Multi Prism [Survival]

Imagine a cubed universe where each biome is its own cube and within each you are faced with a problem to solve. The common problem in all the cubes is to survive and the only things you are given access to are the things which you find inside the cube or the things which you manage to create and craft on your own.

Each cube is setup in a natural looking way to still make it feel as if you were in a normal world of Minecraft. Once you are done with one cube, you will move onto the next on. The concept is simple but fun and new!

Creators: McStenigma & StrateSurf
mul1 mul2 mul3 mul4 mul5download

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6 Responses

  1. Zachary Ellis says:

    Wow I made this when I was a kid and forgot about it lmao

  2. PLEASE says:

    Plz add for .mcworld

  3. Deadpoolphuc says:

    Can ios have more addon

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