to do please help me with this

  18. Skittle40 says:

    Hey! How do I download this? It takes me to the media fire website and I click download. It takes me to a page with a bunch of coding, plz help!!!! This add on seems cool!

  19. Cake says:

    I cant download it. It just appears with a page full of codes. PLEASE HELP WHAT DO I DO

  20. Ava says:

    My ifunbox isn’t similar to the one in the images in the guid😫😫

  21. JKGaming47 says:

    HELP!! I tried this mod in BlockLauncher, but it says serror loading patch. How can I fix that?

  22. An says:

    I can’t download it, whenever I try it says something >.<

  23. Somebody you don't know says:

    Could I please have permission? ^^

  24. Reign says:

    Uhm i cant download it there were codes that say dont copy 😭

  25. Anña says:

    Wow this is awesome

  26. Trinity Hereford says:

    This mod is so awesome.I have a modded survival with the helpers mod,lucky block mod,Jeep mods and more.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Omg, I can only download it to google drive! How do I import it to mine craft? I tried both the texture and mod! Same thing happens. -.-

  28. miner says:

    Would love to have this for Win10!

  29. Anonymous says:

    is there a mcpack to this?

  30. PM3.0 says:

    Looking at this is making me hungry

  31. KawaiiPanda731 says:

    Hello and i would like to ask if this is able to work with windows 10? If yes i am so GRATEFUL!

  32. Cool_Slade says:

    Does this work on iOS plz say yes. I really like this mod looks cool. And yummy😀. Plz answer

  33. Chloe says:

    I can’t get the zip file. Does it work on IOS?

  34. Sara says:

    And it also brings me to a lot of commands

  35. Sara says:

    I tried it but wen I tried to download it it say that the document is not existing 😭😭😭

  36. Reagan says:

    It won’t let me, i did the skip thing for adfly and then I waited and it took me to this huge page with a bunch of commands
    Can u help me?

  37. MissGenie says:

    put this for windows 10 please i need this in my minecraft its so cool

  38. Idiot says:

    Can i install this mod on mcpe 0.14.0?

  39. Pipi says:

    This mod doesnt work. And yes i have latedt version of block launcher and mcpe. When i install it the items appears ingame looks strange. Like cherry looks like nametag. can u help me? (Sorry for the poor english.)

  40. Mariah says:

    I can’t download this mod I really want it I press the “download mod (required)” but it takes me to a website and it tells me to download apps please help me!?

    • Editor says:

      It sends you to adf.ly. To get past adf.ly click “Skip Ad” in the top-right corner of the page after 5 seconds. Then it will take you to MediaFire and that’s where you download the file.

  41. Lindsey says:

    WERE’S THE download Burton?????????

  42. Lindsey says:

    Love it??????????

  43. Karen says:

    Help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz I really want this mod and I was wondering if you had to be jailbroken if not haw do you do in stall it when I press install mod it just goes to a bunch of numbers

  44. FastByte22 says:

    Mod has not yet been updated for 11.x, and also the .js and texture pack are two different versions.

  45. Terra says:

    Where’s the download?

  46. Jasmine says:

    I tried to find fruit like you said but, I can’t find it.

  47. Melina says:

    Won’t let me see the correct texture (11.1) help please already tried deleting textures

  48. Braeden says:

    This looks like an AWESOME, MOD, I think I will try it, could you please tell me how you made this mod?

  49. I love this website XD XD XD XD XD is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Someone says:

    OMG I love this mod

  51. Andrei says:

    How to make It work, I nave the food but texturez no, like a piece of paler is juice.
    Where I have to place the MuchFood folder?

  52. Derpy_Mexican says:

    How do you get cheese

  53. Mikey says:

    Is the texture file supposed to be a zip?

  54. Mikey says:

    How do I make the textures work? The textures arnet right at the moment??

  55. benben says:

    wheres the downlaod link

  56. Shadow59 says:

    My block launcher will not work and that means I can not get the mod

  57. Lillie4167 says:

    Help me I’m trying to get the mod wow it’s just coming up with numbers and letters and when I type up BlockLauncher on the App Store it comes up with nothing

  58. Anonymous Person says:

    I don’t know how to install it. Wat do I need to do after downloading it?
    I got iFile, so..

  59. Lana says:

    How do you download this!

  60. saw wy wi says:

    These mod is for 0.10.0 or 0.9.5 or 1.8.0

  61. Jiajun says:

    Help I can not download this mod

  62. Matthew says:

    How do you even download the mod? Does it work for ios devices? Like com on people I need a little help here.

  63. Geegee says:

    Love this mod!!!!!!!

  64. SnowZilla says:

    I can’t download it 🙁

  65. SnakeThief9 says:

    Where do i install it cant see a install button?

    please reply thank you.

  66. Lamamaster says:

    Why cant i install it

  67. Yakel says:

    I downloaded the texture pack and mod but the texture pack isn’t working

    • Editor says:

      I’ve got no good answer for you since it has worked for a lot of other people.

      Try to re-install the mod and texture pack. Make sure to use the latest version of BlockLauncher (assuming you’ve got Android) to load the mod and textures.

  68. mike says:

    Please help!!!!
    im using mcpe 0.9.4 ith the latest block launcher installed and its crashing all the time.
    How can i play this mod. I downloded the texture pack and the mod and patched them and done everything but its always crashing.
    Please help i want to play this moddd

  69. Sophie says:

    I love minecraft

  70. Pierre says:

    So awesome

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