Mythical Creatures Add-on

Do you want to add more variety and difficulty to the game? Maybe this add-on is for you, this add-on will generate new creatures in your game that can be a great challenge.


  • The minotaur is a large monster with enough health points, 150 to be exact (seventy-five hearts) appears naturally at night in most biomes or in caves that are dark enough.
  • This one will attack the villagers, the golems (iron and snow) and the player (in addition to any entity that hits him) This can cause between ten and twenty-five damage.


  • The Orc is not as big as the Minotaur and also has less health having eighty health points (forty hearts) that is why it appears in groups of two to ten, it only breeds in the forest biome.
  • This will also be hostile to the villagers, golems, and players or any entity that hits him. This can cause between fifteen and twenty damage (for the two mobs it is recommended to have a good armor/weapons since one blow can kill the player)


  • This can be tamed while a baby, in this stage only attack smaller prey (chickens, rabbits, and fish) but as soon as it grows it will become completely hostile against the player and other animals (pigs, cows, and sheep).
  • It can be tamed with any raw meat, cure their health, and make them mate (when tamed).
  • They reproduce by eggs (their offspring will not be born tamed, if you want it as a pet you will have to tame it).
  • This will appear naturally in the desert, forest, and extreme hills biomes.
  • Their attack adds you the fatal poison effect for 20 seconds so be careful!

(At the moment this can only fly, I’ll try that this also be able to walk)


  • This will be hostile to the monsters but neutral to the players.
  • It has two types of attack, ranged and melee.
  • It has 28 different skin variations.
  • It will appear naturally in plains, savannah and extreme hills biomes


  • They are completely neutral for the player.
  • You can tame them while they’re babies, once they grow up, you can equip them with a saddle and a chest, keep them with enough water or they will die! (This happens when they are out of the water for ten minutes but if it’s raining don’t worry nothing will happen to them).
  • They reproduce by eggs (their offspring will not be born tamed, if you want it as a pet you will have to tame it).
  • You can feed it with any raw fish, wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroot (vegetables without cooking or processing, this is to tame it when it is a baby or to feed it when you have it tamed).
  • He is not going to follow you so I recommend having him leashed.



  • During the day they are completely neutral, they can trade with the player (at the moment they have the same trade as the farmers, this will be changed when the add-on has custom items).
  • It has three variants: black, brown and white (The skins are provisional).


  • But during the night there will be transformed and will be completely hostile towards the player, the villagers and the iron golems.
  • These can only be damaged with a golden sword.
  • When dawn it will return to its human state.
Interesting fact: Maybe before they attack they will howl at the moon.


  • This is a magician who invokes undead mobs when he detects a player, villager or iron golem (I’ll do it a little smarter in the next update).
  • Although he has little life his minions will make killing him a difficult task.

(The video is an example, the animations in-game are different)

This is a beta so it may be subject to changes, if you have any ideas or find a bug report to my Twitter, feel free to make videos of the add-on if you wish but KEEP THE LINKS PROVIDED HERE.

Changelog View more
  • Made improvements in the Minotaur texture.
  • Fixed the Minotaur walking animation.
  • Added Minotaur attack animation.
  • The Minotaur will no longer generate so frequently.
  • Improved the loot of the Minotaur and the Orc.
  • Wyverns added.
  • Centaurs added.

Now the wyverns are bigger and their attack was reduced because it was impossible to defeat him.

Added Nessie.

Added Werewolf.

Added Necromancer.

Added Warrior Skeleton.

Mermaids removed (because of a bug in their animations).

Wendigo removed (because of a bug in their behaviors and animations)


  • Delete previous versions (if you have any).
  • Download both Resource And Behavior files, just click and wait for Minecraft installing it.


Supported Minecraft versions


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494 Responses

4.53 / 5 (171 vote)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you give me a media fire link?

  2. Brooke says:

    Why won’t my wyverns have a baby? I breed them and they fly around together but then nothing happens.

  3. Mod gaming says:

    this add-on could be more cooler if you can put saddle and armours to the tame wyvern so you can ride them

  4. ModKing says:

    Plz add back the wendigo

  5. ModKing says:

    Plz add the wendigo back

  6. Nathan says:

    Love this mod but the Wyverns just kinda sit there? They start moving once you take them but they legit do nothing but stand still and it looks like a glitch and kinda ruins the aesthetics

  7. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Man I wish this got updated. It probably will in 2021 since it’s been a while…

  8. Fox_gamer390 says:

    Could you make the werewolf bite the player and make him a skilled werewolf too?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Will mermaids be added back? If they are will they be passives, possibly help the player?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have a really important question…
    Is there a way to get Wyvern eggs in survival?

  11. I already love this addon, but I have some suggestions:
    Please makes the Wyvern rideable, and add more colors because that would be cool.
    Please add an Amphitthere, which is a snakelike dragon covered in parrotlike feathers with two bird wings, a snake head, and no legs. It only flies, should have 50 heath, be tameable, rideable, shoot fire, and have a varyent that looks like each one of the parrot species.

  12. Michael says:

    You download links are filled with pop-ups and scam alerts. I can’t download this add-on because my browser gets flooded with pop-ups. Pls help, looking forward to adding this to the game for all of my friends.

  13. Phoenixgirl says:

    Make phoenix pls pls pls pls

  14. Comic oz says:

    creator of this magnificent addon I do not know who you are but I would like you to teach me how to make addons like these I ask the creator but I do not know if the comments are revived by those of mcpdle or the creator but I really want you to teach me but comosea of ​​all modes thanks.

  15. TylerTEM says:

    Honestly, I think this would be better if the Centaurs weren’t so… useless. Currently their just there to make fighting harder when your dealing with mob hoards, but if you could maybe ride Centaurs like you can with horses, there would be a real reason to interact with them, and not just ignore them.

  16. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I’ll try to make this one short but I cannot couldn’t stop thinking of these. These suggestions are gonna be structures. Wyvern nest- made entirely out of hay bales houses two Wyverns and a few of their eggs. Nessie nest(ha)-made entirely out of dried kelp blocks. Werewolf caves-house 3 werewolves with a bed, chest, and a few torches. Camps-orc or centaur camps and necromancers tower- the place were the necromancer lives.

  17. Anonymous says:

    is there any way you can make this addon work in 1.13?

  18. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    And some things for the necromancer: necromancers can be seen in there natural spawning structure(the devils tower). There will be monster spawns, graves, heads, and loads of chest it spawn extremely rarely. The necromancer will now spawn on a skeleton horse and can spawn skeletons riding skeleton horses and zombies riding zombie horses. There is a chance that he will spawn a giant.

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Santiago question do u ever get annoyed by chuthulu warrior cuz I can’t read anything u say without his massive message that’s worse than me rambling about the serpent

  19. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Some werewolf type things: werewolves can go on two legs or on all four in their wolf form they do prefer 2 legs as all fours are used as hunting. When a werewolf sees its prey it will howl and then run really fast at the player on all fours and other wolves and werewolves will come to help. Werewolves will have two attacks biting and scratching. When a werewolf harms a villager or illager they have a chance to become a werewolf variant of themselves. If you have a empty bottle and go near a wolf you can gather essence from them and give it to a villager, illager, or travelor for them to become a werewolf. If you do /function werewolf transformation it will give you invisibility and a werewolf will show up instead of you. There are a load of types of werewolves: icey werewolves-werewolf Eskimo’s only have the white variant. Hell werewolves- always in there wolf form are immune to lava and fire burn the player. Water werewolves- atlantian werewolves can swim. Villager werewolves-look like ordinary villagers with no jobs except for the yellow eyes, hair on the arms, no shoes, and torn clothes they transform into a whole new werewolf that can only be damaged by an emerald sword. Illager werewolves- looks like an ordinary vindicator except for the torn cloths, hair on the arms, and yellow eyes also transform into a whole new werewolf are hostile twords the player always. Mage werewolf-a werewolf that can cast spells. Werewolves will have a model change also. The feet and hands will have fingers with claws, they will look more hairy, and there feet will have better animation. Werewolves will rarely spawn in a pack. When one werewolf is mad the rest are(like normal wolves). Baby varieties these only attack small animals such as rabbits and chickens they are faster and will play with others. When werewolves transform they will shake, get hurt, potion particles will show, and smoke particles will show. Another variety of a werewolf. The lunar werewolf- a giant white werewolf with blue eyes is faster and stronger than a normal werewolf. Skeletal werewolf- a skeleton variety of a werewolf. Another skin of a werewolf should be added the normal wolf skin variety.

