My Medieval Village [Creation]

Set in the medieval ages, discover Hamilton Fief in all its glory! Explore the village and castle within the safety of the village boundaries. From the depths of the mine to the startling heights of the castle towers you will find stunning detail and views. Complete with fully functioning and furnished interiors and exteriors in all structures.

Make your mark on Hamilton Fief, protect the townsfolk from the Danger that lurks behind the walls of the castle. Rule or be ruled.

This is your fief now. How will you make your Legacy?

Creator: DireWolf314159


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44 Responses

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  1. Guest-5864944174 says:

    ¿Que tal hermano? Me gustaria ponerme en contacto contigo, no se si cuentas con Twitter o Discord.

  2. Guest-5775317079 says:

    Nice build dude! I wonder if you could make a Fairy Tail Themed world..? its an (Best) anime (ever)

  3. Guest-2058539801 says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Chris, do you have Discord or Twitter or any social media account? Would love to connect with you.

  5. fishbone says:

    I’ve started populating with villagers and lighting it up so mobs won’t spawn at night. So far it’s going great! I’m hoping to have a bustling town

  6. Minr says:

    Can i convert tour creation in to a server please?

  7. Tanjiro kamado says:

    You’re Breathtaking

  8. Hicheese says:

    Is there a way to convert this map to Java edition?

  9. Night says:

    I honestly think that you should make more kingdoms with in this map, or even make an RPG MMO map as well! Your building style is so cool!

  10. Paul says:

    Thanks of making this I wanted to have town for me and my friends thanks a lot

  11. Anonymous says:

    this is sick!

  12. Liz Grande says:

    Me and my friend are doing a medieval fantasy rp this is perfect :0

  13. Anonymous says:

    Downloaded the map but no option to play it. (Bedrock edition) it just does not show up whatsoever in the world menus.

  14. The castle is a community area, there is no throne room intended to be in there. However, if you explore the other structures you will find throne rooms and dining halls.

  15. Emmy says:

    Okay, im either blind or there is no bedrooms in the castle or a throne room, and if there IS can someone show me a screenshot and how to get there.

    • Guest-4902557614 says:

      This map was AMAZING PERIODT, all are amazing builds and very medieval looking, recommend downloading!!

  16. Shopvil says:

    This is just strait up cool and I used the map for my realm and I gave credits and everything and now my friends are just spamming me and saying ‘Send the download link for the map please.’

  17. EpicPotato says:

    This is amazing! Nice work mate.

  18. LANSTHEDUDE says:


  19. MRFireBreath says:

    I wanted to use this for my realm (giving credit and everything) but it won’t let me non OPed players do anything but move and pick up items? Is there a maker setting on this?

  20. Zakallenko says:

    WOW! Amazing work! Can i use this map for my RPG map? I will indicate that you are the author of the map.

    Please check out Eagle six’s clip of my medieval world!

  22. Evan Ellis says:

    Would you mind if I used this to make an adventure map? If I publish it, I will give you blatant credit for the city.

  23. Audun Alne says:

    Thats solo coollllll

  24. Ethan says:

    This is going to be fun!

  25. opnyx says:

    Very beautiful ! Well done 🙂 The buildings are impressive and the city is lovely.

  26. MCPE Lets Build says:


  27. black scorpion says:


  28. Manuel alexis carandang says:

    Cool you build that

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