mystchif’s Flatlands Pack

myschif’s Flatlands Pack v1.0.4

mystchif’s Flatland Pack is a collection of custom superflat worlds, Currently, in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition you are not able to create any custom flatlands using the provided tools from Minecraft. I have created some custom flatlands to help you for any uses. Request flatlands in the comments below for more!

Hello everyone! I have decided to continue creating this pack! Enjoy and make sure to suggest in the comments!

Flatlands Work With The Following BEDROCK Versions:

  • MCPE
  • Minecraft Windows 10
  • Xbox (Not Tested But Joinable)

All Versions Are Compatible With Multiplayer.

  • World 1 – Extended Flatland
  • 1 Grass
  • 10 Dirt
  • 50 Stone
  • 1 Bedrock

World 2 – Desert

  • 2 Sand
  • 10 Sandstone
  • 1 Bedrock

World 3 – Nether

  • 10 Netherrack
  • 5 Nether Brick Slabs
  • 2 Bedrock

World 4 – Sandstone

  • 35 Sandstone
  • 5 Sand
  • 5 Bedrock

World 5 – Void (Snow)

  • 100 Air

World 6 – End World

  • 15 End Stone
  • 20 End Stone Bricks
  • 10 Bedrock

(I Hope This Is What You Meant!)

World 7 – Diamond Flat

  • 30 Diamond Block
  • 10 Bedrock

World 8 – Deep World (Turn Off Clouds)

  • 5 Grass
  • 100 Stone
  • 1 Bedrock

World 9 – Pro Flat

  • 10 Diamond
  • 10 Gold
  • 10 Emerald
  • 5 Iron
  • 5 Bedrock

World 10 – 1 Sand World

  • 1 Sand

World 11 – Snow Block World

  • 1 Snow Layer
  • 5 Snow Blocks
  • 60 Stone
  • 1 Bedrock

World 12 – Red Desert Flat

  • 10 Red Sand
  • 20 Red Sandstone
  • 2 Bedrock

World 13 – Ocean Flat

  • 30 Water
  • 10 Gravel
  • 2 Bedrock

World 14 – Honey Flat

  • 15 Honeycomb Block
  • 20 Honey Block
  • 10 Bee Nest
  • 9 Bee Hive
  • 1 Bedrock

^(Bees Not Included)^


Changelog View more
  • Added Continuing Page 
  • Fixed Text Font   
  • Currently Discontinued
  • Will be continued soon

You can still request, but it may take longer to upload your request.

  • Added Snow Block Flat
  • Added Red Desert
  • Added Ocean Flatland
  • Added Honey Flat
  • Added Deep World
  • Added Pro World
  • Added 1 Sand World
  • Added Sandstone Flat 
  • Added Snowy Void
  • Added Icon Images
  • Added Diamond Flat
  • Added End-World
  • Edited Description
  • Added New Compatible World - The Nether
  • Fixed Not-Generating Issue


Click The Download Button To Begin Downloading. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 Discontinued / Outdated

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128 Responses

4.4 / 5 (47 votes)
  1. Guest-5195924988 says:

    OK, i can not find a superflat that is not infinite, can you make one that is not infinite, has a top layer of 6 dirt, 40 stone, and 3 layers of bedrock for the bottom???

  2. Guest-2178986484 says:

    This is a rip-off , I try downloading It on my device to play and It shows download error, I try on my other devices and It’s the same thing. I checked my downloads and It shows “0B”. It isn’t our devices that’s wrong, It’s the flatland pack you made yourself that’s wring because It doesn’t work.

    You need to figure out what error you made in this cause there’s obviously a problem as I can tell form the other comments that other have experienced the same thing. Kind of disappointing.

  3. Guest-7464079972 says:

    Oh and I wondering If you could make a 32 deep white Concrete world, I can’t find those anywhere.

  4. Guest-1364382239 says:

    I’m sorry to mention but I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get access to these files, especially the superflat-sandstone ones. It let’s my phone open the mcworld file, but my game (up-to-date latest version) fails to import It each time, even with the help of FX File Explorer. I really thought that It would’ve been better to make these files zip files so it would be much easier for everyone.

    Could you please help, I really need this and I don’t have much options for anywhere else to get a superflat sandstone world from pls.

  5. Guest-1222866922 says:

    CAN YOU DO SMOOTH QUARTZ SUPERFLAT? I can find some anywhere 😔

  6. Guest-8989920515 says:

    Please add Bedrock World of 1 block of floor, why it’s for expirments, goodbye thank you .

  7. Guest-7440750055 says:

    There is nothing inside the file I can’t download it

  8. Guest-9925966802 says:

    Please mak it mcpack thanks

  9. Guest-9031504859 says:

    i cant download, it says download failed on the extended flatland. what the swear word moment

    • Guest-3364410199 says:

      my idea is when it downloads on the bottom of the screen, you can click on the arrow on the file and just hold it open until it finishes
      For some reason, if you hold open the file, it always finishes properly and it works

  10. Guest-6425334102 says:

    melon world
    15 melon
    1 bedrock

  11. justZitt_ says: why couldn’t u make it .mctemplate,cuz on java these worlds are infinite to create,why not here?