  20. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Some things for the wyvern: New types of skins(if for example one spawns in the forest it will be a forest color,green,). Wyverns, in most depictions, have a spiked or barbed tail that they use to kill their prey or use for defense. Wyverns when attacking have 5 attacks, they attack enemies with their tail melee, they can shoot a lot of spikeds at their prey, they might use their talons to grab their prey bring it in the air and then drop it, and biting Wyverns will use their sharp teeth to bite their prey(there is an animation of all of these. ) when Wyverns open their mouths there is a row of sharp teeth and they open their mouth wider. Wyverns when trying to attack fish, will dive and swim to catch them. Wyverns can sleep occasionally although a rare occurrence still seeable. Wyverns will have some different model type additions and changes Wyverns eyes look quite evil but when tamed have the current eyes. Tamed Wyverns have colors that can be dyed. Adult Wyverns will follow their owners. Tamed Wyverns can be saddled which adds a new model. The chest model they have a load of chest slots, they can be armored different models for it even with chest and saddle, and saddled though rideable can’t fly. When sneaking up to an adult wyvern with raw meat or berries you can breed them. Wyverns have an animation for sitting(when there pets or tired in the wild.). There is a rare chance of finding a Wyverns nest which is made of hay blocks 1-3 wyvern eggs will spawn there and 2 adult Wyverns. Wyverns will drop wyvern teeth which are used as to make hero soup or the Scaled blade.

  21. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay some things for the Minotaur(some I already said): Make the Minotaur more of a boss more attacks, health, and an exclusive drop. For the attacks the Minotaur will not just attack with his hammer for example he might do stomp attacks sometimes or maybe try to slap you. When the Minotaur is at low health he will do the charge attack at which he dashes really fast for you and does the hammer attack a lot faster. Sometimes he may jump in the air and do a smash attack with his hammer. He will have about 210 health. And lastly for the drops. The Minotaur will drop up to 25 leather, 25 experience, 34 raw beef, and the Minotaurs hammer that deals 10 damage. One more thing I want the Minotaurs texture to be changed to be a lot better. The Minotaur will have a cool walking animation instead of the current one.

  22. Francisco says:

    do they replace mobs, or do you need to add them?

  23. Venomous Toxin says:

    So I was looking for a mod that would add to my world but not subtract that Minecraft feeling. This has been the best mod ever. I love it so much. Me and all my friends all love this. Thank you for putting in all the hard work you have to make this addon. It is by far the best one on this website. And know your giving many people so much joy with such a great addon.

    Just one improvement, is adding xp drops to these mobs, as well as maybe removing the diamond from the minotaur and letting him drop Iron blocks instead (Diamonds are kind of an OP drop for them since they can easily be killed with arrows).

    I look forward to the new content you will add into the future. Thanks for this gift.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really appreciate it, thank you, and now I think and you are right the reward of the minotaur is too overpowered, I don’t know what happens with the experience because they should leave it when they die but for some strange reason they don’t, I’ll see if I can solve it

    • I really appreciate it, thank you, and now I think and you are right the reward of the minotaur is too overpowered, I don’t know what happens with the experience because they should leave it when they die but for some strange reason they don’t, I’ll see if I can solve it

  24. XP says:

    Hey, im planning to make a Dungeon Crawler map for Minecraft, and i wanna use this addon. I will give credit after i made the map :)))

  25. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    M-M-M-M-M-More!!!! Bigfoot(or Sasquatch)- a big ape rarely found in forests scared of humanoids but also neutral spawns only at night in Taiga biomes) Yeti- Extremely rare. Only found in any frozen biome extremely hostile and will want to murder you. Chupacabra- I distorted vampire wolf with some hair missing. They only spawn at night will kill any sheep but are scared of humans. Skin-walkers- witchs wereing random animal pelts(whatever pelt they are wereing is the animal they can shapeshift into.) spawn in the deserts and woods at night and are 100% hostile twords humans. They have a chance to drop spawn eggs. Jackaloph- a giant rabbit with antlers. Are neutral instead of rabbits. Fairy-tiny little people that that have butterfly wings or dragon fly wings they will attack you if the Ents, Dyads, Nymphs, or Spriggans are angered. Have about 5 hp and drop saplings and flowers. Pixies- bigger and brighter versions of fairies(so bright in fact that only their wings can show through the light.) but these guys are completely harmless. They drop pixie dust on death. Death- he appears as a skeleton wereing black robes holding a Sythe. (Rarely seen on a skeleton horse) immortal only there to collect souls such as when you killed something. He will appear there and then walk off and vanish. He is super harmless but very surprisingly creepy. Ghost- Ghosts are super harmless and only can be harmed by potion or death himself. They appear as harmless animals such as sheep and villagers they have a rare chance to spawn when the mob is killed. Poltergeist- They appear as a hostile mob such as a ravager or creeper. They may attack you like the mob they were when alive but deal no damage instead they just scare you till death arrives or you decide I’m gonna throw a potion at it. Annoyingly though they can destroy the blocks they could when alive however the creepers just run up to you. Angry jack- also referred to as jack o lantern mimic, they appear as jack o lanterns weird enough but when coming in contact with them they will enter their 2nd form to were the grow to viney hands on the left and right and priced to harm you. When you killed it it will drop 1 jack o lantern. Troll herobrine- this entity unlike actually herobrine will just appear randomly around you’re world in the dark and also rarely when you’re sleeping. He dies instantly. I have an idea of an attack for the Minotaur, when at low health it will start to do charge attacks and hit faster also it will drop an iron hammer on death. Werebear- like the werewolf, the werebear can shapeshift however they only spawn in snowy biomes so far and deal tougher attacks but are slower they can only be killed with a stone sword and their skin is an Eskimo. Bandits- super weak humans. They can come in different skins and will often hold iron swords, bows, axes, or crossbows. They are found randomly in forest biomes. Lunar werewolf- a new type of werewolf that is more bigger than an average werewolf and has light blue eyes instead. These guys can transform on command when they are in a fight they transform. They are extremely rare to find. Headless horseman- a ghostly man on a nightmare steed holding a iron sword. Hostile twords anything that has a head. Spawns super rarely. Nightmare steed- a blackened zombie horse skin with a skeleton horse head and red eyes. Tameable with blaze powder.

  26. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Some more: Leviathan- A giagantic raging monster that lives in the ocean can destroy wood blocks, chests, barrels, fences, wool, wooden doors, and wooden trap doors. Will attempt to destroy and kill you spawns in Oceans and drops the Leviathan tooth used to craft the hero’s blade. Jabberwocky-a type of monster that originated from a poem. It is a monster with an insect like head except for the mouth consisting of 4 buck teeth, hairy arms with 3 long sharp claws, wereing a vest, having dinosaur like feet, a very long neck, scaly skin, a long Serpent tail, and two dragon wings.( for a better description just search Jabberwocky) it’s a fierce creature that will attack anything on sight!!! It will use its claws to attack but sometimes also use its teeth. When it’s killed, it will drop the jabberwocky’s head(which is a block that’s only obtainable through creative or killing the jabberwocky) and a tooth of the jabberwocky used to craft the hero sword. Jabberwockys spawn extremely rarely near birch trees. Ghoul-a more powerful and fast zombie. It crawls on all fours and is pretty scary it has hallowed out eyes, sharp claws, olive green skin instead of grass green, and sharp fangs. It will attack you like zombies.(no questions asked no saying No He wIlL nEvEr aDd iT cAuSe ThErE aLrEaDy Is An AdDoN tHaT dOeS tHaT!i!) Griffin-A griffin is a monster that has the head, arms, and wings of a eagle and a body of a lion. They are extremely hostile twords players, sheep, cow, pig, villagers, witchs, and illagers. They drop Griffins beak an item used to craft the bird sword. Dwarves-small woodland creatures that love to cause mischief. Dryads and Nymphs(no saying He never going to add dose cause dae are from Terraria)-they appear as young lost women in any forest however the Nymphs are the hostile ones and will try to kill you. The Dryads however are neutral and offer supplies such as grass and dirt. Spriggans- these monsters appear as tree women and are hostile twords villagers, witchs, illagers, the undead, endermen, and the player. Mimic ore-this type of mob is entirely made up although based off the mimic chest, the mimic ore appears as any regular Minecraft ore except when trying to mine it it will turn into its second form to were it has four spider like legs, 1 red glowing eye. And a mouth that opens and closes and is full of teeth. They are only found underground. Cockatrice- a mob found rarely underground, it’s part chicken part dragon!!! It can breath fire and is giant. They will attack villagers, golems, illagers, passive animals, witchs, Minotaurs, orcs, and players they will be pretty rare and pretty difficult to beat. They will drop the eye of the Cockatrice used to craft the soup item I said before. Element-basically it can appear as any block that exists in Minecraft besides, air, void, and bedrock. They will spawn commonly everywhere and they fly all the time and attack players on sight. When they are killed they drop essence of the element used to create enchantments for the staffs. (No saying this is from another addon or a different game they are medieval so they deserve their spot on here)

    • Mishon says:

      I apologize, but I am writing from a translator. One could add giant water kites without paws.And they would jump out of the water and hit the mobs. Also a gorgon jellyfish that draws mobs into stone.

  27. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    More more more suggestions!!! Pegasus-a horse with wings it has the ability to fly but spawns in mountains. Unicorn-a horse that has a magical horn on its head. Although pretty
    , extremely hostile and will deal the wither effect to you they spawn in flower fields, sunflower fields, and woodland forests. Skeletal unicorn-spawns in the nether and is immune to fire will still go after you and deals less damage. Skeletal Pegasus-neutral, spawns in the nether. Has skeletal wings as well. Harpy- part women part bird. Extremely filthy. They will have phantom AIs when flying but will eventually start walking they drop blue and red feathers used to craft a bird sword. They spawn commonly at mountains.(NONE REFERENCING TO OTHER GAMES CAUSE APPARENTLY PEOPLE JUST LOVE TO TELL ME ,”HE IS NEVER EVER EVER GOING TO ADD TGAT BECAUSE THATS FROM THIS GAME!!!”)

