My Survival World

It’s just my survival world that I wanted to post here. It has a castle with a village next to it. There is a cave in the village with all my stuff, then there’s a a little house on a hill and 2 secret rooms that you will have to find!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great world!

  2. Mason says:

    Do you have an xp farm anywhere?

  3. Otaku says:

    I found both the secret areas!!!

  4. pro-bro says:

    where is the ender portal ???

    you can join my world my name is MillionClaw8964

  5. snowymelissa says:

    Very nice! But what can we do there if we already have everything? Kinda boring. But very nice building and nice job on the stuff you collected!

  6. ariel says:

    dude I actually tried to scare you by taking all your items and burning them in lava at the nether and putting a cross right at the enterance to your baseand killed all of your fishs I already did that sorry

  7. Tosif says:

    I can’t find 2 secret rooms I have searching for 4 day’s plzzz tell where are they

  8. ILovePvP says:

    I found one secret room with the water in the cave but can I please get the other location or a hint??

  9. Anonymous says:

    Very Nice!

  10. someone says:

    creative mode

    • I gotta admit the castle was actually mostly done in creative but all the things that I have and all the other builds have been done in survival

      • The Markinator says:

        If the world is put in creative then dont advertise it as a survival world. This world sucks because of that since the best build in here is made in creative world and your wording it like its a survival world. Further more with the info you give about using creative mode then we could suspect that you used it for your tools and weapons since they’re suspiciously strong for the looks and size of the world, Most players have a half set of diamond armor and a two diamond tools if they’re world looks like this and yet you have full diamond armor and strong enchants on all tools not only that but you also have 40 exp which is really hard to get unless you afk OR cheat it in creative mode.

        • I have so much xp becuase I killed the ender dragon lmao

        • Alesscreeper says:

          Everything you mention if you are good at survival can be done, you must also admit that we have all used the creative mode sometime either because we don’t have time or because it is very boring, even pewdiepie lol (sorry for my English)

        • Guest-1620902192 says:

          Ur just jealous he had lot of xp because he killed the dragon and if you download the world you can see all of his strip mine going thousands of blocks that’s how he gets his diamonds and at least his good at building

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