  12. Guest-2690286303 says:

    Podsol flat and obsidian flat!

  13. Guest-4731375455 says:

    hey, it would be great if you could make an .mctemplate for these worlds so we dont have to import it every time we want to use it again

  14. How do you make these custom flatlands? The flatland maker on Console version?

  15. Guest-1844718679 says:

    can you make one that has one block and the rest is air?

  16. Guest-6483269632 says:

    Can you do a 30 water 10 sand 1 bedrock world? Also every time I try to download the ocean flat world It says failed to import.

  17. Guest-6006889722 says:

    Can you make a water flat with only 1 block deep of water

  18. Guest-7920018666 says:

    Why is it discontinued? Does it not work anymore? Please start it up again, i’m sure many people would appreciate, especially city builders.

  19. Guest-1527375588 says:

    If this does get continued id love to see a world with 1 layer of sand. And the others just any block that isnt op. Id like it for my area 51 world im making please. This is because sandstone has outlining and its like a disgusting checkered pattern.

  20. Guest-8339377423 says:

    Why is it discontinued?

  21. Thetigerking says:

    Rainbow flat all will be 5 layer and made out of wool
    Red orange yellow green light blue blue purple magenta pink white light gray gray black🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  22. Thetigerking says:

    When will the next update be?🐯🐯

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Guys! I have been away for a while so I will not be able to update for a little bit.

  24. PlagueMan says:

    Challenge Flatland (or something)

    1 pressure plate
    1 sand
    1 tn

  25. Thetigerking says:

    Noob flat: dirt 10 cobblestone 20 lapis ore 10 oak wood 5 coal ore 10 lava 5 obsidian 4
    No bedrock

  26. Ask DreamForce says:

    Extended flatlands but with natural ore generation?

  27. Brianna Salvador says:

    Umm… Who needs these if we could create our own flat worlds in Blocktopograph?

  28. Kcruncy says:

    Hey Creator Can you add Void(Plains) Please Add ASAP

  29. Woamsoqmsowmsoamwow says:

    All im asking for is. Please add a world full of lava as i want a survival world made of lava. Yes. Pure lava please?

  30. If you made them .mctemplate it would be better and easier to use 😉

  31. Anonymous says:

    How about 1 end portal and 1 barrier?

  32. shin says:

    Can you make this as a template?

  33. Thetigerking says:

    Redstone flat: redstone 7 red nether brick 3 redstone ore 4 piston 3 sticky piston 3 redstone ore 4 observer 5 redstone ore 5 dropper 3 dispenser 3 daylight Senser 1 red nether brick 3 TNT 3 bedrock 3

  34. Thetigerking says:

    Can you use custom blocks and blocks like glowing obsidian ??

  35. CRAZYGAMER98 YT says:

    Very good effort I think u would not mind if i make a skyblock world in your snow void map.
    And upload it to this website. Your credit will be included.. Please reply.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Make a snow world! I’ll try this.

    Just snow blocks 😀

  37. Tabbyploert says:

    When you do items instead of blocks you get a world made from tile.update_name. You can also make a world from barriers. Just one layer.

  38. Thetigerking says:

    And thank you for the pro flat 😀🐯😀

  39. Thetigerking says:

    Make a honey flat it is Honeycomb 15 honey block 20 bee nest 10 bee hive 9 bedrock 1😀🐝🐝

  40. It will be cool to add ocean flatland (30 water, 10 gravel, 2 bedrock)

  41. Jeremiah says:

    Make an air world!

  42. Dark Cyber says:

    Red desert –
    Red Sand – 10
    Red Sandstone – 20
    Bedrock – 2

  43. RGLgaming872 says:

    Yo. Can u maybe add a snow block world with snow layer – 1, snow block – 5, stone – 60, and bedrock – 1? It will be amazing for this map im making.

  44. Naijei says:

    Deep world dirt-5
    Stone-as much as you can

  45. Thetigerking says:

    10 diamond 10 gold 10 emerald 5 iron 5 bedrock 🐯🐯🐯 pro world

  46. Thetigerking says:

    Thank you for the diamond world I love It 😃😃

  47. justZitt_ says:

    can u make it mctemplate cuz mcworld is one use thing

  48. thanks for sandstone flatland

  49. REEEE says:

    Well can do just a sand world 1-sand layer, im making it for a vid, *about breaking ur stuff in minecraft :/

  50. REEEE says:

    Well of course u can make one in bedrock edition on blocktograph app[android]

  51. Haziq says:

    Can you make it so that it is in template format? I dont want my world list to be filled with flatland world

  52. BoxCatMC says:

    Can you make endless water and make the bottom sand

  53. jack says:

    could you make an end world

  54. Pls add sandstone (not sand) flat world

  55. datboi says:

    is the full world well ,extended was it transferd from java or did you use commands? Thanks in advanced mr mystchif!!!

  56. Wilson says:

    You can try to make a flat natural world, with leaves and wood at the top, bedrock magma and various minerals at the bottom, so that players who like to survive can play effortlessly

  57. Dragolosse says:

    Possible to make a vois world, BUT with a snow biome?

  58. phillip says:

    minecraft is good

  59. phillip says:

    i want minecrafl

  60. Thetigerking says:

    Diamond world!!!!

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