  28. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay listen up here are some sea monster suggestions!!! Sea serpent- I long snakelike monster that will drag you underwater it would basically probably look like s giant eel. It will make scary noises and spawn in oceans. Kraken-on a very very rare occasion one in 500 squids will the kraken spawn the kraken is a giagantic version of a squid that will try to murder the player unlike most hostile mobs that can’t attack you underwater this one can!!! In fact he will just destroy you’re boat!!! The kraken will start a thunderstorm when he is nearby(like orespawn but he doesn’t fly). He will drop a strange tentical used slay mobs (deals 6 damage) the kraken will have 60 hearts. Dagon- a giant version of a deep one the king of fish spawns near prismarine ruins. And is found sleeping when Cthulhu wakes he wakes. (These are seriously all I could think of at the moment)

  29. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay hopefully you respond to this(UNLESS YOU ARE HARRYTHEMAGICAN13). Well 1.12.0 is out now which means new custom biomes, blocks, items, furnace recipes, and crafting recipes. Well why not I get started. Drakes-basically dragons without the wings they don’t have a worm like body though and would be found around rivers mostly eating salmon and other fish they are hostile is they have a baby but rarely will just attack you. They deal about 5 hearts of damage and drop their claws which are used to craft a sword. Nidhogg- basically another type of dragon this one I want to look like Wyrm which flys through the air the will some times try to attack ents, Spriggans, and trees. They are extremely hostile twords players and only spawn in the extreme hills or mountains. They drop the horn used to craft a nidhogg spear. Lindworm- a long type of dragon(wyrm) with only 2arms will give you the poison effect when attacking you with its sharp fangs. These spawn in dark caves, mountains, extreme hills, and dark oak forests. You will get it’s tongue when it’s killed. It only deals 3 damage but will poison foes. The Norwegian Ridgeback-a type of dragon that spawns near oceans and extreme hills these dragons attack ravagers, illagers, villagers, golems, players, and passive animals even polar bear. You will get it ear when it’s killed it can be eaten or used as a crafting recipe for Monster stew. Normal dragons-come in many varieties such as air, water, fire, earth, and nature. They are breedable when they are adults with food as long as it’s not pufferfish, cake, pie, or cookies, and milk. The babies are tameable with berries and when you keep feeding them they will grow bigger and bigger until they are an adult you can saddle them up however you can not fly with them the only can run like a horse but faster and you can give them a chest for slots and horse armor for protection. The sitting animation will show for every mob in this addon. Dragons have 4 attacks Bite, breath fire, scratch, and tail whip. Dragons only spawn near mountains, extreme hills, villages, and caves. When breeding a dragon they will spawn an egg instead of a baby, similar to that of a wyvern or Nessie. When slaying a dragon they have a chance to drop a scale used to craft the 3rd hardest block in Minecraft. Woodland mansions and outposts have a chance to spawn an illager armed wyvern. Wyvern nests will rarely spawn around the world with 1 to 3 wyvern eggs inside. For the wyverns there will be different colored skins. They can be mounted with a saddle however they can’t fly when mounted. Now for a boss: the dragon type bosses or foes are going to be able to shapeshift. The dragon hearted illager will transform into a gray colored dragon with green eyes. It will be able to shoot fire at you but this guy is just a foe. They will have about 12 hp. They only spawn in woodland mansions and raids. Their clothing is the color of purple mixed with black. Dragon hearted villager-the dragon hearted villager will be able to shapeshift into a dragon that has green eyes and is a bright lime color. They spawn only at villages. And have 12 hp. They can breath fire and bite. Their robes are the color of dark green with a mix of yellow. Since they are villagers they can trade weapons and emeralds for you. There are always 3 that are in the village. Illager Dragon master-this is the boss of the illagers it will shapeshift into a giagantic dragon in the color of red and will shoot tons of tiny fire balls and then three giant fire balls plus one dragon fire ball then it will shoot flames at you and deal melee damage of 7. The illager will have about 56 hp. And drop a dragon head, dragon scales(23), dragon claws(5), and a totem. Oh and reskin the Elytra into Ender dragon wings.

  30. Chakes says:

    Hello !
    This is certainly the most amazong add-on i’ve ever seen in my life.
    but i have a problem, the baby Nessie i tamed , like all the Nessies, are always swimming straight in front of them and i can’t leash them i don’t know why???
    And also, i know you have a lot of work since i have read the comment ^^; but could it be possible to make Wyvern rideables? Thank you !

  31. KratosOmegaLul says:

    You might as well add Zeus.

  32. Evan says:

    The adult Wyvern dosen’t follow you fix that

  33. :) says:

    Could you eventually add female looking centaurs and kid centaurs?

  34. AnonymousCrab says:

    Hey wouldn’t be cool, if nessie would leap out of the water like a dolphin, I’m sure it wouldn’t Ben to much trouble since dolphins have that’s animation all ready, also you could add human flesh into the game and it drops from villagers and if you eat it you instantly die and in your place is a Wendigo, abit like the old foke lore

  35. Anynomous says:

    Can you debuff the necromancer I was outside my base when he showed up. And then he started spawning waves of skeletons and the ones with tunics (forget their name). And by the time I respawns their was like 20 of them. Like I was on round 15 of cod zombies. oh and I had full iron.

  36. Unknown says:

    When this great addon will get a new update ?

  37. Alex says:

    The addon is amazing but sadly i think is forgotten

  38. Sasha says:

    Can you make it so we can fly on wyverns?

  39. DATURTLE343 says:

    Here are things that i believe should be added.
    -Goblins, neutral to player, will steal things, and has unfair trades.
    -Hobgoblins, like goblins but much more powerful.
    -basilisk, giant snake that will turn the player to stone or kill them upon looking at it.
    -naga, much like basilisk but smaller and does not turn player to stone.
    -greater wyvern, large wyverns with elemental breath attacks that are similar in size to ender dragon and are similar to wyverns from the game ARK
    -Dragons and Great Dragons, normal dragons are similar to the ender dragon but different colors with different breath attacks, great dragons are very powerful and rare and have many different attacks.
    -hydra, much like twilight forest hydra but has 4 legs, grows more heads, maybe a golden or red color, and possibly flies.
    -lich, powerful bosses with lots of health that will spawn in necromancers and any kind of undead.
    -elf, humanoid creatures spawning naturally in forests that wield bows and will offer trades for rare and magical items.
    -dwarves, shorter, stubby humanoids that wield battleaxes and will offer trades for ores and weapons
    -halflings/hobbits, short humanoids that prefer not to fight but will offer plant and farm-based trades.
    -ogres, much stronger versions of orcs wielding an entire tree to fight with.
    -manticores, half lion, half scorpion with wings that will spawn in extreme hills and will inflict poison upon players.
    -kraken, colossal squids that will spawn in the deep ocean and pull players and their boats underwater.
    -leviathan, super rare underwater beasts that will use a multitude of attacks to kill the player, they are nearly unstoppable.
    -kelpie, horse looking mobs that spawn on beaches and will transform into terrifying creatures that pull the player underwater to drown them.
    -sirens, mermaid looking creatures that will sing(pulling the player near them) and then they will attack the player.
    -fawns and satyrs, fawns are half goat, half human creatures that spawn in forests and will offer trades to the player, satyrs will attack the player and are larger than fawns.
    -yeti, large beasts in the tundra and ice spikes biome that will pick up players and eat them.
    -cyclops, giant creatures that will spawn rarely in the extreme hills and will also try to eat the player.
    -medusa, a boss creature spawning in her own lair that will turn players to stone upon them looking at her.
    -demons and devils, demons are aggressive flying creatures spawning in the nether, possibly wielding red tridents. devils are friendlier counterparts to demons that may offer nether based trades.
    -ghosts, humanoid creatures that can phase through the ground and can only be killed with a trident with impaling or some other enchanted item.

    ITEMS(possibly for when 1.12 comes out.)

    -ogres tree weapon, 15 attack damage, player gets slowness as long as they wield it.
    -minotaur’s hammer, causes between 10 and 25 damage
    -orc’s club, does between 15 and 20 damage
    -wyvern stinger, inflicts poison and does lots of damage
    -leviathan tooth sword, crafted with a stick and 2 leviathan teeth(dropped by leviathan) sword inflicts between 20 and 35 damage
    -possibly spellbooks, dropped by mobs like lich, witch, evoker, and necromancer, will allow the player to inflict certain effects and summon entities.


    Medusa’s layer, run down building with skulls and stone statues littered all over, medusa spawns here.

    Yeti’s Cave, frozen cave in the ice biome. yeti spawns here.

    Volcano, large mountain with lava oozing down the sides. multiple dragons and wyverns spawn here.

