Music Player UI

Are you tired of coming out of Minecraft just to play your favorite music from in another app?

Well guess what your in luck cause this UI Plays those music IN-GAME without leaving it.

So how is this possible you may ask?

Well its simplie-ish actually

This UI adds the music player screen(Which is in the chat screen) with the music player

Here are some possible questions you may have

  • Now how does this work exactly?
  • Well it works with a playsound function inside the UI that is already existed
  • Does this work on servers?
  • Well it does
  • Do i Need OP?
  • No you dont

I recommend you Join my discord server for technical support and updates 

Now you may want to see an image of this ingame here is one

Yes this is legit and is for mobie and PC any bedrock version of the game is compatable

I have a video on my channel with it in action my channel and i recommend you subscribe to me Kryston 😀 here is the link

I sure hope you have a good time using this and remember i do technical suppport on my discord server ^_^ please dont do it here you might not get a response from me and be sure to read the installation details if your clueless of addons

Changelog View more

Fixed Download link for music player v1.1(Sorry I was sleepy)

Updated screenshot

Readded chat settings(V1.1)

Added more customizability

Added video

Added up to 20 songs total


How to setup this to play custom music

  • Download the UI and it should name Music Player UI.mcpack
  • Change the .mcpack to .zip
  • Open the zip file and go to sounds/phone/music
  • Now you should see music_1-10
  • Replace those with your custom music
  • Now you want to go to the texts folder
  • Open the .json file and replace all the text there to name your music(Eg. is the first name line and is another line and is another custom music)
  • Now that your finish change Music Player to Music Player UI.mcpack
  • Now import this in your game and you should now have the resource pack in global resource pack settings
  • Be sure the pack is applied to the top of this so that the pack can work

If any technical support is needed join my discord server


Supported Minecraft versions




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162 Responses

4.18 / 5 (55 votes)
  1. minyee2913 says:

    Can I use this pack in minecraft server?

  2. Guest-5289618412 says:

    The adfly link keeps redirecting to “connection aborted” screen 🙁 is there a direct download?

  3. Guest-7829836085 says:

    make for mcpe 1.16 beta plz 😀

  4. Ford crown victoria falls says:

    hey you can update it once more what happens is that when I activate it and when it finishes playing music the game comes out

  5. hamid0740 says:

    Can you add stop music button to your resource pack please?

  6. UphillBucket687 says:

    Doesnt work for me. I did everthing right but it didnt work 🙁

  7. Guest-1453985932 says:

    (Sorry for the errors (if any), used Google). It doesn’t work out for me, I did everything by video, but when I click on the playmusic it does not play. I did it on Android.

  8. Guest-2869827927 says:

    This is scam it broke all my custom resource packs and now I can’t add any other packs to my realm because of this. I also now have ghost files on my phone.

  9. The pack is too complicated, I tried for about an hour to make the pack work and just making it a .zip file was hard enough. I finally finished but when I had to switch the text so the file would not open. I just gave up on the file and now I can’t switch it to a .mcpack. Please mack it easier as I even watched videos for help and it still won’t work, I would love to use the pack. (btw I’m using windows 10 edition)

  10. awsome229 says:

    Everyone join in my game (1.14.30) it crashes, what do I do??
    I put it in the mail resources, it crashes, global resources,it cra shes, what do I do??

  11. MajorExperiments says:

    i like this

  12. Guest-7065570726 says:

    good addon

  13. gio1135 says:

    this guy really using vista?

  14. littlexavier gaming says:

    i can’t seem to download it i tried both links is there anyway you can dm me the link on discord?Xavierlvll#1807

  15. Guest-1089416609 says:

    Is it possible to add more slots pls I need to know

  16. Guest-1983866918 says:

    good addon but both links lead to the same version

  17. Guest-9810432421 says:

    Need further information pls

  18. Guest-3713307267 says:

    My question is why the f people are playing on there phones/Tablets/iPads…?!?! Go buy a console or a PC and then complain about this wonderful add-on! Stupid 9 year olds

    • Guest-6106838314 says:

      Consoles and PCs are a lot more on the gaming side and can be a lot more expensive than a phone. Plus a phone is used daily and has much more portability than any console or pc. It is way easier to have minecraft on a mobile device like a phone that people carry around every day then to buy a pc or console just to play minecraft. Also, some people aren’t into gaming as much as others so a pc or console is useless to them. Hope that explained your question.

    • Guest-8768898470 says:

      I am playing on my phone because my pc is to slow for mc

    • Guest-7737411810 says:

      people doesn’t have the money to buy them even if they did don’t want one. you can’t judge on there devices which make YOU the stupid one

    • GabrielG392 says:

      What happens to you are not all children of 9 years also the PC and consoles are more expensive than a phone or a tablet and there are people who have no money and also there add-ons that are only for android or ios you have a PC or console so you come and say that the PC and consoles are better than phones or tablets and also some phones and tablets are better than the PC and consoles

    • Kryston says:

      the v1.0 didn’t really have support but now v1.1 should have the support

  19. Guest-9181648151 says:

    What if the music is done
    Does it repeat again

    Sorry for my English

  20. ImWeirdOk says:

    Is it possible to add more than 10 music files? Bc I’ll try that

  21. Guest-6434242782 says:

    I downloaded a music file, converted it .ogg and did everything else, but when I try to import it to Minecraft it keeps saying, “You do not have permission to view this file. I am on iOS. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  22. Guest-7717000484 says:

    Which Apps from the App Store do you recommend to use when changing the file type?

