Murder Mystery: Beach Resort [Minigame]

Murder Mystery is a must-play minigame for a minimum of 4 players (and max 10). Most of you will be assigned the role as a bystander and one, without knowing who, will be the murderer. The murderer will have to try to kill all other players without being detected and it’s the bystanders objective to try to find out who the murderer is an kill him.

Creator: xLUIS6234x

How to play?

This map requires at least 4 players (and max 10) to play it.

Before starting each player must enter the Randomizer one at a time to be assigned a role. Open the door, enter it and then close it behind you. Then press on the button below the dropper to obtain a note. Tap on the note in your inventory to see which role you were assigned.


There are two types of roles:

  • Bystander: this role is assigned to all other else which doesn’t get assigned as the murderer. Bystanders role is to try to figure out who the killer is and then kill him.
  • Murderer: this role can only be assigned to one person and his role is to kill the other players without being noticed. If he dies he must tell in chat that he is dead as then the game is completed and the bystanders won.

If you are a bystander and have died you are not allowed to tell anyone who the murderer was and you are not allowed to enter the beach resort again.

When you’ve been assigned a role drop down into the beach resort and wait for all the players to join. Once you are all gathered it’s time to begin!



Read these! We added one of our own rules to make sure nobody cheats.

  • Requires somewhere between 4-10 players
  • No communication through chat/speech is allowed while the mystery is on-going
  • Don’t break blocks
  • Don’t place blocks


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18 Responses

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  1. Chateau says:

    Guys you can use mcpe addons to download the zip. And import it to mcpe Addons

  2. senpai says:

    Can just make a mod or addons on this map?

  3. Hannah says:

    I love all the new features in this map cause some are very very interesting

  4. Rainbow gamer says:

    Who want to play murder mystery mansion

  5. SausageCraft says:

    Check this out I’ve told about how to play murder mystery for all devices in a server and not a map !!
    Click this link to know more about the server

  6. Skyla says:

    hey I really love murder mystery and I would do anything for it so can you please make it so IOS players can play it please that would be the best and I will give you a shout out in one of my videos if you can do it

  7. TheREALProductYT says:

    Hey PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! MAKE A .mcworld for iOS It will make my day! Thanks!!! 😃

  8. Corbenader 22 says:

    Make for iOS plz!

  9. Jayden says:

    Ok I just got something to say the worlds too small my sibling are saying it’s too easy to find out the murderer. And players saying that how to turn off chat omg so sad, that’s why they added block chat so you don’t see other from the great map just make a bigger one next please would help a lot

  10. Audrina says:

    How do we hide our names and chat so we don’t get caught?

  11. xLUIS6234x says:

    Um.. Just hide the chat isn’t there an option to hide it?

  12. Brian says:

    How can download it

  13. Phantom_x100 says:

    There is a problem with the minigame,like if the murderer killed a bystander it will show up on the chat.I was also making a Murder Map(same like this one)but i stumbled this problem..anyway to fix that?

  14. ChopChopAlley says:

    This Is Super Fun
    Nice Job Map creator

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