    City, large medieval city that dwarves vanilla villages, lots of villagers, iron golems and a few goblins spawn here. also possibly villager guards.

  40. DATURTLE343 says:

    In the last version the wyverns worked just fine but in this version they wont fight back against players, and tamed ones wont attack anything, please fix this and make wyverns rideable. and maybe release 2 versions of the addon, one for windows 10 with scripts and one for mobile without scripts

  41. Alex says:

    I can’t wait to next update to be released is so amazing but i wonder if wyverns will attack also horses , donkeys and mules

    • Anonymous says:

      One suggestion I have would be to add pseudo dragons. They would look similar to wyverns but they would stay the same size as the baby wyverns and they can some in different colors. Most likely they would be tamable.

  42. XxPhoenix1900xX says:

    Hello, I have a little problem with Nessie, can you find them in survival mode or are they exclusive to creative mode? It’s been a while i’m trying to find some and until now i’ve found nothing, could you tell me what place they spawn?

  43. Trueshot Barrage says:

    Hello, I really love this addon and I appreciate the work you’re putting into it
    But could you please nerf Wyverns a bit more along with Werewolves? Or maybe make them spawn less often?
    I was playing in a server with my friends and they kept spawning a lot, Wyverns even spawned in tundra biomes
    My suggestion is to remove the poison from Wyverns and make them kill you in 4 hits (with Iron Armor) instead of 2-3
    And something similar to Werewolves so they don’t instakill us in the first 20m of a new world
    And is there any plans on making them drop something?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think having the poison effect for wyverns is great because it is accurate to how they are depicted in most myths. They are also depicted to have a poisonous sting in the monster manual from d&d. Although I do agree with nerfing the physical damage they do unless the creator is planning on adding something they can help you kill them faster or survive better.

  44. Anonymous says:

    İn The New uptade players can ride friendly and growed Wyverns.And nessies and wyverns can wear görse armour.

  45. Jason says:

    Plz make some alien and predator plz

  46. Darthur09 says:

    How can i get the dragón egg in survival mode?

  47. Jason says:

    Can you add alien and predator if you can’t can you make a mod/addon with animation

    Thanks for reading this
    Love Jason

  48. Raheem says:

    Can you add a hippogriff into the add-on like a rare creature

  49. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some creepy mobs that I think would suit this addon: Ghost: neutral for the player spawn at night or in the nether spawns when killing passive and neutral mobs. Poltergeist: Hostile to the player and villagers spawns in the nether and at night also spawns when killing hostile mobs. Living Jack o lantern( mimic jack o lantern: one of many mimics looks like an ordinary jack o lantern but when you get close to it it grows arms and runs at you. It deals 10 damage has 6 hp and drops 100% a jack o lantern. Strange wolf: is a strange animal looks like a wolf with a villager, illager, or creeper head spawns in pillager outposts, woodland mansions, villages, or plains. Deals 2 damage in villager form and is neutral, illager form deals 3 damage in illager form, and in creeper form blows up(made up). Black cat of death: spawns only in the nether, will attack wither skeletons and blazes, is immune to wither and fire, has two red glowing eyes with sharp fangs tameable with rotten flesh and spider eyes. Mimic chest: the mimic chest spawns in the following, villages, woodland mansions, pillager outposts, strongholds, abandoned mineshafts, desert pirimids, sunken pirate ships, underwater ruins, and jungle temple. They are 100% immune to arrows,fireballs, slash potions, drowning, lava, tridents(thrown), fishing rods, lead, fireworks, and lightning bolts they are only attackable by hitting them. They don’t cast a shadow in their first form which looks like an ordinary chest however upon hitting it it will trans form into its true self, a tall slender skin less being with long sharp claws having the head be the chest. It will drop amazing loot but will deal 11 attack damage and has 43 hp. It will terrify you a lot and will when something is one the ground eat it when it’s killed it’s target it will turn back into its fake form. So the fun fact is eating items on the floor. I really hope you add the mimics the most.

    • Harrythemagician13 says:

      Mimic chest? Dude dont add the mimic chest Codanraigen has it

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        And so has HeatFragment I choose a different model the only things that are similar is that the head is a chest and you have to interact with it!!! I chose a different behavior style and animation!!! DID YOU EVEN READ THE DESCRIPTION I CAME UP WITH!!!!!

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        And plus he is adding MYTHICAL CREATURES he might just make the behavior different!!!

        • Cthulhu Warrior says:


  50. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    A few things to say that I think would improve this addon. The orc’s Attack damage is too strong they are supposed to be weaker than Minotaurs but they will one hit kill you why did you make it so high?! The textures need improving besides the Wyvern, necromancer, centaur, skeleton warrior, and Nessie they just look bland!!! No offense. Again I will say this again the werewolves need actual claws in their werewolf form instead of scribbles!!! Improve the werewolf feet when they’re walking. Decrease the damage of the warrior skeletons and their speed they are so fast and strong!!! A cool feature I would love to see would to be villager werewolves a werewolf is like a zombie they can inflect the curse among others their is a rare chance that a villager when attacked by a werewolf creates a werewolf villager which spawns in zombie villages rarely. They can be cured the same way as zombie villagers but instead of just a golden apple it’s an enchanted golden apple. Oh and one last thing make the orcs have an animation when attacking you with their club.

  51. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    When you do add dragons I suggest adding dragon eggs to were a baby dragon will hatch. This is not a normal type of dragon I do want normal types of dragons but this one is different it’s called a Chinese dragon and with 1.12 you can make new items, blocks, food, and biomes. So Chinese dragons can spawn in the Sakura biome which are trees with pink flowers. Here are the things that spawn in the Sakura biomes: Xiangliu, unicorns, and Chinese dragons. Can you make some custom medieval armor and weapons like steel sword and armor, battle swords, battle axes, knifes/daggers, crown, staffs, emerald and lapis weapons tools and armor, new ores such as titanium fools gold which does 1 damage to werewolves emerium amber dinosaur bones and lastly sorboilium.

  52. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    How do you make you’re addons? I want to know how.

  53. Alex says:

    Hey amazing i dream in the future is about that of mo creatures addon and lycanites mobs addon witch will look like java i think lycanites will be hard but mo creatures seems amazing also as a addon for mcpe

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Santiago can u make an update on June 29th that adds sea serpent I’m saying this because it’s my birthday on their also I’ve been noticing some odd behavior with the Nessie mob appearntly it just goes straight and turns no other direction plz fix 😊

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Ps Santiago I have ideas for sea serpent make it huge half size as ender dragon 2nd bubble breath pushes u down like a bubble column while doing same damage as a silverfish and a bite which does poison damage and finally once u are swimming up to the surface and reach it upon the sea serpent spotting u it will rise above the water starring at u swimming doing about 50 damage that’s how I dream the sea serpent mob would be and I know u can make it have awesome animations like that I believe in u plzzz do it plzzzz

  54. Омега says:

    В следующем обновлении вы добавите Гидру?

  55. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you add these: floating skulls come in 6 variations Skeleton spawn anywhere at night, stray spawn at night in snowy biomes, wither skeleton and wither spawn at the nether, and skeleton horse really rare. The have 5 hp each and the skeleton and skeleton horse one just attack you dealing melee damage. Wither and wither skeleton do wither effect. And stray does slowness. They drop skulls. Bones and corpses- come in different variations(poses) there are different skins for the type of zombies and skeletons. Stray spawns at snow wither skeleton spawn in the nether. Skeleton spawn at normal areas rarely. Drop bones skulls heads and all of their drops but rarely spawn the mob.

  56. Anonymous says:


  57. Should I make the factions of the villager knights attack each other factions? (For example, the blue faction attack the red faction, obviously they don’t spawn in the same village)

  58. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay these are going to be called hunters but each one will do something different. Werewolf hunters- only hunt wolves and werewolves hold only gold swords will kill them in daylight. They look like villagers wearing wolf skin. Wyvern hunters- hunt only wyverns. Look like villagers wearing Wyvern skin. Normal hunters- hunt only sheep, rabbit, cow, pig, mooshroom, bat, and fish look like villagers wearing wearing animal pelts. Bounty hunters- hunt illagers, zombies, necromancers, and witchs look like villagers wearing armor. raider- an illager version of a hunter.

  59. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    If the werewolves have really low health in day or night they don’t transform they just die. Can you make the werewolves shake have particles and get hurt when transforming? Also when in the werewolf form still shake. Can you make the werewolves have clawed fingers on their hands and feet and when doing the howling animation their hands also go up. When the werewolves do the howling animation I think particles should show and nearby wolves and werewolves will come over and attack. Can you make one more version of the werewolf it is a skin of a wolf? Can you add yet another type of werewolf. This werewolf is instead neutral to villagers and players. They will hunt sheep, cow, rabbit, and chicken. They will be tameable with raw meat. The werewolves will fear two things one is the Zombie Pigman the other I will tell you in the next idea. I really want them to have these minor animations, behaviors, and additions for the werewolves.( I think the tameable werewolf should be called Lycanthrope another name for a werewolf)

    • I don’t think that a tameable werewolf is a good idea, I will not make it neutral towards the players but it will attack the nearby animals, besides the lycanthropy is the “ability” that makes the human being transformed into a werewolf, not a type of werewolf

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        Okay you are wrong there a Lycanthrope is another name for a werewolf but you don’t call it werewolfism or werewolfy you call it Lycanthropy, it’s like saying oh they are not called vampires cause vampirism is what the magic or curse that transforms them into them!!!!

