Mysterious SEA Addon

Mysterious SEA is the perfect add-on for anyone who love exploring the ocean. It adds more than 10 new water mobs as well as a whole lot of new armor and items. The addon has been specifically designed for survival mode. For example, all mobs will naturally appear in the water, so you don’t have to waste any time spawning them yourself. It’s like a super cool upgrade of the already awesome Update Aquatic!

Creator: Vernian LEMO – TDR buildTwitter Account

How does it work?

This add-on is highly focused on the aspect of underwater survival. All new mobs and items are in some relation to the water. For example, there are new diving equipment (with special status effects) and all mobs you will be able to find naturally spawning underwater.

There is a lot to see and experience with this add-on. Everything from brand new bosses to new diving equipment and weapons.

You can find a full list of features further down on this page!



  • Amphibious Humanoid (replaces Ghast)
  • Water Monster (Boss) (replaces Witch)
  • Steam Machine (Boss) (replaces Wither)
  • King Mermaid (Boss) (replaces Creeper)
  • Killer whale (replaces Evoker)
  • Mermaid (replaces Husk)
  • Mermaid (replaces Zombie)
  • Mermaid (replaces Zombie Pigman)
  • V,LEMO (replaces Stray)
  • Seiren (replaces Drowned)
  • Sea Turtle (replaces Wolf)
  • Moorish Idol (replaces Moorish Idol)
  • Trilobite (replaces Silverfish)
  • Angler fish (replaces Spider)
  • Random Spawn (replaces Cave Spider)
  • Frying Block (replaces Vex)
  • Random Chest (replaces Zombie Villager)
  • Shark (by Julien) (replaces Guardian)
  • Megalodon (by Julien) (replaces Elder Guardian)
  • Raft (replaces Boat)


  • Diving Helmet MkII (replaces Creeper Skull)
  • Diving Helmet MkI (replaces Diamond Helmet)
  • Diving Suit (replaces Diamond Chestplate)
  • Diving Leggins (replaces Diamond Leggings)
  • Diving Boots (replaces Diamond Boots)
  • Manaia Necklace (replaces Iron Chestplate)
  • Hook Necklace (replaces Chainmail Chestplate)
  • Tiki Necklace (replaces Golden Chestplate)
  • Orca Trophy (replaces Dragon Head)
  • Crystal Sword (replaces Diamond Sword)
  • Crystal (replaces Diamond)
  • Underwater Gun (replaces Bow)
  • Bullet (replaces Arrow)


Important note: 

Shark is made by Jujustyle7 (approved)


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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50 Responses

4.13 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. 102582947 says:

    You should update it to make the mod have custom entities/items

  2. Svara says:

    Ok, for once, this did not work AT ALL. I tried it on PE and this happened:
    It showed the spawn eggs, and it replaced the wolves and mooshrooms and everything like it said. But when I selected the egg and tried to spawn the thing that replaced the wolf, a wolf just came up! Poo

  3. MurderDanarX says:

    Hey update this add-on make it has thier own eggs not replaces any entities please do this man

  4. Bryce says:

    Can you be a merman

  5. ErrorUnknown says:

    Question, um can we have it be updated to the 1.11+ update please? .-.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My games like that too. I want to have the pack so I have cool creatchers underwater but all the mermaids look like zombies and pigmen!. Please fix this

  7. Charlie dane castor says:

    I have the same im in v1.8.0 wow

  8. Anonymous says:

    I cant dowload the thing please fix im ios

  9. Vex says:

    Sea Turtle-Invisible
    Moorish Idol-Crash
    Steam Machine – Still A Zombie Horse
    King Mermaid – Invisible
    Trilobite – Invisible
    V.LEMO – Invisible
    Anglerfish – Invisible
    Mermaid 1- Invisible
    Mermaid 2 – Floating Golden Sword
    Mermaid 3 – Invisible
    Mermaid 4 – Invisible
    Random spawn-Crash
    Water Monster – Invisible
    Shark – Invisible
    Megalodon – Still An Elder Guardian
    Amphibious Humanoid – Invisible
    Killer Whale – Still An Evoker
    Frying Block – Invisible
    Random Chest – Invisible

  10. Alif says:


  11. Akira Fudo says:

    uhm at the creator, you know that it is possible to add new mobs without replacing the normal? would be realy cool if you would use that so i / we can use more than one mob addon at the same time.

    also my game crashs after a little time by using this addon and i did not see a single water creature.
    my game version is v1.8.0

  12. Austen says:

    Am i the only person exspreincing texture issues?
    First of all none of the mermaids will work secound of all the steam machine has the wither texture instead of the thing i was going to review all of this for my rp game but because of these glitches i cannot do anything.

