Mythical World Devilbrine Hardcore Addon (V7.3)

If you want better world and hard core battle this is for you this addon is more update in the Devilbrine Empire Created by James Neal.

If you like big mountains, new biomes, big tree download and boss this addon is for you, this addon is changes your world in minecraft pe and many to explore.

Remember always be careful in this addon, monster can open the door to kill you.

Big mountains

New biomes Heaven Gate

New Entity in V7.3 “Redd the Heller”

New Monster in V7.3 “Wakawaka”

Entity 606

Wither Boss summon in the heaven gate biomes

careful because dread is everywhere

New Monster and Knight

the power of devilbrine


Lightning bolt

And Summon.

Do not fight the boss in this addon if you no knight’s or samurai to guard you.

If you more update this addon please share this and if you addon maker come and join the Minecraftian Imperial Group in FB let’s make this addon great.

If you want to survive you need a netherstar to pick the highest quality of knight or samurai to survive this world.

Mythical World Herobrine vs Devilbrine V7.4 


Changelog View more

Update in the entity, biomes, boss and more, if you want to be more addon come and join the Minecraftian Imperial

New update in version 7.4, structures functions new monster and items.


You need to on the experimental and always pick hard if you want to see the boss in this addon

If you want a texture and shader pick the Version 7.2

If you want a normal and update pick the Version 7.3

If you want a new update Version 7.4


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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30 Responses

3.62 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Visitor says:

    Please make version v7.4 without shader

  2. pollagorda says:

    a question
    how do I install version 7.4???

  3. Bloodviets says:

    in 7.3 and 7.4 the mob custom sound are missing except in 7.2…can you fix it

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please lower the spawn rateof custom mobs, as I am getting spawn killed by 7 of them at the same time. I cant even play unless it’s on peaceful. Totally unbalanced.

    • That’s why call mythical world hardcore this is ultra hardcore, you can not survive if you no friend’s to help you or knight, sorry if you not survive but this is why ultra hardcore, if you in the ice plains biomes or mesa biomes, that is the safe, if you want. If you want understand the history background why this is so very very hardcore, check the other version.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like it, but you need to lower the spawn rate of custom mobs. I’m getting trapped in my house and I cant even play without being on peaceful.

    Good mod, but please fix the spawn rate there is 7 in my village already.

  6. Vainest says:

    So I can’t seem to get it to work, when I play mythical world the paladin entity teleports, and there’s invisible things idk how to get it to work

  7. Wakawaka says:

    Dude its so amazing!!!

  8. Karl marx says:

    It’s have bug becouse my water hot bar in my heart and the bubbles is in the middle of the screen fix this pls….

  9. FrezzeMan says:

    The mod is very bad!All because of the shaders(because of them I do not pull the mod)

  10. Henrry says:

    Se puede contratar a los guerreros?

  11. Kazer says:

    How to counter magic?

  12. Kazer says:

    How to counter magic???

  13. Anbu x Ryxn says:

    yo im getting spawn trapped this is hard but its fun tho

  14. Zack Taylor says:

    cant play it it keeps crashing

  15. Shogun says:

    Can’t download on iOS
    (iPhone XR 1.3.2 Software)

  16. Josephine57 says:

    Omg!!!!! Gigantic mb

  17. ? says:

    Tell more what bioms

  18. Rolan says:

    Entity 303 + Herobrine = Devilbrine.

  19. Rolan says:

    Entity 303 + Herobrine + Devilbrine.

  20. Service Adjustment says:

    Add pics or video of gameplay

  21. Unknown says:

    Does it still crash

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