  60. Adrian says:

    Can you plz make an addon for tameable dragons ? Most of them don’t work or replace another mob, by the way great addon.

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:


  61. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I got one other one. Orey- an Orey is a mob that I made up. Oreys look like any of the Ores in Minecraft except that they have a dozen of tiny feet made of stone under the body, two cute eyes, and a giant mouth. They make block noises. Their are a bunch of different types and they all have different abilities that the others can’t do. Coal the weakest has 12hp when entering the nether lights the ground on fire does 3 damage tamable with coal and charcoal drops experience and coal. Emerald one has 21hp when when near a village gives you hero of the village tameable with emeralds and drops emeralds does 12 damage. Gold this one has 13 hp scare werewolves away drops gold ingots and does 10 damage tameable with gold nuggets. Redstone has 23 hp glows in the dark drops Redstone and experience tameable with Redstone dust and experience does 8 damage. Lapis lays lapis like a chicken has 23 hp does 12 damage and tameable with lapis. Iron one of the two that can mine this one is the weakest mining ones also can shear sheep has 34 hp does 21 damage drops iron ingots and tameable with iron ingots. Lastly Diamond mines any ore and obsidian has 60 hp does 31 damage tameable with diamonds drops diamond and experience. The iron and coal ones are commonly found inside caves but the others are extremely rare.

  62. Adrian says:

    Hey, could you make an addon for tameable dragons? All the dragon addons I’ve seen either replace something or don’t work, and I think you could make a great dragon addon.

  63. Anonymous says:

    It would be awesome if the Nessies could be able to be controlled by the player while riding it. It will be a new way of sea transportation!

    • It would be incredible, but there are no controls for aquatic creatures, that’s why Nessie doesn’t go up or down, I suppose it could be done with the use of scripts but as I mentioned before, these aren’t compatible with mobile devices and I don’t want to exclude them, so it will stay like they’re now

  64. Alex says:

    Actually is there possible of aether addon witch looks similar with the java mod and adds custom biomes, custom mobs bosses and maybe its own dimension or i also love to see addon witch adds the mobs and bosses from advent of ascension mod for jaava in mcpe that will be super epic

  65. Можно Гидру? says:

    Пожалуйста,умоляю!добавьте Гидру,пожалуйста!

  66. Лк says:

    Можете добавить нового босса Гидру,пж!у неё было бы несколько голов

  67. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    This addon will be filled with mythical mobs so when ever I find a thing I want I will tell you. Can you add Vampires- come in two types Villager and Illager. They have red eyes and fangs. At day time they will try and find shelter as they will burn. The vampires will attack illagers, villagers, witchs, necromancers, and players. They can infect illagers and villagers and will turn into a bat to escape iron golems and ravagers. Different villagers(guards if you will)- mage villager summons some new mob that’s like the vex and summons fangs.( a secret similar to the evoker when a sheep is the color of red does the wololo sound and changes it to blue. Villager Swordsman- carries a sword and shield has a chance to block an attack. If named Freddy will attack anything besides villagers and golems. And lastly the villager bowman- shoots arrows at hostile mobs. Spawn at villages commonly and you can make them to!!! Give a stone mason or any Smith a sword and you have a swordsman!!! Give a cleric or librarian a totem and you have the mage!!! Give a bow to a fletcher or fisher and you have a mage!!! Make them not attack each other to. ( add one more type of villager a villager that sells spawn eggs for the drops!!!) make pillagers spawnable at the woodland mansions and werewolves and villagers spawable in the jail cages in the mansions too. Add Harpy’s they are part bird part lady their arms are wings. They will swoop at you like phantoms but spawn at day in the extreme mountains. They drop rotten flesh, feathers, and sticks. Giant and Cyclops. A giant is a massive monster can come in 3 forms.(1 Villager, 2 Illager, and 3 Witch) will be up to 10 blocks tall they will break plants(trees) and are passive to sheep and other giants but not anything else!!! They have custom sounds and animations and look insane having their mouth closed but when they see a mob that is not a sheep or other giant they will look up in the sky and open their mouth roaring and then attack. They have around 150 hp and deal 20 damage. When they are killed the drop a load of shears, wool, cooked meat, leather, emeralds , and bones. Cyclops the same size as a giant but have spiked on the back do not look like villagers, illagers, or witchs, and have one giant eyeball. They have the same amount of hp they hate everything except other cyclops so when a giant sees a cyclops they fight each other and it is a 50/50 chance that one will kill the other. Cyclops drop Stone, tree wood, leather, and emeralds. One last mob till I find another one to mention Trolls- trolls are large hairy creatures that are half the size of giants they will attack anything even themselves but will flee at the sight of an iron golem. They have sharp claws and have different skins for different biomes: taiga forest=forest troll, mountains=rock troll, snow biomes= snow troll, Nether=Hell rock troll, and lastly End= ender troll. They are immune to fire and lava. Trolls will eat anything that’s edible so they will trample crops and devour them and even berries. They only spawn at night as they turn to stone in the morning. And when killing their stone form they drop you guessed it stone and cobblestone. Make the warrior skeletons make skeleton sounds. Thank you for you’re time.

  68. FathurNetwork says:

    I like this AddOn! Can you create Twilight Forest AddOn (mod like MC Java)? But not replace all things in Minecraft Bedrock (new items).

  69. good guy says:

    Alright so your very bad at riddles ok then the answer is the clay golems are unhittable if they freeze so their different from gnomes and they both give clay gnomes are from clay that fact

  70. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    If you decide to make a new addon after this one I would love to see a terraria addon with demon eyes and different biomes and weapons. Also I want another yes another mob floating eyes spawn at night and act like bats when flying. When their hp is half the no longer have a pupil and instead a mouth is in its place in their second form they deal more damage. Since the necromancer summons undead it will also summon the Floating eyes. Also add werebears like werewolves except spawn in snow taiga biomes. Werebears can only be harmed by a iron sword instead of gold and will deal more damage. A behavior that I want for werewolves is when they howl it will call nearby wolves and werewolves. I am guessing you will readd mermaids( they are a W.I.P) so why not try it with the Wendigo I want it back is what I’m saying. They will intimidate monster and animal sounds. They spawn in snowy forests at night and can be killed only with the following items torch, Redstone torch, flint and steel, fire charge, lava, fire aspect swords, and flame bows. They are large and slender having their rib cage out and a deer skull. They will attack illagers, villagers, and players. They will have claws. An awesome idea I had was to make drowned counter parts to mobs that are zombies: drowned horse, drowned skeleton( called sunken), drowned Zombie Pigman, and drowned zombie villager. And two more I want a werefish looks like a more buff deep one but spawns under water can only be killed with a trident. Swims faster than drowned and you. And a Kraken A giant Squid that rarely spawns in the oceans the rest you can do maybe it will pull you deeper so you will drown.

    • All these ideas are great, I actually fix the Wendigo, they look different and they behave differently from your suggestion, I hope you don’t get disappointed

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        No I’m not disappointed. I can’t wait!!! When is the next update?

      • IDRAGON04 says:

        Can u give me one more hint plz I need one that actually helps also is this hint a beta only thing cuz I don’t have beta and just installed the addon

      • IDRAGON04 says:

        Can I have another hint just one last one cuz I don’t know also if this is a beta feature only or not cuz I can’t get beta also u working on sea serpent yet and could u tell us all new mobs in next update? Plllzzz

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Need one more hint plz last one plz also u didn’t mention the spawn of the necromancer sooooo 🤫 could that be it and if so is this secret a beta feature only cuz I don’t have beta and don’t know how to get it on iOS

    • XabsoliteX05 says:

      The way a wendigo is, its still human its jusst a cannable creature that lures in people so ud be able to stabb it

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Is this the sea serpent a wip mob yet? And could u add it in next update also I still can’t find out the secret is it a beta thing only also can u give me ONE more hint plzzzz it’s been hours of me looking and thinking

      • I worked on the sea serpent a few days ago, I still have a lot to do, so I don’t think it is in the next update, for the next update will be the Villagers Knights, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, I will make a small improvement to the orcs, maybe the dwarves and elves (although I’m not sure to implement them), it will take me quite a while, since I have many ideas for them and finally, the secret feature has nothing to do with the necromancer, it has to do more with the Minotaur and where it should appear, I can not tell you more, except that you have until the next update to find it

    • Alex says:

      All are amazing but sadly the sunken is in a addon called bedrock edition 2.0

  71. Péricles3601 says:


    This addon is influencing the day werewolf

  72. None Of Your bUisines says:

    Some of these mobs rlly remind me of Ihascupquakes oasis, the childhood eee uwu

  73. Dogeking07 says:

    Hay can you make a xenomorph mod you vary talented! And I would love it so much that I have bean sourcing forever and you make a adorn with or about them you should be the first of the first!