  23. Ghidorah2019 says:

    Question tho can u add more music like lets say u name them music_11 to whatever like music_20, will it work to the game or no?

  24. Ghidorah2019 says:

    Question tho

  25. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    When i changed it to .zip file it wont show sounds. SOMEBODY HELP ME!

  26. Christian Hull says:


  27. HruMan says:


  28. Fox says:

    Guys As Of January 1, 2020, this addon works FLAWLESSLY! Make sure you follow his instructions to a T and you will have in-game music.
    [Low-end devices cannot handle playing music in-game btw]

  29. BombieBomber9 says:

    Should i convert the music to .ogg?

  30. Arex says:

    Can u do a boime theme option where u can do a different song without needing to switch it when u go to a different boime where u can have a song that plays thru each dimension and boime and maybe night and day song options too would be cool

  31. Gaveum says:

    Did all steps didn’t work on xbox

  32. Some weird minecraft nerd says:

    Great now everyone will hate me! thx!!! 😀

  33. FakI says:

    Can i use this using version?

  34. DeKaazerGames says:

    Can i play the sounds with the playsound command? like /playsound music_1

    • Kryston says:

      Yea it’s
      You know but this is a reused part of the phone ui it’s already setup so I just did this to show interest

  35. AgentCPU0 says:

    Like the idea, but I encountered some issues. The main menu has a new license button, which seems to show the license to the pack. Since you can view that in the resource pack menu, it’s not ideal. The skin section pulls up the old skin picker, so we can’t access the character creator. Having a play/pause and a stop button would be nice, and it’s possible to play songs on top of each other, which doesn’t sound good. An awesome idea, but it needs work

  36. Somebody says:

    Not working on me, i copy my music to sound/phone/music i put my music and rename it to music_1.ogg when i play it at minecraft not played help

  37. mucleman says:

    This Is Unacceptable, Unacceptable!!!!!!!!

  38. LioshaPlay says:

    Can I see the pause / stop button? And is it possible not to sacrifice the menu to configure the chat? I have poor eyesight and the chat setting would be useful.

    • Kryston says:

      Am not sure am hoping I can figure out how to setup all these and the chat settings part am hoping can go back but i recommend setting it up before using this pack

  39. alexander says:

    this is so sick but it doesnt work on xbox because of the render dragon code or whatever it is called

  40. Redacted says:

    This might just be my device but whenever I log out of the Minecraft app and go back in, the pack entirely stops functioning. I have to go back into global resources, remove the pack, then add it again for it to refresh and start working again. I am a user on iOS and is there a solution to my problem? It might be a bug, or just my device acting up.

  41. Stony Elgin says:

    That’s so funny 😂 because I was working on something like this!! Great resource pack bro!👍

  42. BANANJI says:

    How can I add more music in this resource pack? For example, 15 tracks.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Cool addon. The only things I would say should be added is that there’s a pause button to stop the music and maybe there be a way for everyone to hear it when one person plays it(maybe put a limitation on it so only the owner of the server can play it so it doesn’t get spammed). Idk I’m not some mod genius.

  44. Webbierpie says:

    Doesn’t work for me

  45. Eductaed says:

    does this work for ios?

  46. Lenz says:

    Just in time for Christmas 🙂

  47. redacted says:

    There is a bug where if you tap to play a song multiple times, the songs will all start playing at the same time and the music will overlap

  48. FlaviusFire says:

    Looks cool! Do you have to convert music files to a certain format first? Also, is there a limit on how many songs can be run at once?

  49. DeltaWolf200211 says:

    I really wish there was a vid tutorial this is very confusing in my opinion but I am not gonna lie this is amazing work tho ^-^

  50. BoxCatMC says:

    This is honestly amazing, great work!

  51. LugiaGamerYT says:

    Thank you now i can finally put playboi carti’s music to the game

  52. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! I have been trying to find something like this for months. This makes the process so much easier.

  53. lol says:

    Is there anything that you could help me with this? I am on IOS 13.

    • Kryston says:

      I recommend doing this on a computer and use WinRAR as a program to replace the contents inside your pack and then put it on your IOS and import the pack

      I don’t really have experience with ios but however I can give advice

  54. Anonymous says:

    Guys I need help. I think I did everything I had to but when I put the pack on Minecraft, I tried to press the button for my song and it didn’t play. Yes, I did have my volume up and settings set. I don’t know what I could be doing wrong. Pls help

  55. Fake jibz says:

    i cant download because of the link
    shortener. ):

  56. I’m no creator helper but here are
    1. Make sure you changed the name of the song to “music_”

    2. Renaming the file from .someextension to .ogg WON’T WORK; use an ogg file converter.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to add like Revenge or Fallen Kingdom as one?

  58. Monarch says:

    Help. Which .json file is it? Is it in the sound definition json file orrr help.

  59. chill gamer says:

    do I have to delete one of the music files, get a ogg file for my custom music and rename it to the original name? Because I don’t get “replace those with your custom music “

  60. Shrek123Gaming says:

    I lobe this thx btw do you like undertale?

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