Murder Hunt (Run) [Minigame] [PvP]

This amazingly fun game was inspired by SSundee’s hit YouTube series titled, “Murder Run”. In this game there are two sides, the Survivors, and the Murderer.

There is only one murder, and everyone else is a survivor. Both the survivors and the murder will have 2-3 minutes to buy custom traps with a specific amount of nether stars given to them, once out of nether stars, wait for the game to begin! Once the trading session is over, the survivors have 30 seconds to hide/run. Once the 30 seconds are up, the murderer is released, and let the fun begin!

Creator: KrakenCreations BE (Twitter) (Website) (YouTube), MineClan888 (Owner, builder), RedSlimeTime25 (Lead developer), LUCKYBLOCKo (Developer), SchylTEK (Builder), DeniableTAX (Builder), LinkinTime (Builder), SapphireCrafty (Developer), XPAdventureYT (Developer), Keyyard (Music pack maker) (Small helpers not included)



  • Use most trap by throwing them on the ground, most traps are activated when murderer or survivor steps on item, some will automatically start.
  • Three well-sized maps to choose from!
  • Custom spooky music by; Keyyard
  • Hiding spots and small jump scares
  • A fun spooky game to play with friends!


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11 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. dfgdffsdfgdfssfdg says:


  2. Darf Vardef says:

    You forgot the throwable sword

  3. Anonymous says:

    As Diamondprogaming56, I have no friends to play with… :”( But this map is amazing! But the main thing I wanted to talk about was that i would like if you’d add an add-on to download with the music!

  4. I Hate Adfly says:

    Nice Map!

  5. Delta Gamer says:

    That’s amazing, I’ve bern waiting for something like this to come out on bedrock for… forever.
    I hope you’ll keep up the good eork and update the map with even more stages and traps in the future.

  6. Keyyard says:

    hey Editor, i’m not in KrakenCreations team yet, can i get my @keyyard on twitter next to them as partner?

  7. Diamondprogaming56 says:

    But other then that also second comment this map is very amazing and you did a great job making it I never seen these you tubers play this murder run but it’s cool anyways so if you can do what I asked in the first comment i will be very happy and I also didn’t give you enough stars so sorry I’m gonna rate it more now if you don’t want to do I want request In the last comment that’s ok it’s a lot of work to make these maps and these areas I understand if you can’t do it I’m not a mean person you can ignore me if you want that’s ok just great job and stuff and yeah……………. if you do what I request in the last comment I give full stars

  8. Diamondprogaming56 says:

    First comment amazing map but sadly I have no friends to play with it so I will just explore it like if it was a creation map also make a bendy and the ink machine area in this murder run map and a baldi school house area it would be fun to run from the murder in those areas maybe a abandon theme park too bikini bottom and Mario but that’s too much but if you do add all those areas In this map then I will be so happy and rate it full stars

  9. Jeff02 says:


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