  74. good guy says:

    Add the dollmaker, can summon living dolls, and death, reaper of souls and add anubis also the pharaoh and angel and ancient cobra and clay golem they do the same as gnomes but it has a secret try guessing it what is it? find it out

  75. good guy says:

    Oh. And I got another pairs, Anubis, pharaoh and the ancient cobra also the clay made golem they do the same thing as gnomes but one weird thing, I’ll keep the secret in mind so guess it what is it?

  76. Kawaiiplays13 says:

    make the wyverns able to be mounted

  77. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    OH MY GOD ANOTHER IDEA!!!! Lichs- they are the kings of the undead and will be a little bit more of a challenge an upgrade if you will to the be necromancer. Chimera- the chimera is a monstrous fire breathing monster it has the body of a goat, the head of a lion, and a serpent tale. It spawns near the mountains and is hostile to anything. It’s health is 34 hp. It can give you fatal poison when attacking you and will drop leather.

  78. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay, okay I yet have ANOTHER thing I want!!!{jees I sound like a spoiled kid!!!} Demons and imps. Demons and imps spawn in the Nether. Imps can teleport and shoot 1 small fireball they are super annoying but drop a lot of nether quartz and gold. They have about 10 hp. Demons on the other hand are extremely dangerous the shoot a dozen small fireballs and then shoot 1 big fireball and they are a pain when on ground cause they will cause the wither effect on the player when punching you. Luckily they only have about 20 hp and since they are a little bit like blazes, can be damaged easily by snowballs. They drop nether quartz and gold and not so rarely fire charge.

  79. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    So a few more things that I want one of them I will tell you. 1.11 makes it so making new events like raids and random traders so I know it’s possible. Can you make like a werewolf type raid were packs of werewolves will attack a village like a raid. I know it will be very difficult to do but it would be cool. I got some trading ideas for the werewolves!!! Instead of trading the farmers trades you could make them trade gold for raw foods, lapis for enchanted gold weapons tools and armor, and gold for leather or coal. Can you also add mimic chests. They at first look like normal chests but when interacting with them the pop out in there true form!!!(chest can still be seeable and the chest is its mouth) the mimic will have about 20 hp. And will deal 6 attack damage. After they are in their true form for too long they will go and turn back into a chest or when they’ve killed there target. If keep inventory is off they will eat one of you’re items. They drop always around 2-10 experience, the item you dropped and a item from an underground area.(such as a abandoned mineshaft.)

    • I don’t know if that is possible, however, I’m not sure, I’ll try it but the werewolves will not raid the villagers, they will attack another creature that is not yet in the game and that I’ll add soon 😉

  80. ToshiMarborisu says:

    In the next update is the ability to ride Wyverns gonna be in there if not I think it would be nice and add something more to the Addon

  81. Cuber says:

    You can add fairy wings and they have different aspects and can be domesticated with sugar and emit light and reproduced with margaritas and cure you. when you have less than 6 hearts of life and obviously follow you if you want it and leave them still like dogs

  82. Alextameing says:

    Hey so whenever I try to download the behavior and the resource it says page not found

  83. Wizard says:

    My idea is to implement dragons with different textures and personalized animations that there are different species. Ice fire water electric rock and they appear in cracks or caves under the ground to kill you and you have to enter those caves and take the eggs and eggs have a behavior similar to turtle eggs and are fed with cow’s milk when they are babies when they grow they already find flesh to be mounted

  84. Alex says:

    I have some new mobs ideas i hope they are great ideas
    Yeti is a mob that attacks you and give you slownless and spawns in snow biomes
    Teke teke is a crawler ghost of a woman or schoolgirl from japanese legends that spawns at night and will attack you when she spots you and also will attack villagers and when she walks make a teke sounds
    Chupacabra will attack you and also villager and animals and also can be teamable with all type of meat but when it is baby and upon teamed chupacabra can fight for you like a wolf and when it grous up can be rideable aswell and will spawn in caves and at night
    Nightcrawler aka the fresno alien is a cryptid that spawns at night and will attack you upon spotting you if you don’t know how it looks you can search on youtube and see how they walk and how they look
    La llorona is a ghost from mexican mythology about a mother that drowns her kids will attack you and will spawn at night only in swamp biomes
    The stalker is another monster that stalks you and when you get closer will attack brutally and give you blindess there are two types of stalkers the normal stalker that spawn in overworld and the nether stalker will spawn only in the nether and will set you on fire
    The hurtler is a flying creeper head that flies in the end and shoots explosive fireballs
    Hell phantom a nether version of the phantom but this will shoot fireballs at you and will spawn only in the nether and is more rare than the ghast
    The rake is a strange creature from creepypasta that is very fast and will attack you is the most rarest mob in the overworld at night

  85. Diana says:

    Please Do Mermaid and Siren I Never see that’s creature on Minecraft I never see Ice and fire mod please do it I like mermaid or sirens

  86. Alex says:

    Also some great ideas for mobs first is the
    Yeti:an aggressive mob that spawns in snow biome and will do melee damage and also give you slowness
    Teke teke: an aggresive crawling ghost of a woman or schoolgirl from japanese urban legends she will attack very fast and makes a teke sounds when runs roward you she will spawn at night
    Chupacabra: a beast like creature that attack you on spot and also attack villagers and animals and even other peacefull mobs even from another addons , he will spawn in caves and at night also you can tame him when he is baby and when it grous up you can mount him and he will even fight for you similar to a wolf
    La llorona:she is a ghost from mexico who drowned her childrens and will spawn at night only in swamp biomes she will attack you upon spotting you and also will attack villagers
    the stalker: ok this is a dangerous mob found in the nether and rarely in overworld at night but when it rains, he will stalk at you and upon gettin closer he will charge at you and five you blindess
    The hurtler:is a ender flying creeper head that will spawn only in the end and will shoot explosive fireballs similar to ghast also the fireballs can damage great the ender dragon
    Hell phantom:is a phantom that spawn in the nether and will also shoot small fireballs at you and will be even more rare than a ghast in the nether also i had ideas of events like the bloodmoon event when special mobs will spawn only during the event

  87. Alex says:

    I am not sure but someone know the nightcrawler aka the fresno alien is an white stick alien figure that walks at night also he will have the same size like the enderman and will attack the player upon spotted , also if someone did’t know the nightcrawler you can search nightcrawler alienon youtube

  88. GueBuSe says:

    it works in 1.11?

  89. sphinxX says:

    Hey! I love your mod can you add a pheonix or a loch ness monster thx

  90. ANNOYED PERSON says:

    It’s not letting me install it, it just takes me to this website called- ‘mythical_res’.

  91. realminecrafter says:

    hi man good addon but can you make a dinosaur addon like jurassic craft mod?

    • That would be incredible, but for now, I want to focus on this add-on, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep in mind

      • Harrythemagician13 says:

        Looks like you didnt need an A dinosaur addon talk about by

      • Harrythemagician13 says:

        Looks like you didnt need an A dinosaur addon talk about by realminecrafter there is already a dinosaur addon its called project prehistoric

        • Cthulhu Warrior says:

          Okay you just want to talk about that another addon has this don’t add!!! Well there are addons that have the same mobs as other addons!!! Like medieval. He added the werewolf and nobody’s complaining!!!

  92. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I love this addon none the less. In my opinion you are Bendytheinkdemon18 cool because you have custom sounds, good texture, no replacing, custom sounds, and amazing animations. But I kinda think you are better because you added more than one mob. (Bendytheinkdemon18 is the addon creator who made the SCP096 addon and the Ink Demon addon) also also I was looking for an addon at which adds werewolves tank yous.

  93. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some monster ideas I would love to see: Dragons- dragons are beasts similar to wyverns but instead live and spawn in caves the will very rarely spawn in villages, outposts, and mansions. They breath fire( or shoot fire balls) by doing an animation. Dragons are 10 times bigger than wyverns and will fly when they have low health. There health will be 100 hp same as iron golem. And will also do a melee attack. Baby dragons can be tameable with raw meat and then rideable( sneak to make them sit). Ent-ents are creatures that protect the trees they will spawn in any forest and will be hostile to villagers, illagers, players, and golems. They are giagantic but their weaknesses are fire and any axe. There hp is 35. And they drop a lot of logs, sticks, leaves, and rarely an apple or two. Hydra- The Hydra is a new boss that I want. The Hydra will spawn extremely rarely in extreme hills biome at night it will spawn asleep and can be easily awoken. The Hydra has 3 heads and when killing one head two more grow back. The hydra attacks anything that moves and has attacks similar to the dragon. Since the Hydra is a Mini boss it will have around 300 health. When killing the hydra it will drop a load of gold bars, gold tools, and a diamond or 64. Cthulhu- this is just what second to final boss I want. Cthulhu is a large scaley like monster with and octopus head, dragon wings, and a humanoid body. He is the second to largest monster/ boss in game Cthulhu will have an extremely rare chance of spawning in the ocean near ruins or a shipwreck. When you see him he is in his sleeping state if you hurt him he will wake up. His attacks consist of summoning deep ones( Cthulhu’s minions monsters with a humanoid body that is completely scaley and have a fish’s head with fins), shooting ink bullets, and hitting you. His hp is 500. He will drop a load of ink sacks, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. These were what I want I do not have a Snapchat, Instagram, or twitter so I will be sharing these with you right here. Please add these!!!

