Multiplayer Coordinates Mod

Coordinates are a set of numbers which determine your location in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Here is an explanation of what each character mean.

  • Y = up/down
  • X = east/west
  • Z = south/north

This mod supports multiplayer servers so it’s especially helpful if you are in lets say a survival games and want to find your friends easier.

Creator: MyNameIsAnti



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11 Responses

  1. {hi} says:


  2. Evan says:

    Why u all sad for its nothing to be sad of =) hope u feel better guys

  3. Papodragon05 says:

    Add a .mcpack file please

  4. Kieren says:

    Is it possible, so the cords can be moved to the bottom right corner! Because I can’t see chat, when I’m playing online!

  5. Denfiregameing3 says:

    How do you download a mod for iOS devices?

  6. Graysen says:

    Its good but I can barley see because of armour

  7. rosey says:

    This is just hard stuff and I am a girl

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