Mutant Creatures Mod

With this mod your game will get four new hostile mobs (see the list below). Each mob originates from a default mob in MCPE but is mutated in some way which makes it different. For example, the zombie is given a more muscular body. The creeper is given longer legs and the ability to spawn small (and cute?) creeper minions.

At this point the mod is still in heavy development. As soon new updates come we will be quick to update!

Item Spawner IDs

  • Mutant Creeper Spawner – 450
  • Mutant Enderman Spawner – 451
  • Mutant Zombie Spawner – 452
  • Mutant Skeleton Spawner – 453

Creator: ElSirKael


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40 Responses

4 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. CjGamingYT says:

    Plz make some true mutant with animations like in the PC vetsion of minecraft mod

  2. Gaurav says:

    Cool addon

  3. Dawego says:

    Hey get the add on for this. This is outdated

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this free?

  5. Kristian Lara says:

    I love to have the mutant creatures addon! 😍

  6. Ethan says:

    Please make the mcpack file for this pack for the iOS.

  7. Shayne Mitchell says:

    Downloaded mod fr my 6yo on iPad and doesnt seem to work.
    Cant see any way to contact developers, their website is not working.
    Looks like a scam to me.
    Will file a complaint with Apple/iTunes if I cant find a way to contact them
    Can anyone help please?

    • Editor says:

      This mod is not available for iOS. It is only for Android. And also, it totally free so I am not sure what you downloaded?

  8. yahya says:

    How it work?

  9. eden says:

    i has been download this mod. but why all mutant the color is black? where the texture pack?

  10. josiah says:

    It works but please editor the zombie is messed up !!

  11. mark2401 says:

    its not working in 0.10.4 the mutant zombie go black pls release a new version of mutant creature mod 0.10x pls i really like this mod helpp pls!!!

  12. Ary Pradana says:

    I need Texture packs

  13. Drayven says:

    media fire said this link has been deleted or removed

  14. janino says:

    This is not awesome i ce not download

  15. Zannelia Gohan says:

    Give me the video and i can understand (?)

  16. Zannelia Gohan says:

    why it cant works? i use too many items with right ID but cant work! please reply this

  17. Alfiyandi says:

    Please help me i can’t download this mod and why won’t it work for me please help me

  18. Mark says:

    You Forgot the Mutant Snow Golem

  19. Zenon Rokossoviskiya says:

    Hey Thank you for this mod it works!

  20. the terminator says:

    Why won’t it work for me

  21. Albarry says:

    How do u download

  22. Naufal says:

    Where is the texture packs? I already downloaded the script js. But when i spawn the mutant, the color was white. Please,help me…….

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