    • The dragons are W.I.P, this is the first one that I will add, the ents will be added soon and they will have most of the characteristics that you mention but as for Cthulhu and Hydra they will take a lot of time, Cthulhu because it is very detailed, Hydra for its behavior, thanks for the suggestions! 😀

  94. VuV says:

    Make some mermaid

  95. iiAusyii says:

    I love it, it’s amazing! But the werewolves are on my screen it’s just their shadows on the ground. You should add fairies btw ;)) Nice addon!

  96. Yuuki says:

    Great ! Can’t wait for next update.

  97. Alex says:

    How about a eyeball mob that flyes in overworld at night and attacks similar to a ghast but is rare that will be called the watcher

  98. Ghostblaster says:

    I am aware that no one thought of this before, but could you add ghosts👻?
    Or any other creatures similar to it.
    *They will spawn at night
    *make spooky noises
    *Teleport amd give the player blindness
    *The drops are up to you

  99. Ya boi says:

    How did you manage to add new things as an addon? I thought addons replaced things (example turret addon make a creeper a turret). I am an ios user so this is more supprising to me than an android user 😂

  100. DRAGON says:

    addon is very good but how about the craken, dragon, sea serpent, or you can add different colors wyverns, can still make royal wivern. apologize for mistakes i am russian.

  101. Nawaf says:

    you are genius wee need more

  102. Michael says:

    You can be a werewolf too 🙈😲

  103. good guy says:

    Can you please add griffin and sphinx, the chimera imp also ghoul and manticore and basilisk also gnome make the gnomes move and freeze when you look at them also the dragon and the kappa make the kappa spawn in rivers and erlking and redcap

  104. Unknown says:

    What Addon maker did you use (can you send me a link)

  105. the french guy says:

    hello this mod is perfect everything work for my but its write on the page that its work on the 1.12beta buuut im on 1.11.4 something like that sooo i don’t understand hahhaha
    great job !

  106. Art says:

    Nessie: water horse 2 featuring detective shrek and the mystery of the shrek ears

  107. Kempy Craft says:

    We’re are the manticores??

  108. Maverick says:

    Keeps getting better
    May I suggest adding a Basilisk?

  109. Chris says:

    I’m sure you heard this suggestion many times! But I think it’d be very cool to make the Wyverns a mount too!! It’d be very fun to have a flying mount, please consider! 😀

    • It’s a pretty requested feature so I’ll see how the controls work for the flying creatures and I’ll make a decision, thanks for the suggestion! 😀

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Updates good but if wyverns are bigger they need a reskin because instead of looking cool and scary they look cute and u really don’t care about fighting them if there cute also that’s unfair that u made that for people only who have Twitter I see it to be unfair to the rest of the community that don’t have Twitter I have wanted one addon creator to make a sea serpent or at least care or add whatever other fans think but dude if other people don’t have Twitter that’s just unfair think about other people I can’t use Twitter cuz I’m 14 🙁 and mom doesn’t let me I just hope u read this comment and think about it

      • If you find a way to send me the photo I’ll keep it in mind, I have the idea of ​​the sea serpent in mind, don’t worry, it’s just a creature that I have to dedicate a little more time 😉

        • IDRAGON04 says:

          Thank you ps I have no way to send the pick to u I tried looking it up and asked for help no one good figure it out 🙁

    • Jack Lexis says:

      Reskin wyverns ps add more mythic aquatic mobs we have barely any aquatic mobs also love Nessie’s animation keep up good work

  110. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Nice new mobs but R.I.P for wendigo and mermaid because they are bugged and didnt make it to the update Maybe Some Month or some day i will see Wendigo cockatrice and the philippine mythical creature like Aswang kapre and Manananggal in my minecraft worlds

  111. Random user. says:

    You never added wendingos or mermaids, so why does it say you removed them. ???

  112. GeoElitez says:

    i love the mod but i found a bug where you can’t plant seeds to farm. Had to uninstall it sadly

  113. alexis Jamie says:

    Add Unicorns Pegasus Mermaids Bigfoot Nessie Griffin Cyclops Hydra Yeti Troll Vampire Jersey Devil and Mothman

  114. I already sent an update to MCPEDL and I forgot to comment that in this update there is a secret feature and whoever finds it and sent me a photo to Twitter will have the opportunity to suggest a mythical creature (only one) and it will be obligatory in the next update, good luck for those who wish to participate! 😁

  115. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Hey you dont need the little fella key mob in this addon the minecraft dungeons E3 traliers shows the keymob is use to open gates or wall with gates well the Key mob for this addon is scarpped

  116. Kapcer2801 says:

    I think a drop from minotaur is too big. When I kill him, he drop 5-14 diamonds this is too much. One diamond will be better 😊

  117. Mike says:

    I have a few suggestions to add in.

    The kraken which will be in the water and attack players that are swimming with its tentacles and spawn in hostile squids.

    Uruk hai they will be red orcs but stronger have black armor and have Uruk hai swords.

    Calvery they will be knights riding on horses.

    Tree ents they will attack hostile mobs and anything that attacks it, they will turn into fake trees sometimes so when the player comes to break the tree of will turn into a free ent and kill the player.

    Hobbits they are pretty useless they will spawn in villages trade with the player and can be tamed with good ingots after tamed will defend the player and the player can give the hobbit bread to heal and an iron sword

    Trolls will work with orcs and uruk hai have clubs throw giant stone blocks at attackers of orcs and uruk hai.

    Wargs are like giant hostile brown wolf’s and are riden by orcs and uruk ha I

    Elves there are warriors, archers and civilians.

    Olog Hai stronger trolls with giant hammers are green (regular trolls are brown.) with armor and red eyes.

    Sorry this is so long but I hope this is all put into the add-on please put it in these mobs would be so cool

  118. Memes says:

    Add Kanye west cause everyone knows he ain’t human and he ain’t an animal.

  119. DarCkraFT says:

    Hola se ve interesante pero sabes que para enfrentarte a esas vestias es difícil tienes que buscar buenos recursos ok me gustaría que esos dichos enemigos te dieran un tipo de recurso igual de valioso o k la recompensa por luchar con ellos se buena. Y si piensas bien por qué no haces k los minotauro pues no se uno se cada 20 o 25 k mates te dejen el martio que llevan

    • Son difíciles porque son jefes, creo que el loot es bastante bueno, por decir el minotauro deja diamantes al morir, el martillo lo voy a añadir en una próxima actualización, gracias por las sugerencias, igual puede que vuelva a cambiar lo que dejan al morir

  120. Drooppy5 says:

    I have both of the packs downloaded and activated but the mobs wont spawn in

  121. Lucas says:

    Add goblins (goblins are npcs neutral, that is, if they attack they retaliate, they can trade with the player)
    And please, reduce Wyvern’s damage, it’s very powerful and it’s born in a pack. It is practically impossible to live in Taiga at the beginning

  122. Corina says:

    I hope mult idea îs nota weird but can You are the key mob from Minecraft dungeons ,please

  123. Sorena says:

    Plz make the wyvern bigger and rideable

  124. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Do you think you can add dwarves? That would be cool!

  125. Kemmarrtgm says:

    Can you make a mythical snake pls

  126. Yug says:

    Maybe now you should add mermaid, sea serpent and medusa

  127. Derrick says:

    does this inclood the kraken??

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      Please make the sea serpent in game and make it the coolest mob you’ve ever made I try and try to get others to do it but they never will make a sea serpent plz do it and make it have cool animations to like a swim and rise up and bite plz 🙁

      • IDRAGON04 says:

        I promise I’ll do anything maybe even find a way to pay you plz :…..( also try to put it in next update plz

      • at the moment there will be no updates (I am very busy with the exams and tasks of the university) but as soon as I can I will update it with many of the suggestions that have given me 😉

      • Random guy that wants to know how to make crazy addons says:

        What add on maker did you use?👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
        I would love to know…
        I want to make public addons just like you! 👌

  128. Hate adds says:

    It would be amazing if u could make a menagerie map withe instructions for caring for the mythical species

  129. GeoElitez says:

    amazing mod! i see a lot of ppl requesting myths, and you replying that’s awesome too! just wanted to ask if you can NOT LET THIS MOD DIE ITS AMAZING! Keep it up!!

  130. DRAGON says:


  131. MusaPlayz says:

    MAKE wyvern s ridable my bro

  132. please says:

    i can’t tame the wyverns .. the behavior packs is on and the experimental gameplay too.. i used chicken fish and rabbit but it doesn’t show a tame button.. plss fix this bug .. i’m begging u creator.. sorry.. tnxx

  133. MusaPlayz says:

    If you can send a link on my Gmail then I can help with the addon okay

  134. Jeff says:

    Can you make it so wyverns can fly like in the how to train your dragon Addon

  135. edgyplayer77 says:

    U should bring in Japanese myths like jorogumo and bake-something (ghost whale)

  136. Destroyer2005 Yt says:

    Can u please add a lava Titan or a cyclops

  137. BearBox says:

    Add a manticore or a leviathan! I would love it!