  13. Mjk3 says:

    This add-on made me think the maybe one day we will see, should add the counterpart of the villagers, but submarines, and would be the sirens, maybe you could trade with them, like, I do not know, for the villager you can trade emeralds, enchanted books, and everything you need, but with the “sirens” you could trade all that is part of the aquatic world!
    make different types of sirens, and even make the merman … that would be like the cartographer, then the one that offers the most attractive trade … and in the rarest cases even the heart of the sea, etc.
    they would live near the sunken shipwrecks, and in the underwater ruins, which would be the submarine counterpart of the villages!
    I don’t know maybe one day Mojang will see this and decide to add all of these things.

    please if you read this comment and tell to mojang (if you liked my FABULOUS idea, obviously).
    thank you for having spent your time to read my comment.

  14. FirewingAndSans says:

    This Addon is fin-tastic! Water you waiting for, go Download it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    uhhhhhhh addons brake my game so i love it but i didn’t get to sea lot.

  16. SuperGirlyGamer says:

    I love this map! There was a second where I was able to ride a dolphin then I couldn’t. Can someone plz explain that to me?

  17. IOS User :3 says:

    I really loved the addon, and the fact that the mermaids were greatly textured, but.. but! BUT! I do wish you added the option to make yourself into the fabulous mermaids that you have created, I know it’s difficult, and maybe you can’t create something like that, but if it is possible, make sure that IOS users, are able to also turn the self into mermaids, I’ve seen sooo many Mods, that are only for Android users, I don’t really understand why.. ~IOS user, thank you for taking your time to read this looonnngg message <3

  18. Leona says:

    Hey I’m about to download this and I was wondering if u can add something where you could be a mermaid 😮

  19. Ideas-man says:

    I had an idea: can you make a addon with new zombie variations, danmaku styled skeletons and variations, gauntlets, and new fish types? (Also have you tried messing with certain fish varieties, and example being a certain fish with a color and shape being turned into something new? I hope it works so we can make a lot more mobs) and please make a touhou 6 and 9 skinpack, please? -from, the ideas_man

  20. Stella says:

    Jujustyle27 PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS COMMENT FOR ONE OF YOUR NEXT ADOONS PLEASE! Since you made a mermaid part of the addon, I was hoping you would make the armor leggings, whichever you want to use and make a mermaid tail PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP! For me installing mods is impossible! you really cheered me up with this addon Thank you!

  21. Ava says:

    Something cool would be that if you kill a Mermaid, you could get its tail. (Maybe like Leather pants you replace so you can dye the tail)

  22. Mskai says:

    The Shark does the What the Guardian does like the attack of the guardian does the shark

  23. Enderman PE Official says:

    Fantastic! This looks exactly like Subnautica!

  24. Nessie says:

    Omg!This is so cool!Oh ya,can you make skin just like the mermaids that will be so cool with swimming animation!

  25. Ultra says:

    This add on is really good , but if your planning to make a v2 can you make mermaids more useful like being tameable with the shell that drops from sirens so they can fight for you. Also can you please make mermaid villagers. Other than that your add on is amazing

  26. Leonardo Sanjaya says:

    How do i open it ? I’ve downloaded the app and the addon but it doesn’t work !!

  27. Chaz says:

    Nice I like it👍🏻

  28. Chaz says:

    Nice I like it

  29. just a guy says:

    the suit doesnt actullay let you breathe underwater

  30. Buyamed says:

    Nice add on

  31. RaNdoMKitTeN says:


  32. AstrocatYT says:

    amazing, really love it

  33. Gabriel says:

    I really look forward to playing with this mod/add-on! Keep up the good work!

  34. Meri says:

    I think this addon is a very unique and interesting idea, but I really dislike that you chose mobs like ghasts and creepers to be replaced with these water mobs, instead of mobs that actually spawn in the water naturally. However, that is my only complaint because I think this is a very well-designed and detailed addon that I will be using in my game. Great Job! 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    Does it replace any iteams in original minecraft?

  36. Fan says:

    Oh oops discovered u changed the nether into sea dimension.

  37. Fan says:

    Question : are the new mobs all spawning in the sea ? And also, this looks awesome. With ur skills, could u do maybe something like other mysterious addons but with other themes liek swamp or idk

  38. Space Boat Joe says:

    Cool, the water monster spawn egg looks straight out of Monster Hunter.

  39. Vernian says:

    First I already download it from ur yt channel thank you keep it up

  40. Gamingwithnoob says:

    This is soooooo cool also I’m the first comment I guess

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