  138. MusaPlayz says:

    Pls Add Giant Tamable Snakes With Custom Animation Bro Because Your The Best Add-on Creator

  139. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please Can you fix this wyvern but, it isn’t letting me take it…

  140. Naufal says:

    Are there any villager knight?

  141. Kempy Craft says:

    You should add manticores they can fly like a wyvern and they poison players as well they will be a good addition to the add-on.

  142. AndraxGamingPH says:

    I love this Addon and I got more ideas for this Addon
    Here some of my ideas
    -make the minotaur drop its hammer (custom item)
    -add a giant kaiju like monster in the nether (giant kaiju)
    -add some warriors (tamed with bread)
    -add some goblins
    -also this is my best idea add some kraken boss

  143. zerohumans00 says:

    What If add Elf that have some classes eg: archer, shaman, and fighter that spawn in the forest and also with their special Generated structures

  144. Jimmy Miller says:

    Cool add-on but can you add the Greek Olympian gods as well as their god wepons that you obtain by trading with or defeating the respective God plz.

  145. Infinityphoenixxx says:

    It would be nice if you could add Sea Serpents, vampires, unicorns, Pegasus, leprechauns, Sphinx, chimera, yeti, Basilisk(not Harry Potter :)), trolls, and kelpies(horse water spirits)? I think this addon definitely needs more creatures, and maybe food like elixirs? The addon is already great, and these are ideas I like that are not listed 😁

  146. Edwin55 says:

    Awesome addon, have you considered adding Cerberus as some sort of boss?

  147. Matthew983minecraft2019 says:

    Pls add Dragons that would be cool

  148. Anonymous says:

    Can you make that minotaur and Orc weaker

  149. Random_Dude says:


  150. A random guy says:

    Hey uh the current download place is not trustrul to me I don’t trust other websites to download except for MediaFire I think media fire should be the website to download it

  151. You don’t need to know says:

    How do you fly the dragon/wyvern.

  152. I’m sorry if I don’t answer, but MCPEDL doesn’t notify me when someone comments on the post. 😛

  153. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to add a hydra or cerberus plz i really like dragons it would be so cool

  154. Scarlette says:

    I think that Hippogryff should be added. I am a big Harry Potter need and I think this add-on is lovely, but we need more creatures!
    I know that you can’t do EVERYTHING, but here are some suggestions ^w^

    – Pheonix
    – Unicorn
    – Hippogriff
    – Griffin
    – Basilisk
    – MOre dRaGoNs!!
    – Sirens
    – Trolls (I mean, Orcs look just like tRolLz)
    – SEABEARRRR (Im just kidding, you can’t make an oval in Minecraft to protect yourself)
    – More centaur skins! (Grey, brown, red, ect)

    That is all I can think of, I hope you take my ideas into account! 🙂

  155. ChocolateMallows says:

    Please add Pheonix or Gryphon

  156. Mich says:

    U guys are amazing this addon is the best BUT WE NEED A MERMAID

  157. edgyplayer77 says:

    What about Ogopogo and Cthulhu?

  158. Swallow says:

    Can you ride the wyverns

  159. Mike the gamer says:

    Add chimera and manticore and cerberus

  160. MouthGod says:

    My boi adding wyvern’s


  161. Zero says:

    Can you pls make wyverns rideable? It would be amazing. A Unicorn Pegasus Griffin Mermaid Leviathan Chinese Dragon Nymph Necromancer or Zeus would be cool too. Or Medusa. Or an Harpy.

  162. Anonymous says:

    Hi nice add-on 👍
    Pls add god’s like Zeus and Posieden

  163. Mich says:

    Add a Mermaid please 👑🧜🏾‍♀️

  164. Lil_dottieyt says:

    Add fairies, rideable unicorns and Pegasi.

  165. Anonymous says:

    Pls add Pegasus that you can tame and a griffin that you can tame

  166. Anonymous says:

    Add a griffin after you add god weapons and Pegasus

  167. God says:

    Does this replace any mobs? if they do, do they drop anything?

  168. God says:

    does it replace any mobs?

  169. MouthGod says:

    Good job on this one, but there’s one “glitch” that the Minotaur’s legs goes super fast even though it goes 8 blocks per hour, anyways good luck

    (Also, where my boys/girls vampire, fairies, and mermaids be at)

  170. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Please Add Wendigo and cockatrice if you are gonna update this! Even add the philippine mythical creatures too like aswang and karpe and Manananggal!

  171. Loyd5X says:

    Please Add:
    Arch Mages
    Knight Armor
    Etc etc

  172. Alphaxenopete says:

    You should add a giant serpent that lives in water or a giant cobra even a unicorn but it’s your choice

  173. Leo says:

    Amazing addon! Can you please add more creatures? I would love to see an addon that is better than carnage or about 100 mobs. I have some suggestions, add mob drops to the orc mob. If you make more creatures, try to add special features or patterns to the mobs other than for them to just do melee attack.

    More mob ideas:

    Dragons: Find one, destroy it, and get an egg to tame a dragon. Maybe you can fly it?
    Werewolf: it can go fast, melee attack and it can shoot blue fireballs or electricity that does not break any blocks, only spawns at night
    Goblins and hobgoblins: melee attack
    Centaur: melee attack and something else maybe?

  174. mike says:

    can you add in things from lord of the rings please

  175. Hec says:

    Something to fight against the orcs?

  176. beetlx says:

    can it be used in 1.11

  177. A random guy says:

    Also I hope the the dragons,wyverns and drakes are tamable and have baby versions of them and you can tame the babies and raise them and put saddles on them and ride them
    And they will defend you for any threat

  178. A random guy says:

    Also I have another opinion minotaurs should spawn in caves instead of most biomes, cause that’s where minotaurs should belong cause they lived in mazes underground and they should spawn in caves instead of most biomes and caves it should only be caves

  179. A random guy says:

    Add dragon,drakes,wyverns,and hydras also hydras should a boss like the elder guardian

  180. MouthGod says:

    This is literally the best thing in human existence. Historians will write about this for years. Now we need our harpies, sirens or vampires and literally god will be like 🤠 anyways good luck modding this

  181. Deathboy865 says:

    It looks really good though i do suggest you add knights or something to help defend the villagers this in my opinion is highly needed and keep up the good work im excited to see this addon grow

  182. Laura says:

    First one to use and see

  183. Stichyboy10 says:

    Cool Add-on

  184. Kempy Craft says:

    Very good and great can you add manticores that can be tamed and fly around plaese

  185. VGogh says:

    Interesante, muito legal a idéia, continua!!

    • I do not know Portuguese but it’s very similar to Spanish so if I didn’t understand wrong … thanks! 😀 and I’ll do that

      • Invictus says:

        Things that need to be added:
        Jackalope – acts like the rabbit
        Unicorns? ( i mean who could not forget the classic unicorn?)
        Elves – Spawns in forest. Trades good items for a reasonable price

        Harpies – has 2 forms. Walking and flying
        Hydra – Can generate heads ( kinda imposibble but if you make the head as another mob that could be possible)
        Sirens – a hostile version of a mermaid
        Twilight Elves – a hostile version of the elf (I kinda like d&d so.. OwO)
        Headless Horsemen – one of the classics. Spawns at night in the taiga biomes
        Vampire – Can regenerate health by attacking villagers. Spawns in taiga biomes at night.
        Demon – the nether needs more love
        Devil – a boss like mob. Spawns in the nether and overworld but the spawn rate in very low
        The fallen soldier – a big ghost with a knightly armor and a sword
        Drowned brute – a beefed up drowned spawns with the drowned (oh btw maybe the model would be a mutant zombie from the mutant creatures mod with your touch. UwU)
        Banshee – A witch like mob that has a bad attitude!
        Troll – spawns in swamp biome
        Gorgon or medusa – Why not?
        Snow beast – Basicly a beefed humanoid polar bear with horns

        Elf guard – can hold a bow, crossbow, shield, and a sword
        Skeleton merchant – a friendly merchant selling goods from the underground caves.
        Kobold – Humanoid dragons that fond finding gold.
        Goblin – sell good with unfair price
        Hobgoblin – guards the Goblins from Zombies (Goblin like creatures spawns in a village like structure in the taiga or revines )
        Goblin king – King of all goblins
        Imp – a smol goblin with a habbit of tricking mobs
        Skeleton villager – Basicly the skeleton doesnt have a bow but sells good arrows. Spawns in zombie villages and underground
        Tryant – A living tree, protects the woods from potential danger ( fears the axe, vindicator and blaze)
        Snow creature – A big beast. Can be tamed with snow. Not to be confused with the snow beast.
        Druid – healler of the woods

        Things that need to be revised
        The orc is not beginner friendly, maybe is best to tone the damage from 20 to 5 that way the orc it tough but not a big hitter.
        Minotaur’s size should be that big maybe 3 – 4 blocks or iron golem size would be great. Also the texture should be revised, btw make the minotaur holds an axe to make things more intimidating.

        That pretty much it
        Good addon tho.

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